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              PR3962 · Collection · 1872-1929

              The collection contains a variety of materials, purchased from Academic Books in five purchases over a decade. The collection includes an unpublished manuscript (1908) written by Alexander MacKenzie on the Peace River District covering the years 1793-1908. The next is a typed letter from R.B. Bennet to John Stocks (1905), the then-Deputy Commissioner of Public Works of the North-West Territories (which included present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan at the time). This letter concerned the rising waters that were beginning to circumvent the Elbow River Bridge in Calgary.

              Other records include North-West Territories Gazettes (Volume 18, Numbers 7-14, 1901), a HBC census record of the Saskatchewan District (1872), a HBC census record from the Athabasca District (1873), and a small ledger book used in Dunvegan with several pages at the end used by a child to practice letters and drawing (1891-1925). Attached to the census of the Athabasca District is also a document noting the “division of the Chipewyan Nation” according to the Census taken.

              Academic Books (Vancouver)
              A.H. McQuarrie fonds
              PR0149 · Fonds · 1911-1966

              Fonds consists of manuscripts written by A.H. McQuarrie about different events in Alberta’s history and photographs of various areas throughout Alberta.

              McQuarrie, A.H.
              Alexander Peden Turner fonds
              PR1996 · Fonds · 1910-1960

              The fonds consists of a poster with images of a British Columbia Battalion at the Front (First World War), Christmas carols published by the Edmonton Journal, a newspaper article about Peace River and an admittance card to the members gallery of the Alberta Legislature (1910).

              Turner, Alexander Peden
              Arne J. Johannessen fonds
              PR2027 · Fonds · 1916

              The fonds consists of photographic postcards of the Peace River area, including views of Main Street, various buildings, a train, and views of the town; the images are by J. Martinos.

              Johannessen, Arne J.
              PR0015 · Fonds · 1912-2012

              The fonds consists of records from national, provincial, regional and local levels. A large extent of the fonds consists of administrative and financial papers, minutes, correspondence and publications pertaining to the ACFA and organizations with close associations to the ACFA.
              Included in the fonds are thirteen sous-fonds. These sous-fonds are related to the regional offices of the ACFA, including: Bonnyville/Cold Lake, Calgary/Banff, Centralta, Red Deer, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Jasper, Plamondon/Lac-la-Biche, Rivière-la-Paix, Saint-Paul, Wood Buffalo, Lethbridge/Medicine Hat, and Provisoires et general.
              The fonds is divided into sixteen series, including: Administration, Comptabilité, Commission culturelle, Éducation, Information/Politique, Développement communautaire, Procès-verbaux, Autres organismes, Histoire, Comités, Correspondance, Mémoires/Études/Rapports, Activités, Circulaires et Publications, Sessions/Stages/Colloques/Projets, and Cause judiciaire. The administration series is divided into five sub-series, including : Membres, Exécutif, Conseils généraux, Bureau des presidents, and Personnel. The procès-verbaux series is divided into three sub-series, including : Congrès/Assemblés générales annuelles, Réunions, and Rond Point. The Autres organismes series has been divided into two sub-series, including : Interieur de l’Alberta and Extérieur de l’Alberta. The histoire series has one sub-series, Personnalités.

              L'Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta
              Barbara Strand fonds
              PR3677 · Fonds · 1956-1977

              The fonds consists of slides depicting land surveyors and engineers; work camps and sites; transportation through rugged territory (including trucks, heavy duty machinery, and boats); leisure activities undertaken by the surveyors (such as fishing); and work activities such as digging and actual surveying. The slides were taken in several Albertan locations, including Big Stone Creek, Edson Trail, Smoky River, Rimby, Drayton Valley, Pembina, Peace River, Robb, Drumheller, and Anzac.

              Strand, Barbara
              PR2546 · Fonds · 1909 - 1921

              The fonds consists of images related to D.C Cranston's life in Alberta and features images of the staging area of Burnsites on their way to Beaverlodge, Alberta, Athabasca Landing, a wagon overturned on the trail, cutting wood, the S.S. Northern Light on Lessler Slave Lake, a wagon boarding the ferry at the Peace River Crossing, the first home of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Smith, the first post office at Lake Saskatoon, the second annual sports day at Lake Saskatoon, the first wedding in Beaverlodge, the Beaverlodge baseball team, a log cabin, Ralph Carrel and Jake Glesnet at Grande Prairie.

              The fonds also comprises photographs related to Maud Clifford including images featuring the first church at Spirit River, the Anglican mission house at Spirit River, the Hudson's Bay Company post at Dunvegan, the Roman Catholic Church at Bear Creek, and the home of Rev. Alexander Forbes at Flying Shot Lake.

              The fonds also includes photographs featuring the Beaverlodge Experimental Farm including photographs featuring the experimental; and images featuring the Beaverlodge region including images featuring a picnic day, picking currents, binding grain, the first automobile to reach Grande Prairie from Edmonton over the Edson Trail, a cutter constructer on the front bob of a sleigh, and sunflowers. The photographs date from 1909 to 1921.

              Canada. Agriculture Canada. Research Station (Beaverlodge, Alta.)
              PR1562 · Fonds · 1972-1984

              The fonds consists of an annual report for 1984 and photocopied newspaper articles about the Caisse Francalta Credit Union Limited from 1972 to 1980.

