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          A. Lawrence Berry fonds
          PR0641 · Fonds · Copied 1973

          Fonds consists of negatives dating after 1915 and before 1936, depicting bush pilots, planes, a homestead, and a field hospital (includes nurse Eileen Johnson). Fonds also includes photographs of certificates inscribed to Arthur Massey (Matt) Berry.

          Berry, A. Lawrence
          Ada Jorgensen fonds
          PR1012 · Fonds · [ca. 1944]-[ca. 1972]

          Fonds consists of a letter written by Ted Sparks to Mrs. Gibson, a copy of an autobiographical sketch entitled A Pioneer Mother, written by Mrs. R.E. Sparks, a short biographical sketch about George Stanton, and a copy of the Stanton School District No. 1920 60th Anniversary Reunion booklet, dating 1969, which contains excerpts of minutes from the school district meetings, a township map, and a list of teachers who taught at the school.

          Jorgensen, Ada
          PR3601 · Fonds · 2008

          The fonds consists of historical research materials regarding the Wahstao Cemetery including a copy of the Kolokreeka Diary describing missionary work ca. 1908-1910; copies of letters written in the 1950s by Edith Weekes and Ethelwyn Chace, early missionaries at Wahstao, discussing early mission work; and colour digital copies of photos taken by Sheila Johnston of the Wahstao Cemetery in 2008.

          United Church of Canada. Alberta and Northwest Conference. Heritage Cemeteries Ad Hoc Committee
          PR3396 · Fonds · [18-?]-2012

          The fonds consists of the records of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society and three sous-fonds: The Medicine Valley Estonian Society sous-fonds PR3396.001SF, the Edmonton Estonian Society sous-fonds PR3396.002SF, and the Calgary Estonian Society sous-fonds PR3396.003SF.
          The fonds consists of society records including membership lists, photographs of members and events organized by the society, minutes, correspondence, financial records, maps, songbooks, local history books, and issues of their newsletter Ajakaja.
          The fonds also consists of personal documents of Estonian-Albertan pioneers including photographs, bibles, journals, poetry, writings, sketches, correspondence, audio recordings, and legal documents.
          The fonds also consists of records, mainly in digital formats, relating to the research and development of several AEHS projects:

          • - two exhibits
          • - DVD documentary production “Alberta’s Estonians”
          • - informational website, “Alberta’s Estonian Heritage”
          • - illustrated book “Freedom, Land and Legacy: Alberta’s Estonians 1899-1999.”

          Alberta Estonian Heritage Society
          Alda Dale Randall fonds
          PR2006 · Fonds · 1920-[ca. 1960]

          The fonds consists of two diaries of Alda Dale Randall, primarily from the 1920s, which include accounts of her life as well as short stories. The diaries serve as a good example of the reuse of writing materials which had previously served another purpose.

          Randall, Alda Dale
          Alfred F. Dreger fonds
          PR0529 · Fonds · Copied 1971-1972

          Fonds consists of typed manuscripts, articles, and speeches containing personal reminiscences, dating ca.1964 to ca. 1974, and various images of Alfred F. Dreger dating 1901-1970.

          Dreger, Alfred F.
          Alice Gee fonds
          PR1559 · Fonds · 1901-1902

          The fonds consists of a single diary, approximately 220 pages in length, handwritten by Alice Gee from January 1, 1901 to August 20, 1902. It provides detail on rural life in the Strathcona area of the North-West Territories in the early 20th century, as well as lists of letters sent and received by the author, newspapers received, attendees at social functions, and dates of frost at the author’s farm.

          Gee, Alice
          Anna May Walker fonds
          PR1748 · Fonds · [195-]

          The fonds consists of audio recordings entitled “Early Women of Edmonton and District;” the research for the recordings was done in about 1936, but the recordings were not made until the 1950s.

          Walker, Anna May
          Anne Roseborough fonds
          PR1464 · Fonds · [1905 - 1956]

          Fonds consists of personal reminiscences by Anne Roseborough about her experiences traveling west and homesteading near Vermilion, Alberta. Fonds also includes a photograph of Anne and Samuel Roseborough on their homestead with W.B. Cameron.

          Roseborough, Anne
          PR0666 · Fonds · 1905-1910

          Fonds consists of the personal records of Arthur Vandeleur Stoney and includes diaries containing entries about his daily activities, some correspondence and receipts, and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings from the Lethbridge Daily Herald that pertain to local people, businesses, and events.

          Stoney, Arthur Vandeleur
          A.S. Cummings fonds
          PR0748 · Fonds · 1973-1975

          Fonds consists of reminiscences written by A.S. Cummings entitled Slow Train to the Foothills, 1910, The Yellowhead Pass, 1911, and Life at Mannville, Alberta 1908-1909. Fonds also includes a copied newspaper clipping from the Christian Guardian containing an article written by A.S. Cummings dated 1910, and an oral history given by A.S. Cummings to Frontier College in 1975.

          Cummings, A.S.
          Austin Sawdon fonds
          PR1274 · Fonds · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1910-1967 that depict the Sawdon family and residents of Three Hills, Alberta, and various other images of Three Hills including Sawdon Drug Store and other businesses in Three Hills, railroad stations and construction, churches, building interiors, fires, carriages and carts, barns, Sarcee Camp, soldiers, automobiles, grain elevators, picnics, houses, women, ferries, bands, fairs, children, and street and aerial views of Three Hills, Alberta.

