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PR3577 · Fonds · 1909-2000

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1981-1993 with gaps); Official Board minutes (1916, 1956); Board of Managers minutes (1917-1959); Board of Stewards minutes (1960-1995); Session minutes (1927-1950, 1960-1964, 1983-1995); Congregational meeting minutes (1910-1998, includes minutes for Acme United Church (1998-)); Register (Presbyterian/United) of Baptisms (1910-1911, 1917-1922), Marriages (1910-1927), and burials (1910-1927); Register (United) of Baptisms (1931-2000), Marriages (1927-2000), and Burials (1927-2000) (Includes entries for Acme United Church (1998-)); Communion Roll (1910-1958); Ladies' Aid records (1920-1933); Women's Association records (1953-1961); Women's Missionary Society records (1926-1961); United Church Women records (1962-1982); Orders of Service (1970, 1975); Newsletters (1985-1986); Pamphlet (1985).

Acme United Church (1909-1998)
PR3418 · Fonds · 1915-1925

The fonds consists of church registers of baptisms (1919-1925), marriages (1917-1925), and burials (1919-1925); circuit register (1920-1924); members and adherents (1914-1925); cash books (1922-1925); and a Ladies' Aid treasurer's book (1915-1922).

Albany Avenue Methodist Church
PR3601 · Fonds · 2008

The fonds consists of historical research materials regarding the Wahstao Cemetery including a copy of the Kolokreeka Diary describing missionary work ca. 1908-1910; copies of letters written in the 1950s by Edith Weekes and Ethelwyn Chace, early missionaries at Wahstao, discussing early mission work; and colour digital copies of photos taken by Sheila Johnston of the Wahstao Cemetery in 2008.

United Church of Canada. Alberta and Northwest Conference. Heritage Cemeteries Ad Hoc Committee
Alberta College South fonds
PR3419 · Fonds · 1919-1922

The fonds consists of student account ledgers (1919-1922).

Alberta College (South)
Alberta Snyder fonds
PR1615 · Fonds · 1899-1914

Fonds consists of photographs depicting men and equipment at Fraser’s Lumber Camp in Edmonton, Alberta and the Rundle Methodist Church at Fraser Flats.

Snyder, Alberta
A.R. Aldridge fonds
PR0426 · Fonds · 1888-1917

Fonds consists of correspondence and teaching certificates of Rev. A.R. Aldridge.

Aldridge, A.R.
A.S. Cummings fonds
PR0748 · Fonds · 1973-1975

Fonds consists of reminiscences written by A.S. Cummings entitled Slow Train to the Foothills, 1910, The Yellowhead Pass, 1911, and Life at Mannville, Alberta 1908-1909. Fonds also includes a copied newspaper clipping from the Christian Guardian containing an article written by A.S. Cummings dated 1910, and an oral history given by A.S. Cummings to Frontier College in 1975.

Cummings, A.S.
PR3423 · Fonds · 1910

The fonds consists of correspondence regarding a loan in 1910.

Belmont Methodist Church
Beverly United Church fonds
PR3424 · Fonds · 1913-2014

The fonds includes annual reports (1975-2013, with gaps); correspondence (1959-1996); board minutes (1975-2007); Membership lists (1913-1914, 1968); financials (1965-1997); committee minutes (1962-1994); planning, building plans (1986-2012); Sunday School (1960-[201-?]); ministry, youth, UCW (2000-2009); AOTS (1994); Women’s Aid (1944-1950); Men’s Club (1959-1962); Bughanan Young People’s Society (1936); Archives and History Committee (1997-2014); bulletins (1961-2012); photographs and slides (1986-2010); Honour Rolls (1942-[19-]); certificates (1915, 1960); and historical data (1954-2012).

Beverly United Church
PR3611 · Fonds · 1914-1976

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1945-1973); Congregational Meeting minutes (1945-1973); Andrew Methodist/United Church Register of Baptisms (1914-1925), Marriages (1915-1926), and Burials (1918-1926); Register of Baptisms (1931-1959), Marriages (1933-1959), and Deaths (1932-1959) including Andrew, Smoky Lake, and Uwin; Register of Burials (1953-1971); Financial Records (1940-1976); and United Church Women minutes (1965-1968).

Bissell Memorial United Church (Andrew, AB)
PR3560 · Fonds · 1906-2000

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board Methodist/United minutes (1914-1919); Official Board Meeting minutes (1951-1990); Session minutes (1956-1957); Register of Baptisms (1914-1990), Marriages (1914-2000), and Burials (1915-1998); Circuit Register for Bon Accord Methodist Church; Ladies' Aid Union/United Treasurer's book (1923-1938); Sunday School Union Church record book (1906-1914); Bon Accord Methodist/United Church Financial records (1915-1952); Order of Service (1965); List of Ministers (1962); Newspaper Clippings (re: Excelsior Church 1946, 1960); and 1 photograph for Church's 50th anniversary (1965).

