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          PR2041 · Fonds · 1913-2006

          The fonds consists of negatives, slides, photographs and films shot by A.C. Lynn and Amy Zelmer including the Alberta Coal Branch, coal transportation, coal mines, the Edmonton Exhibition, the Castle Hotel fire (in Edmonton), a conference in Banff, the North Western Pulp and Power plant in Hinton, Fort McMurray, an archeological dig at Fort George, a painting class, Inuit Child Development, (produced by the International Communications Institute) and a film by Amy Zelmer (and Harold Alston) about Fort Mackay.

          Zelmer, A.C. Lynn
          Airworks Media fonds
          PR0076 · Fonds · 1974-1994

          The fonds consists of scripts, contracts, invoices, technical session information logs, general correspondence, proposals and other production records of Airworks Media, Machine Shop Studio, Goede Studios and Goede Creative. Also includes 280 Beta, 3/4" and VHS videotapes of commercials, training videos and promotional videos, some of which are finished products, and some of which are components. Also includes 475 - 1/4" reel to reel audio tapes of commercials, public service announcements and jingles, some of which are finished products and some of which are components. Also included are 200 photographs of court buildings in Alberta, both interior and exterior shots.

          Airworks Media
          PR4283 · Fonds · 1989-2008

          The textual records consist of board meeting minutes, annual general meeting minutes, grant files, conference files, correspondence, presidents’ reports, media releases, administrative files, and financial files. The records are comprehensive, well-organized, and document the history of the organization from its earliest years. The optical disc contains electronic copies of files similar to the above but also includes born-digital files of similar scope.

          Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society
          "Alberta Story" collection
          PR2298 · Collection · 1952
          Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

          The collection consists of a copy of "The Alberta Story: an Authentic Report on Alberta's Progress 1935 - 1952" produced by the Film and Photographic Branch, Department of Economic Affairs and directed by K. Hutchinson.

          Alberta. Economic Affairs. Film and Photographic Branch
          Alex and Joe Viszmeg fonds
          PR3764 · Fonds · 1977-1986

          The fonds consists of films created by Alex and Joe Viszmeg. There are five separate films represented in the donation, three directed by Alex and two directed by Joe, though most of the films featured both brothers in some role.

          Alex’s films include Corn, Meat, Manure & the Man (an experimental film about Viszmeg’s family farm in Baltimore, Ontario), Little Angels (an experimental film about the search for personal identity), and Lost in Another World. Lost in Another World is a short film project created by students at the Alberta School for the Deaf with the assistance of Alex and other Edmonton-based filmmakers such as Lorna Thomas and Karen Wall. In addition to the edited version of Lost in Another World, there are also two reels of elements from the same project.

          Joe’s films include The Conversation (a short film about a night in the life of two couples who have just met) and Before the Last War (an experimental film about nuclear war).

          Viszmeg, Alex and Joe
          Alex McNeil fonds
          PR2660 · Fonds · [ca. 1901- 1947]

          The fonds consists of three 16 mm cine films taken by Alex McNeil. Two films, dating from the 1930s and 1940s, include footage of Alex McNeil's family including images of the family farm at North Cooking Lake, the Rocky Mountains, the family playing a croquet game, taking outdoor tea, trains, golf, a backyard picnic, an outdoor oversized checker game, tug of war, backyard boxing, drinking beer, swimming, boating, logging, and mowing the lawn, family celebrations, wildlife, and swimming.

          The fonds also includes a film containing additional family footage beginning in 1901, as well as footage of the Royal Family visit in 1939 including images of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Queen Alexandra, George V, Queen Mary, Edward VIII, and George VI.

          McNeil, Alex
          Alfred Blyth fonds
          PR0607 · Fonds · 1939-1974

          Fonds consists of records relating to Alfred Blyth's personal and professional life and includes correspondence, postcards, receipts, letterhead, souvenir pamphlets, posters, catalogues from photographic exhibitions, calendars depicting the work of Alfred Blyth, certificates and awards, newspaper clippings, samples of touched up photographs, large format exhibition prints, publications using Blyth's work, films depicting various Alberta industries and events, travel films, and negatives depicting various people, views, buildings, animals, and scenes mainly in Alberta, including many portraits and some photographs of Alfred Blyth's home and studios dating from 1939 to 1974. The fonds also includes finding aids that Alfred Blyth created for the photograph collection and an oral history with Alfred Blyth recorded by Karl H. Kaesekamp in 1972.

          Blyth, Alfred
          Andrij Baziuk collection
          PR3625 · Collection · 1922-1951

          The collection consists of films used in an itinerant picture show that toured through rural Saskatchewan, particularly through Ukrainian communities around Regina, during the 1930s-50s. The films include episodes of popular series such as Tarzan of the Apes, Dick Tracy, Krazy Kat, and Hopalong Cassidy; full-length genre films including Westerns and melodramas; comedy shorts; compilations of trailers for Hollywood features; episodes of Canadian Movietone News for 1950-51; a documentary about Inuit life in the 1940s; and two feature-length Ukrainian films that were made in North America. Both of these films were produced by Ukrainian-Canadian Vasile Avramenko. The first is entitled Cossacks in Exile (Zaporozhets za dunaem) (Edgar L. Ulmer, 1938), while the second is entitled Marusia (Leo Bulgakov, 1938). These films are in the Ukrainian language with English subtitles, were specifically made for the expatriate Ukrainian community in North America, and are rare examples of Ukrainian commercial filmmaking in North America.

          Many of the films are fragments of larger works, but it is unclear if the complete films were ever shown as part of the travelling picture show.

          The collection also contains a poster for Cossacks in Exile and an original cardboard box used to house one of the film reels.

          Baziuk, Andrij
          Bailey Theatre Society fonds
          PR3818 · Fonds · 1919-1932

          The fonds consists of lobby cards for silent films that were shown in the Bailey Theatre in the 1920s. The films depicted in the lobby cards consist of comedies, dramas, short films, and feature-length films. Some of the films were produced by major production companies such as those run by Mack Sennett, Carl Laemmle, D.W. Griffith, and William Fox. Actors depicted in the lobby cards include major stars of the era such as William Desmond, Tom Mix, Mary Astor, Douglas Fairbanks, Pola Negri, Harold Lloyd, Mary Pickford, and Lillian Gish.

          The film reels are all silent films on nitrate stock. The first reel is a compilation of clips from different films. The first clip is an unidentified, silent Western film on Gevaert nitrate film stock from Belgium. The second clip is an unidentified, silent melodrama film on 1924 Kodak nitrate stock. The third clip is also an unidentified, Western film with sound on 1932 Kodak nitrate stock.

          The second reel is likely a fragment of The Devil’s Twin, a 1927 silent Western film directed by Leo Maloney and produced by Pathepicture. The reel consists of DuPont/Pathé nitrate stock dated between 1924 and 1931.

