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              Allan Commodore fonds
              PR2551 · Fonds · [ca.1890] - 1934

              The fonds consists of the publications The School of Magnetism and Electricity (1914), The Canadian Speller Book (1934), The Essentials of Health (1909), The Children of History (1910), Ireland (1904), The Science of Eugenics and Sex Life (1914), Rudyard Kipling's Verse (1918), The New Century Perfect Speaker (1901), Medicology (1903), The Great Controversy between Christ and Satat (1911), and Sheldon's 20th Century Etiquette (1901); two ledgers from W.F. Jennejohn's Motor Inn in Vulcan, Alberta; a postcard album; a photograph album belong to the Gibson family; a photograph album belonging to an unidentified family; an account book for the Bank of Hamilton; Julius Zang Balance Sheet; a Shank Lake Oils Ltd. Share Certificate; a Big Chief Oil Company Share Certificate; a copy of Waghorn's Guide; a copy of Nor'West Farmer; a notice of auction sale; a leaflet pertaining to automobiles; and correspondence related to Valentine's Day. The fonds dates from ca. 1890 to 1934.

              Commodore, Allan
              Allan R. Turner fonds
              PR1585 · Fonds · 1906-1935

              The fonds consists of a letter from F.H. (Bert) Riggall, a list of the images, and photographs and photographic postcards of mountains, lakes, wildlife including bears, mountain goats, mountain sheep, deer, a grouse, and a porcupine, pack trains, tenting, hunting, and Bert Riggall. The fonds also includes a photograph of Lethbridge Central School, a photograph of Medicine Hat Public School, a photograph of Edmonton Protestant Public School, and a photograph of Edmonton High School. The photographs date from circa 1900. The photographer remains unidentified.

              Turner, Allan R.
              Amy Bradley fonds
              PR1638 · Fonds · 1905-1914

              The fonds consists of a scrapbook containing commercially produced cards, postcards and other ephemera.

              Bradley, Amy
              Arne J. Johannessen fonds
              PR2027 · Fonds · 1916

              The fonds consists of photographic postcards of the Peace River area, including views of Main Street, various buildings, a train, and views of the town; the images are by J. Martinos.

              Johannessen, Arne J.
              Arthur Marshall fonds
              PR0243 · Fonds · 1900-1949

              Fonds consists of records belonging to Arthur Marshall including correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and postcards.

              Marshall, Arthur
              Audrey and John Martyn fonds
              PR3665 · Fonds · 1949-2014

              The fonds consists of the records of John and Audrey Martyn. The records pertaining to Audrey Martyn comprise correspondence, mainly post cards, spanning a few decades; year books and report cards; records related to her advertising company; and presentations related to teaching. The fonds also includes certificates of recognition for both Audrey and John Martyn, family events memorabilia, and records related to John Martyn’s death. The photographs are of either family or related to Audrey and John’s professional work.

              The records related to John Martyn include class notes from his technical training in sheet metal, documents related to his involvement with the XI Commonwealth Games held at Edmonton in 1978, and with the Sourdough Raft Race and the Edmonton City Civic Truck Roadeo. Also included are audio recordings produced in majority in Alberta or with Albertan singers of Ukrainian folk music, recordings of various shows or events where John Martyn’s bands or other Albertan bands played Ukrainian folk, or original studio recordings of Ukrainian music, including a unique audio CD featuring the dulcimer player Nick Mischi and Peter Kassian’s orchestra, and a video recording of Nick Mischi performing live on a TV show.

              Martyn, Audrey and John
              Bertha E. Carter fonds
              PR2031 · Fonds · [197-?]

              The fonds consists of copied photographs which include images (originally postcards, copies include the text) of the High Level Bridge, an image originally dating 1911 of haying south of Gleichen, and images dating 1914 of the interior of the Rossdale Generating Station. The images have some relation to Robert (Bob) William Gosden, who worked on the construction of the High Level Bridge.

              Carter, Bertha E.
              Catherine Cole fonds
              PR2090 · Fonds · 1907-1942

              The fonds consists of 6 photographic postcards of Edmonton scenes dating from 1907-1942, 3 photographs of the interior of the Emery Company Ltd., 2 photographs of the 12th annual convention of the Alberta Federation of Labour, and one photograph of a picnic for employees of the Great Western Garment Company.

