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            PR3250 · Fonds · 1957-1985

            The fonds consists of photographs of Scotty Murray, dignitaries from various bands, scenes in Gleichen and other locations, and various members of the bands that Scotty worked with. Textual records include reports, minutes, and regulations drafted or used by Scotty in his work with the [Maskwacis] Four Bands and other administrative areas of responsibility.

            Murray, Alexander (Scotty) Hamilton
            Claude Roberto fonds
            PR3333 · Fonds · 1958-1993

            The fonds consist of administrative records of the Comité provincial des communications (ACFA) which studied broadcasting and other communications issues in Alberta, an audio tape with francophone Albertan folk music, news scripts in French from Radio-Canada, photographs of francophone Albertans Eugène Trottier and Maurice Lavallée and a certificate of Frédéric Boudreau, Codex Historicus de Lac La Biche, color photographs and negatives of Pow-Wows at Pigeon Lake and [Maskwacis] Hobbema.

            Also included are Claude Roberto’s theses for her Master and Ph.D. degrees, a manuscript of her book on chronic pain (co-authored), her articles pertaining to archives and to chronic pain, administrative papers of the Edmonton (Alberta) Nerve Pain Association, of the International Council of Archives, and the Bureau of Canadian Archivists (BCA), some material pertaining to the oblates in Alberta and material collected while she collaborated with the Alberta’s French branch of Radio-Canada.

            Roberto, Claude
            GR1973.0051/125 · File · 1961-1962
            Part of Legislative Assembly of Alberta fonds

            The files consists of correspondence regarding the transfer of land on Highway 2 between Leduc and Ponoka to build an arterial highway from Edmonton to Red Deer through Indian reserves at [Maskwacis] Hobbema, affecting mainly the Ermineskin Reserve, Louis Bull Reserve, Hobbema Reserve, Wetaskiwin and other central Alberta communities. They also discuss subsequent voting on the issue in the Louis Bull and Ermineskin Councils [Ermineskin Cree Nation], including a discussion of the Bands’ request to sell the land at $40,000/acre in accordance with Section 35 of the Indian Act.

            This file comes from the Fourth Session, Fourteenth Legislature, February 15 - April 5, 1962.

            Dorothy Dahlgren fonds
            PR0521 · Fonds · [1950-1980]

            The fonds consists of drafts of Dorothy Dahlgren's radio broadcasts for CKUA radio in Edmonton on a variety of subjects including the settlers and the settlement of Alberta, miscellaneous current affairs commentary, and various opinion pieces. The fonds also contains several newspapers and magazines which include Dorothy Dahlgren's writings. Additionally, the fonds includes poetry, plays and fiction written by Dorothy Dahlgren, a scrapbook of articles from MacLean's magazine dating from 1934 and a article about market gardening written by Herman Miller dating from 1937 collected by Dorothy Dahlgren. The fonds contains materials from 1934 to 1980.

            Dahlgren, Dorothy
            File · 1970 (Creation)
            Part of Mapping and Surveying - Indigenous Resource Guide

            This accession contains records from Alberta Municipal Affairs and is comprised of maps of reserves.

            File GR1971.0074/1 was commissioned by the Alberta Provincial Planning Branch. This black and white map illustrates the geographic location of Blood Indian Reserves #148 and 148a [Kainai First Nation], Pigeon Lake Reserve #138a and Stony Plain Reserve #135. All are located in the Edmonton-Hobbema district. In particular, it shows the location of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Highway 2, Battle River, nearby town sites, and various smaller rivers, lakes and streams. Its dimensions are 37x25” (1970)

            File GR1971.0074/2 was commissioned by the Alberta Provincial Planning Branch. This black and white map illustrates the geographic location of the Peigan Indian Reserves #147 and 147b. Both are located in the Blood-Peigan district. The map depicts the location of the nearby town sites, and various smaller rivers, lakes and streams. Its dimensions are 37x25” (1970).

            File GR1971.0074/3 was commissioned by the Alberta Provincial Planning Branch. This black and white map illustrates the geographic location of Blackfoot Indian Reserve #146. It is located in the Blackfoot/Stony/Sarcee district. The map depicts the location of the nearby town sites, and various smaller rivers, lakes and streams. Its dimensions are 37x25” (1970).

            File GR1971.0074/6 was commissioned by the Alberta Provincial Planning Branch. This black and white map illustrates the Enoch, Samson [Enoch Cree Nation], Ermineskin [Ermineskin Cree Nation], Louis Bull and [Montana First Nation] Montana Indian Reserves #135, 137, 137a, 138, 138b and 139. They are located in the [Edmonton-Maskwacis] Edmonton-Hobbema district. The map depicts the location of the nearby town sites, and smaller rivers, lakes and streams. Its dimensions are 37x25” (1970).