          Sawdon, Austin
          Barbara Alice Slater fonds
          PR0002 · Fonds · 1902-1914

          Fonds consists of letters written by Barbara Alice Slater (Bas) to friends Ellen and Liliana ("Lily Anna") Clement of Wantage in Berkshire, England. The letters describe homestead life in detail and originate from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and a variety of Alberta communities including Berry Creek, Baraca and Stoppington. Fonds also includes a photograph of Liliana Clement, a copy negative of Bas and her autograph book.

          Slater, Barbara Alice
          Becky Hanson Rosenberg fonds
          PR1234 · Fonds · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1934 that depict members of the Hanson family, Calgary Laundry Limited employees, and pioneer women from the Jewish community. Fonds also includes a copied photograph that depicts Leo Goelman, a principal of the Talmud Torah school.

          Rosenberg, Becky Hanson
          Bertie C. Hart fonds
          PR0510 · Fonds · 1914-1974

          Fonds consists of accounts and minutes of the Rural Municipality of Nelson No.638 and the Soldiers' Home Property Register. Also includes notes, historical sketches, and reminiscences written by Bernie C. Hart about various people and places in the County of Athabasca No. 12, including such diverse topics as pioneer histories, the Alberta Social Credit Party, grain elevators, bulls, oil development, municipal elections, fencing, school districts, and Hart's experiences while working as an assessor.

          Hart, Bertie C.
          Beth Sheehan fonds
          PR0581 · Fonds · Copied 1972-1975

          Fonds consists of records compiled and/or produced by Sheehan during the course of her personal activities and research regarding pioneers and homesteading in Grand Prairie and the Beaverlodge area of Alberta, and includes copied oral interviews of Hugh W. Allen, dated 1966, and Gordon Sherk, Marley Sherk, Lulu Sherk Allen, Victor Flint, and Frances Flint, dated 1963, conducted by Beth Sheehan, and of J.R. Oliver, dated 1965, and conducted by Jack Soars. Fonds also consists of transcripts of oral interviews of Gordon Sherk, Marley Sherk, Lulu Sherk Allen, Victor Flint, Frances Flint, Everett Sheehan, George Stone, and Cletus Aloysius Sheehan, dating 1955-1969, transcripts of personal reminiscences by F.C. Falk, Hugh W. Allen, and Lulu Sherk Allen dating 1955-1970, transcripts of diaries belonging to Mrs. Maud Truax (nee Sherk), I.E. Gaudin, and Elizabeth Jane Sills Shishler dating ca. 1909, and transcripts of correspondence of G.V. Flint dating ca. 1909. Fonds also includes manuscripts about the Bull Outfit written by Madelon Truax, dating 1967, and by Isabel Loggie, transcripts of North West Mounted Police (NWMP) patrol reports in the Beaverlodge, Alberta area, a manuscript of the history of the Brekken family, written by Thea Brekken and edited by Beth Sheehan, dating 1968, transcribed excerpts from the minute book of the Bower Beaver Lodge School District No. 2812, and a copy of a burial register, dating 1911-1932. Fonds also includes a blank receipt from Gaudin and Drake Real Estate Brokers, newspaper clippings, transcripts of funeral eulogies, microfilmed photographs of Beaverlodge pioneers, and other photographs depicting various people and views in Grande Prairie and Fort Vermilion.

          Sheehan, Beth Flint
          Beth Tachit collection
          PR0896 · Collection · [ca. 1930]-1978

          The fonds consists of photographs and copied photographs dating from 1917 to 1978 which were collected and used in Our Bend in the Peace: The Story of Royce and Lubeck, and End of Steel: Hines Creek, A Pictorial History, along with a newspaper clipping about Louie Garskie, and photocopied records about the 1928 surrender of the Beaver First Nation Reserve.

          Tachit, Beth
          Bill Corbett fonds
          PR1948 · Fonds · [1977]-1997

          The fonds consists of a draft of an article by Bill Corbett entitled "A Modest Man" or "A Gentle Canadian," which is about Bill Corbett's grandfather Hiram Staples, and a booklet by Bill Corbett entitled "The Corbetts in Canada."

          Corbett, Bill
          PR3787 · Fonds · 2005-2013

          The fonds consists of "In Their Own Words", digitized oral histories of Black Canadian settlements on the prairies, presented by the Black Settlers of Alberta and Saskatchewan Historical Society. Also included is a folder with information about Eleanor Collins.

          Black Settlers of Alberta & Saskatchewan Historical Society
          PR3134 · Collection · 1966 - 1969

          The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Carl J. Tracie during the years 1966 to 1969 with pioneers of the Grande Prairie region. The interviews include recordings of the following individuals:

          • Eric Wilson homesteaded in Saskatoon Lake in 1910;
          • Barney Throness Lake Saskatoon circa (ca) 1911;
          • Marley Sherk and Gordon Sherk, traveled with Mennonites to Beaverlodge area ca. 1910;
          • James Summerville homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1911;
          • J.J.E. Clarke homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911;
          • G. Balisky homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1912;
          • Joseph Tracie homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca.1916; and
          • Oskar Anderson homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911.

          The tapes discuss climate, individuals, religions, agriculture, transportation, the economy, and geography of the region.

          Tracie, Carl J.
          Clarence Kipling fonds
          PR1013 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1974, predominant 196

          Fonds consists of correspondence and genealogical histories of various Alberta families including the Brazeau, Fraser, Rowland, McDonald, McGillis and Hardisty families. Fonds also includes a copied photograph of Henry Collins (also known as Muchieasse or Muchias) dated circa (ca.) 1900.