              Caisse Francalta Credit Union
              PR3134 · Collection · 1966 - 1969

              The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Carl J. Tracie during the years 1966 to 1969 with pioneers of the Grande Prairie region. The interviews include recordings of the following individuals:

              • Eric Wilson homesteaded in Saskatoon Lake in 1910;
              • Barney Throness Lake Saskatoon circa (ca) 1911;
              • Marley Sherk and Gordon Sherk, traveled with Mennonites to Beaverlodge area ca. 1910;
              • James Summerville homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1911;
              • J.J.E. Clarke homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911;
              • G. Balisky homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1912;
              • Joseph Tracie homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca.1916; and
              • Oskar Anderson homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911.

              The tapes discuss climate, individuals, religions, agriculture, transportation, the economy, and geography of the region.

              Tracie, Carl J.
              PR3417 · Fonds · 1986-2011

              The fonds consists of by-laws, development plans, projects, subvention applications and correspondence, financial records, minutes and reports, studies and reference material.

              Centre d'accueil à la famille et à l'enfance du Nord-Ouest
              Charles McLaughlin fonds
              PR3079 · Fonds · Copied 1970

              The fonds consists of 113 photographs originating from Charles McLaughlin's family photograph albums circa 1911 to 1957. The fonds features images of plowing, the Athabasca River, Jarvis Creek, the McLaughlin home, deer, a hunting party, pack horses, the McLeod River, mountain goats, caribou, cars, Peace Country, scows, canoes, Athabasca, First Nations peoples, Grouard, Sawridge, the Hart River, the Revillon Brothers' Store, and missionary sites.

              McLaughlin, Charles E.
              Chevalier family fonds
              PR1517 · Fonds · 1910-1938

              The fonds consists of images of various locations in Alberta, including Fort Saskatchewan (interior of a tailor shop), Leduc (interior of a confectionery), Irma, Peace River, Fahler, Castor, Vegreville, St. Paul de Metis, and Onion Lake; the images include churches, homesteading, street scenes, school, hotels, rivers, clergy, airplanes, houses, first nations, cars, and students.

              Chevalier, Barrett
              PR1981 · Fonds · 1952-1982

              The fonds consists of the minutes, financial records, correspondence, personnel files, membership information, administrative reports of CARDA. The records were created by the cooperative in carrying out services to the membership and in dealing with other organizations having the same economical interests. The fonds has been separated into seven series: Administration, Meetings, Accounting, Correspondence, Studies, Publicity, and Other organizations.

              Coopérative d'aménagement rural et développement agricole
              Corrine Hulburd fonds
              PR1068 · Fonds · 1905-1955

              Fonds consists of scrapbooks containing poems, newspaper clippings and magazine articles by and about various celebrities, musicians, and political figures. Fonds also includes photograph albums containing black and white and coloured photographs of Seattle, United States of America, Waterloo, Quebec and Mexico, as well as to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and various places in Alberta including Peace River, Athabasca, South Cooking Lake and Edmonton. A large portion of the photographs depicts houses, streets and building interiors in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are also photographs which depict log cabins, ships and boats, women, children, beaches, picnics and other recreational activities, gardens and flowers, bridges, churches, airplanes and float planes, automobiles, hospital, university and civic buildings, street views, parades, members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP), a golf course, schools, sawmills, railroads, hotels, and members of the Royal family. Fonds also includes pictorial souvenir booklets of Banff and Calgary, Alberta, and photographic and mechanically produced postcards.

              Hulburd, Corrine
              C.W. Youngs collection
              PR1719 · Collection · [between 1912 and 1916]

              The collection consists of images from a surveying crew that worked in the Peace River area, and includes images of pack horses, camps, trees and crew.

              Youngs, C.W.
              David Neil Allison fonds
              PR2073 · Fonds · 1912-1924

              The fonds consists of images taken during David Neil Allison's trip up the Athabasca and Mackenzie Rivers in Alberta dating from 1912-1913. The fonds includes images First Nations Peoples, towns, settlements, missions, industry, and the North West Mounted Police. The fonds also includes correspondence related to the financial activities of the Appleton School District No. 2818, and a farmer's handbook dating from 1913 to 1924.

              Allison, David Neil
              Delores J. Dunn fonds
              PR1762 · Fonds · 1956-1963

              The fonds consists of photographs from the Lubicon Mission School, including images of students and staff, buildings, and classrooms.

              Dunn, Delores J.
              Dennis Brooks fonds
              PR3673 · Fonds · 1949-1979

              The fonds consists of slides that depict sites and scenes from around Alberta, with particular emphasis on Peace River, Edmonton, and Calgary. There are images of community events in Peace River (including auctions and fireworks displays), parades in Edmonton, and the Calgary Stampede. There are also images of oil crews in northern Alberta, including images of oil scouts working in the bush.

              Brooks, Dennis
              E. Mary Johnstone fonds
              PR0431 · Fonds · [ca. 1930]

              Fonds consists of photographs depicting people, views, and hospitals in various towns in northern Alberta including Peace River, Grande Prairie, and Fort Garry. Also includes Montreal, Quebec, the Rocky Mountains, and other northern Alberta regions.

              Johnstone, E. Mary
              Edith Mae Watts fonds
              PR4116 · Fonds · 1925-1932

              The fonds consists of Reminiscences of Nursing in Alberta - 1925-1932: stories and photographs which document the work of the public health nurse in the Peace River district.