          The third and fourth reels are near-complete versions of a two-reel, 1919 silent comedy directed by Mack Sennett entitled The Village Smithy. The reels consist of 1919 Kodak nitrate stock.

          Bailey Theatre Society
          PR4032 · Fonds · 1979-2009

          The fonds consists of records from festival events from the very first festival up to the 2009 edition. Records include programs, handbooks, pamphlets, delegate directories, newsletters, press books, photographs of events, and audiovisual recordings of events such as master classes and awards presentations. Included in the video and audio coverage are the awards ceremonies, conference sessions, interviews, classes, workshops, social events, and promotional material.

          The textual records are arranged into financial, event, general, transportation, technical, correspondence, media, registration, conference, and programs series.

          Banff Television Festival Foundation
          BC Archives film collection
          PR3760 · Collection · 1961, 1966

          The collection consists of two films: A New Rose in Alberta (1961), produced by the Canadian Oil Companies Ltd., is an industrial film about White Rose gasoline. An Invitation to the Future (1966), produced by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), is a promotional film about SAIT and its programs.

          Unknown donor
          Bijou Theatre Collection
          PR4081 · Collection · 1887-1959

          The fonds is composed of several posters, advertisements, and bulletins for shows and patronage at the Bijou Theatre; several letters to the Bijou; a typed history of the Bijou Theatre and “Pop” Lawrence; and multiple pages of sheet music that were used for music during intermissions and some shows. The records also include an audiocassette recording of several songs that were played at the first Bijou Theatre.

          Bijou Theatre
          PR0058 · Fonds · 1976-1978

          The fonds consists of 160 2-inch videotapes dubbed to Beta storage and VHS working copies. These videos contain popular musical variety television shows from the late 1970s.

          Baker, Brian E. and Donald G.
          Bruce Spencer collection
          PR4050 · Collection · [193-?]

          The collection consists of 9.5mm safety film reels that were produced by Pathé from the 1920s to 1960 for the home market. Pathé produced both 9.5mm negative stock for amateur cinematography and copies of films and short subjects on 9.5mm stock for home viewing. These films are an example of the latter and include travelogues, Mickey Mouse and Popeye shorts, and short comedies.

          Bucknell family fonds
          PR3381 · Fonds · [195-]-[197-]

          The fonds consists of 15 colour, silent 8mm home movies [1 hour 45 minutes] including footage of family events and activities such as weddings, anniversaries, vacations, picnics, waterskiing, camping, and hunting in locations such as Edmonton, Jasper, Lethbridge, Glenevis Alberta, Al Oeming's Game Farm outside Edmonton, Toronto Ontario, B.C., and the U.S. Also includes some footage of Don's work with the Northern Alberta Dairy Pool (N.A.D.P.) Don was one of Jim and Irene's sons.

          Bucknell, Jim
          PR4281 · Fonds · 1978-2014

          The fonds consists of administrative files created by CSIF over the course of its history. These include grant applications, minutes, correspondence, bylaws, policies, and newsletters. There are also program files for specific events such as the $100 Film Festival, film screenings, workshops, etc. There are also publicity files and press clippings that include posters, flyers, and other media.

          The photos, slides, and negatives depict CSIF events or are production stills from CSIF members’ film shoots. The films are all copies of CSIF members’ work. This is not a complete collection of CSIF members’ films and should be considered a representative sample of CSIF works.

          Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
          Capitol Theatre fonds
          PR0780 · Fonds · 1929-1960

          Fonds consists of lists of movies shown at the Capitol Theatre and copied photographs depicting the interior and exterior of the theatre.

          Capitol Theatre
          PR0388 · Fonds · 1981-2000

          The fonds consists of the records created by Celebration of Women in the Arts during the course of conducting its activities. The fonds is organized in the following two series: operational files with bylaws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, membership information and publications created or received by the society; and project files which present information on activities of interest to the society.

          Celebration of Women in the Arts
          PR2899 · Fonds · [197-]

          Fonds consists of four completed film productions, elements and cue sheets for the Alberta television series, Heading Out: 1.Cy Hampson Wilderness 2.Country Vacations and Lakeland Area 3.North Forestry 4.Backpacking Also includes outtakes and raw footage of subjects such as coal mining and tree nursery operations, roadside signs, ferries, bridges, the Lethbridge Japanese garden, and the Prince of Wales Hotel at Waterton.

          Century II Motion Pictures
          Chuck Ross fonds
          PR2767 · Fonds · 1944-1945

          The fonds consists of four 16 mm newsreels produced from 1944 to 1945 by the cameramen of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, one of whom was Chuck Ross.; one video cassette copy containing the four newsreels; several publications related to the development of film in Canada and Alberta; photographs documenting his service with the Canadian Army; and an Canadian Film Award, Best Film and Travel Adventure for his film "Under the Sun" in 1971.

          Ross, Chuck
          Cory Felber fonds
          PR2111 · Fonds · 1990

          The fonds consists of a VHS cassette documenting the 75th Anniversary of the Talmud Torah, and a VHS cassette produced for the Jewish Federation of Edmonton by Cory Felber.

          Felber, Cory
          Cy and Mary Hampson fonds
          PR3711 · Fonds · 1942-2002

          The fonds consists of material created or collected by both Cy and Mary Hampson and records from Cymar Films.

          Hampson family
          Cymar Films series
          PR3711.0003 · Series · 1959-2002
          Part of Cy and Mary Hampson fonds

          The series consists of films were created under the Cymar Films label. There are other films that were co-produced with Mary Hampson and focus on a number of topics related to nature and wildlife. The films are all release prints or answer prints, with the exception of a few reels of work prints that have no corresponding release/answer prints. There are also production files related to these productions including licensing agreements, correspondence, project files, and broadcast agreements.

          Cymar Films Ltd.
          Dale Phillips fonds
          PR2223 · Fonds · 1964-2004

          The fonds consists of 16mm films and film elements, videotapes and audiotapes for films (some completed productions and some not completed), including Born Hutterite, Crash Course Alberta, Shadows of War, Great Divide Waterfall Project, Newfoundland After Codfish, Coking in the Crowsnest Pass, Transportation Crisis, and Rock Fest. Also included are proposals, contracts, business files, minutes, scripts, correspondence, and research material for films that Dale Phillips worked on; office files for companies and other projects that Dale Phillips worked on such as Filmwest, Edmonton's Snowflake Fantasy Winterfest; an Industrial Archaeology conference; issues of the literary review magazine NeWest Review for which Phillips was writer and editor; other magazines, newspapers and newsletters; and film industry reference books.

