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          Marketing Records series
          PR0014.0005 · Series · 1920-1996
          Part of Edmonton Symphony Society fonds

          This series consists of the marketing and public relation records of the Edmonton Symphony Society and includes minutes, budgets, correspondence, guest artist files, brochures and programs for both Edmonton Symphony Orchestras, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, and audio and video recordings of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

          PR0611 · Fonds · 1964-1995

          Fonds consists of records relating to the various opera productions produced by the Edmonton Opera Association dating from 1964 to 2003 and includes a press cutting, posters, programmes, publications, and a photograph.

          Edmonton Opera Association
          Dorothy Dyde collection
          PR0636 · Collection · 1904-1930

          Collection consists of programmes from various professional and amateur theatre and music productions held in a number of venues in Edmonton, Alberta, including the Empire Theatre, McDougall Auditorium, Edmonton Opera House, Marie Hall, Grand Theatre, Thistle Rink, Glenora Skating Club, Edmonton Arena, Orpheum Vaudeville, and Temple Theatre. Collection also includes a souvenir menu from the Shasta Grill in Edmonton and a photograph capturing a fire in Alfred Block in Red Deer, Alberta.

          Dyde, Dorothy
          Harry Weisser fonds
          PR0961 · Fonds · 1919-1954

          The fonds consists of programs of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Edmonton “Pops” Orchestra, and the Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra as well as programs for the Pantages Theatre, the Empire Theatre, and Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra, assorted menus and photographs of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Glenora Ice Carnival Orchestra, Billy Watson and His Wood Nymphs (a vaudeville production), Al Preston and his Cavaliers and views of Edmonton as decorated for the 1919 visit of the Prince of Wales.

          Weisser, Harry
          Madeleine McCormick fonds
          PR1114 · Fonds · 1920-1936

          Fonds consists of a 1926 Edmonton Symphony Orchestra programme, and copied newspaper clippings about Henri and Madeleine Baron dating 1920-1936.

          McCormick, Madeleine
          Ian Moss fonds
          PR1208 · Fonds · Copied 1974

          The fonds consists of copies of recordings of 1948 CKUA broadcasts from the Strand Theatre featuring the Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra with commentary by Fred Deihl, and comments about the state of music in Edmonton and Alberta from Richard MacDonald, Coordinator of Cultural Activities for Alberta and Harry Ainlay, Mayor of Edmonton.

          Moss, Ian
          The Emeralds fonds
          PR4030 · Fonds · 1972-2011

          The fonds mostly consists of master recordings of The Emeralds’ albums over the course of their career. There are also representative copies of some album releases and Emeralds commercials captured on video. The textual records and computer discs consist of news clippings, correspondence, and touring schedules.

          The Emeralds
          PR1425 · Fonds · 1953 - 2008

          The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Associates and has been divided into two series: Executive records, including constitutions, reports, financial statements and minutes, and Programmes and Projects records, including reports, correspondence and scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, programs, photographs and other ephemera.

          Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Associates
          PR0030 · Fonds · 1932-2014

          The fonds consists of the by-laws, minutes, membership lists, financial records, correspondence and newsletters of the Edmonton branch of the Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Association (1932-2013); a historical summary of activities in the Calgary branch (1936-1977); records concerning the Provincial Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings (1938-2013) held by the Edmonton branch of the Association; and photographs from various ARMTA events (1975-2014).

          A portion of the records are from the organization of the CFMTA convention “Peak Performance” held in Calgary in 2005. These include a final report, minutes, financials, competition material, applicants, registration documents, pamphlets and inserts, and other convention material.

          Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Assocation
          Jonathan G. Bayley fonds
          PR1493 · Fonds · 1978-1984

          The fonds consists of a paper about W.J. Hendra by Jonathan G. Bayley, and programs and press releases from Jonathan Bayley’s musical concerts, primarily sponsored by Alberta College and Latitude 53 Society of Artists, in which Jonathan Bayley performed or his compositions were performed.

          Bayley, Jonathan G.
          Pamela Farmer fonds
          PR1505 · Fonds · [ca. 1953]-[Copied before 1994]

          The fonds consists of records concerning Pamela’s father, Harry Farmer, and includes copied textual and photographic records, dating 1913 to 1986, compiled about Harry Farmer’s life and career and annotated by Pamela Farmer, and audio recordings of Harry Farmer’s (and Chris Hamalton’s) performances and his broadcasts.