Bon Accord United Church
PR3425 · Fonds · 1904-1915

The fonds consists of church registers containing Bow River Circuit baptisms (1904-1911), marriages (1904-1908), and burials (1904-1912). The registers also include West Brook Mission baptisms (1911-1915) and marriages (1909-1912).

Bow River Methodist Circuit
Brown family fonds
PR1723 · Fonds · 1870-1944

The fonds consists of Brown family records and includes a West Edmonton Liberal Organization brochure for liberal agents or scrutineers, a souvenir program from Canada’s Diamond Jubilee, death notices from Dumbarton, membership tickets for Wesleyan Methodist Church, Reg Rault’s autograph book and other miscellaneous items of family members, a family tree for the Smollett family of Bonhill, Watt genealogical information, a land agreement, postcards of William Jr. during First World War, a postcard of a Spokane bridge, photographs of various members of the Brown family, mountains, trains, bridges, the engineers, contractors and workers of Brown Construction Company during construction of a university covered rink and a photograph album containing photographs of construction projects near Castor, Alberta.

Brown family
PR3426 · Fonds · 1910-1928

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1910-1928); church registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials (1914-1924); Sunday School records (1919-1925), and an honour roll from the First World War (1914-1919).

Calder Methodist Church
Cayley United Church fonds
PR3850 · Fonds · 1912-1989

The fonds consists of Cayley United Church Women annual meeting minutes (1962-1989); budget books (1976-1980); a Marriage, Baptism, Burial register (1962-1986); records books for Ladies’ Aid (1925-1947); communion roll and register (1907-1977); “Favorite Quotations” souvenir booklet by the Ladies’ Aid (1912); C.G.I.T. (Canadian Girls in Training) record book (approx. 1955-1956).

Cayley United Church
PR4220 · Fonds · 1905-2014

This fonds is comprised of records from Crossfield United Church. Records include anniversary program pamphlets, newspaper clippings discussing events at the church, historical accounts of the church, several annual reports and newsletters, board minutes, and records from the 2014 manse sale.

Crossfield United Church
David Simpson fonds
PR0171 · Fonds · 1907-1966

Fonds consists of records relating to Simpson’s work as a travelling preacher for the construction gangs on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, including correspondence, photographs and copies of newspaper clippings. Fonds also consists of calendar pictures depicting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Simpson, David
Demetrius Metro Ponich fonds
PR1328 · Fonds · 1900-1982

The fonds consists of photocopies, originally written in the 1970s, of the Ponich’s diary, memoirs of Demetrius Metro Ponich, including immigration to Canada from the Ukraine and life on the family homestead, and an “Autobiographical and Historical Account of Settlement in the Pakan and Smoke Lake Areas” by Ponich, edited and transcribed by Isidore Goresky. The fonds also includes 125 photographs, 97 negatives, and 8 rpm discs, belonging to Ponich, documenting the people and activities of the Pakan, and Smoky Lake, Alberta area dating from 1900 to 1930.

Ponich, Demetrius Metro
Eliza McDougall fonds
PR2653 · Fonds · [ca. 1932]

The fonds consists of a transcript of an address by Eliza McDougall documenting her life as a missionary in Alberta, including among the Stoney Nakoda Peoples at Morleyville.

McDougall, Eliza
Estelle May Hill fonds
PR0562 · Fonds · Copied 1971

Fonds consists of photographs depicting various people and views of the Peace River district of Alberta, including Reverend C.D. White, Anglican Church missions, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, First Nations camps, and government buildings, dating 1890-1931. Fonds also includes some correspondence, articles from the Canadian Churchman newspaper of Toronto, Ontario, and religious writings.

Hill, Estelle May
Finlay family fonds
PR1435 · Fonds · 1890-1976

The fonds consists of the records of the Finlay family; they primarily concern Robert Eddy Finlay, including those pertaining to his position as a minister (sermons, pastor’s visiting books, notes), as wells as certificates, correspondence, notes, personal accounts, interviews, an audio recording of the 60th anniversary of his ordination (with copies of the original reel on audiocassette and a USB memory device), an autobiography, programs, orders of services from and information about various Alberta churches, historical writings, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings; family records include Finlay genealogical information, will and testaments, transcripts of Stevie’s and Robert’s funerals, and photograph albums with over 500 photographs of family, friends, parishioners, and churches; records of other members of the family include a diary and sermons of Stevie Finlay, and correspondence of the other members of the family.