          The fonds also consists of material that was created for a documentary entitled Where Time Begins, aka Chukotka. The documentary follows Niobe Thompson, a then-doctoral candidate at the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University, and his wife, Linda Chang, on a year-long journey through Chukotka in the far northeastern tip of Russia as part of a research and humanitarian project with indigenous populations. The audiovisual material related to this project documents the entirety of Thompson and Chang's work in Chukota with many hours shot with Albertan First Nations communities, as well. The project records also include textual material such as shot lists, production files, budgets, proposals, and correspondence.

          Phillips, Dale
          PR3820 · Fonds · 1985-2012

          The fonds consists of administrative records of the Dreamspeakers Festival Society and audiovisual records of films submitted to the film festival.

          The administrative records include festival programs, files for individual film submissions, society bylaws, executive director reports, publicity files, board of director minutes and correspondence, Walk of Honour correspondence and files, and fundraising/sponsorship files.

          The majority of audiovisual records consist of submissions for the film festival. Selected submissions include those that were chosen for the festival and many that were rejected but are representative of Indigenous filmmaking across Alberta and Canada, with a smaller sample of international submissions.

          The audiovisual records also include films made as part of the Dreamspeakers youth programs, recordings of festival proceedings, advertisements, and a small collection of recorded music by Indigenous Canadian performers.

          Dreamspeakers Festival Society
          Dwight Lemky fonds
          PR2607 · Fonds · 1980

          The fonds consists of records created during the production of the film documentary The Riders: Alberta's Working Cowboys (1980) including reels of audiotape containing sound effects, interviews, ambient sound, narration, and music; camera rolls of raw footage; rolls of audio and visual production elements including optical and magnetic soundtracks, copywork, outtakes, internegatives; a release print, and several newspaper clippings about the film.

          Lemky, Dwight
          Edgar T. Jones fonds
          PR3240 · Fonds · 1955-2007

          The fonds consists of prints of the 26-program run of Adventure Outdoors and prints of several other documentaries that aired on television. The fonds also includes several projects that may not have been completed, or may have been used to supplement other projects (likely raw footage and outtakes). This material includes raw footage of woodpeckers, raw footage of Arctic landscapes and wildlife, footage of an excavation by Edmonton-based company Lute H. Vieweger, and home movies of a wedding anniversary party and ski trip to Marmot Basin.

          The textual files consist of production files for several of Jones’ documentaries and provide evidence of his filmmaking and research processes as well as information directly related to the films, such as shot lists. There is also correspondence with conservationists and naturalists across North America related to Jones’ work. A substantial portion of the textual material consists of records of Jones’ bird-banding, bird watching, species and field journals, and maps that correlate species information with various sites in Alberta.

          There are also records related to the formation and administration of the Wagner Natural Area Society, an organization founded in 1982 to create and manage a natural area of bog land in Parkland County, Alberta between Spruce Grove and Edmonton. The Wagner Natural Area was named after the original landowner and contains many species of rare or unusual plant and animal life. These records include newsletters, minutes, correspondence, and documents related to the purchase of the Wagner property and the incorporation of the Wagner Natural Area Society. There are also images of the area.

          The photographs and negatives depict various sites around Alberta related to the field and species journals kept by Jones.

          The audio reels are mostly commentary or soundtracks for many of the documentaries already in the fonds. These were created to be played with the film projection and consist of music and wildlife recordings created by Jones in the field. The commentary tracks were recorded at live screenings of Jones’ work and consist of Jones providing live narration. The remainder of the audio reels consist of the raw recordings that Jones created in the field of various species and then used for the edited soundtracks. These recordings are accompanied by track lists that identify the specific animals being recorded, as well as the location.

          Jones, Edgar T.
          Edmonton Photo Club fonds
          PR0093 · Fonds · 1938-2014

          The fonds consists of by-laws, Executive and Annual General Meetings minutes, newspaper clippings, financial records, correspondence and administrative records of the Edmonton Cine Club, of the Edmonton Movie and Photo Club and of the Edmonton Photo Club dating from 1938- 2014. The fonds also includes "The Floodlight", a newsletter the Edmonton Cine Club started, and that the Edmonton Movie and Photo Club and the Edmonton Photo Club maintained.

          Edmonton Photo Club
          Elsie Harris fonds
          PR1804 · Fonds · 1945-[1946?]

          The fonds consists of advertising bills for the Birtle’s traveling picture show; new motion pictures, chosen by Elsie, arrived weekly from Sovereign Films and were shown in a circuit from Piers and/or Drayton Valley on Saturday nights, then Wildwood, Seba Beach, Carrot Creek, Tomahawk, Magnolia, Gainford and Evansburg or Entwistle. The screenings were held in the local halls and were usually followed by a dance (except on Sundays).

          Harris, Elsie
          PR3879 · Fonds · 1976-2012

          The fonds consists of the EMMEDIA media library, most of which are copies of members’ productions. These titles were created on a wide variety of video and audio media and span from the earliest days of EMMEDIA (with a few titles created by future EMMEDIA members prior to the establishment of the organization or its predecessor) to 2012. For the most part, these are short works created by EMMEDIA members or using EMMEDIA equipment and provided to EMMEDIA for preservation purposes. The works cover a wide variety of topics and include experimental, narrative, documentary, performance, and installation works.

          The remainder of the titles consist of recordings of EMMEDIA events/workshops and a small collection of works created by media artists unaffiliated with EMMEDIA, most likely acquired for exhibition.

          EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society
          Fil Fraser fonds
          PR0021 · Fonds · 1959 – 2009

          The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Fil Fraser during the course of his wide ranging business activities within the broadcasting, arts and political arenas. The fonds consists of the following series: Productions; Film and Television industry; Committees; Political Appointments; Professional Work; Speeches and Conferences; Writings; Music; and Personal.

          Fraser, Fil
          PR0021.0001 · Series · 1972 - 2001
          Part of Fil Fraser fonds

          The series consists of records that have been created in support of or as a part of film and television productions to which Fil Fraser was associated. The nature of film productions leads to the creation of a broad range of record types and formats in support of a production. Initial proposals, correspondence, screenplays and administrative records are all included. The records of various production companies are also represented, including, financial records and minutes. A sample of productions found in this series is: Why Shoot the Teacher, Marie Anne, Hounds of Notre Dame, Latitude 55 and Ghost Towns of Alberta. Please see the file list for a more in depth listing.

          PR0021.0003 · Series · 1974 - 2002
          Part of Fil Fraser fonds

          The series consists of speeches and monologues given by Fil Fraser on a variety of topics, including, film technology, feature films, television film marketing and documentaries. It also includes Fil Fraser speaking on issues of human rights and providing monologues, such as, “The Gift of the Magi” on CKUA.

          Series · 1947-1967

          The series consists of general correspondence of the Film and Photographic Branch pertaining to Alberta's Golden Jubilee in 1955, travel and promotional films, and the National Film Board of Canada.