          Kipling, C.
          Claude Pemberton fonds
          PR1461 · Fonds · 1902-1907

          Fonds consists records pertaining to Claude Pemberton’s homestead.

          Pemberton, Claude
          PR1594 · Fonds · Copied 1977

          Fonds consists of photocopied newspaper and magazine articles dating circa (ca.) 1920-ca. 1967 about Danes in Alberta.

          Danes Worldwide Archives
          Dargis family fonds
          PR3749 · Fonds · [188-?]-2014

          The fonds consist of Dargis family correspondence, including Sœur Claire and Father Gustave Dargis, as well as correspondence of Anne-Marie Régimbald. Also included are genealogical information and press clippings.

          The fonds also contains photographs that range in date from the 1880s to the 1990s and include various early photographic procedures, like collodion printing-out paper, matte collodion, albumen, tintype, carte-de-visite and cabinet cards.

          Dargis family
          David E. Brown fonds
          PR0764 · Fonds · 1930

          Fonds consists of a copied album, entitled Land Settlement Central and Northern Alberta, 1930, Department of Immigration and Colonization, Canadian Pacific Railway containing 85 images which depict immigrants who arrived in central and northern Alberta between 1928-1930 to homestead, and their farms, agricultural machinery, buildings, and livestock. The album also contains commentary about the homesteaders and the various costs associated with farming. There are also some panoramic views.

          Brown, David E.
          Delcie Gray fonds
          PR2114 · Fonds · [1991]

          The fonds consists of a family history entitled “Legacy: A Pioneer Story of the Family of Henry Byrnes” written by Delcie Gray dating from [1991].

          Gray, Delcie
          Dennis N. Hoybak fonds
          PR0805 · Fonds · 1967

          Fonds consists of records regarding the Mecca Glen Monument and the Mecca Glen School District and includes homestead lists, newspaper clippings, a brief history of the Mecca Glen School District, a historical map of the Mecca Glen School District, and a photograph.

          Hoybak, Dennis N.
          Desmond H. Brown fonds
          PR0869 · Fonds · [ca. 1874]-1975

          The fonds consists of a paper, entitled “Rail Track Mileage in Alberta, 1883-1915,” by D.H. Brown, along with copies of records used in his research, a railway map of Alberta, 1915, and a photograph of early settlers, possibly American, from circa (ca.) 1874.

          Brown, Desmond H.
          Donald Norris fonds
          PR1273 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-1977

          Fonds consists of copied and original records pertaining to the genealogical research by Donald Norris of the Bruce, Cunningham, Matheson, Sutherland, Morrison, Kennedy, Mackenzie, and McFarlane families and includes correspondence, historical/biographical sketches, family trees, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and two copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1880 of Henry and Mary Cunningham and Sister Saint (St.) Wilfred-Florestein Cunningham.

          Fonds also contains photocopied photographs of various other members of the families researched, and a photocopy of an account of the journey by the Red River settlers to Puget Sound, dated 1885, which originally appeared in the February 18, 1885 issue of the Tacoma Daily Ledger.

          Norris, Donald
          Doris Gibson collection
          PR1002 · Collection · 1981

          The collection consists of writings about the life of Glenn Harrison Wilson, and includes a biographical sketch entitled “A Pioneer Couple,” about Glenn Harrison Wilson and his wife Cora, by Marjorie J. Grant, and a second biographical sketch entitled “Glenn Harrison Wilson,” by Rita Ranks, also about Glenn Harrison Wilson, to which is attached some of Wilson’s own reminiscences.

          Gibson, Doris
          Dorothy Dahlgren fonds
          PR0521 · Fonds · [1950-1980]

          The fonds consists of drafts of Dorothy Dahlgren's radio broadcasts for CKUA radio in Edmonton on a variety of subjects including the settlers and the settlement of Alberta, miscellaneous current affairs commentary, and various opinion pieces. The fonds also contains several newspapers and magazines which include Dorothy Dahlgren's writings. Additionally, the fonds includes poetry, plays and fiction written by Dorothy Dahlgren, a scrapbook of articles from MacLean's magazine dating from 1934 and a article about market gardening written by Herman Miller dating from 1937 collected by Dorothy Dahlgren. The fonds contains materials from 1934 to 1980.

          Dahlgren, Dorothy
          Dorothy Weldon fonds
          PR2873 · Fonds · [192?] - 1968, [Copied 197?]

          The fonds consists material acquired by Dorothy Weldon including a photograph of a painting of John Macdonald of Garth, a biography of John Macdonald of Garth typed from the original by Mrs. Weldon; a sketch portrait of Jackie Hornby by Miss Rochfort; a photograph of a painting of William McGillvray and his wife Magdeline; a photograph of Harold Pfeiffer and portrait of a bust of Josei of Frobisher Bay; six postcards featuring Northern scenes; two City of Edmonton transit tickets; a copy of a lecture delivered by the Honourable Malcolm Cameron to the Youth Men's Mutual Improvement Association in 1865; a copy of the First Report of the Standing Committee on Immigration and Colonization in 1865; and a program from the first annual fraternity weekend of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

          Weldon, Dorothy
          Edmonton programs collection
          PR2928 · Collection · 1958 - 1967

          The collection consists of a program of the 64th Annual Round-up Banquet and Dance of the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association, Edmonton dating from 1958 and a program of the 4th Educational District Convention of the Alberta Teacher's Association dating from 1967.