              Watts, Edith Mae
              Edward Carrothers fonds
              PR0117 · Fonds · 1963

              This fonds consists of an diary describing roads and localities between Edmonton and the Peace River area from 1910 to 1914. The diary was written retrospectively in 1963. Edward Carrothers’ goal was to document the history of transportation and communications in Northern Alberta by describing his trips: the first one from Edmonton to Peace River in a wagon in July 1910; the second trip by boat in 1911 down the Athabasca River to Mirror Landing; another trip up the Lesser Slave River and Lesser Slave Lake to Grouard; and the last trips to Northern Alberta in 1913 and 1914 on a wagon.

              Carrothers, Edward
              Elizabeth McCrum fonds
              PR0969 · Fonds · 1886-1966

              The fonds consists of photographs of the interior of the Strathcona Orange Hall and a gold dredge on the North Saskatchewan River below Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Also included are photographs of Anglican churches, rectories, and personages that were collected by McCrum during the course of her research. There is also a 1919 calendar featuring Canadian women war workers and an order of service for dedication of Sovereign Window, Peace River.

              McCrum, Elizabeth
              Elizabeth Taralson fonds
              PR1763 · Fonds · 1955-1960

              The fonds consists of photographs from the Lubicon Mission School, including images of the digging of a well, livestock, horses, students and staff, buildings, trucks, classroom, and the lake.

              Taralson, Elizabeth
              Estelle May Hill fonds
              PR0562 · Fonds · Copied 1971

              Fonds consists of photographs depicting various people and views of the Peace River district of Alberta, including Reverend C.D. White, Anglican Church missions, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, First Nations camps, and government buildings, dating 1890-1931. Fonds also includes some correspondence, articles from the Canadian Churchman newspaper of Toronto, Ontario, and religious writings.

              Hill, Estelle May
              Ethel Gregory collection
              PR3953 · Collection · 1913-1932

              The collection consists of photographs of people, places, and events in the Peace River region in the early decades of the 20th century. Locations include Griffin Creek, Peace River, Brownsvale, and Berwyn.

              Gregory, Ethel
              Euphemia McNaught fonds
              PR2659 · Fonds · 1994

              The fonds consists of a video cassette copy of Tea with Betty: A Visit with Pioneer Artist of the Peace, Euphemia McNuaght (1994) produced by Jim Nelson and narrated by Euphemia McNaught. In the video, McNuaght discusses her homestead, family history, and career.

              McNaught, Euphemia
              Evelyn Hansen fonds
              PR1106 · Fonds · 1975

              Fonds consists of correspondence, a history of the D.A. Thomas steamboat, biographical information about William Meikle, and a list of captions for photographs taken by William Meikle.

              Hansen, Evelyn
              Florence E. Carlisle fonds
              PR2380 · Fonds · 1927

              The fonds consists of a photo of Florence E. Carlisle taken by an unknown photographer in 1927, and copies of newspaper clippings related to Florence E. Carlisle's career as Assistant Sheriff to the Supreme Court for the Judicial District of Peace River. The collector and copier of these clippings is unknown.

              Carlisle, Florence E.
              Frank L. Farley fonds
              PR2004 · Fonds · 1937-1949

              The fonds consists of records of Frank L. Farley documenting his interest in ornithology and includes a transcription from the specimen catalogues of J. Dewey Soper, listing the birds collected in the Province of Alberta from August 29, 1918 to August 21, 1937, “Annotated List of Birds” extracted from “Report on Wildlife Investigations in the Grande Prairie-Peace River region of Northwestern Alberta, Canada” by J. Dewey Soper, a draft of an article, a map of Grande Prairie and Peace River district, a soil map of Alberta and extensive notes about the birds of Alberta.

              Farley, Frank L.
              G. C. Mathews fonds
              PR1685 · Fonds · 1903-1933

              Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

              Mathews, G. C.
              G. Edmund Kelly fonds
              PR0416 · Fonds · [188-?] - [196-]

              Fonds consists of photographs of various Alberta towns and industries (including the rail industry), a booklet of photographs entitled The Far North, a biography of Father Lacombe written by G. Edmund Kelly, family and local histories sent to Kelly by the authors, correspondence created as part of Kelly's work with the Historical Society of Alberta, and two newspaper clippings about Monseigneur Grouard and anniversary celebrations in St. Albert, Alberta.

              Kelly, G. Edmund
              G. S. Charlesworth fonds
              PR1301 · Fonds · 1918-1924

              The fonds consists of two photograph albums containing 131 photographs from across Alberta including Peace River, Grande Prairie, Brulé, Red Willow Valley, Pouce Coupe, Spirit River, Jasper National Park, Crowsnest Pass; images include surveyors, camps, horses, views of various towns, buildings, creeks and rivers, Alberta-British Columbia boundary markers, mountains, water falls, riverboats, and the Provincial Mental Hospital at Ponoka and its nurses.

              Charlesworth, Gerald S.
              George Lipsett fonds
              PR3989 · Fonds · [ca. 1912]-[192-?]

              The fonds consists of photographs of Edmonton Exhibition grounds and events including the racetrack, grandstand, livestock, and other activities. Also included are a maps of Edmonton, Peace River, and Alberta.