          The series also includes a file of correspondence regarding the acquisition and management of the Ernest Brown photograph collection by the Government of Alberta, including negotiations with Brown and the Minister and Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs as well as the later management of the collection by the Film and Photographic Branch with respect to copying and permissions for use.

          Alberta. Provincial Secretary. Film and Photographic Branch
          PR3837 · Fonds · 1982-2006

          The fonds consists of copious material related to grants, funding, and financial management; working documents, minutes, and correspondence of the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA) related to affiliated organizations such as the Edmonton Professional Arts Council, the Independent Film and Video Arts Alliance (later the Independent Media Arts Alliance), and the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society; monthly and annual general meeting minutes; committee records including minutes and reports from the Production Committee (including records related to the procurement, maintenance, and renting of equipment), the Programming Committee (including records related to exhibitions and distribution), the Executive Committee/Board of Directors (including records related to governance), and the Membership Committee; administrative records including reports, correspondence, and job descriptions related to paid staff such as the executive director and production coordinator; and member and volunteer files. There are also posters, programs, and other promotional material created for FAVA events and a complete series of newsletters and other internal communications. The photographs depict FAVA events.

          Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
          Film discrete item

          The item is two copies of a film entitled "Film." "Film" was a 1970 educational film produced by the Alberta Department of Education about youth attitudes towards drug use. The film focuses on the members of Everyman’s Tonto, an Edmonton-based rock band, and features live performances as well as interviews with the band members. The filmmakers’ approach is less didactic and allows the band members to speak for themselves. An article in the March 27, 1971 edition of the Lethbridge Herald notes that "Film" was well-received by its target audience of young students and less well-received by adults.

          PR1726 · Fonds · 1940-1991

          The fonds consists of the records of Filmwest Associates (1983) Limited and includes films, and some film elements, produced and distributed by Filmwest Associated including Shooting Stars, a dramatization celebrating the Edmonton Grads women's basketball team (distributed by Filmwest), The Class of 1912, about the renovations of the University of Alberta Arts Building (produced by Filmwest), Frozen Music, about Douglas Cardinal and his architecture (produced by Filmwest); screenplays and story ideas from Tom Wood, Anne Wheeler (Cowboys Don't Cry), Francis Damberger, Harvey L. Spak and D.H. (Don) Scott; a shooting schedule for Cowboys Don't Cry; Filmwest Associates distribution catalogues and movie advertisements; a Western Canada Film and Video Showcase (WCFVA) Study prepared by Filmwest Associates and Karvonen Films; AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association) minutes (copies), correspondence, newsletters and programs; and assorted publications relating to the motion picture industry in Alberta and Canada, including a brief history of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

          Filmwest Associates (1983) Limited
          Fires of Spring film reel
          PR3761 · Item · 1978, 2008
          Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

          These records consist of a copy of Fires of Spring on 16mm film and a DVD copy of the same title. Fires of Spring is a 1978 documentary produced by the University of Alberta about the use of controlled fires for agricultural management. The film specifically focuses on the use of controlled fires by First Nations people in northern Alberta and features interviews with members of the Cree, Beaver, Dene, and Chipewyan nations regarding the traditional use of fire in land management. The film also features several University of Alberta faculty members discussing the importance of the practice.

          Frame 30 Productions fonds
          PR3557 · Fonds · 1908-2008, predominant 1908, 1980-2008

          The fonds consists of three record-types: records created by Frame 30 in the course of the production of The Greatest Auto Race on Earth, original material collected by Frame 30 to be used for research and/or on-screen appearances in The Greatest Auto Race on Earth, and records created by Frame 30 Productions for other projects.

          The records created during the course of production for The Greatest Auto Race on Earth are arranged in binders by topic and is essentially a compendium of information about race participants and details culled from various resources. The binders also contain correspondence, scripts, transcripts of interviews, and production notes.

          The research material consists of contemporaneous newspapers and advertisements that covered or referenced the 1908 race. The newspapers include publications from London, Rochester, Des Moines, and Paris. There are also monographs, bound volumes, and pamphlets about the 1908 race and related topics.

          The fonds also consists of photographs that document the 1908 race from its start in New York to its finish in Paris, with the entire westward-route across the United States, Asia, Russia, and Europe also shown.

          The remainder of the fonds consists of records created by Frame 30 Productions during the course of its business. The textual records consist mostly of job files for specific projects undertaken by Frame 30. The job files include contracts, scripts, correspondence, shooting schedules, and storyboards. The job files directly correspond to the selected audiovisual records. There are also some correspondence files and files related to membership in the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association.

          The audiovisual records are masters, viewing copies, and/or preservation copies of projects completed by Frame 30. These include commercials for a wide variety of Albertan and western Canadian companies and corporate films, both those intended for internal use (such as training films) and external use (such as promotional films).

          Frame 30 Productions Limited
          Gene Gregoret fonds
          PR3666 · Fonds · 1968-1980

          The fonds consists of release prints, A and B rolls, answer prints, inter-negatives, original camera rolls (negative and reversal), mixed soundtracks, and original audio reels created for Viator Films documentaries. Most of these films focus on Cree communities in northern Alberta. These titles are This Place—Chipewyan Lakes, Spring Beaver, 40 Yards of Canvas, The Craftsman, Voice of My Grandmother, Season of the Birch, Lac Ste. Anne Experience, and Trout Lake. These films cover a variety of topics including Cree oral traditions, beaver trapping, woodcarving, traditional canoe construction, teepee construction, the Lac Ste. Anne pilgrimage, and Catholic missionaries. There are also two films that focus on the Caribbean immigrant experience in Alberta or life in the Caribbean (Tradewinds: West Indians in Alberta and Sweet Barbados).

          The photographs depict various Cree subjects from Chipewyan Lakes, Trout Lake, and other northern Albertan communities. The textual material consists of editing notes, shot lists, and production diaries.

          Gregoret, Gene
          Geoffrey LeBoutillier fonds
          PR2597 · Fonds · [between 1984 - 1985]

          The fonds consists of materials used, created, and maintained by Geoffrey LeBoutillier to produce what became an unrealized dramatic interpretation of Dr. Mary Percy Jackson's life entitled Stick. The fonds includes newspaper clippings and articles related to Jackson's career, footage and interviews with Jackson dating from the early 1980s, audio recordings of Jackson addressing school children in Thorhild, Alberta in 1984, drafts of the Stick by Geoffrey LeBoutillier, and correspondence from Mary Percy Jackson critiquing the Stick.

          LeBoutillier, Geoffrey
          Gil Cardinal fonds
          PR3684 · Fonds · [195-]-2010

          The fonds consists of records from Gil Cardinal’s independent and freelance projects; the film companies co-founded by Cardinal (Great Plains Productions, Kanata Productions, Strange Empire Productions); and his work for NFB, BBC, or other broadcasters.

