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        B.C. Tanner fonds
        PR3129 · Fonds · 1952 - 1972

        The fonds reflects B.C. Tanners' business interests and professional work in the oil industry. The fonds pertains to his position as President of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. and his position as an accountant with B.C. Tanner and Co. and consists of the records of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. as well as the preceding bodies of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. including financial statements, minutes, certificates of incorporation, agreements, and reports of Lassiter Petroleum Ltd., Lassiter Oil Syndicate, Kuma Oils Ltd., Lobitos Oil Fields Canada Ltd., Horn River Resources Ltd., and Round Valley Oil Co., as well as maps and reports related to the arctic petroleum industry. The fonds also includes materials reflecting his agricultural activities and includes notices, certificates, and a cattle inventory relating to the raising of Charolais Cattle, and an account of life growing up in Magrath, Alberta.

        Tanner, B.C.
        Bids and tenders series
        PR0065.0002 · Series · 1965-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        records which document the main activities and functions performed by Dahl Construction in the day-to-day operation of the Company. The series is organized into three subseries: successful bids, jobs that Dahl Construction actually worked on; miscellaneous invoices for completed contracts; and, unsuccessful bids on which they did not work.

        Bill Dickie fonds
        PR3034 · Fonds · 1971-1976

        The fonds consists of records pertaining to Dickie's term as the Minister of Mines and Minerals. The files include correspondence, minutes, development policies, legal opinions, and reports related to cabinet committees, Dome Petroleum, Husky Oil, Syncrude, oil sands, gas and oil prices, coal mines and companies, Middle Eastern oil producing countries, oil and gas royalties, exploration, foreign investment, legislation, federal energy policies, the National Energy Board, and other records related to energy and natural resources.

        Dickie, Bill
        PR1929 · Fonds · [1947?]-[1970?]

        The fonds consists of transparencies and films created by Bob and Margaret MacRae of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, including such subjects as the oil industry, the Sundance Power Plant at Bighorn Dam, and vacation shots.

        MacRae, Bob and Margaret
        Chris Yorath Collection
        PR4076 · Collection · 1948-1969

        The transparencies depict Atlantic No. 3 oil well, an oil well close to Devon, Alberta. The Atlantic No. 3 disaster of 1948 has been widely credited as leading to both further investment in Alberta oil and gas as well as increased regulatory and environmental standards. The transparencies depict the well during the fire and its aftermath, and the single textual record is a copy of the letter describing the conditions of the original 1969 loan.

        Yorath, Chris
        Dahl Construction fonds
        PR0065 · Fonds · 1960-1994, predominant 1972-1992

        The fonds consists of the records created by Dahl Construction in the course of conducting and soliciting business. The fonds is organized in the following series: financial records, chronicling the accounts of the company; bid files, pertaining to construction jobs upon which the company either successfully or unsuccessfully bid; and general office files relating to a variety of subjects and interests which were important to the Company.

        Dahl Construction
        PR3758 · Collection · 1920-1930

        The collection consists of seven photographs. Five of the seven photographs in the record appear to show evidence of a fire that took place at a Dalhousie Oil refinery in Okotoks, Alberta. One image depicts a smoldering refinery, while four others depict vehicles damaged in the incident. Two of the seven photographs are of unknown provenance, and each feature a matching decorative border. One of these photographs depicts a street scene from the 1920’s, and the other eight airplanes lined up in a row.

        Dalhousie Oil Ltd.
        PR2099 · Fonds · 1951-1986

        The fonds consists of scrapbooks including text and pictures of the Desk and Derrick Club of Edmonton dating from 1951-1986 documenting the history of the organization.

        Desk and Derrick Club of Edmonton
        Don Hill fonds
        PR0024 · Fonds · [ca. 1973]-1993

        The fonds consists of records from Don Hill’s career as a broadcaster and producer of Alberta radio and television programs, and includes correspondence, manuscripts, raw material and finished programs for several major projects on Canadian folk music and folklore, bio-technology, landscape and the Alberta petroleum industry (including the oil industry documentary "Roughnecks, Wildcats and Doodlebugs"), most produced for the local CBC, Access and CKUA stations; the fonds also includes radio broadcasts from Lethbridge and Edmonton, where Don Hill was a broadcaster.

        Hill, Don
        PR0296 · Fonds · 1881-1992, predominant 1943-1992

        Fonds consists of the records of the ECWU, its predecessor bodies, and affiliated organizations. Types of records include: constitutional records; minutes; financial statements; administrative correspondence; files relating to labour issues, union representatives, and locals; health, safety, and environment information; and records concerning the formation of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP). The fonds has been divided into the following series: Oil Workers International Union records; Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union records; Canadian Labour Congress records; International, American, and Canadian labour organizations and unions records; Labour issues publications and other material; History project interviews and background records; National Executive Board minutes, agendas, and reports; Historical photographs, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks; and Background files and other material.

        Energy and Chemical Workers Union
        PR0065.0001.0005 · Sub-series · 1964-1983
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        files and ledger sheets relating to the financial arrangements and agreements that had been entered into by Dahl Construction with loaning agencies.