          Unknown donor
          Effie J. Whitford fonds
          PR3147 · Fonds · 1972

          The fonds consists of a history of Frederick Edward Algar written by Effie J. Whitford in 1972 for publication in the local history Ponoka Panorama, Ponoka: Ponoka Historical Society, 1972.

          Whitford, Effie J.
          Eirene and H.D. Hebb fonds
          PR1450 · Fonds · 1946-1979

          Fonds consists of copied records dating 1885-[ca. 1930] pertaining to the Sydney Brown Woods and Harry Marshall Erskine Evans families and includes newspaper clippings, photocopied photographs and copied photographs that depict members of the Woods family and the interior of their house, Stirlingwood, and members of the Evans family and their house, Sylvancroft. The fonds also includes an image of the exterior of C.W. Cross' house and exterior and interior images of J.K. Cornwall's house (images which include his children), both of whom resided in Edmonton, and a charcoal sketch of H.D. Hebb

          Hebb, Eirene and H.D.
          Eliane Silverman fonds
          PR2792 · Fonds · 1974 - 1975

          The fonds consists of recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted by Eliane Silverman in 1974 to 1975 with pioneer women of Alberta for an oral history project.

          Silverman, Eliane
          Elsie Lane Gordon fonds
          PR2424 · Fonds · 1961

          The fonds consists of correspondence between Elsie Gordon and Catherine and Ward Dick in 1961 regarding the existence and history of pioneer cabins on their land on Willow Creek at the south end of Chain Lakes, Alberta. The fonds also includes an aerial photograph of the Chain Lakes region dating from ca. 1961.

          Gordon, Elsie Lane
          Eva McKitrick fonds
          PR0549 · Fonds · 1896-1970

          Fonds consists of the personal records of Eva McKitrick, including records related to her time as a teacher, and includes a booklet, invitations, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, certificates, diplomas, correspondence, letters of reference, and photographs depicting the Goshen Church and various staff picnics. Fonds also includes a photograph of A.G. McKitrick and a transcript of his diary, which also contains copied maps and correspondence, and a copy of a history of Goshen United Church.

          McKitrick, Eva
          Eva Morel fonds
          PR1460 · Fonds · [19--?]-1974, predominant 1932-1974

          The fonds consists of the personal records of Eva Morel relating to her involvement with the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association and includes greeting cards, banquet programmes and a membership card. Also included are an inventory of items in the Relics Building at Fort Edmonton and a photograph of Henri Morel outside of J.T. Blowey Furniture store.

          Morel, Eva
          Evelyn Slater McLeod fonds
          PR1252 · Fonds · 1918-1982

          The fonds consists of the historical writings of Evelyn Slater McLeod and includes typewritten manuscripts of “Restless Pioneer,” “Our Sod House” and “School Days at Willow Brook,” all of which were published in The Beaver, the accompanying images originally dating 1905 to circa (ca.) 1920 of a horse and cart, a church, a farm house, sod house, threshing, horses, Willow Brook students, along with community and family members, and the high school diploma of Harriet Evelyn Slater.

          McLeod, Evelyn Slater
          Frank W. Wiggins fonds
          PR0427 · Fonds · 1970

          Fonds consists of two of personal reminiscences about homestead life called Homesteading Days, and The Greenhorn Pioneers, and one short story about pioneering entitled The Roots Strike Deep.

          Wiggins, Frank W.
          Fred Bowden fonds
          PR2452 · Fonds · [ca. 1890 - 1980]

          The fonds consists records collected and created by Fred Bowden including photographs, a map, and published clippings related to the settlement and history of Alberta. The fonds also includes four photograph albums featuring Fred Bowden's family photographs dating from ca. 1890 to 1980.

          Bowden, Fred
          Fred Harrison fonds
          PR1921 · Fonds · 1910-1965, predominant 1910-1914

          The fonds consists of images likely taken by Fred Harrison (he came west with his own photographic equipment) and includes images, primarily from the Whitecourt and Greencourt areas, including images of Walter White, wild game, moose, bears, rabbits, hunting, houses and shacks, homesteaders, post offices, saw mill, pool halls, cards, dances, horses, buildings, schools, stores, Christmas parties, surveying camps, creeks, land guides, breaking ground, as well as the Coal mine near Tofield and images from Coalspur in 1915 and Lovett in 1917. The fonds also includes an excerpt from Fred Harrison’s autobiographical reminiscences about his time in Alberta.

          Harrison, Fred
          F.R.F. McKitrick fonds
          PR0628 · Fonds · 1882-1935

          Fonds consists of records associated with F.R.R. McKitrick’s time as a teacher, farmer, and newspaper correspondent and includes correspondence, homestead records, curriculum material for geography and history, school exams, financial records, brand records, promissory notes, bank books, resort brochures, newspaper clippings, notes, written and typed manuscripts, railroad timetables, poems, income tax forms, receipts, pamphlets, hand-drawn maps, and bankruptcy records. Fonds also includes photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting various people, buildings, and scenes in Alberta and Ontario including the McKitrick family, the Edmonton Commercial Grads, the logging industry, churches, parades, steamers and ferries, First Nations, railroad and road construction, bridge construction, farming, train wrecks, horses and other animals, exhibitions and fairs, and an oil field.