          The textual materials contain the complete business records of Great Plains Productions, creative records for specific projects (including scripts, notebooks, shot lists, story boards, and editing notes), administrative records for specific projects (including contracts, financial records, grant applications, and correspondence), developmental records related to unrealized projects, and personal records (including correspondence, speaking notes, speeches, and teaching material).

          The films consist of home movies from Cardinal’s foster family (some of which were used as part of Foster Child); a tour of the Canadian Museum of Civilization with its architect, Douglas Cardinal; and release prints of Foster Child.

          The videocassettes consist of original shooting tapes and completed masters of several projects. Most prominent among these are My Partners, My People, Our Home and Native Land, The Great Possibility, and David with F.A.S. There are also masters, but not shooting tapes, for several other projects including Big Bear, Chiefs (for both episodes directed by Cardinal), Totem, and others. Some of these masters are on DVD as well as videocassette.

          The photographs, negatives, and slides consist of images shot by Cardinal during the course of filming, images of special events, and family photos.

          Cardinal, Gil
          PR2466 · Fonds · 1994 - 1998

          The fonds consists of a VHS copies of the following documentaries produced by Great North Productions: The Life and Times of Peter Lougheed (1994), Jasper (1995), and Gabriel Dumont: Prince of the Prairies (1998).

          Great North Productions
          PR2468 · Fonds · 1997

          The fonds consists of 1 VHS copy of a documentary program created by Greystone Communications entitled, "Trains Unlimited: Trans Canadian Railway" (1997). The program features images sourced from the photographic holdings of the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

          Greystone Communications Inc.
          Group 3 Films Limited fonds
          PR1861 · Fonds · 1978-1986

          The fonds consists of records relating to Group 3 Films Limited’s feature film Parallels, which was based on a story by Mark Schoenberg and a screenplay by Mark Schoenberg and Jaron Summers, and was directed by Mark Schoenberg and produced by Dr. Jack Wynters, and includes the films elements and videos representing most of the stages of film production including original negatives, outtakes and workprints as well as casting tapes. The fonds also includes correspondence, agreements, financial statements and bank statements, publicity records, photographs of cast and crew, catalogue sheets, optical cue sheets, and a copy of the screenplay.

          Group 3 Films Limited
          Harold Tichenor fonds
          PR3218 · Fonds · [196-?]-1996

          Fonds consists of Harold Tichenor's film productions, in particular for his company, Cinetel, including approximately 180 film elements as well as production files. Titles of productions include Be What You Are/The Magic Bus, Calgary Story, Edmonton Art Gallery, Agriculture Hall of Fame, Avalanche Rescue, a number of training films produced for the Edmonton Transit System, and the award winning Inupiatun, In the Manner of the Eskimo.

          Tichenor, Harold
          H.R. MacLean fonds
          PR3398 · Fonds · 1932-1968

          The fonds consists of films from the 1930s and 1940s of H.R. MacLean's trips to the Rocky Mountains including footage of Tonquin, Sunshine Lodge, Mount Athabasca, the Columbia Icefields, Mount Fitzwilliam, Little Yoho, Banff and Lake O'Hara. The fonds also includes maps of Jasper Park, Banff Park, Waterton Lakes Park, North West Alberta, northern and southern Alberta and the County of Strathcona.

          MacLean, H. R.
          PR4302 · Fonds · 1985-2012

          The fonds consists of project files and master versions of productions created by The Image Works for multiple clients. The productions include A Taste For Trade (concerning alternative trade organizations in East Africa), Scraping the Surface (concerning Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park), Native Art: Woodland Cree, Keep It Moving (concerning waste management), River of Joy (a celebration of 1,000 years of Ukrainian Christianity), Our Own Voice (concerning development in Nepal), multiple projects concerning crime and corrections made for the John Howard Society, multiple projects concerning the boreal forest region of Alberta, Hockey Night in Harlem (a documentary about hockey in Black communities in Harlem, New York City), promotional projects on behalf of the Government of Alberta, and interviews with Métis elders conducted at Fort Calgary among other projects.

          Image Works Video Productions
          Jevne family fonds
          PR3668 · Fonds · 1957-1969

          The fonds consists of films that were shot by Stella Jevne depicting birthdays; baptisms; holidays; Christmas and New Year’s celebrations; family events and outings; and trips. There is also significant footage devoted to Ponoka community events such as several Ponoka Stampede parades, Remembrance Day parades, festivals, and sporting events (including hockey games and informal football and baseball games). Finally, the films also depict farm life in rural Alberta, including harvesting crops, butchering meat, and raising animals.

          Jevne family
          Joe Bouvier film collection
          PR3220 · Collection · [192?]-1963

          Fonds consists of four 16mm films of varying subjects. Two are NFB productions, one is an Eastman Classroom films, and one was produced by the Government of Alberta.

          Bouvier, Joe
          John and Dick Hamlyn fonds
          PR3219 · Fonds · 1963-1974

          The fonds consists of films containing footage of wheat farming and farmers, parades and festivals in Vermilion, train and car accidents and efforts to clean the crash sites, curling and hockey games in Vermilion, weddings, Vermilion Provincial Park, and Dartmoor, England.

          Hamlyn, John and Dick
          Joseph Paithouski fonds
          PR1724 · Fonds · 1975-1989

          The fonds consists of the films and some film elements for Auld Lang Syne (1984), which documents the demolition of the Queen’s Hotel in Calgary, and Cityaniscape (1987), which documents Calgary through the eyes of four cinematographers; both were directed and produced by Joseph Paithouski. The fonds also includes a poster for Cityaniscape.

          Paithouski, Joseph
          Katherine Baier fonds
          PR2249 · Fonds · [1949 - 1960]

          The fonds consists of five reels of 16mm colour silent film shot by Katherine Baier featuring scenes of cars, weddings horseback riding, Chateau Lake Louise, Bonnyville School dating from 1954; scenes of the Columbia Ice Fields, Banff, Frank Slide, and Turtle Mountain dating from ca. 1957; equestrian scenes in Bawlf, Alberta dating from ca. 1955; scenes of Radium, BC, the Banff town site, a restored Model-T Ford dating from ca. 1959; scenes of harvesting, the Banff Highway, waterfalls, the Banff town site, animals, campsite, cars, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, and a Viking Parade dating from ca. 1949 to 1953.