Finlay family
PR3608 · Fonds · 1898-1916

The fonds consists of a Register of Baptisms (1911-1915). Marriages (1911-1916), and Burials (1911-1915); a Membership roll (1911-1916); Ladies' Aid minutes (1900-1905, includes membership roll); Epworth League minutes (1898-1905); and two church histories (1898-1901, n.d.).

First Methodist Church (Dawson City)
PR3561 · Fonds · 1901-2011

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1956-1977); Methodist/United Quarterly Official Board minutes (1907-1959); Presbyterian Session minutes (1902-1925); Session minutes, reports, and correspondence (1925-1962); Committee of Stewards minutes (1939-1969); Methodist Board of Trustees minutes (1915-1916); Congregational Meeting minutes (1939-1969); Methodist Circuit Register (1899-1957); Presbyterian Communion Roll and Register (1907-1917); Presbyterian/United Communion Roll (1923-1944); United Communion Roll and Register (1944-1962); Methodist/United Register of Baptisms (1906-1919), Marriages (1908-1919) and Burials (1906-1929); Presbyterian/United Registers of Baptisms (1910-1956), Marriages (1910-1955) and Burials (1917-1955); United Register of Baptisms (1956-1976), Marriages (1955-1976) and Burials (1955-1976); Presbyterian/United Membership certificates and correspondence (1907-1956); Presbyterian/United Financial Statements (1907-1948, with gaps); Presbyterian Parsonage Accounts (1902-1905); Presbyterian Church Land Grant and Property File (1901-1916); Building Committee minutes (1947-1949); Women's Association minutes and membership roll (1955-1961); Women's Association Evening Group minutes (1949-1962); Ladies' Aid Afternoon Group minutes (1929-1938, 1953-1961 includes membership roll) and Cash Book (1925-1947); Hi-C minutes (1963-1965); Sunday School minutes, financial reports, and attendance records (1932-1951); Orders of Service (1955, 1961-1962, 1982); 1 photograph of First United Church (1955, UC176); Historical Data (1936-1971); 75th Anniversary booklet (1962); History of First United Church, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta: 125 Years of Faith 1882-2007 (2007).

First United Church (Fort Saskatchewan)
PR4226 · Fonds · 1910-2014

This fonds is comprised of records from First United Church in Lethbridge, Alberta and the Presbyterian and Methodist congregations that preceded it.

The fonds contains minutes and annual reports from First United Church and groups such as the United Church Women, the Board of Stewards, the Finance and Stewardship Committee, and the Unified Board. Other administrative records include historic rolls, registers of baptisms and marriages, payroll ledgers, financial accounts, attendance records, and records from a property sale in 2004.

Also included are guest books, Hustlers Sunday School reports and histories, written histories of the preaching point, orders of service, newsletters and other publications, albums, anniversary records, and photographs of events and members.

First United Church (Lethbridge)
Gerald Hutchinson fonds
PR3861 · Fonds · 1957 - 1990

The fonds consists of a photocopy of a transcript of the trail of Reverend James Evans, and a letter from R. Alder to Sir George Simpson concerning the Trail in 1846. The fonds also includes agreements regarding the Rundle Mission dating from 1957 – 1990.

Hutchinson, Gerald M.
PR3443 · Fonds · 1905-1926

The fonds consists of an annual report (1920); Official Board meeting minutes (1911-1926); membership records (1926); a circuit register (1905-1926); Ladies' Aid records (1924-1926); Sunday School records (1921); and one photograph (1906).

Grace Methodist Church (Edmonton)
PR3589 · Fonds · 1902-1924

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board Minutes (1905-1922); Quadrennial report on Church Property (1922); register of baptisms (1902-1922), marriages (1902-1922), and burials (1903-1922); Cash book (1914-1922); Church mortgage (1917); Insurance documents (1921-1922); Ladies Aid cash books (1897-1924); Sunday school board minutes (1919-1922); and the Young Men's Club guest book (1907-1908).

Grace Methodist Church (Lacombe)
Gwen Cross fonds
PR2386 · Fonds · [1900 - 1940]

The fonds consists of images featuring individuals, buildings, St. Andrew's Methodist Church, and activities of the Lake Saskatoon, Alberta region dating from ca. 1900 - 1940 taken by an unknown photographer. The fonds includes photographs of Reverend F.W. Moxhay and Edna Moxhay.