            File GR1971.0074/7 was commissioned by the Alberta Provincial Planning Branch. This black and white map illustrates the [Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alexander First Nation, and Paul First Nation] Alexis, Alexander, and Paul Reserves #133, (Wabamun Lake) 133a, 133b, 133c, and 134. They are located in the Edmonton-Hobbema district. The map depicts the location of Lac Ste. Anne, Lake Wabamun, Highway 16, the Canadian Pacific Railway, nearby town sites, and smaller rivers, lakes and streams. Its dimensions are 37x25” (1970).

            This accession contains records from the Native Secretariat and includes records about its role to coordinate the development of and access to government policies and programs affecting Indigenous peoples. These records regard First Nation organizations, general files, minutes of meetings, community files, Northern Alberta Development Council files, and other reports and studies.

            Includes records on the [Maskwacis-Mackinaw] Hobbema-Mackinaw Summer Camp, Sunchild-O’Chiese Reserve, Paul First Nation, Saddle Lake community, and Fishing Lake Métis Settlement.

            File · 1939
            Part of School oversight records

            This file contains information about the 1939 Royal Visit, including a list of Private and Residential/Day Schools that were inspected. The file also contains lists of the names of individuals who inspected the schools, school names, and locations of schools. Includes information from some schools near Maskwacis.

            The accession contains records from the Native Affairs Secretariat of the Department of Municipal Affairs and its various predecessors, consisting of correspondence, minutes and reports of various boards, interdepartmental committees, First Nation or Métis associations or committees, and various grant and project files.

            Box 6 contains files on the [Maskwacis] Hobbema Four Band Council (which includes Ermineskin Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation, Louis Bull Tribe, and the Montana First Nation).

            The accession contains the records of various Indigenous and Métis Associations in Alberta concerning Indigenous development, fish and wildlife, health, education, infrastructure, and sporting activities. The records contain correspondence, letters, memoranda, pamphlets, information sheets, reports, applications, resumes, positions descriptions, budget and financial information, news clippings, photographs, statistical data, and proposals between private organizations and public departments.

            The accession also contains the ministerial records created by A.O. Fimrite, Al Adair and Bob Bogle during their respective time periods as Minister without Portfolio Responsible for Native Affairs. Includes references to the Kainai First Nation, the Piikani Nation, the Niitsitapi, and the [Maskwacis] Hobbema Four Band Council (which includes Ermineskin Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation, Louis Bull Tribe, and the Montana First Nation).

            Indigenous land publications
            Series · 1889, 1972, 1988

            The series consists of publications held by the Department of Lands and Forests library and its successors that relate to Indigenous people and land. The records include a [Maskwacis-Mackinaw] Hobbema-Mackinaw camp report, an Atlas published by the Federal Department of Indian Affairs, a draft copy of a study addressing the impact of settlers on the Indigenous people and ecosystem of Cypress Hills, and a copy of the Northern Athabasca River Basin Study.

            Alberta. Lands and Forests. Administrative Support Branch
            John Prest fonds
            PR2012 · Fonds · [ca. 1922 – 1924]

            The fonds consists of 16 Black and White photographs, with the Cree peoples of Maskwacis are the predominate subject matter. Subjects include portraits, the Sun dance and the demonstration of traditional tools. Identification has been written on the back of the photographs. The photographs appear to have been used as promotional material for the Hudson’s Bay Company. For example, the photograph described as “Sun Dance,” Hobbema, Alta, Exterior of Sacred Shrine” is used in an article in The Beaver as “Shrine for Sun Dance” (John Prest, “Cree Sun Dance at Hobbema,” The Beaver, November 1923). Four of the photos which are numbered in series one to four and provided lengthy captions are photos that were taken as part of the filming of “The Last Frontier.” These photographs appear to have been taken by Philip H. Godsell (For further information see Associated Material).

            Prest, John
            PR0756 · Fonds · 1921-1972, predominant 1921-1930

            Fonds consists of assessment and tax rolls, daily attendance registers, school censuses, and Department of Education notices and forms of Manito School District No. 3939. Fonds also includes a letter addressed to Alma Park by A.J. Thompson of the Government of Alberta Department of Lands and Forests, and an article written by A.J. Thompson entitled One Hundred Years of Homesteading.

            Manito School District No. 3939
            PR1973.0248/1369 · File · [188-?]-[195-?]
            Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

            This file contains negatives of photos from Duck Lake Residential School, and students (the girls’ ball team, and boys’ lacrosse team), the buildings in Cluny Residential School, and Ermineskin Residential School building and students (one group of students from 1935).