          Baier, Katherine
          Ken Jubenvill fonds
          PR1949 · Fonds · 1954-1999

          The fonds consists of films, videos, photographs, negatives and production files for Ken Jubenvill’s productions, many of which were produced for the Alberta government. The film productions include approximately 700 film cans of original film elements such as original colour reversals, internegatives, sound tracks and outtakes. Some titles included in this fonds include Let Music be the Message (1981) - Calgary Youth Orchestra; Breaking the Sand Barrier (1979) – Syncrude Canada; Grande Prairie - A Way of Life (1981); and Snowbirds (1989). The textual records include production files for Jubenvill’s television and documentary work, including for projects such as Mysterious Ways, The Great Road, Beachcombers, and co-productions with the Vancouver Police Department (Tears for April, Riding with Madonna, and Stolen Lives). These files include scripts, contracts, correspondence, and edit lists. The audiovisual records include master copies of Jubenvill’s television work, including episodes of Beachcombers, Danger Bay, Airwolf, North of 60, and others. There are also master copies as well as camera tapes and audio recordings of the documentary The Great Road, a production commemorating the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway that featured Leslie Nielson. These camera tapes include interviews with people involved in the construction of the highway as well as footage of 50th anniversary celebrations. The photographs and negatives are production stills of Jubenvill’s television and documentary work as well as production stills from the Alberta-based shoot of the feature-length film Superman III.

          Jubenvill, Ken
          Kenneth Kremer fonds
          PR0940 · Fonds · 1910-1973

          Fonds consists of technical books about motion picture projection, a First Class Projectionist certificate, and photographs depicting the Provincial Secretary’s Department Christmas party.

          Kremer, Kenneth
          PR2940 · Fonds · [ca. 1979]

          The fonds consists of a copy of the film "The Treasure" created by Travel Alberta and produced by Kicking Horse Productions circa 1979. The film showcases various Albertan tourist sites. The film stars Jack Duffy and Conrad Bain. Thomas Peacock narrates the film.

          Kicking Horse Productions
          PR3340 · Fonds · 1983-1991

          The fonds consists of educational and training programs created for ACCESS TV, Travel Alberta, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, the Royal Tyrell Museum, and Alberta Social Services.

          Kilmurry Training Associates
          PR2584 · Fonds · 1997

          The fonds consists of a VHS copy of special entitled, "The Land of the Midnight Sun" and "Water, Wind, and Fire" produced by the King Motion Picture Corporation in 1997 for its Living World Series.

          King Motion Picture Corporation
          PR2396 · Fonds · 1977-1979

          The fonds consists of nine separate titles in the Alberta Cultural Heritage Film Series. Each title focuses on one ethno-cultural group in Alberta. The groups covered in these films are Baltic, Norwegian, Scottish, French, Tibetan, English, Korean, Swedish, and Jewish populations.

          The documentaries focus on the history of the subject ethno-cultural group in Alberta, portraits of contemporary life for the group, and how the group acclimates to life in Alberta. Each documentary features interviews; scenes of cultural practices and traditions; and contemporary footage of day-to-day life.

          Kurt W. Palka Productions
          Lars Lehmann fonds
          PR2600 · Fonds · 1984-1992

          The fonds consists of production materials including scripts, correspondence, contracts, shooting schedules, drafts, audio reels, videocassettes for films and television series Lars Lehmann produced from 1984 to 1992 for the film Solitaire, the television series "Hamilton's Quest", and the documentary short "On the Edge".

          Lehmann, Lars
          Lorna Thomas fonds
          PR2840 · Fonds · 1978-2008

          The fonds consists of records created by Lorna Thomas Productions, records created or collected by Lorna Thomas during her teaching career, and records created by Le Théâtre du coyote clown troupe.

          The Lorna Thomas Productions (LTP) material consists of project files (including grant applications, financial records, budgets, project summaries, proposals, contracts, press kits, storyboards, and production schedules), shot lists, scripts, camera tapes, masters, production stills, and interview transcriptions for several LTP productions including the NFB documentary Beating the Streets (which focuses on youth poverty and education in Edmonton) and Bursting with Fruit Flavour (a youth-helmed production that explores the lives of student participants from their own perspective, Phyllis’ Miracle, Inspiring Teachers: The Collaborative Schools Model, Support From the Heart, Power Tools: Women in the Construction Trades, Fun For All, Drop It Like It’s Hot, and Radio Worth Fighting For. These documentaries and educational shorts focus on a variety of topics related to Alberta such as CKUA Radio, mentorship of student teachers, and dealing with cancer.

          Le Théâtre du coyote was a bilingual clown troupe founded in 1985 by Thomas, Manon Beaudoin, Sonia Côté, and Jan Henderson. The troupe presented educational plays for children and performed at busking festivals across Canada. The records related to the troupe consist of project files, scripts, press clippings, programs, and correspondence related to performances.

          The remainder of the material consists of records created or used by Lorna Thomas for theatre education, for both the Edmonton Public School Board and the University of Alberta. There are also theatre workshop records and records related to Thomas’ own theatrical work.

          Lorna Thomas Productions
          Losie family fonds
          PR1934 · Fonds · [1930?]-1967

          Fonds consists of films created by family members Claude Losie (Fran’s father and Doreen’s father-in-law), Cecil Upright (Doreen’s father), Jack Losie (Doreen’s husband and Fran’s brother), and Doreen Losie (donor). Subject matter is mainly home movies in Edmonton and Nakamun Lake, vacation movies and one of the Edmonton Cine Club’s productions “Lucky Strike”. Fonds also consists of commercial films produced by Castle Films, acquired by the Losie family.

          Losie family
          Marke Slipp fonds
          PR1988 · Fonds · 1968-2003

          The fonds consists of VHS and ¾” videotapes, 16mm and 35mm film release prints and film elements, ¼” reel to reel and cassette audiotapes and textual material regarding film productions that Marke Slipp worked on, mainly as film editor. Some of the productions include My Partners My People, Get Back the Night with Alberta singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor, Learning With Love about the Alex Taylor School in Edmonton, Sylvan Lake Summer, and Truckers: A Road Well Travelled. Also included are the film elements for the unfinished production, A Poet of Place, regarding architect Douglas Cardinal.

          Slipp, Marke
          McDougall family fonds
          PR0237 · Fonds · 1878-1965, predominant 1878-1950

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to various members of the McDougall family including Lovisa McDougall, John A. McDougall and E.H. McDougall. Records include cinefilms created by E.H. McDougall, correspondence, a photograph and an Edmonton directory.

          McDougall family
          Melvin and Ethel Ross fonds
          PR1774 · Fonds · 1902-2005

          Fonds consists of films, negatives, photographs, slides, scripts, flyers, manuscripts, books, correspondence, audio cassettes, scrapbooks and other textual material regarding Melvin and Ethel Ross's personal and business life, and in particular, material regarding their travels and filmmaking. Also of note are Ethel Ross's lobbying letters, Mel Ross's invention plans, books, articles, short stories and poetry written by Mel and Ethel, and a complete set of road maps that they used in their travels throughout the world, dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. The audio cassettes are recordings that Calgary historian, David Finch conducted with Melvin and Ethel in their home in 2005. Four of the audio cassettes are recordings of Melvin reading his commentary for their film Headless Valley, and one of the audio cassettes is Ethel's reminiscences of the trip.