          Farmer, Pamela
          Gaby Haas fonds
          PR1529 · Fonds · 1970-1986

          The fonds consists of a long play (LP) audio disc "Gaby Haas 'Live' at the Hofbräuhaus" (1973), and audio recordings of radio programs including "Continental Musicale" (March 31, 1985 to November 2, 1986), "European Music Shop," (September 12, 1970) and "Showcase of Music" excerpts.

          Haas, Gaby
          PR1565 · Fonds · 1984-1985

          The fonds consists of the records of the TriBACH festival director, Michael Tabbitt, regarding the planning and organizing of the festival, and includes correspondence, contracts, agreements, pamphlets, and programs, and three notebooks of newspaper clippings about the TriBACH Festival.

          Bach Tercentenary Festival 1985 Foundation
          Louis Biamonte fonds
          PR0127 · Fonds · 1951-2001

          The fonds consists of sheet music that was arranged in different musical sets for different musical configurations. There are different series that were arranged either along subject matter lines such as the series: Klondike music, or there is material arranged as a series because of the nature of the band which would be performing, such as the series: Music for four musicians. In its entirety the fonds consists of the following series: Klondike music series; 2 piece series; Combos series; Set #1 for 6 pieces series; Set #2 series; Rust set for 4 musicians series; Orchestrations for Big Band series; and a Miscellaneous series. Most of the compositions are published, but the majority of the sheet music has been arranged by hand for each instrument that comprised the individual bands and orchestras that Biamonte lead.

          Biamonte, Louis
          PR1713 · Fonds · 1964-1986

          The fonds consists of records relating to the operations and activities of the Society for Talent Education and includes bylaws, minutes, reports, correspondence, newsletters, financial statements, newspaper clippings, records relating to finance, performances, workshops, fundraising, attendance, and records from 20th anniversary celebrations, which included hosting 7th Suzuki International Conference.

          Society for Talent Education
          K-97 Radio fonds
          PR1749 · Fonds · 1980-1990

          The fonds consists of audio recordings produced for K-97 Radio’s “Homegrown Series” for 1980, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, and 1990; the recording for 1990 also includes K-97’s Comedy Shop Classics. The fonds also includes recordings of K-97’s “Looney Tunes Series” for 1986 and 1987.

          K-97 Radio
          PR1785 · Fonds · 1973-1986

          The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Overture Concert Association and includes minutes, agenda, programs, financial statements, and a cashbook.

          Edmonton Overature Concert Association
          Hugh Patrick Macdonald fonds
          PR1858 · Fonds · 1921-1938

          The fonds consists of programs for the Edmonton Mendelssohn Choir, the annual competition of the Alberta Musical Festival Association, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Women’s Musical Club of Edmonton, the Dramatic Society of the University of Alberta, a recital for Viggo Kihl and the University of Alberta Musical Club and a ticket for the Western Gentlemen Club Dance at Acacia Hall.

          Macdonald, Hugh Patrick
          Herb Glasgow fonds
          PR1880 · Fonds · [194-?]-1978

          The fonds consists of photographs of Mal Meredith and his Orchestra and a brief history of the group by Herb Glasgow. The group, led by Malville (Mal) Meredith, with his wife Isabelle on piano, was known over the years as Meredith’s Music as well as Mal Meredith and his Orchestra, and performed for many years at the Trocadero.

          Glasgow, Herb
          Hanna Chubb fonds
          PR1914 · Fonds · 1909-1973

          The fonds consists of photographs of an observation car passing through the mountains, a ferry on the North Saskatchewan, and the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton, and a postcard of a women's hockey team (1916). The fonds also include a program for Alberta's Third Annual Musical Festival (1910), typed notes about musical programs, and various notes, newspaper clippings and correspondence about the Women's Musical Club (known as the Ladies' Musical Club prior to 1910 and the Edmonton Musical Club after 1970), as well as founder Cécile (Mrs. J.L.) Coté.

          Chubb, Hanna
          Duke Street Records fonds
          PR2040 · Fonds · 1987-1988

          The fonds consists of promotional material and recordings for the Edmonton band NEO A4 (John Tisdwell, Douglas Radford, Joel Anderson and Rick Johnston).