              Lipsett, George
              Gilles Boileau fonds
              PR1925 · Fonds · 1959, 1960 photocopied 1977

              The fonds consists of two studies on French Canadians of the Peace-River district written by Gilles Boileau.

              Boileau, Gilles
              Halyna Freeland fonds
              PR2400 · Fonds · 1970-1990

              The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

              The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

              The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

              Freeland, Halyna
              Helen Ellis fonds
              PR2351 · Fonds · 1952-1981

              The fonds consists of scrapbook created by Helen Ellis documenting the Peace Ladies Curling Association.

              Ellis, Helen
              Henry Arthur Conroy fonds
              PR0435 · Fonds · [ca.1905]

              Fonds consists mainly of photographs depicting people transporting goods via canoe and horseback in northern Alberta areas such as Lesser Slave Lake, Great Slave Lake, Fort Resolution, Peace River, Vermilion, and Dunvegan.

              Conroy, Henry Arthur
              Howard Weeks fonds
              PR2872 · Fonds · 1913 - 1947

              The fonds consists of minute books, attendance registers for Northmark School District No. 4512 and Saddle Lake School District No. 4512 dating from the 1930s. The fonds also includes a yearbook for Spirit River High School dating from 1946- 1947. The fonds also includes a series of photographs taken by Howard Weeks during a trip to the Peace River region and include river scenes, river boats, and other sites.

              Weeks, Howard
              Hugh Allen fonds
              PR1096 · Fonds · 1900-1974, predominant 1930-1966

              Fonds consists of the personal records of Hugh Allen and contains records that pertain to his farm, his involvement with various agricultural associations, and his time as an MLA, and includes correspondence, insurance policies, receipts, electoral results and voters lists, memorandum, resolutions, petitions, telegrams, UFA newspapers, radio broadcast transcripts, speeches, a daily journal, greeting cards, driver’s licenses and registrations, gas ration coupons, school exams, a family genealogy, newspaper clippings, tax notices and receipts, permits, income tax returns, farm employee records and grain and livestock records. Fonds also contains correspondence, financial records, wills, and inventories relating to the settlement of the estates of Marjorie McKenzie and Sarah Anne Jackson, a transcript of diary entries by Mrs. Percy Clubine, maps depicting sites of various agricultural operations in Alberta and the main natural resources in Canada, and photographs which depict bridges, roads, Hugh Allen, various agricultural association members, and the Alberta Relief Commission Labour Camp Number (No.) 115. This fonds has been divided into three series: Personal Papers (1900-1974); Farm Account (1927-1961); MLA Papers (1926-1935)

              Allen, Hugh
              Hugh E. Pearson fonds
              PR1971 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of selected images copied from photographs albums and includes images from a surveying trip around Great Slave Lake in 1922 with images of Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, the boat Northland Echo, canoes, Fort Smith Landing, a First Nations village, tents, Fort Resolution, Souci King Beaulieu, gold mining equipment, the drying of fish, a sawmill, Hudson's Bay Company posts, the Waterways train station; images from a surveying trip in 1923 with images of Largent's Post, Peace River, survey crew, canoes, Fort Fitzgerald, tractors, dogs, Hay River, Fort Simpson, the Stick River, First Nations members, Fort Franklin, camps and an First Nations grave; and miscellaneous images, originally dating from 1912 to about 1919, of a ferry at Athabasca Landing, the J.L. Côté and Alberta Land Survey's building at Grouard, and a First nations woman and her baby, surveyors at Wabasca Lake, Jack Hornby and his log house.

              Pearson, Hugh E.
              PR3900 · Fonds · 1911

              The fonds consists of a photo album containing 100 photographs of the Humphrey and Tupper Survey Party and their work in the Peace River and Athabasca regions. The photographs depict crew members, camp sites, trading posts, pack trains, communities, and rafting.

              Humphrey and Tupper Survey Party
              James Horne fonds
              PR0741 · Fonds · 1892-1991

              The fonds consists of materials created or collected by James Horne relating to his family life and his farm and dating from 1892-1991. The fonds consists of personal and agricultural photographs, Mr. Horne’s diary, and other personal effects.

              Horne, Jim
              Jessie Holmes fonds
              PR1652 · Fonds · Copied 1977

              Fonds consists of copied records dating 1906-1971, predominant 1906-1948, and includes a personal reminiscence by Jessie Holmes, a transcript of the reminiscence, biographical notes, obituaries for Rev. Robert Holmes, and two copied photographs depicting the steamboat Northland Call on Peace River in Alberta, and Jessie Holmes and her children.

              Holmes, Jessie
              J.G.C. Dignard fonds
              PR1632 · Fonds · 1983-1986

              The fonds consists of copied of articles and letters by Gilles Dignard, mostly relating to the Peace River area, predominantly for Le Franco.

              Dignard, J.G.C
              John Gilpin fonds
              PR1104 · Fonds · 1914-1956

              Fonds consists of records mainly pertaining to the Northern Alberta Railways Company (NAR), Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR), and Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway (ED&BC), and other railway companies and includes copied menus dating 1920, operation manuals, blank report forms, trainmen’s wages and merit tickets, a conductor’s ticket report book, and photographs, copied photographs and negatives depicting various railroad cars, locomotives, employees, trackage, accidents and stations in various parts of Alberta, including Peace River, Dunvegan Yards, Edmonton, Waterways, Grouard, Sexsmith, Watino, Grand Prairie, Sawridge, Smoky River, Nordegg, McLennan, Slave lake, Lesser Slave Lake, Widewater, Dog Island, and Salteaux Landing. Fonds also includes images of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) boats and trading posts, tennis players, coal mine employees, buildings, equipment and machinery at Nordegg, Alberta, hotels, street views, sawmills, missions, houses, and a Dominion Land Office.