          McKitrick, F.R.F.
          G. C. Hamilton collection
          PR0563 · Collection · 1913-1976

          Collection consists of oral interviews conducted by G. C. Hamilton with Dolina Burrows, Herbert Hodnut, Ted White, G.H. Robertson, Alex Middleton, and Bill Wilde, three issues of the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories magazine, The Prospector, biographical information and photographs of Barbara Anne Burrows, a fold out panoramic promotional brochure of Edmonton, a copied pamphlet from the 50th Anniversary of The Edmonton Club, a copy and transcript of memoirs written by William Kathrens, former Provincial Ferry Foreman, correspondence between Eliza A. Hamilton and the North Star Land Company Limited of Edmonton, Alberta, and a photograph of the 13th Field Company Canadian Engineers, Musket Squadron.

          Hamilton, G. C.
          G. C. Mathews fonds
          PR1685 · Fonds · 1903-1933

          Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

          Mathews, G. C.
          Godthard Johnson fonds
          PR1453 · Fonds · 1903-1938

          Fonds consists of the personal records of Godthard Johnson pertaining to his time living in Alberta and British Columbia and includes an account book, bank book, lease, agreement for sale of land, an application for a chauffeur’s license, a price list for the Canadian Watchman Press publications, and various dental plate advertising materials, mainly from International Dental House.

          Johnson, Godthard
          Grace Bear fonds
          PR1221 · Fonds · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of photocopies of transcribed letters written to Grace Bear from Edward J. Sartain, who lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta and Montana from 1906-1916 (primarily 1906-1908), about his daily life, including hunting and traveling across Alberta.

          Bear, Grace
          Helen K. Wright fonds
          PR1734 · Fonds · 1973

          The fonds consists of interviews primarily by Helen K. Wright, but some jointly with Claire Kennedy, with Hazel Gillis, John Gillis, Robert Greer, Myrtle Edwards, A. Turnquist and T. Gray, Mr. Stelfox and Bill Green about the history of Rocky Mountain House. The interviews were conducted as part of the Horburg Project.

          Wright, Helen K.
          Henry Clifford Messum fonds
          PR2664 · Fonds · 1905, 1955

          The fonds consists of materials from Henry Clifford Messum's scrapbook regarding the Barr Colony including a program from the Barr Colonists Golden Jubilee, and newspaper clippings from The Lloydminster Times from 1905 and 1955.

          Messum, Henry Clifford
          Henry Stelfox fonds
          PR0602 · Fonds · 1905-1972

          Fonds consists of a memoir entitled Rambling Thoughts of a Wandering Fellow, 1903-1968, and a book of poems entitled When the Sawflies Mate in Summer and other Alberta poems, both written by Henry Stelfox. Fonds also includes photographs depicting Stelfox family members, farming, the lumber industry, and various First Nations people and scenes.

          Stelfox, Henry
          Herb Snyder fonds
          PR2045 · Fonds · 1878-2006

          The fonds consists of negatives, photographs, maps, audiocassettes and textual records regarding Wainwright and area, collected by Herb Snyder and used for the Wainwright local history book Buffalo Trails and Tails. The fonds also consists of photographs, negatives, and textual records of the Snyder family who were one of the pioneer and founding families of Wainwright. This material represents a time span of three generations of the family.

          Snyder, Herb M.
          Hilda Schmaus fonds
          PR0433 · Fonds · Copied 1970

          Fonds consists of an Alberta Citizens Registration form dating ca.1914, and an undated application to the Edmonton Pioneers and Northern Alberta Old-Timers’ Association by Helver Paulsen Hetarvig, which includes an account of his coming to Edmonton, Alberta.

          Schmaus, Hilda
          Hiram Staples fonds
          PR1947 · Fonds · 1890-1892

          The fonds consists of letters to Hiram Staples from his mother, Margaret Staples, who died in 1899, and from his brother.

          Staples, Hiram
          Hutchings family fonds
          PR2567 · Fonds · 1907 - 1963

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Hutchings family including photographs dating from the early part of the 20th century, and newspaper clippings recalling the Hutchings' pioneer life in Alberta.

          Hutchings family
          Inez B. Hosie fonds
          PR0742 · Fonds · 1903-1973, predominant 1968-1973

          Fonds consist of personal reminiscences written by Inez B. Hosie, a typed transcript of personal reminiscence written by her mother Adelaide Connors about the Frank slide, and photographs depicting the McLaren Mill Company in Blairmore, a school located west of Rimbey, and Villa Gearning, who worked at McLaren Mill Company.

          Hosie, Inez B.
          Isidore Goresky fonds
          PR1217 · Fonds · [197-?]

          The fonds consists of biographical information of Reverend (Rev.) Dmytro M. Ponich edited and transcribed by Isidore Goresky, “Early Life in Canada” and “Our Adventures in Argentina” by Kassian Skakun translated by Isidore Goresky and another work, “The Trek to the Homestead” translated by Isidore Goresky.

          Goresky, Isidore
          James McCook fonds
          PR3353 · Fonds · 1931-1965

          The fonds consists of photos depicting events associated with the Calgary Stampede, Kananaskis, Albertan pioneers, pioneer cemeteries, historic sites in Calgary and in other places in Alberta, and members of First Nations. The records also contain clippings, notes, and booklets giving contextual information to the photographs.

          McCook, James
          James Thurber fonds
          PR0898 · Fonds · 1917-1921

          The fonds consists of James Thurber’s certificates for membership into Southern Alberta Pioneers’ and Old Timers’ Association, Game Guardian, Commissioner to Administer Oaths, a certificate of incorporation for the British American Agencies Limited (Ltd.), and a photograph of Athabasca Landing.