          Ross, Melvin and Ethel
          Mentors fonds
          PR0104 · Fonds · 1997-2001

          This fonds consists of four VHS videocassettes of 26 episodes of the television program Mentors (1998-2001). It also includes one videocassette of the pilot for this series, entitled The Genius (1997).

          Mentors Productions Inc.
          Metro Cinema Society fonds
          PR1575 · Fonds · 1973-2014

          The fonds consists of records that document the establishment and growth of the society from 1973-2014 and consist of incorporation records, minutes, correspondence, bylaws, grant applications, financial statements, membership lists, program records, film catalogues, press clippings, board minutes, grant applications, posters of Metro Cinema screenings and events, pamphlets and programs.

          There are also programs and other records related to Prairie Tales, a travelling program of Albertan films and videos co-produced by the Metro Cinema Society and the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society. These records are accompanied by copies of films shown as part of the 14th, 15th, and 16th editions of Prairie Tales.

          Metro Cinema Society
          Michael Keusch fonds
          PR2579 · Fonds · 1980 - 1983

          The fonds consists of 2 16 mm film copies and two VHS copies of Pieces of Anger (1980), directed by Michael Keusch, and If I Can Do it (1983). If I Can Do It documents the William Roper Hull Home for emotionally disturbed children in Calgary, Alberta. Pieces of Anger documents the Michener Centre home in Red Deer, Alberta.

          Keusch, Michael
          Michelle Elfstedt fonds
          PR2349 · Fonds · copied 1993

          The fonds consists of records reflecting Michelle Elfstedt's interest in Alberta's history and comprises 3 photographs of Bing Crosby on the 1948 set of The Emperor's Waltz filmed in Jasper National Park, Alberta, and taken by an unknown photographer.

          Elfstedt, Michelle
          PR2690 · Fonds · 1960 - 1993

          The fonds consists of film productions containing Albertan content such as Alberta history, events, environments, and individuals, produced by the National Film Board of Canada dating from 1960 to 1993. The fonds also contains accompanying pamphlets for some films, and a video and film catalogue for the NFB dating from 1993.

          National Film Board of Canada
          PR2691 · Fonds · 1984 - 2000

          The fonds consists of videos created by students of the National Screen Institute for programs such as the Edmonton Local Heroes Film Festival and Movie Camp dating from 1984 to 2001. The fonds also includes posters and programs advertising NSI's programs, and correspondence related to government grants.

          National Screen Institute - Canada
          Nicholas W. Gavinchuk fonds
          PR0621 · Fonds · 1917-1994, predominant 1940-1967

          Fonds consists of textual records, photographs, negatives, glass plate negatives, transparencies, and cinefilms created by Nicholas W. Gavinchuk in the course of his personal and professional life.

          Fonds includes portraits and photographs depicting various people, buildings, and views in the Smoky Lake, Alberta area and in various Ukrainian communities, as well as some photographs depicting various people, buildings, and views of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Vancouver, British Columbia.

          The cinefilms depict various people, views, buildings, and celebrations in the Smoky Lake, Calgary, and Edmonton areas including schools, parades, Ukrainian celebrations, sports, the railway, farming, various industries, and religious ceremonies.

          The textual records include correspondence, notes, notices, letterhead, postcards, receipts, lists of high school students, projection licenses, a receipt book, biographical sketches, appointments, advertising material, returned cheques, and agreements, insurance policies, certificates, legal records, a receipt book, issues of Ukrainian Voice, annuals from St. John’s Institution and the Ukrainian Mutual Aid Society, and various photographs and cinefilms depicting the Gavinchuk family.

          Gavinchuk, Nicholas W.
          PR2700 · Fonds · 1999

          The fonds consists of a copy of a production by the Nordegg Historical Society entitled "The Nordegg Story: Vision in the Valley" (1999). The video documents the history of Nordegg including the information of its founder, Martin Nordegg, the development of the Brazeau Collieries, and the founding of the town.

          Nordegg Historical Society
          Olds College fonds
          PR2710 · Fonds · [between 1920 - 1929]

          The fonds consists of instructional and informational films produced in the 1920s by the University of Alberta, Department of Extension for use at the Olds School of Agriculture. The fonds also includes material commemorating Olds School of Agriculture including newsletters, pamphlets, a history of the school, a coin, stamps, and photographs.

          Alberta. Agriculture. Olds School of Agriculture

          This amateur film features the arrival in Victoria, BC of a team in the 1922 “Pathfinder Trek: Edmonton to Victoria via Jasper Highway.” The trek was instigated at the behest of the Edmonton Automobile and Good Roads Association, which was hoping to create a northern route to the BC coast via the Yellowhead Pass. The Association offered a gold medal for the team who could first drive a car from Edmonton to Victoria via the Jasper route. Two teams entered the race, the first consisting of Charles Neimeyer and Frank Silverthorne, employees of Lines Motors of Edmonton, who drove an Ford Overland Four, and the second consisting of George F. Gordon and J.E. Sims, who drove a Ford Model T pickup. The Overland team left Edmonton on 17 June 1922 and the Model T team left Edmonton on 22 June 1922. Both teams arrived in Victoria on 4 July 1922 but the Model T team benefitted from the rudimentary road construction that the Overland team had previously improvised on its way and arrived in Victoria ahead of its opponents.

          The film, which is dated as 1939 and must be a copy of original footage from 1922, depicts the Overland team in Victoria along with unrelated footage of several sporting activities such as diving and golf.

          Pauline Urquhart fonds
          PR4043 · Fonds · 1997-2000

          The fonds consists of video master copies of separate productions created by Urquhart for ACCESS TV (two episodes of Career and Technology Studies, Virtually Seeking Information, English Everyday, and an episode of A Woman I Know) and one for Network One Productions (Canadian Skydiving Championship 1997).

          The remaining tapes and textual records are from an unfinished documentary focusing on Canadian artist Attila Richard Lukacs. The tapes consist of nine original camera tapes on Betacam SP and duplicate copies of the camera tapes on VHS. The footage consists of interviews with Lukacs and images of the artist at work. The accompanying textual records consist of time logs for the tapes as well as proposals for the documentary, correspondence, and notes.

          Urquhart, Pauline
          Pioneer Productions fonds
          PR2732 · Fonds · 1995

          The fonds consists of a VHS copy of a documentary entitled the Runaway Mountain produced by Pioneer Productions in 1995. The documentary discusses the 1903 mountain slide in Frank, Alberta.