              Gilpin, John
              Josephine Sillak fonds
              PR0879 · Fonds · 1898- [1935]

              The fonds consists of reminiscences about homesteading in the Minda (Manyberries) and the Peace River districts, and photographs including the first fruit trees in Peace River district, Frank and Edla Loos and family.

              Sillak, Josephine
              J.V. Meyers fonds
              PR2534 · Fonds · 1917 - 1939

              The fonds consists of materials pertaining to J.V Meyer's service to Kerndale School District No. 3402 as Secretary Treasurer and his service to the Municipal District of Peace No. 135 as a Councilor. The fonds includes material related to Kerndale School District No. 3402's relationship with the Department of Education including reports, grant applications, financial statements, correspondence dating from 1917 to the 1930; material related to Kerndale School District No. 3402's relationship with teachers including correspondence, teacher agreements, teacher advertisements dating from 1917 to the 1930s; school Trustees Minutes of Kerndale School District No. 3402 dating from 1917 to the 1930s; financial material related to the operation of Kerndale School District No. 3402 including auditor's reports, financial statements dating from 1917 to the 1930s; daily attendance registers of Kerndale School District No. 3402 dating from 1918, and 1919, 1920, 1921, 1926 - 1925, 1931- 1930, 1932 - 1931, and 1934 - 1933; school inspector's reports of Kerndale School District No. 3402 dating from the 1920s and 1930s; school census reports of Kerndale School District No. 3402 dating from the 1920s and 1930s; Auditor's Financial Statement and Annual Returns for the Municipal District of Peace; and personal records pertaining to J.V. Meyers including a copy of The Farm and Ranch Review No. 3, a membership card assigned to J.V. Meyers for the Alberta Social Credit League 1935, correspondence from the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) 1930s, and a copy of The Peace River Record dating from 1936.

              Meyers, J.V.
              K.G.L. Sange collection
              PR3990 · Collection · 1920-1925

              The collection consists of photographs of threshing scenes, a biplane in Viking, grain elevators in Blackie, and Peace River.

              Unknown donor
              Leonard C.S. Howard fonds
              PR2512 · Fonds · 1905-1930

              The fonds consists of images most likely taken by Leonard C. S. Howard featuring scenes, individuals, dwellings, and activities in Edmonton, Gull Lake, Lacombe, Peace River, Slave Lake, Swan River, Winnipeg, and the Athabasca River dating from 1905. The fonds also contains correspondence, including letters to Florence Wilson from Leonard Howard from before their marriage.

              Howard, Leonard C.S.
              Les Wiegand fonds
              PR1822 · Fonds · [192-?]

              The fonds consists of photographs of mountains, of Peace River (by McDermid Studios Limited), and of the Chateau Lake Louise (by Fred Armbrister).

              Wiegand, Les
              PR3411 · Fonds · [193?]-2009

              The fonds consists of the memoir of Lillian McLachlan's experiences as a homesteader in the Dunvegan area of Alberta including original handwritten drafts, sections transcribed by other family members, additional family information contributed by other family members, and a typewritten copy of the memoir created for a family reunion with an index created by wife of Dr. Robin McLachlan (c. 1930s-2009). It also includes a short typed memoir about Lillian McLachlan written by her son Clifford and a mimeographed letter from the Old Timers Association, Fairview, 1969, calling for contributions for a local history being produced.

              McLachlan, Lillian Maude
              Lulu Gertrude Allen fonds
              PR3002 · Fonds · [ca. 1970]

              The fonds consists of material pertaining to Lulu Gertrude Allen's life in the Peace River Country and consists of an account of the Edgerton family's experiences homesteading from 1909 to 1910 written by Lulu Gertrude Allen circa 1970.

              Allen, Lulu Gertrude
              Margaret Judge collection
              PR2525 · Collection · 1898, 1930

              The collection consists of two publications, The Klondike Official Guide prepared by William Ogilvie, Dominion Land Surveyor and Explorer, published under the authority of the Department of the Interior, and The New North: The Gateway, written by F.S. Wright for Town Topics Publishing, Edmonton, 1930, which advertises the natural resources and financial opportunities of Edmonton and the Peace River Country.

              Judge, Margaret
              Marie-Anna Adèle Roy fonds
              PR3335 · Fonds · [1960-1964]

              The fonds consists of the typewrite manuscript of Le rayonnement d'une œuvre dans le nord albertain by Marie-Anna Adèle Roy. The manuscript has 108 pages of text, and 35 photographs and 3 maps illustrating the text. The manuscript is inscribed: "Collège de Gravelbourg, Section historique. En hommage!" It is composed of two parts: one, of 20 pages, with the title "Aux missionnaires et aux pionniers de La-Rivière-La-Paix", which locates the region, explains the origin of its name and tells the settling story of this part of Alberta; the other, called "Tangent", is the history of the village with the same name, founded in 1927, 300 km North-West of Edmonton. The manuscript ends the evocation of pioneers' life with the narrative of the 50th anniversary's ceremonies of the neighbour parishes Fahler, Donnelly and Girouxville on the 23rd of June, 1963.