Cross, Gwen
Harry Coates fonds
PR0584 · Fonds · 1910 - 1966, predominant 1911 - 1922

Fonds consists of photographs and correspondence related to the beginning of Rev. Coates' ministry (arrival in Canada, education in Edmonton, Alberta and first parsonage in Blackie, Alberta) and the marriage and early life of Rev. and Mrs. Coates. Photographs include Rev. Coates' first church and parsonage in Blackie, Alberta in 1917. Textual materials consist of 3 letters, wedding invitation, music book and obituary. Fonds also consists of black and white and hand coloured lantern slides, photographs, and negatives, taken by Harry Coates, which depict various people and views in northern Alberta areas such as Athabasca Landing, Dunvegan, Grande Prairie, and Lake Saskatoon.

Coates, Harry
Haselwood family fonds
PR0198 · Fonds · 1873-1969

Fonds consists of personal records pertaining to the Haselwood family and records reflecting their interests. Fonds has been divided into the following series: Kate Haselwood papers; Alfred W. Haselwood papers; Family papers.

Haselwood family
PR3446 · Fonds · 1912-1925

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1912-1925); Board of Trustees records (1912-1923); church registers of baptism (1913-1925), marriages (1913-1925), and burials (1917-1925); membership records (1913); circuit registers (1912-1925); Ladies' Aid records (1916-1925); Woman's Missionary Society records (1912-1925); and Sunday School records (1912-1925).

Highlands Methodist Church
PR3604 · Fonds · 1912-2008

The fonds consists of annual reports (1988-1994); Official Board minutes (1925-1965); Committee of Stewards records (1925-1962, includes correspondence); Session records (1925-1966); Congregational Meeting minutes (1925-1965); Correspondence (1934-1953); Overseas Fund minutes (1943-1945); Special Committee on Pulpit Supply minutes (1944); Women's Association minutes (1942-1961); Women's Missionary Society records (1922-1961, includes treasurer's book from St. Paul's Methodist); United Church Women's records (1961-1962); Keystone Brotherhood Class minutes (1926-1955, includes membership lists); Orders of Services (1948,1965); photographs ([1920-1925], 1963); and Historical data (1912-1969, includes information on Hillhurst Presbyterian Church); and a DVD created for the 100th Anniversary of Hillhurst United Church (2008, 2 copies).

Hillhurst United Church
Hythe United Church fonds
PR3563 · Fonds · 1930-2007

The fonds consists of Official Board Minutes (1921-1957, 2002-2005); Board of Stewards minutes (1960-1971, 1981-1988); Board of Trustees minutes (1981-2001); Session Minutes (1956-1972, 1985-2001); Annual Reports (1980-2005); Congregational Meetings minutes (1984, 1987-2001); Memorial Fund records (1956-2001); Register of baptisms (1925-1974, 1980-1997), marriages (1924-1973, 1980-1996), and burials (1923-1974, 1980-1997); Circuit Register (1921-1954); Communion Roll and Register (1954-1971); General Ledgers (1961-1983); Woman’s Association Minutes (1931-1937, 1947-1950, 1952-1956, 1958-1961, including membership rolls) and Treasurer’s Records (1952-1965); Ladies’ Aid Minutes ([1929]-1930); United Church Women minutes (1962-1991), UCW Executive minutes (1962-1992), UCW Life Members (1956-1999), and Financial Records (1952-1992); Building Committee minutes (1930) and Building Fund records (1975-2003); Financial Records (1984-2003); CGIT minutes (1943); Sunday School attendance book (1936-1942) and Financial Records (1933-1945); Order of Service for 35th anniversary (1965); Histories of Hythe United Church and Correspondence on the 35th anniversary (1961-1967); and a Manuscript of Hythe Mission (1931).

Hythe United Church
Irene Stainton fonds
PR1790 · Fonds · 1916-1919

The fonds consists of images of students attending Alberta College (South) and includes images of the Students’ Council and the Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.) executive; the images include T.J. Stainton.

Stainton, Irene
PR1268 · Collection · 1832-1892

The collection consists of correspondence by prominent Canadian Methodists, addressed to members of the Ferrier family and other individuals, that were collected by James Ferrier Junior. Collection also includes portrait photographs of Canadian Methodists, and two newspaper clippings.

Ferrier, James
PR3449 · Fonds · 1906-1924, predominant 1906-1910

The fonds consists of proceedings, documents, resolutions, reports, and a sample ballot (1906-1910) of the Committee and a copy of The United Church of Canada Act (1924).

Joint Committee on Church Union
PR3590 · Fonds · 1893-1922

The fonds consists of a Methodist circuit register including Lakeside, Milton, Spruceville, Central School, Bentley, Blackfalds, Wolf Creek, and Canyon appointments (1893-1922).

