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      Adrian Hope fonds
      PR1746 · Fonds · 1954-1979

      The fonds consists of the personal records of Adrian Hope and includes day to day journals, a Métis Association of Alberta membership card, correspondence, the poem “The Fate of Jim Brady,” an audio recording of a CBC program where Adrian Hope discussed Métis history and his own history, an interview with Adrian Hope conducted by Terry Lusty, and an audio recording of the Saddle Lake Indian Days.

      Hope, Adrian
      Alex Calliou fonds
      PR1061 · Fonds · 1949-1986

      Fonds consists of the personal records of Alex Calliou and includes records pertaining to his employment with the Provincial Government of Alberta, his financial investments, and to the settlement of his father’s estate, and includes, newspaper clippings, membership forms, programmes, pension records, mortgage records, agreements, wills, correspondence, mechanically produced postcards, and a family tree. Fonds also contains correspondence to Alex Calliou from Phyllis Dewey

      Calliou, Alex
      Anne Anderson fonds
      PR3963 · Fonds · 1976-1977

      The fonds contain a speech given by Anderson in St. Albert, a taped interview related to her efforts to preserve Cree culture, and photocopies of essays, speeches, and poems written by Anderson. Some of these photocopied records describe Indigenous and Métis life around St. Albert in the early 1900s. The fonds also includes a copy of Heritage magazine from 1976 with an article on Anderson’s involvement in Cree instruction.

      This fonds also contains audiotape records of an interview that Anderson conducted with Granny (Mary) Whitford in April 1971. Whitford was a well-known figure in the Eureka River community (located in Clear Hills County, Alberta), known to early settlers as available on call as doctor, nurse, or midwife before a doctor arrived in the area. She was well-known in the community for a life of service and for her dedication, making many long and hazardous journeys when her assistance was requested. In the interview, which is conducted in Cree, Whitford discussed her experiences and life with Anderson.

      Anderson, Anne
      PR3973 · Collection · 1964-1975

      This collection contains microfilm reels of newspapers copied by the Canadian Library Association as part of its various microfilm projects. it includes various newspapers related to Alberta and the west, spanning 1871 to 1910, and includes Le Manitoba (1881-1900), Saskatchewan Herald (1878-1910), Farmer’s Advocate, Western Editor (1890-1910), Métis (1871-1881), Calgary Eye-Opener (1902-1922), Lethbridge News (1885-95), Macleod Gazette (1882-1906), and Edmonton Bulletin (1880-1906).

      There are also some reels from the T. Eaton Co., including The T. Eaton Co. Limited mail Order Catalogue (1953-1964) and T. Eaton Catalogue (1884-1953).

      Canadian Library Association
      Clarence Kipling fonds
      PR1013 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1974, predominant 196

      Fonds consists of correspondence and genealogical histories of various Alberta families including the Brazeau, Fraser, Rowland, McDonald, McGillis and Hardisty families. Fonds also includes a copied photograph of Henry Collins (also known as Muchieasse or Muchias) dated circa (ca.) 1900.

      Kipling, C.
      Colin Fraser fonds
      PR0770 · Fonds · 1893-1896

      Fonds consists of daily journals listing trade transactions between Colin Fraser and various individuals.

      Fraser, Colin
      Donald M. Stewart fonds
      PR1211 · Fonds · 1844-1979

      The fonds consists of 2 printer’s proofs and 27 original land scrips for the purchase of Dominion lands, including predominantly scrips granted by the North-West Half-Breed Commission (Dominion of Canada, Department of the Interior), but also colonization scrips, and scrips for military service, originals dating 1844 to 1909, and the three journals in which Donald M. Stewart’s article installments were published.

      Stewart, Donald M.
      Edna Cadrain fonds
      PR1639 · Fonds · Copied 1986

      The fonds consists of images, the first, originally dating ca. 1875 of Philip Whitford, and the second, originally dating 1920, of Donald and Peggy (Cayen) Whitford at their 50th wedding anniversary.

      Cadrain, Edna

      The discrete item is a photograph album printed to record the significance of the Elders’ Conference in 1979 of the Federation of Métis Settlements, and details the elders in attendance. The album also contains a loose copy of “Foundation for the Future,” the statement of principles that came from the conference.

      The elders in attendance were Maurice L’Hirondelle, Sid Beaudry, Fred Carifelle, Joe McDermott, Richard Poitras, Adolphus Ghostkeeper, Joe Cardinal, Fred Martineau, Robert Aulotte, and Adrian Hope. Including the photos of these elders, there are 28 total photographs in the album, most of which are labeled.