        Financial records series
        PR0065.0001 · Series · 1964-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        ledger sheets documenting the financial obligations and earnings of Dahl Construction. The series is organized into the following subseries: payroll; accounts ledgers; sales journals; purchase registers, and; financial contracts.

        Geddes family fonds
        PR1260 · Fonds · 1805 - 1991

        The fonds documents the life and activities of the Geddes family and consists of photographs, publications, clippings, certificates, sound recordings, maps, plans, correspondence, and cards. In particular, the fonds documents Malcolm Geddes activities with the Alpine Club of Canada from 1917 to 1927; Tony Oke's career with CN during the early part of the 20th century; and Alvin Geddes engineering career and his business venture, Geddes Engineering Ltd, during the 1960s to the 1980s.

        The fonds also includes poetry and writings by Malcolm Geddes, vital statistic records, family histories and genealogical information written and collected by members of the Geddes Family dating from the 1910s to the 1990s, and an audiocassette capturing an oral history interview with Alvin Geddes completed for the Petroleum Industry Oral History Project at the Glenbow Archives.

        Geddes family
        General office files series
        PR0065.0003 · Series · 1960-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        records relating to a variety of subjects and interests which were important to the Company. The series has been organized into the following subseries: sales/marketing; paid invoices; safety; vehicles; equipment, and; miscellaneous material.

        Harold A. Skolrood fonds
        PR2793 · Fonds · 1981

        The fonds consists of 6 24" x 18" posters developed to accompany the school text book Pioneers of the Athabasca Oil Sands dating from 1981.

        Skolrood, Harold A.
        PR0091.0002.0013 · Sub-series · 1978-2000
        Part of Book Publishers Association of Alberta fonds

        Sub-series consists of titles published by the Historical Society of Alberta from 1978 to 2000. Sub-series includes titles about Alberta’s history including coal and petroleum industry, winter sports as well as works about Aberhart, Bishop Grandin, Alwyn Bramley-Moore, Reverend Holdom, and the Ku Klux Klan.

        Historical Society of Alberta
        PR0851 · Fonds · 1909-1916

        Fonds consists of the personal records of Hugh Melville Carmichael and includes shares in various oil and gas companies in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, and a map depicting a profile of the Canadian Pacific Railway Rodgers [sic] Pass Tunnel.

        Carmichael, Hugh Melville
        Jenkins Oils Limited fonds
        PR1894 · Fonds · 1966-1973

        The fonds consists of the business records of Jenkins Oils Limited and includes resolutions, share certificates, an incorporation certificate, memoranda and articles of association, pages from a share register, and a financial statement.

        Jenkins Oils
        Magnus I. Danielson fonds
        PR2347 · Fonds · 1949 - 1992

        The fonds consists of research notes, technical drawings, photographs, correspondence, pamphlets, manuals, research notes, related to Magnus I. Danielson's career in the Alberta oil industry. The fonds dates from 1949 to 1992.

        Danielson, Magnus
        Marketing sub-series
        PR0065.0003.0001 · Sub-series · 1974-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        alphabetical files kept by David Schaffer, Controller of Dahl Construction, documenting promotional marketing that was being carried out with a variety of different companies.

        PR0065.0002.0002 · Sub-series · 1984-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        miscellaneous invoices for jobs that the Company had completed and received payment for. The invoices are unaccompanied by any information about the specific bids themselves, though some do have attached annotations outlining the exact nature of the work undertaken.

        Miscellaneous sub-series
        PR0065.0003.0005 · Sub-series · 1967-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        miscellaneous subject files which pertain to administrative aspects of Dahl Construction. Files relating to such matters as: insurance; licensing; tax information; and, capital gains expenditures.

        Paid invoices sub-series
        PR0065.0003.0002 · Sub-series · 1982-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        paid invoices arranged alphabetically by year. These invoices provide an in-depth look at what types of expenses were involved in the running of Dahl Construction.

        Payroll sub-series
        PR0065.0001.0001 · Sub-series · 1965-1991
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        ledger sheets and time books relating to the payment of Dahl Construction employees from 1965 to 1991.

        Purchase register sub-series
        PR0065.0001.0002 · Sub-series · 1979-1989
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        files of ledger sheets relating to the purchase of materials and manpower necessary for the carrying out of the business' primary activities.

        Robert C. Fitzsimmons fonds
        PR2212 · Fonds · 1911 - 1971

        The fonds consists of records related to Robert Fitzsimmons' professional interests including the International Bitumen Company, Tar Sand Products Limited, the Tar Sands Paint and Roofing Company, and his real estate business including correspondence, bylaws, legal notices, memorandum, research notes, technical drawings, blueprints, statistical information, photographs, statements, residential listings, receipts, ledgers, cheques, debt slips, license fees, notices, clippings, and maps. In particular these records illustrate Robert Fitzsimmons' lengthy legal battle regarding the sale of the International Bitumen Company to Oil Sands Ltd. The fonds also contains some records relating to the Robert Fitzsimmons' personal life including clippings, postcards, pamphlets, greeting cards, booklets, magazines, certificates, commemoratory material and correspondence. The fonds dates from 1911 - 1971.