Methodist Church (Canada). Lacombe Pastoral Charge
Lewis-Mallett family fonds
PR4026 · Fonds · 1906-2018

The fonds consists of photographs belonging to both Mallett and Lewis, along with explanatory notes compiled by the donor.

The photographs show various Methodist churches served by Lewis and various sites across rural northern Alberta taken by Lewis during his 1913 tour of the area as part of his missionary duties.

Mallett’s photographs depict hospitals and hospital staff in Lamont and Mundare.

Lewis, William Allen
Lydia A. Trimble fonds
PR1209 · Fonds · 1891-1982

The fonds consists of correspondence dating 1891 to 1898 to Lydia Trimble from her Edmonton relatives, specifically her brother James Andrew, his wife Lydia Ann and his daughter Ida Trimble, describing their lives in early Edmonton, and a family portrait of the Edmonton relatives from 1898.

Trimble, Lydia A.
Mabel E. Clark fonds
PR0503 · Fonds · 1884-1988

Fonds consists of a Methodist hymnal, a photograph of the Women’s Industrial Auxiliary Reception Committee and Delegates of Women’s Section at the United Farmers of Alberta Convention, slides, articles, and newspaper clippings about Alberta history and pioneers, Clark family and Long family records, including photographs and family histories.

Clark, Mabel E.
Max E. Runions fonds
PR1118 · Fonds · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1906 to circa (ca.) 1915 which depict a number of images at Banff and Calgary, Alberta including students of Calgary Public School, the Central Methodist Church interior and exterior, an automobile, boats, canoes, a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) camp at Banff, horse and carriages, a Dominion Exhibition parade, First Nations men, women and children, a dirigible balloon, tennis and other sport players, and the interior of E. Runions Brokerage Office.

Runions, Max E.
McKitrick family fonds
PR0550 · Fonds · 1909-1938

Fonds consists of photographs depicting people and images such as schools, Victoria Day celebrations, buildings, boats, dogsledding teams, and mountain views, in various National Parks and Alberta towns, including Fort McMurray, Tofield, Calgary, Camrose, and the Lethbridge land rush of 1910.

McKitrick family
PR4231 · Fonds · 1909-1998

This fonds is comprised of records from Memorial Salem United Church and preaching points that amalgamated with it, including Washington Avenue Methodist, Knox Presbyterian, Zion Congregational Church, and Fifth Avenue Memorial United.

The records include annual reports, treasurer and financial reports, sacramental registers, communion rolls, orders of services, and minutes. Minutes are from Church Boards, Sessions, and congregational meetings.

Memorial Salem United Church (Medicine Hat)
PR3460 · Fonds · 1904-1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1904-1925); Special Committee minutes (1910); conference meeting agendas (1913, 1916, 1921); list of delegates to Conference (1925); Stationing Committee records (1905-1925); Union movement records (1905-1925); Treasurer's reports (1921-1926); an Athabasca Church Debt Committee report ([1925]); a Rural Survey (1916-1917); ministry records (1915-1925); historical data (1904-1924); and photographs (1904-1924).

Methodist Church (Canada). Alberta Conference
PR3461 · Fonds · 1897-1924

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1897-1902, 1908-1918, 1923-1924) and financial meetings (1904-1924.)

Methodist Church (Canada). Calgary District
PR3462 · Fonds · 1921-1922

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1921-1922.)

Methodist Church (Canada). Camrose District
PR3463 · Fonds · 1919-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1919-1925, with gaps); correspondence and receipt (ca. 1919-1920).

Methodist Church (Canada). Coronation District
PR3464 · Fonds · 1915-1918

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meeting minutes, statistics, and finances (1915-1918).

Methodist Church (Canada). Edmonton Central District
PR3465 · Fonds · 1912-1924

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meeting minutes (1913-[1922]) and Financial District meeting minutes (1912-1924).

Methodist Church (Canada). Edmonton East District
PR3466 · Fonds · 1901-1922

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meeting minutes (1901-1921, with gaps) and Financial District meeting minutes (1918-1922).

Methodist Church (Canada). Edmonton West District
PR3467 · Fonds · 1910-1912

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1910-1912).

Methodist Church (Canada). Fort Saskatchewan District
PR3468 · Fonds · 1906-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1912-1921); Financial District minutes (1906-1912); Education Fund statement (1921); resolutions re: Cayley Methodist Church (1922); and Union (1925).

Methodist Church (Canada). High River District
PR3469 · Fonds · 1906-1921

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1906-1921, with gaps) and a photograph of the first meeting ([1905]).

Methodist Church (Canada). Lacombe District
PR3470 · Fonds · 1913-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1913-1925); property (1921); results of district elections to Conference (1922); and mission work (1922).