      Federation of Métis Settlements
      Eva Ladouceur fonds
      PR0894 · Fonds · Copied 1980

      The fonds consists of two images, one of Fort Chipewyan, undated, and the other of Michel Desjarlais and family, a Métis family from the Lac La Biche area, circa 1915.

      Ladouceur, Eva
      First Nations Affairs series
      PR0003.002SF.0004 · Series · 1847-1983
      Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

      The series contains records pertaining to the Oblates’ activities and missionary work related to the evangelization of the Indigenous people, as well as administrative records of Oblate involvement with the First Nations, directly or indirectly, or records pertaining to the First Nations and accumulated by the Oblates. Records have been created by Oblates and non-Oblates.

      Fraser family fonds
      PR0155 · Fonds · 1861-1971

      Fonds consists of business and personal records of the Fraser family including financial records, correspondence, photographs, photograph albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, postcards, books and a map. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Henry Fraser records; Robert Fraser records; and Tommy Fraser records.

      The records include correspondence and study reports relevant to scrip and the broader Department of Indian Affairs. Scrapbooks compiled by Emilie Fraser contain multiple images from the Treaty 7 commemorations in 1977 and the royal visit.

      Fraser family
      PR3380 · Fonds · 1994

      The fonds consists of material related to the Gift Lake Métis Days Homecoming celebration held at the Gift Lake Métis Settlement from July 30th to August 1st, 1994. The photographs and negatives depict sites around Gift Lake and speakers, events, and performances related to the Homecoming celebration. The textual material consists of the Homecoming registration packet, including a program, schedule of events, a history of the Gift Lake Settlement, and a map of the Settlement.

      Gift Lake Métis Settlement
      Gil Cardinal fonds
      PR3684 · Fonds · [195-]-2010

      The fonds consists of records from Gil Cardinal’s independent and freelance projects; the film companies co-founded by Cardinal (Great Plains Productions, Kanata Productions, Strange Empire Productions); and his work for NFB, BBC, or other broadcasters.

      The textual materials contain the complete business records of Great Plains Productions, creative records for specific projects (including scripts, notebooks, shot lists, story boards, and editing notes), administrative records for specific projects (including contracts, financial records, grant applications, and correspondence), developmental records related to unrealized projects, and personal records (including correspondence, speaking notes, speeches, and teaching material).

      The films consist of home movies from Cardinal’s foster family (some of which were used as part of Foster Child); a tour of the Canadian Museum of Civilization with its architect, Douglas Cardinal; and release prints of Foster Child.

      The videocassettes consist of original shooting tapes and completed masters of several projects. Most prominent among these are My Partners, My People, Our Home and Native Land, The Great Possibility, and David with F.A.S. There are also masters, but not shooting tapes, for several other projects including Big Bear, Chiefs (for both episodes directed by Cardinal), Totem, and others. Some of these masters are on DVD as well as videocassette.

      The photographs, negatives, and slides consist of images shot by Cardinal during the course of filming, images of special events, and family photos.

      Cardinal, Gil
      PR2466 · Fonds · 1994 - 1998

      The fonds consists of a VHS copies of the following documentaries produced by Great North Productions: The Life and Times of Peter Lougheed (1994), Jasper (1995), and Gabriel Dumont: Prince of the Prairies (1998).

      Great North Productions
      Hubert Wood fonds
      PR0826 · Fonds · 1885-1911

      The fonds consists of six original manuscript letters and one birch bark postcard written by Hubert Wood to family members, dated April 28 to June 8, 1885. The letters give a soldier’s perspective of the 1885 civil disturbances in the North-West Territories as well as a more general impression of life during the campaigns. A photographic postcard from 1911 of Hubert Wood was added to the original accession.

      Wood, Hubert
      James McKenna fonds
      PR2149 · Fonds · 1899- 1900

      The fonds consists of a photograph of James McKenna dating from 1899, and a Half-Breed Claims Commission document dating from 1900.

      McKenna, James
      Johnny Grant fonds
      PR1262 · Fonds · 1840-1951

      The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Johnny Grant and his relatives and relating to the life of Johnny Grant. The material dates from 1840-1951. The fonds consists of a draft of a memoir written by Grant shortly before his death in 1907, a prefatory chapter to the manuscript written by Grant’s wife Clotilde Bruneau, assorted family photographs of Grant and his family, various legal documents for Grant and family, correspondence between Grant family members concerning Johnny Grant, genealogies and biographies of the Grant family written by Grant’s grandson William Nutt and original editions of the first and last Edmonton Bulletin newspapers.