          Thurber, James
          Jeannine Goudreau fonds
          PR3378 · Fonds · 1883-2008

          The fonds consists of textual records relating to the history and genealogies of the Royer, Lambert and Goudreau families, as well as historical research materials for the Beaumont History Book created or collected by Jeannine Goudreau. The records trace the settlement by the pioneers, the history of Beaumont and the growing francophone community in Alberta. Records also relate to significant events in the area including the tornado of 1987, as well as Jeannine Goudreau’s activities as volunteer in Saint-Vital Parish.
          The audiovisual material consists of family photos and images of Beaumont and its people, including a photo album with very rare photos of friends and family members. This album holds 3 cabinet cards (albumen prints), 4 cartes de visite (albumen prints) and 31 tintypes which are direct positive images that are laterally reversed of family portraits. There are 3 charcoal crayon portraits included, of Elise Royer, Amanda Royer and Jean Royer.

          Goudreau, Jeannine
          Jessie Moore fonds
          PR2673 · Fonds · [Copied ca. 1967]

          The fonds consists of an account of Jessie Moore's journey to Peace River County in 1911 typed from its original publication in the Rainy River Gazette. The account describes the appearance and the residents of the area. The individual responsible for retyping the account remains unidentified.

          Moore, Jessie
          Joan Margel fonds
          PR2635 · Fonds · 1997 - 1999

          The fonds consists of audio cassette recordings of oral history interviews conducted by Joan Margel with pioneers of the Spirit River, Alberta region. The interviews document the pioneer experience in the Spirit River, Alberta in the beginning of the 20th century. The fonds contains interviews with the following individuals: Jack Sandul, Bill Boyers, Bill Chalus, Anne Bahry (Sandul), John Lazoruk, Lillian Lazoruk, Pauline Nedohin, Rooth McBride, Dolly Kushneryk, Magda Burechailo, Ted Kwasnica, Elsie Burechailo, Michael Boyko, Nick Koral, Matt Dika, Bill Bayer, Mary Bayer, George Zyha, Mike Kotyk, Bill Woronuk, Mike and Anna Shonyruk, Pete Kushneryk, Mary Kushneryk, George Dolhan, Anne Favine, Nick Shnnyr, Wilma Bird, Graeme Thomlinson, Arletta Hampton, Bill Solomiany, Oma Grittner, Vernon Goldbraith, Helen Morrison, and Joan Margel.

          Margel, Joan
          Johanne LaBerge fonds
          PR0836 · Fonds · Copied 1973

          Fonds consists of copied photographs 1918 to circa (ca.) 1938 depicting barns, church interiors, people, house construction, horses, carriages and the Schultz and Anderson families, in Dalum, Alberta.

          LaBerge, Johanne
          PR2979 · Fonds · 1912 - 1943

          The fonds consists of a diary written by Emmeline Watson documenting the family's trip from Selkirk, Manitoba to Spirit River, Alberta in 1912 by train and wagon; postcards, including picture postcards featuring Alberta scenes; correspondence written by Reid Watson to his family while serving in World War I; a photograph of Reid Watson in uniform; and memorial records for John and Emmeline Watson.

          Watson, John and Emmeline
          John and Sarah Harrold fonds
          PR1651 · Fonds · Copied 1977-1979

          Fonds consists of the personal records of John Harrold Jr. and Sarah Harrold dating 1900-1959 and includes correspondence, an obituary for Sarah Harrold, farm account books that contain financial records, journal entries and inventories, diaries, and scrapbook. Fonds also includes a copied photograph depicting various members of Harrold family and their farm activities, and a copied township map of Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area.

          Harrold, John and Sarah
          John Smith Stewart fonds
          PR0796 · Fonds · [ca. 1897]-1970

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to John Smith Stewart’s military career, professional career as a dentist, and his personal life, and includes invitations, pamphlets, postcards, maps, correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, speeches, telegrams, historical/biographical sketches, personal reminiscences, awards, historical and medical journals, a 3rd Canadian Division report on operations, souvenir booklets, a watercolour painting, metal plate etchings, a list of dental clients and financial records, programmes, lists of veterans and veteran activities, and transcripts of an oral history by John Smith Stewart. Fonds also includes aerial and aerial composite photographs, and other photographs depicting military personnel, veterans, parades, a lacrosse team, Namao School District, and John Smith Stewart’s dental office.

          Stewart, John Smith
          Jon A. Benson fonds
          PR1263 · Fonds · 1905

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting views of Dawson City, Yukon.

          Benson, Jon A.
          Joseph Orn fonds
          PR1546 · Fonds · Copied 1976

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dating [19-] that depict log buildings in the Amber Valley, Alberta area.

          Orn, Joseph
          Kathryn Dean fonds
          PR1479 · Fonds · Copied [1984]

          The fonds consists of copied photographs of images dating circa (ca.) 1915 from the homestead of Pat O'Neil near Winnifred, Alberta, including a sod house and an artesian well.

          Dean, Kathryn
          Kennedy family fonds
          PR1015 · Fonds · [18-]-1929

          Fonds consists of the personal records of the Kennedy family and includes two letters, a birth certificate for George Kennedy (issued 1929), a list of the members of the Philip and Jessie Kennedy family, including dates of birth, three photographs depicting George Kennedy and various other family members, and a copied photograph depicting George Kennedy.