            Ponoka County fonds
            PR2171 · Fonds · 1903-1979

            The fonds includes minutes, cashbooks, assessment rolls and registers, cash book receipts, auditors financial statements, and tax rolls originating from local improvement districts, municipal districts, and the Central Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and County dating from 1907-1979. In addition, the fonds contains two maps illustrating land boundaries of Ponoka County.

            The fonds also includes minute books, school censuses, assessment and tax rolls, cashbooks, inspection reports, correspondence, statement of grants, minutes, tax receipts, auditor's statements, attendance registers, cashbooks, and deposit slips from the following schools dating from 1903-1979:

            • Arbour Park No. 515 (Wiltse), 33-43-25-W4, 1899-1952
            • Asker No. 408 (Smith's Groove 1898-1899), 11-42-23-W4
            • Beaconsfield No. 3828 (Chabottevilee): 42-5-W5, 1919 -?
            • Bismark No. 971: NW-8-43-27-W4,1903 - ?
            • Blindman River No. 4244, SW-16-44-4-W5, 1926- [1956]
            • Blindman Valley No. 1645: NW-7-43-2-W5, 1907-1949
            • Bluff Centre No. 1735 (Bluffton): SW- 6-44-2- W5, 1907
            • Bluffton No. 1735 (Bluff Centre): SW-6-44-2-W5, 1907-1940
            • Bobtail No. 4107: 25-43-25-W4, 1922- 1954
            • Calumet No. 1233: SE-26-42-22-W4, 1905-1949
            • Chapel No. 588: SE-6-42-1-w5, 1905-1953
            • Chesterville No. 3525, SE-18-56-10-W4, 1912- [1956]
            • Climax No. 722: SW-19-43-23-W4, 1902- 1949
            • Concord No. 658: NE- 10-42-24-W4,1905-1953
            • Crystal Springs No. 1763: SW-22-42-1-W, 1907-1953
            • Dakota No. 665: SW-27-43-27-W4, 1902-1954
            • Dennis No. 2092 (Brooks 1911-1922): 32-18-14-W4, 1909
            • Eastside No. 668: 6-43-24-W4, 1902-1951
            • Elkhorn No. 608, NW-7-42-26-W4, 1901-1952
            • Ellice No. 1703: SW-1-42-22-W4, 1907-1955
            • Eureka No. 717 (Mecca Glen): SW-29-42-23-W4, 1902- ?
            • Faraway No. 4682: 9-43-6-W5, 1935 -?
            • Ferrybank No. 630: NE-31-43-26-W4, 1901- 1951
            • Fertile Forest No. 3177: SW-7-43-26-W4, 1914-1953
            • Fuller No. 3189: NW-32-42-3-W5, 1914- ?
            • Gadsby Lake No. 2816: NE- 10-41-23-W4, 1912- 1956
            • George No. 1522: 22-41-22-W4, 1906- [1946]
            • Glen Falloch No. 2628: 19-44-27-W4, 1913- 1956
            • Grand Meadow No. 671: 27-42-26-W4,1902-1948
            • Halfway Grove No. 3528 (Sylvan Heights 1918): NW-16-44-27-W4, 1918- 1956
            • Harmonien No. 3639: 36-44-2-W5, 1918-1949
            • Hazel Hill No. 767-:35-43-26-W4, 1902- ?
            • Hoadley No. 2948 (Pineville): 34-44-3-W5, 1913-1959
            • Hobbema No. 4445: 29-44-24-W4, 1929- 1953
            • Homeglen No. 2084: 16-44-1-W5, 1909-1956
            • Iola No. 1900: 17-44-3-W5, 1908- 1960
            • Lavesta No. 2453: SE-29-43-3-W5, 1911- ?
            • Leedale No. 1576: SE-11-42-4-W5, 1906- 1959
            • Lonesome Pine No. 3356: NW-4-45-W5, 1926 -?
            • Lundgren No. 2594: SE-44-28-W4, 1911-1953
            • Magic No. 742: SE-2-43-24-W4, 1902- 1949
            • Manfred No. 782: 15-42-22-W4, 1903- 1949
            • Manito No. 3939: 11-44-25-W4, 1920- [1953]
            • Meadow Brooke No. 1751: SE- 15-42-28-W4, 1908 - 1953
            • Meadowvale No. 4704: 1-43-4-W5, 1935- ?
            • Mecca Glen (Eureka) No. 717: 29-42-23-W4, 1902-1949
            • Midland No. 4856: SW-17-42-35-W5, 1939- 1955
            • Monte Vista No. 895: SE 15-43-2-W5, 1903-1942
            • Morningside No. 2991: 2-42-26-W4, 1913- 1953
            • Mountainview No. 281: 19-2-27-W4, 1893- 1936
            • Park Springs No. 1963: NW 22-43-28-W4, 1908-1944
            • Pineview No. 1854: 29-34-4-W5, 1913- 1951
            • Pleasant Hill No. 607: NE-4-42-26-W5, 1901- ?
            • Ponoka No. 423: 4-43-25-W4, 1896 - ?
            • Poplar Forest No. 4274: 44-24-W4, 1926- 1950
            • Potter Creek No. 1791: NW-14-42-3-W5, 1908
            • Progressive No. 561: 5-42-27-W4, 1900- ?
            • Reo No. 4416: SW- 25- 53-7-W5, 1929 - 1956
            • Rimbey No. 661 (Kansas Ridge): 28-42-2-W5, 1902 - ?
            • Rose No. 2288 : SE-33-42-1-W5, 1910-1953
            • Schultz No. 1226: 2-43-33-W4, 1905- 1950
            • Scott No. 575: SE-11-42-25-W4, 1900- 1945
            • Seafield No. 589: 17-42-25-W4, 1901- 1949
            • Sharp Head 3667: 11-43-26- W4, 1902- 1944
            • Sylvan Side No. 3921: SW- 26-42-25-W4, 1920- 1943
            • Symonds No. 1615: SW-4-42-2-W5, 1907- ?
            • Water Glen (Smith's Grove till 1899) No. 499: SE-21-43-22-W4, 1899-1949
            • Western Sunset No. 4662: NW-35-44-4-W5, 1935- ?
            • Westling No. 556: NE-17-41-24-W4, 1900- ?
            • Willesden Green No. 3074: 7-19-22-W4, 1910- 1941
            • Wilmot No. 2844: NW-34-42-28-W4, 1912 -1953
            • Wolfville No. 633: NW- 21-42-27-W4, 1901- 1953, and
            • Wooddale No. 3368 (Hohn): 25-42-2-W5, 1916- 1950.
            Ponoka County
            PR2895 · Fonds · 1993