          Duke Street Records
          Sergei Eremenko fonds
          PR2043 · Fonds · 1906-1997

          The fonds consists of the records of Sergei Eremenko and includes newspaper articles, programs, correspondence, music scores, and recorded Ukrainian music.

          Eremenko, Sergei
          Greg Clark fonds
          PR2089 · Fonds · Copied 1991

          The fonds consists of 4 albums of Edmonton bands collected by Greg Clark: Down Syndrome, Rock and Roll Bitches, The Thieves, and 1 audio cassette of recording artist Greg Clark. The fonds dates from 1980 – 1984.

          Clark, Greg
          PR2105 · Fonds · 1939-1955

          The fonds consists of financial statements, programs, newspaper clippings, programs, and scores related to the activities of the Edmonton Civic Opera Society dating from 1939-1955, and 4 audio recordings of the Edmonton Civic Opera Society.

          Edmonton Civic Opera Society
          J. Jonah Jamesons fonds
          PR2134 · Fonds · 1991

          The fonds consists of a copy of Eyes Like Oil.

          J. Jonah Jamesons
          Jerusalem Ridge fonds
          PR2137 · Fonds · 1991

          The fonds consists of 2 audio cassette recordings of Jerusalem Ridge and North Wind by Jerusalem Ridge, and a promotion kit including 2 photographs, and biographical information.

          Jerusalem Ridge
          Leslie Pilcher fonds
          PR2169 · Fonds · 1919-1978

          The fonds consists of programmes, brochures, and printed material concerning theatrical and musical performances in Edmonton dating from 1919-1978.

          Pilcher, Leslie
          George Beck fonds
          PR2245 · Fonds · 1955-1962

          The fonds consists of opera and theatre programs from productions by groups located in Edmonton, Alberta such as the Capital Choral Society and the Edmonton Light Opera Society dating from 1955 to 1962.

          Beck, George
          Beta Sound Recorders fonds
          PR2252 · Fonds · 1973-1993

          The fonds consists of 97 multitrack and 102 safety master audio tapes featuring local Edmonton and Alberta musicians, and locally produced soundtracks and commercials dating from 1973 to 1993.

          Beta Sound Recorders
          Bob Ego fonds
          PR2346 · Fonds · Copied 1992

          The fonds consists of clippings related to Bob's career dating from 1967-1982; four RPM records dating from 1967- 1977 featuring Bob Ego on drums playing with Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Painter, Su-Dora, and Nancy Nash; seven LP records dating from 1966- 1984 featuring Bob Ego on drums playing with the Antiquators, Painter, Hammersmith, and Streetheart; and two VHS recordings of Bob Ego performing with Streetheart dating from 1979- 1980.

          Ego, Bob
          Elephants Gerald fonds
          PR2348 · Fonds · 1992

          The fonds consists of a 1992 recording by Elephants Gerald entitled, “Fausto!”

          Elephants Gerald
          Les Chantamis fonds
          PR2007 · Fonds · 1969-1975

          The records consist of material created through the presentation of performances and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the choir. The records include programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings and audiovisual materials.

          Les Chantamis
          Fried Puppy Dog Discs fonds
          PR2407 · Fonds · 1990-1991

          The fonds consists of cassette recording of Freak Me Green by Rex Morgan B.C. (1990), and a cassette recording of Fro-zen by Nervous Rex (1991), formerly Rex Morgan B.C.

          Fried Puppy Dog Discs
          PR2426 · Collection · [between 1970 - 1979]

          The collection consists of one LP recording by Olga Cunningham recorded at Damon Sound Studios in Edmonton in 1979, one LP recording by the Ruscheinski Family recorded at Century II Studios in Edmonton in the 1970s, and one 45 RPM recording by the Maclin Alouettes recorded at Project 70 in Edmonton in the 1970s.

          Unknown donor
          Graeme and the Waifers fonds
          PR2428 · Fonds · 1966-1971

          The fonds consists of publicity photographs of Graeme and Waifers, clippings documenting the band's performances in Edmonton, and promotional posters for the band dating from 1966 - 1971.