          Pioneers Productions
          Policing the Plains
          PR3999 · Item · [before 1978]
          Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

          The photograph from the production of the film “Policing the Plains” depicts about 15 people on horseback (some Indigenous and some police), with the nearer parts of the photo less blurry than the further. There is also a tipi in the background of the photo.

          On the back of the photo is the following caption: “July 1924 Western Picture Co. Vancouver Motion Picture. ‘Policing the Plains. Director & Producer A. Kean, white shirt & cowboy hat. Next actor portraying Jerry Potts. Left policeman C. Edgar. Scene – taking main pole of Sundance Lodge from river bottom to the dance site.”

          Policy the Plains, Western Pictures Company
          PR2162 · Collection · [1920 – 1938]

          The collection consists of a home video of mountain scenery, waterfalls, and a family on a farm in winter dating from ca. 1932; a film advertising Kodak motion picture film with images of a California Shriner’s parade, aerial shots, a school parade, and a baseball game in Luscar dating from 1932; a film produced by Ducks Unlimited entitled “The Great Duck Factory” dating from ca. 1938; and the first five reels (out of a total of six) of "The Lone Eagle," a 1927 film directed by Emory Johnson about an American pilot's experiences with the Royal Flying Corps in France during the First World War.

          Provincial Museum of Alberta
          PR0047 · Fonds · 1949-1991

          The fonds consists of the records of Ranson Photographers Limited and includes correspondence, receipts, promotional material, model release forms, price schedules, film proposals, foreign money, Ranson Photographers decals, a film catalogue, a cashbook, awards and certificates, photographs, negatives, slides, and numerous films elements (soundtracks, work prints, outtakes, raw footage, video, release prints) for documentary films produced by Ranson Photographers on a variety of subjects including tourism, the oil industry, and the airline industry, along with some miscellaneous footage.

          Ranson Photographers
          Reed Medical Library fonds
          PR2751 · Fonds · 1981 - 1982

          The fonds consists of 331 one inch master video tapes containing 330 hours of unedited camera footage, 5 hours of edited programs on VHS, and planning records on topics such as financial/budget, research, lenders, participants, and information on Reed Communications.

          Reed Medical Library
          Reel Girls Media fonds
          PR3830 · Fonds · 1999-2007

          The fonds consists of production files for various projects undertaken by Reel Girls Media. These projects are as follows:

          SciQ: Up Close and Palaeo: a one-hour, children’s program shot at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller that focuses on palaeontology. The records include masters, b-rolls, and interview transcripts.

          Stories from the Seventh Fire: a half-hour, animated, children’s series featuring Indigenous performers such as Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis narrating several First Nations stories and legends. The records include DVDs and the original masters.

          Booked: a half-hour series in which book reviewers and criminal justice professionals discuss a prominent mystery novel. The records include masters and DVDs.

          Out of the West: a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with several western Canadian authors. The records include masters, shooting tapes, and production files.

          Between the Stones and the Ocean: A Portrait of Rudy Wiebe: a one-hour documentary about western Canadian author Rudy Wiebe. The records include shooting tapes and masters.

          Capturing Cooperman: A Not So Private Investigation of Howard Engel: a one-hour documentary about Canadian mystery author Howard Engel. The records are limited to the masters.

          WildFiles: a half-hour, children’s series that focuses on animal biology. The records are limited to production files.

          Return of the Peregrine: a one-hour documentary about conservation efforts to restore peregrine falcon populations across Canada. The records include shooting tapes and interview transcripts.

          Homefront: a one-hour documentary that follows the stories of several Edmonton-based soldiers and their families during deployment to Afghanistan. The records are limited to masters.

          How the Fiddle Flows: a one-hour documentary that traces Métis culture and history through music and dancing. The records are limited to masters.

          In addition to these completed projects, there are several non-completed projects that are also captured in the records. These projects were started by Reel Girls but never broadcast or distributed and include the following:

          Return of the Bison: a potential documentary that would have focused on conservation efforts to restore bison populations across the world. The records include shooting tapes and production files.

          A to Z Film Guide: this potential series would have focused on various roles within the film industry as an educational tool. The records are limited to pre-production files.

          Rock ‘n’ Fossil Road Show: this potential series was modeled on Antiques Roadshow and would have featured rock and fossil collectors consulting with experts about their collections. A pilot was completed but the series was not pursued. The records include pre-production files.

          Reel Girls Media
          PR0336 · Item · 1936-1972
          Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

          Item is a ledger that lists the film titles played at all of the local movie theatres and drive-in theatres in the Edmonton area between 1936 and 1972. Item is organized chronologically. Item includes listings for the following theatres: Rialto, Roxy, Avenue, Varscona, Paramount, Odeon, Capital, Strand, Klondyke, Garneau, Westmount, Plaza, Studio 82, Capilano, Meadowlark, Towne Cinema, Sky-Vue, Starlite, Empress, Dreamland, Gem, Princess, Belmount, St. Albert, Sherwood, Annex, Avalon, Tivoli, Inglewood, Palace, Jasper Place, Golden West, and the Sahara.

          Rialto Theatre
          Right to Burn item

          This item consists of two copies of the same film, Right to Burn, an educational short produced by the Alberta Forest Service of the Department of Lands and Forests of Alberta. The film shows the proper methods for controlled, licensed burns on private property and the consequences of irresponsible burning, including the contemporary methods of fighting forest fires.

          The film was directed by R. Ronald Brown and produced by Canawest-Master Films Ltd., based in Calgary.

          Robert Jordan fonds
          PR2572 · Fonds · 1990

          The fonds consists of an article entitled "The filming of River of No Return" written by Robert Jordan in 1990 and published in Marilyn Forever. The article discusses the production of River of No Return, a film starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum, and filmed in Jasper National Park in 1953.

          Jordan, Robert
          Robert Shearer fonds
          PR0395 · Fonds · [between 1967 and 1969]

          This fonds consists of four silent, colour 8mm home movies taken by Robert Shearer. The subject matter includes boating, water skiing, city neon lights, Cooking Lake and snow skiing footage.

          Shearer, Robert
          Rocky Mountains home movie

          Item is one 16mm colour silent film of home movie footage filmed in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, 8 minutes 20 seconds in length. Footage includes lakes, mountains and glaciers in the Lake Louise area, Chateau Lake Louise, Moraine Lake Lodge, Canadian Pacific Railroad Spiral Tunnels at Kicking Horse Pass with train (three steam engines), Takakkaw Falls and Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman (RCMP) and woman outside RCMP building in [Banff] , and black bears beside cars. People from an unknown family, principally a woman, appear from a distance in various scenes. Good footage of glaciers showing size and locations in 1948.

          Waldegrave, Andrew
          Roger Tilton fonds
          PR4024 · Fonds · 1979-1982

          The fonds consists of release prints, negatives, and elements for two Roger Tilton productions: The Force and Pilots North.

          Tilton, Roger