            The fonds consists of a booklet entitled, "A Historical Perspective of Pigeon Lake Reserve #138A" written by Casey Rowan and Rik Yellowbird in 1993.

            Contents of the file include an historical and commemorative account of the Reserve’s history, notes on the Rundle mission, surrender of the land near the Village of Mameo Beach, and a list of the original families of the reserve. It also contains information on mineral resources and issues, leadership then and now, a vision for the future, the Pigeon Lake Satellite Health Unit, and leadership of the four bands of [Maskwacis] Hobbema (Samson Cree Nation, [Montana First Nation] Montana Band, [Ermineskin Cree Nation] Ermineskin Band, Louis Bull Band). The publication also contains a bibliography at the end and images throughout.

            Yellowbird, Rik
            PR0077 · Fonds · 1853 - 2013

            The fonds consists of convent and school records in the ecclesiastical Province of St. John the Evangelist run by the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and embracing Alberta and Saskatchewan. The records of these institutions include, with gaps, the chronicles of yearly highlights with, in most cases, yearly lists of personnel and students; the financial journals which normally contain index of boarders and/or students, registers of admissions and departures, journals of receipts and expenditures; volumes containing programs of events, such as birthdays or anniversaries or Christmas concerts; half-yearly financial reports; inventories of properties; statements of accounts normally containing records of gifts, costs, taxes, insurance policies; minutes of local meetings; records of pupils associated with the Sisters in clubs; records of awards; registers of first communions and confirmations.
            The fonds also holds material concerning the Japanese internment camps in Slocan, British Columbia, during the years of the Second World War; some materials concerning the general administration of the Sisters; publications written by the Sisters or used by the Sisters in the schools; personal records of sisters covering their career or research.

            Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
            PR3998 · Collection · created 1976

            The collection contains reproductions of two photos that appeared in the November 1923 edition of The Beaver, taken from pages 45 and 46. The article that these photos were taken from was titled “Cree Sun Dance at Hobbema.” The article was written based on information collected by John Prest, one of the employees of the Edmonton Hudson’s Bay store who was allowed to witness the ceremony. As described by the article, this Sun Dance was the first to be held in four years in Maskwacis (then known as Hobbema)

            The first of these photos shows figures on horseback around a figure made of poles. The caption beneath this photo describes it as “Shrine for Sun Dance.”

            The second photo has 10 figures facing the camera, and has the following captions at the top: “November 1923, The Beaver, 45.” At the bottom the people appearing in the photograph are identified in the following caption: “White Guests and Their Indian Friends [including from Ermineskin Cree Nation] Who Attended the Sun Dance. Chief Samson; W.G. Askey; Head Man Louis Natuwasis; H.G. Munro; Old Man Kinewato; H. Taylor; Head Man Saddleback; J. Prest; Panny Ermineskin and Chief Louis Bull.”

            Canada's History