Methodist Church (Canada). Lamont District
PR3471 · Fonds · 1915-1918

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1916-1918) and Sunday Schools statistical data (1915-1918).

Methodist Church (Canada). Lethbridge District
PR3472 · Fonds · 1915-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1915-1925) and a specimen application to dispose of property ([1919-1921]).

Methodist Church (Canada). Macleod District
PR3474 · Fonds · 1910-1916

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1912-1915); Financial District minutes (1910-1915); and General Conference Fund, Social Service and Evangelism Fund, Educational Fund statements and correspondence (1913-1916).

Methodist Church (Canada). Olds District
PR3475 · Fonds · 1919-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1919-1925) and correspondence (1923).

Methodist Church (Canada). Peace River District
PR3476 · Fonds · 1904-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1904-1925, with gaps) and Leonard Gaetz Memorial [Methodist] Church, minutes (extract), (1918).

Methodist Church (Canada). Red Deer District
PR3477 · Fonds · 1908-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1908-1925).

Methodist Church (Canada). Stettler District
PR3478 · Fonds · 1906-1925

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1906-1925); sundry resolutions ([1906-1925?]); agreements regarding property (1908-1909).

Methodist Church (Canada). Wetaskiwin District
PR3479 · Fonds · 1909-1925

The fonds consists of records of the Official Board (1909-1925); Board of Stewards (1924-1925); Board of Trustees (1909-1925); congregational meetings [1909-1925]; and Finance Committee (1924-1925).

Metropolitan Methodist Church (Edmonton, Alta.)
Millet Pastoral Charge fonds
PR3564 · Fonds · 1908-2014

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1982-1985); Methodist/United Circuit Register (1908-1981); and a Church History (1986).

United Church of Canada. Millet Pastoral Charge
Millet United Church fonds
PR3565 · Fonds · 1907-1993

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1957-1975); Administrative Correspondence (1958-1975); Quarterly Official Board Methodist/United minutes (1907-1937); Board of Stewards minutes (1939-1955); Congregational Meetings minutes (1933-1971 with gaps); Methodist/United Register of Baptisms (1916-1963, Marriages (1917-1963), and Burials (1917-1963); Financial records (1949-1976); Ladies' Aid minutes (1935-1957) and Account Book (1953-1972); Sunday School records ([1969]); and a Newsletter (1993).

Millet United Church
Namao Pastoral Charge fonds
PR3566 · Fonds · 1895-1993

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board Methodist Minutes, Sturgeon Circuit (1901-1918); Board of Trustees Methodist/United minutes (1923-1927); Methodist Quadrennial Report re: Bethel Church, Sturgeon Circuit (1922); Methodist Register of Church Members, Sturgeon River Circuit (1895-1899); Sturgeon Circuit Methodist subscription record (1908-1920) and Fort Saskatchewan Charge subscription record (1936-1937); Methodist Sturgeon Circuit Record of Baptisms (1900-1906), Marriages (1900-1907), and Burials (1900-1908); Circuit Register (1922-1939, 1956-1970); Sunday School Methodist Minutes, Sturgeon Circuit (1923-1926); Historical Sketches of Sturgeon Charge (1912, 1942-1943); Presbyterian/United Register (Includes Patricia United Church) of Communicants (1909-1960), Baptisms (1909-1921), Marriages (1910-1921) and Burials (1908-1920); Annual Reports (1982-1984, 1988, 1990-1993); Official Board Methodist/United records (1907, 1953-1957) and minutes (1932-1976); Board of Stewards minutes (1932-1956); Congregational Meetings minutes (1932-1976); Joint Board of Stewards Official Board Minutes (1952-1955); Namao United Church Board of Stewards minutes (1932-1955); Namao PC Register including Baptisms (1934-1963), Marriages (1937-1963), and Burials (1937-1962); Financial Records (1932-1939); and an Order of Service (1958).

United Church of Canada. Namao Pastoral Charge
Nellie Clegg fonds
PR1757 · Fonds · 1909-1950

The fonds consists of images of attendees of a conference at the Metropolitan Methodist Church in Edmonton, the Alberta College (South) building (which became St. Stephen's College after Church Union in 1925), students attending Alberta College (South) including images of the Glee Club and Students' Council, students from a summer school at St. Stephen's College, various individuals involved with St. Stephen's College and a postcard of theological graduates from Alberta College (South).

Clegg, Nellie
Orrin German fonds
PR2417 · Fonds · 1885

The fonds consists of a published translation of English Methodist hymns translated into Cree by Orrin German entitled, Methodist hymns, translated into the Cree language. / By Orrin German/ Methodist nikumoowina. ? meskooche itusinuhuk nuheyuw?winik ise Orrin German (Toronto, Methodist Mission Rooms, 1885).