          Graeme and the Waifers
          Kennedy Jenson fonds
          PR2520 · Fonds · 1994

          The fonds consists of compact disc recording by Kennedy Jenson entitled Renaissance (1994).

          Jenson, Kennedy
          Jenny Le Saunier fonds
          PR0560 · Fonds · 1924-1967

          The fonds consists of records pertaining to the musical career of Jenny Le Saunier, from 1924-1967, and include a citation and an honorary degree, a newspaper clipping, a programme, and two photographs of Jenny Le Saunier.

          Le Saunier, Jenny
          Donovan Reimer fonds
          PR2753 · Fonds · 1988

          The fonds consists of an audio recording of music composed and performed by Donovan Reimer to accompany the Edmonton Space and Science Centre presentations "Black Holes"( 1988), and "Space Encounters"(1989).

          Reimer, Donovan
          Neil Smith fonds
          PR2798 · Fonds · copied [ca. 1993]

          The fonds consists of 13 audio reel recordings of radio broadcasts originating from CBC and CJCA radio in Edmonton. Topics include recordings of a story by Tony Cashman, a broadcast of the Royal Tour, organ music from an Edmonton Oiler's game, a rehearsal of music from a performance by the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, a broadcast of Wayne Gretzky's transfer from the Edmonton Oilers to the L.A. Kings, and a broadcast of the Edmonton Flyers winning the Allen Cup. The original recordings date from 1939 - 1983, but it is unknown when Neil Smith created the copies.

          Smith, Neil
          Sundown Recorders fonds
          PR2829 · Fonds · 1972 - 1987

          The fonds consists of 77 magnetic tapes of master tapes and master mixes created at Sundown Recorders and Park Lane Studios dating from 1972 to 1987.

          The fonds includes recordings by Hoyt Axton, Cloud, Bobby Curtola, Darkroom, Gaye Delorme, Denim Blues, Derek, Luis Dimas, Garry Fjellgaard, Fosterchidl, Hammersmith, Sherry Kennedy, Randy Lloyd, Mavis McCauley, Models, One Horse Blue, Patch, Priviledge, Laurence Hugh, River Race, Secret Society, Sidro's Armand, Slash and the Bleeding Hearts, Harlan R. Smith, Redwood, Michael, Shellard, Sunband, Tyler Twins, Walkers, Ron Wildeman, Sara Williams, Sonia Papp, Jenson Interceptor, Mel Degen, Privilege, Freeway, Mike Angel, Will MacCualder, Sage, Hub Cigar, Frank Penner, R. Harlan Smith, Bank R., Wings, Richard Stepp, and Wooden High dating from the 1970's and 1980's.

          The fonds also includes television soundtracks and commercial music produced by Sundown Recorders dating from the 1980s.

          Sundown Recorders
          Ben Tobiasson fonds
          PR2841 · Fonds · 1973 - 1993

          The fonds consists of 2 recordings of Frank Gay performing on CKUA radio dating from 1973 and 1980, and 2 recordings by Ben Tobiasson: Lotus in the Snow (1993) and Free Spirit (1992).

          Tobiasson, Ben
          Jon Whyte fonds
          PR2884 · Fonds · [ca. 1960]

          The fonds consists of a recording of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performing "Cantata de la Guerre" circa 1960 that Jon Whyte acquired while working as a broadcaster for CKUA radio in Edmonton.

          Whyte, Jon
          PR2900 · Fonds · 1967-2004

          The fonds consists of material documenting the operation of the Symphony Women's Educational Assistance Fund from 1967 to 2004 and includes correspondence, financial statements, documents of incorporation, and minutes.

          Symphony Women's Educational Assistance Fund
          Koto Concert collection
          PR2941 · Collection · 1968

          The collection consists of material pertaining to the Koto Concert, held by the Provincial Museum of Alberta for the Consulate of Japan, including a program, invitations, and tickets dating from 1968.

          Ridge, Alan D.
          PR2984 · Fonds · 1935-1966

          The fonds consists of programs of concerts sponsored by the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton, including mainly performances by the Don Cossack Chorus singers who were former officers in the Czar's Imperial Cavalry. In 1942, 1945 and 1946 the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton had invited the members of the Don Cossack Chorus, the leading musical attraction in the world, to perform in Edmonton.