              Roy, M-A Adele
              Marjorie Crookston fonds
              PR0574 · Fonds · [ca.1915]

              Fonds consists of panoramic photographs depicting the Peace River Crossing in Peace River, Alberta.

              Crookston, Marjorie
              Mary Moschenrass fonds
              PR2153 · Fonds · Copied [1991]

              The fonds consists of photocopy of Priscilla Gilmour’s account of her trip on the Edson Trail in 1911 and her life on the homestead in 1916. The fonds also includes a reminiscence by Mary Moschenrass of her grandmother’s life on the homestead.

              Moschenrass, Mary
              Mary Sterritt fonds
              PR3125 · Fonds · [Copied 1970 (originally created 192?)]

              The fonds consists of a typed copy of Mary Sterritt's reminiscences recalling her life working in the Peace Country in the 1920s.

              Sterritt, Mary
              PR3475 · Fonds · 1919-1925

              The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1919-1925) and correspondence (1923).

              Methodist Church (Canada). Peace River District
              Mike Rudakewich fonds
              PR2773 · Fonds · 1958 - 1967

              The fonds consists of two Edmonton and District Telephone Directories dating from 1958 and 1959, and a centennial addition of the newsletter of the Peace River Country, The Explorer, dating from 1967.

              Rudakewich, Mike
              Olive Osborne fonds
              PR1657 · Fonds · 1913-1914

              Fonds consists of photographs depicting images of various people, buildings and views in the Great Slave Lake and Peace River, Alberta areas including a paddle steamer, canoes, fish drying, livestock, and a log house.

              Osborne, Olive
              Olive Stickney fonds
              PR3209 · Fonds · Copied 1967

              The fonds consists of photographs copied from Olive Stickney featuring images of Dora "Ma" Brainard of Peace River in the 1960s, and a clipping of newspaper article related to "Ma" Brainard.

              Stickney, Olive
              Orval A. Griggs fonds
              PR0661 · Fonds · 1913-1997, predominant 1913-1962

              Fonds consists of a pamphlet about Edmonton, Alberta published by the Edmonton Industrial Association and various pictures of early Edmonton buildings, photographs depicting various automobiles, people, and buildings associated with the Red Line Motor Service which traveled in Alberta from Grouard to Peace River, and a 1913 Cadillac owned and driven by Mr. Davidson from Edmonton to Peace River, Alberta via the Edson Trail. Fonds also includes photographs depicting IBM keypunchers and verifiers for the IBM 7070 computer used in the Alberta Motor Vehicle Registrations Branch.

              Griggs, Orval A.
              PR2441 · Fonds · 1952-1981

              The fonds consists of a scrapbook within which are histories of the Peace Ladies' Curling Association, photographs and newspaper clippings.

              Peace Ladies' Curling Association
              PR0606 · Collection · Copied 1972-1973

              Collection consists of copied photographs dating 1901-ca.1940 that depict various people, views, and buildings in Peace River, Alberta including street views, an airplane, an oil well, a First Nations camp, a ferry, school children, boats, a funeral procession, and flood waters. Fonds also includes a postcard depicting the King George Hotel in Cochrane, Alberta dated 1910.

              Peace River Centennial Museum and Archives
              Series · 1964-2003

              The series consists of case files of inmates incarcerated at the Peace River Correctional Centre. The case files include correspondence, warrants of committal to the facility, personal property sheets, inmate requests, reports, as well as information related to the inmate's release.

              Alberta. Attorney General. Peace River Correctional Centre
              PR1509 · Fonds · 1939-1962

              The fonds consists of the records of the Peace River Federal Constituency Association of the C.C.F. and includes minutes, membership list, financial records and newspaper clippings.

              Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. Peace River Federal Constituency Association
              Pierre Gauvreau fonds
              PR0177 · Fonds · 1869-1964, predominant 1885-1964

              Fonds consists of records pertaining to Gauvreau’s personal life, political interests and involvement in various associations as well as business records pertaining to his work in the Peace River area.

              Gauvreau, Pierre
              Ralph Burchnall fonds
              PR1680 · Fonds · 1916-1918

              The fonds consists of a photograph album including 175 photographs primarily from the Peace River district and along the Athabasca River, of First Nations graves, boy scouts, labourers, houses, farms, rivers, mountains, trees, valleys, pack horses, cars, horses, logging and hunting; and postcards of the Twin Falls in Yoho Valley and views of Vancouver, British Columbia including Capilano Canyon and Stanley Park.

              Burchnall, Ralph
              Richard Herbert Goode fonds
              PR2423 · Fonds · [1910 - 1930]

              The fonds consists of photographs collected and taken by Rev. Goode while he lived in the Peace Country. The fonds includes images of buildings, settlements, and people of the Peace Country dating from [1910 - 1930].

              Goode, Richard Herbert
              Rita Stevens fonds
              PR2008 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of copies of a brief biography of Robert Watt Lendrum, and an autobiography entitled "Biography of Pioneer Days" by Mrs. A.L. Brick (Sarah Brock Lendrum), and images, originally dating from the 1890s to 1954 from the Old Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River areas, primarily from the Brick family's early days in the area, including images of log buildings, horses, carts, trails, dog sleds, mission, Métis, camps, police barracks, threshing machines, students, farms and members of the Brick family.