        Fitzsimmons, Robert C.
        Safety sub-series
        PR0065.0003.0003 · Sub-series · 1982-1990
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        files relating to safety issues concerning the construction business, such as: dangerous materials, safety standards, safety manuals and safety audits.

        Sparling-Davis Company fonds
        PR3237 · Fonds · 1949-1965, 1983

        The fonds consists of photographs which show examples of work completed by Sparling-Davis (including pipeline, oil tanks, refineries, and distribution systems), work in progress, and workshop/office/work site locations. The fonds also consists of a corporate profile of Sparling-Fowler-Murphy, Inc.

        Sparling-Davis Company
        PR2807 · Collection · [ca. 1983]

        The collection consists of nine 16 mm films shown at the Strathcona Science Centre. Film titles include, Petroleum's Progress, Alberta's Natural Heritage, Behind the Switch - Coal to Kilowatts, Refinery, Oil the Hard Way, Bridge to the Future, Objective: Energy, The Sand Barrier, and Producing Oil. The fonds also includes 1571 slides featuring the Science Centre building.

        Unknown donor
        Successful bids sub-series
        PR0065.0002.0001 · Sub-series · 1965-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        This sub-series consists of successful bid files of the Company. Each file is comprised of maps, requests for tenders, invoices, cost estimates and actualities, equipment reports and time sheets.

        Sunoco Inc. fonds
        PR2830 · Fonds · 1967

        The fonds consists of materials related to Sunoco's development of the Athabasca oil sands in 1967 including the publication Our Sun and images featuring equipment and operations in Fort McMurray.

        Sunoco Inc.
        Syncrude film collection
        PR3756 · Collection · 1982

        The collection consists of two films, Bridge to the Future and The Sand Barrier, about the Alberta oil industry that were commissioned by Syncrude.

        Unknown donor
        Taylor Creative fonds
        PR2848 · Fonds · 1996

        The fonds consists of 1 VHS cassette entitled, "Black Gold" (1996) produced by Taylor Creative for the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame.

        Taylor Creative
        Terry Howes collection
        PR1721 · Collection · 1937

        The collection consists of a brochure about the Howey Syndicate of Calgary, Alberta and “Maps, Reports & Pictures of the Pouce Coupe Oil Field Alberta” compiled by E.R. Lovewell for Canada Empire Crude Oil Syndicate of Calgary, which includes photographs of gas fires and oil seepages.

        Howes, Terry
        Thelma Cameron collection
        PR1648 · Collection · 1904-1975

        The collection consists of stock certificates for various oil companies in Alberta, a retraction of charges by Katty Dewar against Rory McDonald, an informational advertisement for a booklet called Unmarried Mothers and Illegitimate Children written by Georgina Sackville, and two issues of The Yellowknife Blade newspaper.

        Cameron, Thelma
        PR2854 · Collection · [ca. 1909 - 1924]

        The collection consists of 456 glass plate lantern slides featuring images relating to cartography, natural resources, First Nations, northern Alberta communities, and the oil and gas industry. Some of the images may have been created by Harry Pollard.

        University of Alberta
        Unsuccessful bids sub-series
        PR0065.0002.0003 · Sub-series · 1967-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        This sub-series consists of unsuccessful bid files of the Company. Files are comprised of maps, requests for tenders, cost estimates and formal tender letters.

        Vehicles sub-series
        PR0065.0003.0004 · Sub-series · 1960-1992
        Part of Dahl Construction fonds

        individual files on cars, trucks, caterpillars, scrapers and other vehicles which were owned and operated by Dahl Construction.

        Victor Osadchuk fonds
        PR0167 · Fonds · [195-to198-]

        Fonds consists of the records and photographs regarding Victor Osadchuk’s work in the oil industry. It includes annual reports and financial statements of Wiley Oilfield Hauling Ltd. and Majestic Wiley Contractors Ltd., scrapbooks of Victor Osadchuk’s career in the oil industry, books and magazines owned by Victor Osadchuk regarding the industry, photographs and negatives of Victor Osadchuk and his companies and their work in the oil industry. Also includes a 16mm film “Pipeline: Oil From The Arctic”.

        Osadchuk, Victor
        William Stewart Herron fonds
        PR1936 · Fonds · 1911-1978

        The fonds consists of William Stewart Herron’s records relating to his involvement in the development of the Turner Valley oil field and includes correspondence, leases and assignments of lease, stock certificates, and legal agreements. The fonds includes a 1937 portrait of William Stewart Herron by Nicholas de Grandmaison.

        Records dating after W.S. Herron’s death include a CFAC radio broadcast about Okalta Oils Limited, publications and newspaper articles, and a 1978 agreement between H.F. Herron and Thelma Cameron, who was commissioned by Herron to assemble and correlate the material about his father.

        Herron, William Stewart