          Women's Musical Club of Edmonton
          Alberta Nelson fonds
          PR3091 · Fonds · [between 1910 - 1918]

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Alberta Nelson's life in Edmonton between 1906-1918 and includes images of the Strathcona Military Hospital; a group of individuals in front of the Legislature Building; the first Alberta Music Festival group photograph held at Thistle Rink in Edmonton; the "Temple of Fame" Pageant held at the Bijou Theatre in Edmonton; Dr. McCarney Wilson and a short biography of Dr. Wilson; the Alberta College Student's Music Group at McDougall Church in Edmonton; and Professor Chisholm's Violin Class.

          Nelson, Alberta
          Damon Productions fonds
          PR3228 · Fonds · 1966-2010

          The fonds consists of a wide range of material related to the company’s involvement in the Alberta music industry during its over 40 years in business. The records also include material related to McDonall’s time as president of the Alberta Recording Industry Association and material related to McDonall’s own career as a musician with the Nomads.

          Damon Productions
          Leffler family fonds
          PR3337 · Fonds · [195-]-2006

          Fonds consists of home movies, an audio recording and slides depicting the family members, home life, and events of a Black Albertan family. These home movies also depict gospel music and dance events in Alberta. The family moved back and forth between Canada and the U.S. (mainly the San Francisco Bay area) so there is also some U.S. footage.

          Leffler, Jamerson family
          Dent family fonds
          PR3361 · Fonds · 1915-1994

          The fonds consists of records created and acquired by Leslie, Kathleen, and Ralph Dent in the course of their work and private lives. Leslie's records include photographs, training notes, and correspondence from his service during the First World War, correspondence and records related to his union activities and work for CNR, and a significant amount of material from his amateur performance career. This latter material includes annotated and non-annotated song sheets, programs, and song lyrics.

          Kathleen's records include a self-created cookbook, certificates received on significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, and photographs related to her personal life and performances with Leslie.

          Ralph's records consist of photographs from his service in the Second World War, training notebooks and other military-related textual material, scrapbooks, personal correspondence, and war-time publications related to flight education and training.

          Dent family
          Audrey and John Martyn fonds
          PR3665 · Fonds · 1949-2014

          The fonds consists of the records of John and Audrey Martyn. The records pertaining to Audrey Martyn comprise correspondence, mainly post cards, spanning a few decades; year books and report cards; records related to her advertising company; and presentations related to teaching. The fonds also includes certificates of recognition for both Audrey and John Martyn, family events memorabilia, and records related to John Martyn’s death. The photographs are of either family or related to Audrey and John’s professional work.

          The records related to John Martyn include class notes from his technical training in sheet metal, documents related to his involvement with the XI Commonwealth Games held at Edmonton in 1978, and with the Sourdough Raft Race and the Edmonton City Civic Truck Roadeo. Also included are audio recordings produced in majority in Alberta or with Albertan singers of Ukrainian folk music, recordings of various shows or events where John Martyn’s bands or other Albertan bands played Ukrainian folk, or original studio recordings of Ukrainian music, including a unique audio CD featuring the dulcimer player Nick Mischi and Peter Kassian’s orchestra, and a video recording of Nick Mischi performing live on a TV show.

          Martyn, Audrey and John
          Gordon Price fonds
          PR3704 · Fonds · 1966-1967

          The fonds consists of audio reels that contain recordings of six original songs written and performed by Gordon Price for Edmonton’s Klondike Days festival. The songs all have a Klondike theme. There is a master reel recorded at 15ips and two backup copies recorded at 7.5ips.

          The drawings are draft covers for possible sheet music to accompany the recorded music. The illustrations all feature Klondike imagery.

          Price, Gordon
          PR3723 · Fonds · [190-?]-2012

          The fonds includes memoirs, personal and professional correspondence, a diary of Jeanne, sewing class notes and patterns, music sheets, programs of artistic activities, financial records, genealogical records, newspaper clippings, eulogies and obituaries, reports from CHFA Radio, weekly chronicles written and broadcast by Tharcis for CHFA for the program “Cette semaine à Edmonton”, as well as two paintings by Tharcis Forestier.