      Grant, Johnny
      PR0865 · Collection · Copied 1988-1992

      The collection consists of images, originally taken circa 1890 to the 1960s, from the Lac La Biche area, including images of the Filles de Jésus, priests, church exteriors and interiors, Lac La Biche Mission, mission students, houses, stores, buildings destroyed by a tornado, deer, barn building, potato picking, planting, skiing, chopping and hauling wood, a hockey team, children, Métis, families including members of the Ladouceur, Cardinal, Chevigny, families, and Italian settlers (Canterra, Biollo, Bonifacio) and a grain elevator in the Venice district. The collection also includes prints of some Le Franco images of the 1988 "Cultural Rendezvous Culturel," a copy of Joseph Ladouceur's Bill of Landing Hudson's Bay Company (1877), copies of Cree grammar books and copies of certificates of Victor Parenteau.

      Lac La Biche Mission Historical Society
      Ladouceur family fonds
      PR0593 · Fonds · 1879-1922

      Fonds consists of correspondence, receipts, envelopes, a homestead Certificate of Recommendation and photocopied records dating 1881-1922 which include, receipts, correspondence, envelopes, financial records, notes, and a permit. Fonds also includes a certificate appointing Louis Lessard as Justice of the Peace in Lac La Biche, Alberta, and various lists written in Cree. Fifty photographs featuring the Ladouceur family circa 1890 - 1900 are included.

      Ladouceur family
      Les Amis du Fléché fonds
      PR1527 · Fonds · 1977 - 1987

      The fonds consists of records related to the history of and instructions on weaving the belts, patterns for belts, minutes, membership lists, financial statements, grant applications, articles about the society, correspondence, newsletters, and incorporation records of Les amis du fléché society.

      La Société des Amis du Fléché
      PR3986 · Collection · 1880-1989

      The collection is composed mostly of maps of Alberta, but also includes some Canadian atlases, an honors essay on Athabasca Landing, and a rural directory. There are also some maps of Western Canada (which include Alberta).

      There are several types of maps in this collection, including topographic, cadastral (maps showing the extent, value, and ownership of land), and orthophotos (maps based on aerial photos, modified to have a uniform scale). Some examples of the types of maps included are those made to accompany the “Half-Breed Commission” (the formal process that distributed scrip to Métis families and individuals), property and taxation maps of Alberta cities, a map of the Klondike, and park maps, among others.

      Library and Archives Canada
      PR3984 · Collection · 1990

      The collection consists of microfilm reels describing Métis families and records related to the “Northwest Half-Breed Commission,” created between 1870-1906. These records are from what is now Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The records were originally created as records of Métis land grants in Manitoba and the then-North West Territories, with a few references to land grants for “Original White Settlers” in Manitoba. The microfilm are copies of original records held at Library and Archives Canada.

      The majority of the records are related to the “Northwest Half-Breed Commission,” to which Métis individuals and families could apply for scrip (after the 1.4 million acre land grant for children of Métis families in Manitoba was exhausted, the government supplemented it through scrip distribution to individuals). The main records relevant to the commission are registers of declaration numbers, names and addresses of applications, and names of parents. The applications which are copied in these records contain information on applicants’ names, status, place of residence and birth, parents, and whether funds were already received through other Indigenous rights claims. Earlier applications were sworn in in front of the only commissioner at the time, James Andrew Joseph McKenna. Later ones had other commissioners as well, such as James Walker. The applications were divided into folders by applicant, and some of these folders contain supplementary documents such as birth or baptism certificates, commissioner notes, application status correspondence, and occasional copies of scrip certificates.

      Some of the records in the collection go into detail with affidavits of heads of Métis families and children, applications for scrip, list of heirs of deceased Métis and White settlers, homesteading and land grant records, and “North-West Half-Breed Commission” claims and registers. Many of the records contain alphabetical listings of Métis families, but the records are first divided by date (as a result, many names do not appear in records of most years).

      Library and Archives Canada
      PR3103 · Collection · Copied 1970, Copied 1972, Copied 1973, Copied 1974

      The collection consists of copies of photographs acquired from the Medicine Hat Historical and Museum Foundation featuring views of the Medicine Hat area dating from the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century including views of Medicine Hat, Bassano, Irvine, Farmers' Lumber Co. Ltd, Metis women, Connaught School, a milling company, Medicine Hat Crayon Company, a fire at the Alberta Linseed Oil Mills, Medicine Hat Glass Company, a court house, agricultural machinery, agricultural activities, Captain Ross' steam launch, flour mills, a baptism, a Canadian Pacific Railway Train, cowboys, First Nations, a pottery barn, pioneers, a football team, St. John's Presbyterian Church, surveyor's camps, and Canadian National Railway Depots. The collection also includes images featuring Hudson's Bay Company Factors.