          Kennedy family
          Ladouceur family fonds
          PR0593 · Fonds · 1879-1922

          Fonds consists of correspondence, receipts, envelopes, a homestead Certificate of Recommendation and photocopied records dating 1881-1922 which include, receipts, correspondence, envelopes, financial records, notes, and a permit. Fonds also includes a certificate appointing Louis Lessard as Justice of the Peace in Lac La Biche, Alberta, and various lists written in Cree. Fifty photographs featuring the Ladouceur family circa 1890 - 1900 are included.

          Ladouceur family
          Lamont Reunion Club fonds
          PR0663 · Fonds · 1894-1972

          Fonds consists of a scrapbook compiled by the Lamont Reunion Club which includes historical/biographical sketches, financial records, funeral notices, poems, lists of pioneers and homesteads, minutes, and newspaper clippings pertaining to various Lamont and district residents. Fonds also includes photographs depicting various people, buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, bands, farms, and street views in the Lamont and district areas.

          Lamont Reunion Club
          Lamoureux family fonds
          PR0534 · Fonds · 1860-1972

          The fonds consists of Lamoureux family documents, including a large number of photographs as well as invitations, prayer books, poems, diplomas, marriage certificates, a baptism certificate, copies of the Lamoureux family tree and correspondence. Also included is a cashbook from the Fort Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Public School District No. 2.

          Lamoureux family
          PR1343 · Collection · 1784-1972

          The collection consists of both copied and original records and includes records belonging to various companies, associations, governments, and individuals. Fonds includes agendas, Alberta law stamps, association records, banners, calendars, celebration and event programmes, certificates, constitutions, diaries and daily journals, financial records, glass plate negatives, historical and biographical sketches, invitations, judges’ case books, lantern slides and coloured lantern slides, literary manuscripts, maps, mechanically produced photographic reproductions, minutes, negatives and cyanotype negatives, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, phonodiscs, photographs, political party records, prize lists, radio broadcasts and broadcast transcripts, receipts, scrapbooks, shares, souvenir booklets and photograph albums, surveys, temperance posters, and various other miscellaneous records. The collection has been divided into the following series: Aberdeen Association (1909-1911); Aberhart, William (1943); Alberta Golden Jubilee (1954-1955); Alberta Institute of Co-operation (1928-1929); Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists (around 1954); Alberta Women's Institute (1915-1963); Albright, W.D. (1930); Athabasca and District Board of Trade (June 9, 1952); Bennett, Richard Bedford (1905-1938, predominant 1937-1938); Blue, Mrs. John (1907-1913); Blyth, Alfred (1936-1939); Bob Edwards' Summer Annual (1920-1922); Brick, Mrs. A.L. (19-?); Brown, James McCredie (19-?); Bulkley, C.S. (1865-1867); Byron-May Company (1910-1914); Callihoo, Victoria (around 1948); Campbell, Colin Nicol (April 4, 1887); Canadian Club, Edmonton (1909-1912); Canadian Medical Association (August 1912); Carpenter, W.G. (April 8, 1927); Civil Service Association of Alberta (1955-1956); College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1924); Denny, Sir Cecil Edward (around 1905); Devore, R.W. (19-?); East Clover Bar Alberta Farmers' Association (1906-1912); Edmonds, W

          Legislature Library Archives Program
          Leonard Scott fonds
          PR2434 · Fonds · [ca. 1950]

          The fonds consists of a history of the settlers of the Waskatenau region written by Leonard Scott in ca. 1950.

          Scott, Leonard
          Lethbridge video collection
          PR2608 · Collection · 1992 - 1993

          The collection consists of a VHS recording entitled The History of Lethbridge (1992) and a VHS recording entitled Oh Pioneers (1993).

          Unknown donor
          PR0613 · Fonds · 1896-1926

          Fonds consists of minutes, short biographical sketches of some pioneers in the Star, Alberta area, a transcript of some minute entries, and a photograph of the Limestone Lake School District No. 12.

          Limestone Lake School District No. 412
          PR0837 · Fonds · 1849-1970

          Fonds consists of Bibles, prayer books, newspaper clippings, a visitor’s book from a Dalquist family reunion, and photographs depicting members of the Lindberg and Dalquist family members.

          Dalquist, Anna
          Lloyd Bossert collection
          PR0637 · Collection · Copied 1972

          Collection consists of negatives depicting pioneers and First Nations people from the Grande Cache, Alberta area.

          Bossert, Lloyd
          Lucas family fonds
          PR0232 · Fonds · [187-]-1960

          Fonds consists of photocopies of histories compiled by Daisy Lucas pertaining to the Lucas family, the Nelson family and other homesteading families in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, as well as photographs depicting early scenes around Edmonton and a manuscript about Fort Ethier and the Indian Industrial Farm from 1879 to 1902.

          Lucas family
          Lydia A. Trimble fonds
          PR1209 · Fonds · 1891-1982

          The fonds consists of correspondence dating 1891 to 1898 to Lydia Trimble from her Edmonton relatives, specifically her brother James Andrew, his wife Lydia Ann and his daughter Ida Trimble, describing their lives in early Edmonton, and a family portrait of the Edmonton relatives from 1898.

          Trimble, Lydia A.
          Lydia Babcock fonds
          PR0639 · Fonds · Copied 1984

          Fonds consist of pages from a family bible dating from about 1902 to 1951 containing information about the Lydia Babcock family and pupils of Lydia Babcock.

          Babcock, Lydia
          Madge Isabel Strong fonds
          PR0231 · Fonds · [19-]

          Fonds consists of a manuscript by Madge Strong about her experiences in Edmonton and Lloydminster between 1901 and 1908, as well as several photographs depicting scenes around Edmonton and Lloydminster.