              Stevens, Rita
              Robert Bruce Davidson fonds
              PR3030 · Fonds · 1960 - 1961, [Copied 1972]

              The fonds consists of material reflecting Robert Bruce Davidson's interest and professional occupation in the study of Alberta's history and includes scripts created for a radio program pertaining to pioneers of the Peace River District by the Great Western Garment Company entitled "Pionera" written in 1960 and 1961; three copies of photographs of Alberta scenes including a view of a ferry crossing a river, the Mountain Park rail station, and the Mountain Park town site dating from the early part of the 20th century; and a pamphlet and program from the Edmonton Topographical Union No. 604 50th Anniversary in 1957.

              Davidson, Robert Bruce
              Robert C. Guest fonds
              PR0182 · Fonds · 1934-1996, predominant 1945-1996

              Fonds consists of records pertaining to Guest’s personal life, as well as records reflecting his interests and his involvement in different organisations. These records include daily diaries, correspondence, minutes for different organisations, newsletters, photographs and personal drawings. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Personal papers; Canadian Wolf Defenders; Alberta Society of Artists; Peace Watercolour Society; Hinton Trail Project.

              Guest, Robert C.
              Roger Vick fonds
              PR0797 · Fonds · Copied 1973

              Fonds consists of records dating circa (ca.) 1937 relating to the construction of the Monkman Pass road in the Peace River area of Alberta and includes photocopied articles, newspaper clippings, and a map. Fonds also includes copied photographs depicting work crews, trucks, automobiles, buildings, corduroy roads, horses, log cabins, and a waterfall.

              Vick, Roger
              PR1761 · Fonds · 1954-1996

              The fonds consists of the personal records of Rolland and Thelma Smith relating to the Northland Indian Mission and the Lubicon Mission School, and includes Northland Indian Mission newsletters, programs, music, song books, Smith Wedding Anniversary programs, a photograph of Rolland and Thelma, photographs of students and the mission school, broadcasts of Circuit Rider and scripts of Morning Mediations on CKYL (Peace River), newspaper articles, a manuscript by Rolland Smith, a slide presentation with script and slides and fabric from a plane that crashed in Peace River.

              Smith, Rolland and Thelma
              Room A137 collection
              PR3113 · Collection · 1906 - 1966

              The collection consists of material found in Room A137 of the Provincial Museum and Archives Building in 1969. The collection includes: Edmonton and District Labour Council Annuals published by the Edmonton Trades and Labour Council and the Calgary Labour Council dating from 1951 - 1961; a booklet entitled "Boy Blue's Verses" by Frederick Balmer Watt (1918); the first annual report of the North Alberta Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada and Newfoundland (1938); regulations providing for the election of representatives of the Armed Forces (1944); a conference paper presented by Ernest Manning (1945); a booklet entitled "The Magpie Menace" by Kerry Wood; Alberta Public Service pamphlets (1955); informational pamphlets on Alberta's Jubilee Auditoriums of Calgary and Edmonton (1955); a program of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Alberta (1959); Peace River and District Telephone Directory (1963); copy of the "Tattler" published by the Minus One Club of Edmonton (1955); pamphlets and postcards related to the history of Edmonton circa 1950s; a photo album entitled "The Canadian Pacific Rockies"; 25 photogravures published by Byron Harmon circa 1900; copies of the Raymond Review Aug 3, 1966 and Aug 10, 1966; Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Explorer first centennial edition, Peace River Country (1967); a copy of the Alberta Red Cross News Pictorial Campaign No. 3 (1925); a copy of the Edmonton Journal "Annual Review and Forecast (1967); an illustrated booklet celebrating Alberta's Golden Jubilee; Edmonton Transit System passes dating from the 1960s; and 6 blueprints indicating the construction of streets in Carstairs and Wetaskiwin, Alberta (1906).

              Unknown donor
              Rose Mandelin fonds
              PR1525 · Fonds · 1906-1994

              The fonds consists of notes and photocopies about Mennonite genealogy for La Crete, photocopies about the Boire family reunion and genealogical information, photocopies of Bérard family genealogical information, films of Edmonton and the Edmonton Exhibition, postcards of Edmonton Historical Exhibits, Calgary and Peace River, images of the Batt School students, the Boire sawmill, the Banff Springs Hotel, Edmonton streets, Peace River, the Calgary Stampede parade and Shelley Winters, Alan Ladd and the filming of movie Saskatchewan at Bow Lake, Alberta.

              Mandelin, Rose
              Rowland family fonds
              PR1022 · Fonds · [1870]-1939

              Fonds consists of personal records belonging to members of the Rowland family and includes a funeral notice, photographic and mechanically produced postcards, wedding invitations, correspondence, greeting cards, homestead records, grocery receipts, a pamphlet entitled Clover Bar Celebration: Fifty Years of Homesteading, and a biographical sketch of the Rowland family. Fonds also includes photographs, including tintypes and an ambrotype, depicting members of the Rowland family and their friends, as well as various people, buildings, and views in Edmonton, Peace River, Camrose, and Lac La Biche, Alberta including railroad bridges, Camrose Normal School, Peace River Creamery, camps, ice-houses, horse-drawn carriages, houses, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Hopital de la Misericorde, dog teams, agricultural machinery, G. Rowland Livery and Feed, students of Turnip Lake School District No. 386 and a panoramic photograph of the Low Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta.