      Medicine Hat Historical and Museum Foundation
      Métis Nation Music fonds
      PR2151 · Fonds · 1991

      The fonds consists of a musical recording and VHS video production of “Proud to Be Métis” (Métis Nation Anthem) produced by Métis Nation Music Ltd. in 1991.

      Métis Nation Music
      Paul Coze fonds
      PR1905 · Fonds · 1928-1931

      The fonds consists of fifty black and white nitrate negatives taken by Paul Coze during his visits to Western Canada during 1928, 1930 and 1931. The photographs were a part of his ethnographic interests as an artist and document Métis, Cree and Nakoda Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. About a quarter of the negatives document Alberta, while the majority was taken in Saskatchewan.

      Coze, Paul
      Peter Erasmus fonds
      PR2354 · Fonds · 1903 - 1928

      The fonds consists of a letter and envelope addressed to Peter Erasmus from the Department of the Interior, Dominion Land Office regarding land for coal mining dating from 1903 and a photograph and negative of Peter Erasmus taken by an unidentified photographer in 1928.

      Erasmus, Peter
      Phyllis Flewwelling fonds
      PR1675 · Fonds · [Copied 1986]

      The fonds consists of two images of the Métis cemetery at Tail Creek, Alberta.

      Flewwelling, Phyllis
      Reel Girls Media fonds
      PR3830 · Fonds · 1999-2007

      The fonds consists of production files for various projects undertaken by Reel Girls Media. These projects are as follows:

      SciQ: Up Close and Palaeo: a one-hour, children’s program shot at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller that focuses on palaeontology. The records include masters, b-rolls, and interview transcripts.

      Stories from the Seventh Fire: a half-hour, animated, children’s series featuring Indigenous performers such as Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis narrating several First Nations stories and legends. The records include DVDs and the original masters.

      Booked: a half-hour series in which book reviewers and criminal justice professionals discuss a prominent mystery novel. The records include masters and DVDs.

      Out of the West: a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with several western Canadian authors. The records include masters, shooting tapes, and production files.

      Between the Stones and the Ocean: A Portrait of Rudy Wiebe: a one-hour documentary about western Canadian author Rudy Wiebe. The records include shooting tapes and masters.

      Capturing Cooperman: A Not So Private Investigation of Howard Engel: a one-hour documentary about Canadian mystery author Howard Engel. The records are limited to the masters.

      WildFiles: a half-hour, children’s series that focuses on animal biology. The records are limited to production files.

      Return of the Peregrine: a one-hour documentary about conservation efforts to restore peregrine falcon populations across Canada. The records include shooting tapes and interview transcripts.

      Homefront: a one-hour documentary that follows the stories of several Edmonton-based soldiers and their families during deployment to Afghanistan. The records are limited to masters.

      How the Fiddle Flows: a one-hour documentary that traces Métis culture and history through music and dancing. The records are limited to masters.

      In addition to these completed projects, there are several non-completed projects that are also captured in the records. These projects were started by Reel Girls but never broadcast or distributed and include the following:

      Return of the Bison: a potential documentary that would have focused on conservation efforts to restore bison populations across the world. The records include shooting tapes and production files.

      A to Z Film Guide: this potential series would have focused on various roles within the film industry as an educational tool. The records are limited to pre-production files.

      Rock ‘n’ Fossil Road Show: this potential series was modeled on Antiques Roadshow and would have featured rock and fossil collectors consulting with experts about their collections. A pilot was completed but the series was not pursued. The records include pre-production files.

      Reel Girls Media
      Rita Stevens fonds
      PR2008 · Fonds · Copied 1979

      The fonds consists of copies of a brief biography of Robert Watt Lendrum, and an autobiography entitled "Biography of Pioneer Days" by Mrs. A.L. Brick (Sarah Brock Lendrum), and images, originally dating from the 1890s to 1954 from the Old Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River areas, primarily from the Brick family's early days in the area, including images of log buildings, horses, carts, trails, dog sleds, mission, Métis, camps, police barracks, threshing machines, students, farms and members of the Brick family.

      Stevens, Rita
      Shirley R. Torgerson fonds
      PR0901 · Fonds · [197-?]-[199-?]

      The fonds consists of photocopies of newspaper clippings about Raymond Gray, photocopies of research material gathered by Shirley Torgerson about the Gray family, genealogical charts of the Gray family, and a short chronology of the Metis people of Montana compiled by Shirley Torgerson.