German, Orrin
Rev. Harry Peters fonds
PR4245 · Fonds · 1964

The fonds contains records holding information on William George Mulligan (1855-1936), Mary Mulligan Peters (1890-1926), and a Mulligan family tree. It also includes a photograph of the 1917 graduating class of Alberta College South and information on the first Methodist church in Bon Accord (est. 1915).

Peters, Harry
Reverend Marchmont Ing fonds
PR3794 · Fonds · Copied 2008

Material consists of the memoirs of Reverend Marchmont Ing.

Ing, Marchmont
PR3498 · Fonds · 1922-1923

The fonds consists of church register of baptisms (1922-1923) and marriages (1922).

Richmond Park Methodist Church
PR2895 · Fonds · 1993

The fonds consists of a booklet entitled, "A Historical Perspective of Pigeon Lake Reserve #138A" written by Casey Rowan and Rik Yellowbird in 1993.

Contents of the file include an historical and commemorative account of the Reserve’s history, notes on the Rundle mission, surrender of the land near the Village of Mameo Beach, and a list of the original families of the reserve. It also contains information on mineral resources and issues, leadership then and now, a vision for the future, the Pigeon Lake Satellite Health Unit, and leadership of the four bands of [Maskwacis] Hobbema (Samson Cree Nation, [Montana First Nation] Montana Band, [Ermineskin Cree Nation] Ermineskin Band, Louis Bull Band). The publication also contains a bibliography at the end and images throughout.

Yellowbird, Rik
PR3502 · Fonds · 1922-1924

The fonds consists of a membership roll (1924), Mission Board minutes (1924), and photographs (1922-1925).

Riverside Methodist Church (Edmonton)
Robert K. Peck fonds
PR0140 · Fonds · 1945-1958

Fonds consists of notes by Rev. Peck and related documents on his life history, including newspaper clippings, drafts of correspondence and narratives written by the creator.

Peck, Robert K.
Robert Rundle fonds
PR4010 · Fonds · (before 1974)

This fonds contains a bound copy of a typewritten copy of the contents of Robert Rundle’s journal. The original journal which this copies from was used by Rundle between March 16 of 1840 and July 29 of 1848. This journal has been labeled as an “extract” of the original journal, and so may not include the full contents of the journal written in by Robert Rundle. The copy in these fonds is typed in chronological order, with entries labeled by date and with varying lengths of entries. The entries are more often shorter closer to the end of the journal.

The last few pages of the copy in this fonds include some commentary on Rundle’s work and quotes from a few articles and letters that mentioned him. There is also a loose-leaf photocopied version, which contains the same information as the journal transferred from the Legislative Library.

Rundle, Robert
PR3511 · Fonds · 1910-1925

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1910-1925); Board of Stewards minutes (1910-1921); Board of Trustees minutes (1910-1921); baptism, marriage and burials register (1910-1925); circuit register (1914-1925); correspondence (1922); financial records (1921-1925); Rundle Club [constitution] (1911); and Adult Bible Class minutes (1924).

Rundle Methodist Church
PR4238 · Fonds · 1914-2013

This fonds is composed of records from Salisbury United Church and women’s societies within it, including annual reports, minutes, membership lists. These groups include the Ladies’ Aid Society, the Woman’s Association, the Woman’s Missionary Society, the Woman’s Federation, and United Church Women.

Other records include church histories, sacramental registers, financial records, financial ledgers, newsletters, and various pamphlets. There are also minutes and booklets from committees and groups from within Salisbury United Church, including Congregational meetings, the Building Committee, the Worship Commission, the Membership and Outreach Commission, and CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training).

Salisbury United Church
PR3592 · Fonds · 1903-1926

The fonds consists of a register of baptisms (1909-1921), marriages (1910-1922), and burials (1903-1926).

Spruceville Methodist Church
PR3607 · Fonds · [1900s]-[1981]

The fonds consists of Correspondence [1900s-1930s]; Board of Managers minutes (1927-1928); Presbyterian/United Congregational meeting minutes (1898-1932); Epworth League Presbyterian /United minutes (1898-1928, with gaps); Presbyterian/United Ladies' Aid minutes (1903, 1919-1928, includes membership roll); Presbyterian/United Session minutes (1903, 1914-1930); Financial records (1927-1929); Historical data (1907, 1960, [1981]); and a letter from the Presbyterian Church Archives (1974).