              Rowland family
              S. J. Beaumont fonds
              PR0760 · Fonds · 1915-1942

              Fonds consists of a Rawleigh’s Good Health Guide, Almanac and Catalogue, an advertising flyer for Jerry Simmons of Peace River, Alberta, a buyer of livestock, poultry, hides, and horse hair, and a cheque signed by Thomas M. Wellman.

              Beaumont, S. J.
              PR0789 · Fonds · 1980

              Fonds consists of records related to the Sir Alexander MacKenzie Historical Society Homecoming Celebration and includes an invitation, tickets, hymns, agendas/itineraries, correspondence and a certificate of appreciation.

              Sir Alexander MacKenzie Historical Society
              PR0333 · Fonds · 1960-1970

              Fonds consists of the business records of the Stewart Mutual Telephone Company including minutes, financial records, correspondence, agreements, and a map.

              Stewart Mutual Telephone Company
              PR0331 · Fonds · 1960-1971

              Fonds consists of the business records of the Strong Creek Mutual Telephone Company including minutes, correspondence, financial statements, and a map.

              Strong Creek Mutual Telephone Company
              Torrie family fonds
              PR0001 · Fonds · [1938?]-[1969?]

              This fonds consists of six 8mm black and white and colour home movies taken by Donald and Alberta Torrie. The subject matter includes family footage, towns and landscapes in northern Alberta, hunting and fishing, threshing, and Edmonton and Calgary views. The films are arranged in original chronological order.

              Torrie family
              PR0942 · Fonds · 1912-1922

              Fonds consists of the business records of the Townsite of Peace River Landing Limited and includes financial records, correspondence, summaries of capital and shares, telegrams, and agreements.

              Townsite of Peace River Landing
              W. C. McKillican fonds
              PR1845 · Fonds · 1908-1989

              The fonds consists of a transcribed copy of “A Description of the Land and Life: Edmonton to Peace River, 1908,” transcription prepared by William C. McKillican’s for his mother of his journal kept during his and Horace A. Craig’s May 19 to June 22, 1908 journey from Calgary to Edmonton and then onto Peace River, to hold agricultural meetings/information sessions for an unidentified institute at various locations. McKillican’s account refers to the quality of the land and its agricultural potential, the flora and the fauna, settlements they passed through, as well as individuals they met along the way, including surveyors J.B. St. Cyr and (J.L.?) Coté, and Members of the Legislative Assembly T.A Brick and W.F. Bredin. The fonds also includes photographs relating to the journey, including images of the boat “Midnight Sun,” wagons and horses, the Athabasca and Peace Rivers, tents, a homesteader and a moose calf, as well as photocopies of these images and others from a photograph album.

              McKillican, W. C.
              W.A. Cooper fonds
              PR1682 · Fonds · Copied 1977

              Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1912 that depict various people, buildings and views in Mundare, Peace River, and Edmonton, Alberta and includes street views, a paddle wheeler, legislative buildings, bridges, houses, bridge and building construction, and Lieutenant Governor George Bulyea at the opening of Government House.

              Cooper, W.A.
              PR1090 · Fonds · 1909-1971

              The fonds includes newspaper clippings, a Cree election pamphlet (1911), Alberta: A Land for Living magazines, Gyro Club of Edmonton roster book, a copy of Jerry Potts, plainsman (by Hugh Dempsay), a copy of The Prairie Garden (magazine), certificates belonging to Harry and Edwin Henry Turton, a marriage certificate for Kenneth Campbell MacLeod and Winifred Viola Macdonald (1920), booklets about Freemasonry, Jacques De Molay (order of De Molay) and the Grand Lodge of Alberta, a souvenir program of 1939 Royal Visit, a booklet of Alberta Historic Sites, Clarence Tillenius wildlife and prairie prints, and photographs and photographic postcards mostly dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1915 and 1952, including Grouard, Sawridge, Sturgeon Lake, Peace River, Dunvegan, Athabasca Landing and the areas around Lesser Slave Lake, and include Cree Nation Chiefs Moostoosh and Kinisāoo, the Peace River landing, the first car in Grouard, Sturgeon Lake Mission, churches, local people, mail delivery, homesteads, main streets, horses and carts, stores, buildings, bridges, snowploughs, dogsleds, Indigenous peoples, as well as photographs and photographic postcards of Fort Edmonton, views of Edmonton, the 1915 Edmonton flood, 19th Alberta Dragoons, First World War Honour rolls, soldiers, mountain scenes around Banff, portraits of John Stocks, L.C. Charlesworth, H.P. Keith, J.D. Robertson, G.H.N. Monkman, Peter Tomkins, Kenneth MacLeod, Winifred Macdonald, and postcards from Bath, Folkestone and Taunton, England.

              Turton, William Henry and Edwin Henry
              William Meikle fonds
              PR1116 · Fonds · Copied 1975-1977

              Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1912-1917 of the construction of the D.A. Thomas which depict equipment and machinery, a shipyard, railroad cars, teams of horses, engine parts, and various stages of construction of the D.A. Thomas. Photographs also depict a group of priests at the east end of Vermilion Chutes, the Peace River Tramway and Navigation Company office and officers, and a long distance view of Peace River.

              Meikle, William