          Forestier, Jeanne and Tharcis
          PR3751 · Fonds · 1893-2004

          The fonds includes records related to the family of Jack and Stella Little as well as their personal material. The fonds contains correspondence, school records, awards, newspaper clippings, music workbooks, and genealogy records. Photographs, negatives, and slides are of family members, friends, and some vacations. The fonds contains the following two series: the Jack S. Little series and the Stella J. Little series.

          Little, Stella J.
          Bruce Haack fonds
          PR3806 · Fonds · 1930-2010

          The fonds consists of correspondence, contracts, songbooks, sheet music, programs, notebooks, diaries, and promotional material created or collected by Bruce Haack or Dimension 5 Records. The photographs and negatives depict Haack as well as friends and family dating from his youth in Alberta to his later years in Pennsylvania. Many of the photographs are arranged in scrapbooks and photo albums. The film reels are home movies created in Alberta.

          The audio reels consist of master recordings of Haack’s music and commissioned work suck as advertising jingles. There are recordings of Dimension 5 albums, solo albums, as well as music written for theatre or film soundtracks. There are also digital files of all of these audio reels as well as published copies of his albums and re-issues on CD and vinyl record.

          Haack, Bruce
          Green and Peets Family fonds
          PR4074 · Fonds · 1912-2006

          The fonds consists of personal letters, photographs, negatives, postcards, scrap books, day planners, sheet music, financial roll ups, journals, posters, insurance documents, manuals, newspaper clippings, recipes, event programs, poems, and drawings. These records were created and accumulated by several members of the Green and Peets family, and offer insights into their interests and daily lives.

          The fonds also contains audiovisual material of tapes of Harlan Green's musical performances and original music for the Plumbers Union group. These recordings include Alberta composers Tommy Banks, Roger Deegan, and Georgie Andix. There is also a collection of audio recordings from the Green and Peets family conversations and oral histories from neighbors at Greenridge Farm.

          The fonds consists of three series: Greenridge Fam series, Areta and Lee Green series, and Harlan and Mara (Marilyn) Green series.

          Green and Peets Family
          Bijou Theatre Collection
          PR4081 · Collection · 1887-1959

          The fonds is composed of several posters, advertisements, and bulletins for shows and patronage at the Bijou Theatre; several letters to the Bijou; a typed history of the Bijou Theatre and “Pop” Lawrence; and multiple pages of sheet music that were used for music during intermissions and some shows. The records also include an audiocassette recording of several songs that were played at the first Bijou Theatre.

          Bijou Theatre
          Big Miller fonds
          PR2285 · Fonds · 1932 - 1992

          The fonds consists of sheet music used, annotated and created by Big Miller throughout his musical career including arrangements, transpositions, set lists, lyric sheets, compositions, and song books dating from the 1950s to the 1990s; financial records consisting of forms and correspondence dating from the 1990s; musical recordings consisting of studio recordings by Big Miller, live recordings of Big Miller performing with various bands including performances with Blues Machine at the Sidetrack Café in Edmonton, Alberta, dubbed recordings Big Miller created of jazz, big band, blues, funk, and soul musicians; recordings of local blues and jazz musicians from Edmonton recordings studios such as Beta Sound Recorders, Big Miller recording with Tommy Banks for CBC Radio, and Big Miller's appearances on The Tommy Banks Show and other radio programs dating from the 1960s to the 1990s; a biographical manuscript consisting of a chapter summary and first draft of Chapter 1 of Big Blues: The Autobiography of Clarence Horatius Miller written in 1990 with Nigel Darbasie; a National Film Board documentary film entitled Big and the Blues (1990); 2 VHS recordings featuring Big Miller performances dating from 1992; newspaper clippings documenting Big Miller's accomplishments dating from the 1980s and 1990s; and promotional photographs of Big Miller dating from the 1990s.