St. Andrew's United Church (Dawson City)
PR3593 · Fonds · 1894-1998

The fonds consists of Presbyterian/United Session minutes (1894-1933); Presbyterian and United Church Register of Baptisms (1918-1959), Marriages (1918-1944), and Deaths (1921-1959), with gaps; Blackfalds Presbyterian Church and St. Andrew’s United Register of Baptisms (1920), Marriages (Blackfalds 1919-1920, Lacombe 1950-1958), and Burials (1919); Pre United Church Register of Baptisms (1923-1953), Marriages (1924-1925, 1944-1950) and Deaths (1924-1927); Presbyterian/United Congregational Meeting minutes (1919-1937); Annual Reports (1953-1998); Quarterly Board minutes (1933-1969); Board of Stewards minutes (1955-1970); Session minutes (1934-1970); Congregational Meetings minutes (1922-1990); Registers of baptisms (1959-1987), marriages (1959-1987), and burials (1959-1987); Communion Roll and Register (1957-1967); Financial Records (1952-1954); Ladies’ Aid/Women’s Association minutes (1940-1948, includes membership list); Women’s Association minutes (1948-1962); Women’s Missionary Society minutes (1917-1961, includes membership rolls and records from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church); United Church Women minutes (1962-1971); Orders of Service (1954-1995); Papers written for the 40th Anniversary (1932); Newspaper article for 50th Anniversary (1942); Newspaper articles (1969, 1984); Church History (1986); and one Township plan (n.d.).

St. Andrew's United Church (Lacombe)
PR3602 · Fonds · 1907-1926

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1907-1924, includes attendance roll); Correspondence (1920-1925); Circuit Register (1908-1926); Financial records (1920-1925); Epworth League (Young People's Society) minutes (1912-1916, includes membership roll); newspaper clipping re: anniversary (1924); Historical Sketch (1907-1925).

St. Paul's Methodist Church (Calgary)
PR3521 · Fonds · 1912-1925

The fonds consists of church register of baptisms (1912-1925), marriages (1912-1922), burials (1912-1923) and a circuit register (1912-1925).

Stanley Park Methodist Church
PR3596 · Fonds · 1910-2009

The fonds consists of a Pre-United Church Register of Baptisms (1910-1914) and Communion Roll (1910-1952, including Telfordville, Calmar, Dnister, Falconer School, Genesee, Phillips, Rainier School, Strawberry School, Warburg, and Thorsby); Register of Burials (1918-1935); Annual Reports (1983-2006, with gaps); the Mission record book of Rev. D.C. McTavish (1937-1949); Official Board minutes (1964-2005); Session minutes (1952-1963); Congregational Meeting minutes (1986-1997); Register of Baptisms (1926-1945, including Telfordville, Fern Creek, Yeoford, Knobhill, Keystone, Winfield, Wenham Valley, Westerose, and Breton); Register of baptisms (1932-1953), marriages (1928-1952), and burials (1932-1980); Register o of Burials (1935-1962); Membership records (n.d.); Financial Records (1948-2007); Bequest Committee Records (1998-1999); Choir Committee Records (1998-1999); Record of Sale of Manse (2001); Vacation Church School, Summer Student Minister Records (1973-1975); Genesee Congregational Amalgamation Meeting minutes (1993); Order of Service (1967); Newsletters (1992-1993); photographs ([1911]-[1930]); List of Ministers from 1909-1969 (1969); and a History of Telfordville Pastoral Charge written by Charles Scott (n.d.).

United Church of Canada. Telfordville Pastoral Charge
PR3525 · Fonds · 1906-1926

The fonds consists of Woman's Missionary Society records (1914-1921).

Trinity Methodist Church (Calgary)
W. T. Young fonds
PR0165 · Fonds · 1845-1953, predominant 1845-1925

Fonds consists of lantern slides and lecture notes about the Frank and Hillcrest mine disasters and of Paul Kane prints, as well as newspaper clippings and a copy of a taped interview with C.B. Aikens regarding the Crowsnest Pass.

Young, W.T.
PR3610 · Fonds · 1909-1995

The fonds consists of Annual reports (1989-1990, 1994); Annual Meeting minutes (1920-1962); Pine Creek Methodist/Waskatenau United register of baptisms (1909-1932), Marriages (1911-1927), and burials (1912-1930); Financial records (1987); Ladies' Aid minutes (1928-1961); United Church Women minutes (1962-1996); Financial records of Ladies' Aid/UCW (1928-1979); and a Newspaper clipping re: 85th anniversary (1995).

Waskatenau United Church
PR2168 · Fonds · 1962

The fonds consists of the reminiscences of William Henry and Florence Nightingale Pike covering the period of 1910-47. The material was compiled in 1962.

Pike, William Henry and Florence