      Torgerson, Shirley R.
      PR3970 · Fonds · 1966

      The fonds contains interviews with local Indigenous people and settlers, and also contains a portrait of a young Indigenous woman. The interviews generally concern settlers who came to Alberta to homestead and the lives they had here. Some of the settlers interviewed include Adelard and Cora Dandeneau (family arrived 1895), Roy and Edna Hagen (born in Ontario and Spruce Grove), and Frederick Johnson (arrived in Ardrossan in 1912), among others.

      Some of the interviews with Indigenous interviewees (with some conducted in Indigenous languages) largely discuss life on reserves. Some of those interviewed include Alexis Morin (interview is in Cree, discusses life on Enoch Reserve) and Vital Victor and Clothtilda Calahoo (early life, Métis traditions).

      The stated purpose of these recordings was to keep a record of the heritage and customs of early residents of the Spruce Grove (specifically Winterburn) area, to be available to be listened to and recalled by any interested person.

      Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce
      Stan Daniels fonds
      PR0092 · Fonds · 1924-1991, predominant [196-]-[198-]

      This fonds consists of material including personal and family records as well as records of the many Native organizations with which Stan Daniels was involved (minutes, by-laws, research material, correspondence, financial statements, membership lists, etc.) The fonds is comprised of the following series: Private life, Public life.

      Daniels, Stan
      Tony Lewis fonds
      PR1722 · Fonds · 1980-2002

      The fonds consists of images from Radway including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and other buildings, images from along the Coal Branch, including stores, buildings, houses, churches, hotels, train station in Cadomin, Luscar, Mercoal, Coalspur, Leyland, Robb, McLeod River and Bickerdike, extensive documentation of the 100th anniversary of Lac St. Anne pilgrimage including day journal kept by Lewis, images of Edmonton grocery stores, Gainer’s Meat Packing plant, Thorsby, Ken Sutton (a trapper at Calling Lake), the opening of a museum at Alberta Beach, the Alberta Metis Association, the Edmonton Street Performers' Festival, the Edmonton Fringe Festival, and sites around Mearns and Ft. Assiniboine.

      Lewis, Tony
      PR1090 · Fonds · 1909-1971

      The fonds includes newspaper clippings, a Cree election pamphlet (1911), Alberta: A Land for Living magazines, Gyro Club of Edmonton roster book, a copy of Jerry Potts, plainsman (by Hugh Dempsay), a copy of The Prairie Garden (magazine), certificates belonging to Harry and Edwin Henry Turton, a marriage certificate for Kenneth Campbell MacLeod and Winifred Viola Macdonald (1920), booklets about Freemasonry, Jacques De Molay (order of De Molay) and the Grand Lodge of Alberta, a souvenir program of 1939 Royal Visit, a booklet of Alberta Historic Sites, Clarence Tillenius wildlife and prairie prints, and photographs and photographic postcards mostly dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1915 and 1952, including Grouard, Sawridge, Sturgeon Lake, Peace River, Dunvegan, Athabasca Landing and the areas around Lesser Slave Lake, and include Cree Nation Chiefs Moostoosh and Kinisāoo, the Peace River landing, the first car in Grouard, Sturgeon Lake Mission, churches, local people, mail delivery, homesteads, main streets, horses and carts, stores, buildings, bridges, snowploughs, dogsleds, Indigenous peoples, as well as photographs and photographic postcards of Fort Edmonton, views of Edmonton, the 1915 Edmonton flood, 19th Alberta Dragoons, First World War Honour rolls, soldiers, mountain scenes around Banff, portraits of John Stocks, L.C. Charlesworth, H.P. Keith, J.D. Robertson, G.H.N. Monkman, Peter Tomkins, Kenneth MacLeod, Winifred Macdonald, and postcards from Bath, Folkestone and Taunton, England.

      Turton, William Henry and Edwin Henry
      William James Fraser fonds
      PR1306 · Fonds · 1908

      The fonds consists of two photographs, one of the Jackson Coulee Post Office and residents, and one of the Fraser homestead and family in Jackson Coulee, and a list of the children of Colin Fraser, who died April 19, 1867.

      Fraser, William James
      William Todd fonds
      PR2178 · Fonds · [1880]

      The fonds consists of 1 tintype photograph of William Todd dating from [1880]

      Todd, William
      Winnie Shandro fonds
      PR4161 · Fonds · 1934-1984

      Winnie Shandro describes her career in public health nursing, not in chronological order, but in the order that her lively memory decided. She describes the professional relationships between doctors and nurses and the bad behavior of some doctors towards nurses. One of their first tasks at the East Central Health Unit was to restore discipline to both professions and to improve relations between the public health service and the local hospital. Her main focus is on the health services she offered to First Nations and Metis settlements and to Indigenous patients in the Yukon and northern Alberta. Shandro’s career covered over 50 years of nursing service.

      Shandro, Winnie