          Miller, Big
          PR0254 · Fonds · 1915-1985

          The fonds consists of the business records of the Alberta Music Festival Association and its branches. The fonds includes three sous-fonds, the Calgary Branch sous-fonds, the Edmonton Branch sous-fonds, and the Lethbridge Branch sous-fonds, and the following records from the provincial level: provincial executive minutes, general minutes, agendas, notices of meetings, a cashbook, financial statements, festival planning records, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, The Alberta Music Festival Association Master Awards Book, digest reports from the Conferences of Delegates from the Musical Competition Festivals of Western Canada and then of Canada, and digest reports from the Federation of Canadian Music Festival

          Alberta Music Festival Association
          F. Morris Flewwelling fonds
          PR1008 · Fonds · 1917-1972, predominant 1960-1972

          Fonds consists of the personal records of F. Morris Flewwelling and includes programmes from various orchestral and theatrical productions performed in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, and includes the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's newsletter, Encore, and the Calgary Philharmonic Society's newsletter, Bravura. Fonds also includes souvenir pamphlets from Alix and Banff, Alberta, a copied newspaper clipping about singer Elena Nikolaidi, various Alberta Department of Education departmental examinations, Province of Alberta Centennial Bulletins, negatives depicting an orchestra, children, musicians and musical instruments, and copied photographs dating 1916 that depict the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, including a parade, various events, and First Nations people, including Blackfoot Chief Yellow Horse.

          Flewwelling, F. Morris
          PR3314 · Collection · [192-] - [196-]

          The collection consists of 78 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, LPs, microgroove, shellac, acetate, vinyl, and transcription audio discs that comprised Sunwapta Broadcasting's (CFRN Radio's) music library for radio broadcast, and David Lennick's personal record collection. These two collections were intermixed by the Grant MacEwan College Music Library so are no longer distinct entities. The collection consists mainly of popular music, sound effects, production music, and syndicated radio plays and programs. The original Sunwapta Broadcasting Co. collection consisted of approximately 14,500 audio discs of a mix of American, Canadian, British and other commercial recordings of music, 1920s to 1950s, that comprised Sunwapta Broadcasting's (CFRN's) music library for radio broadcast. Music genres include big band, Christmas, classical, country/western, easy listening, ethnic, pop/jazz vocalist, folk, French, gospel/spiritual, instrumental/easy listening, jazz, military, novelty, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and sacred. The original David Lennick collection consisted of approximately 2500 audio discs of a mix of American, Canadian, British, and other commercial recordings of sound effects, production music, syndicated radio plays and programs, and classical, jazz, western and popular music.

          Grant MacEwan College Music Library
          PR0893 · Fonds · 1955-1987

          The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Chamber Music Society, including executive committee minutes, annual general meeting minutes, financial statements, correspondence, membership lists, programs, newspaper reviews, committee reports, and scrapbooks containing photographs, reviews and programs from Edmonton Chamber Music Society concerts.

          Edmonton Chamber Music Society
          PR2558 · Fonds · 1980 - 1991, Copied 1968

          The fonds consists of material documenting the activities of the Edmonton Folk Music Society and pertaining to the operation of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. The fonds includes board minutes, alphabetical office files, performer biographies, performer applications, festival line-ups, correspondence, and contract files dating from 1980 to 1991.

          Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society
          PR1588 · Fonds · 1965-1993

          The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Youth Orchestra and Edmonton Youth Orchestra Association and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, orchestra member lists, programs and pamphlets, festival performance remarks, award certificates, financial statements, minutes, reports, newsletters, and an audio recording of reminiscences of Keith Bissell, the first EYO conductor.

          Edmonton Youth Orchestra Association
          Stony Plain Records fonds
          PR0023 · Fonds · 1965-2021

          The fonds consists of licensing files, press and promotional files for individual Stony Plain artists, record label contracts and files, production files, sales figures and reports, royalties and rights files for individual Stony Plain artists, artist files and contracts, grant applications, publishing contracts, financial ledgers, and musical recordings that were written, produced and performed by Alberta artists many of which were released on the Stony Plain Records label. Also included are unreleased demos and musical recordings, and Albertan and Canadian commercial music recordings acquired by Holger Petersen and Stony Plain Records.

          Also includes minutes, agendas and correspondence for the Alberta Recording Industry Association; documents from Holger Petersen's time as Artistic Director of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival; articles and related material regarding Holger Petersen's career in the music business; recordings of Petersen’s two radio shows, Natch’l Blues on CKUA and Saturday Night Blues on CBC; press clippings related to Petersen’s career; programs and other records from events and ceremonies attended by Petersen (including events honouring Petersen or for organizations for which Petersen served as board member or other officer); and correspondence.

          Stony Plain Records