          Strong, Madge Isabel
          Margaret D. Tettelaar fonds
          PR1620 · Fonds · Copied 1977

          Fonds consists of oral history given by Emma Gertrude Mayer dating 1977, and copied photographs and postcards dating 1908-1914 depicting members of the Mayer family, a sod house, buildings, railroad survey crew, the first opera at Wainwirght, Alberta, and views, buildings, hotels, and hospitals in Wainwirght, Strathmore, Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Jasper and Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

          Tettelaar, Margaret D.
          Marie-Anna Adèle Roy fonds
          PR3335 · Fonds · [1960-1964]

          The fonds consists of the typewrite manuscript of Le rayonnement d'une œuvre dans le nord albertain by Marie-Anna Adèle Roy. The manuscript has 108 pages of text, and 35 photographs and 3 maps illustrating the text. The manuscript is inscribed: "Collège de Gravelbourg, Section historique. En hommage!" It is composed of two parts: one, of 20 pages, with the title "Aux missionnaires et aux pionniers de La-Rivière-La-Paix", which locates the region, explains the origin of its name and tells the settling story of this part of Alberta; the other, called "Tangent", is the history of the village with the same name, founded in 1927, 300 km North-West of Edmonton. The manuscript ends the evocation of pioneers' life with the narrative of the 50th anniversary's ceremonies of the neighbour parishes Fahler, Donnelly and Girouxville on the 23rd of June, 1963.

          Roy, M-A Adele
          McKitrick family fonds
          PR0550 · Fonds · 1909-1938

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting people and images such as schools, Victoria Day celebrations, buildings, boats, dogsledding teams, and mountain views, in various National Parks and Alberta towns, including Fort McMurray, Tofield, Calgary, Camrose, and the Lethbridge land rush of 1910.

          McKitrick family
          Molyneaux family fonds
          PR1691 · Fonds · 1923-1956

          The fonds consists of constitutions and bylaws for the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers’ Association, the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League, and the Alberta Amateur Baseball Association. The fonds also includes a graduation program from Leduc High School, a photographic postcard of the Leduc Water Tower, a postcard of Sylvan Lake, rules and regulations of Leduc & Calmar Utilities Limited, a Canadian Pacific Airlines system timetable and a C. Woodward Limited account card.

          Molyneaux family
          Mrs. M. Nerland collection
          PR0571 · Collection · [19-]

          Collection consists of a transcript of an obituary of William Rowland published in the Standard newspaper on November 5, 1907, and biographical information about William Rowland.

          Nerland, Mrs. M.
          Nemirsky family fonds
          PR1426 · Fonds · 1737-2001, predominant 1896-2001

          Fonds consists of the personal records of various members of the Nemirsky family and includes estate records, genealogical records, records pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church, historical/biographical sketches and obituaries of various Ukrainian Canadians, homesteading and property records, brand, stock and crop records, records pertaining to school reunions and centenary celebrations, tourism records, and election materials. Fonds also contains a number of photocopied photographs and original photographs that depict family members, churches and various views in the Wostok, Alberta area. Fonds also includes a drawing by Michael Nemirsky, district and township maps, and blueprints of a gothic barn, a one room school house, a granary and John Bruchal’s house.

          Nemirsky family
          Nina Campbell fonds
          PR0754 · Fonds · Copied 1973-1974

          Fonds consists of Lithuanian music audio discs dating after 1912, transcribed reminiscences of Icelandic pioneers in the Markerville and Burnt Lake, Alberta areas dated circa (ca.) 1973, a photocopy of an Icelandic song book dated 1915, and copied photographs dating ca. 1890-1921 that depict various Burnt Lake and Markerville Icelandic pioneers and members of the Independent Order of Good Lodge.

          Campbell, Nina
          PR0361 · Fonds · 1926-1953

          Fonds consists of newsletters, lists of members, a photograph of a banquet held on 15 November 1950, several stories contributed by a member and correspondence.

          Northern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association
          Olive Osborne fonds
          PR1657 · Fonds · 1913-1914

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting images of various people, buildings and views in the Great Slave Lake and Peace River, Alberta areas including a paddle steamer, canoes, fish drying, livestock, and a log house.

          Osborne, Olive
          Oseen family fonds
          PR4038 · Fonds · 1917-2009

          The audiovisual records consist of oral history interviews conducted by Chester Oseen with various members of the Oseen family, including Claus and Minnie, as well as a short film about the Oseen homestead created by Chester Oseen in 1972 at the University of Lethbridge and two home movies depicting sheep shearing on a Hutterite colony in southern Alberta. The textual records consist of an extensive family history of the Oseen/Anderson families and notes about the creation of Chester’s film. There are also family photographs, an annotated copy of "Drybelt Pioneers of SUndial, Enchant, Retlaw," and a 1917 land-use map of southern Alberta created by the federal government.

          Oseen family
          Paul de Beaudrap fonds
          PR0591 · Fonds · Copied 1972

          The records consist of the 'Diaries of St. Ann Ranch - Three Hills', 1904-1933, on microfilm.

          de Beaudrap, Paul
          Ramond Oleson fonds
          PR1778 · Fonds · Copied 1988

          The fonds consists of images, originally from 1911, of homesteaders leaving Edmonton for Grande Prairie, and fur traders, including Arnold Johnson, Leon Ferguson and C.O. Pool at Lake Saskatoon.

          Oleson, Ramond