              Cole, Catherine
              Clement Schroeter fonds
              PR3232 · Fonds · 1910-1954

              The fonds consists of loose postcards and 1 postcard photo album of postcards sent to or from Clement Schroeter, 12 photographs, two of which are panorama photographs of the Edmonton Highlanders, personal papers from his service in the First World War 1914-1918, personal papers and one book from his time in the postal service, and 2 books on Vimy Ridge.

              Schroeter, Clement
              Colin Watson collection
              PR3770 · Collection · [ca. 1930]

              These photographs depict locations around Fort McMurray and Waterways, Alberta. The photos were printed on card stock and sold as postcards by Hill Drugs. The locations are all identified and depict such subjects as the Fort McMurray shipyards, tugboats, and aerial views of Fort McMurray and Waterways settlements.

              Unknown donor
              Cotter family fonds
              PR0675 · Fonds · 1887-1945

              Fonds consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, postcards, and photographs depicting various Cotter family and/or friends.

              Cotter family
              Daisy Keen fonds
              PR0650 · Fonds · [after 1907]

              The fonds consists of blank photographic postcards featuring views of Edmonton including the All Saint's Cathedral, General Hospital, the Edmonton Club building, various homes, and a steamer on the Saskatchewan River dating from the early part of the 20th century.

              Keen, Daisy
              Doris Pimm fonds
              PR0291 · Fonds · 1940-1987

              Fonds consists of the personal records of Doris Pimm, as well as publications and other memorabilia that she has collected. The records in this fonds include correspondence, photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and publications pertaining to the Alberta Potters’ Association, the Edmonton Grads Basketball Team, and ceramics in Alberta.

              Pimm, Doris
              Edith Peacock Young fonds
              PR1875 · Fonds · 1906

              The fonds consists of two postcards to Edith Peacock entitled “Greetings from Edmonton,” which have numerous small photographic images arranged to spell out the word “Edmonton.”

              Young, Edith Peacock
              Edith Roberts fonds
              PR2761 · Fonds · 1913 - 1919

              The fonds consists of five postcards featuring images of the Blairmore, Alberta area, four postcards featuring images of the Turner Valley oilfields, and one postcard featuring images of the Lethbridge Canadian Pacific Railway Viaduct. The postcards date from 1913 to 1919.

              Roberts, Edith
              Edmonton postcard collection
              PR2108 · Collection · 1904-1912

              The fonds consists of 18 postcards of Edmonton dating from 1902- 1912.

              Unknown donor
              PR2345 · Collection · [ca. 1915]

              The collection consists of 11 photographic postcards featuring Edmonton scenes dating from ca. 1915.

              Unknown donor
              Elina Ramberg fonds
              PR0924 · Fonds · 1910-1911

              Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards sent to Elina Ramberg from her friend Marie Smith. The images depicted on the postcards include buildings in Edmonton, Alberta including the Court House, Strathcona College, the Royal George Hotel, and the Skandinavian Restaurant.

              Ramberg, Elina
              PR2989 · Collection · [ca. 1900 - 1940]

              The collection consists of five photo-postcards featuring locations and activities in small town Alberta dating from circa 1900 to 1940 including: "Main Street, Killam, Alberta", "Killam Memorial Arena", "Grading Near Excel", "Gullekson's Outfit, Oyen, Alberta", and "Railway Ave, Olds, Alberta".

              Wetheral, Elizabeth
              Esther Heath fonds
              PR0452 · Fonds · 1910-[ca. 1912]

              The fonds consists of the images once belonging to Esther Heath, including photographic postcards of the area near Gull Lake, Alberta, Fritz Ebeling’s threshing outfit, the Peterson’s home and students at Woody Nook School District No. 2454, and a photograph of the students at the Woody Nook School.

              Heath, Esther
              Ethel McKnight fonds
              PR3078 · Fonds · [196?]

              The fonds consists of materials that Ethel McKnight acquired and contains postcards featuring scenes of Alberta including views of Wainwright, the Edmonton Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) building in Edmonton, the Corona Hotel in Edmonton, and the First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton circa the 1960s.

              McKnight, Ethel
              Evelyn Demorest fonds
              PR2098 · Fonds · 1908- 1951

              The fonds consists of photographic and picture postcards dating from 1908 – 1951 that Evelyn Demorest received from family and friends.

              Demorest, Evelyn
              Fireside Antiques collection
              PR2931 · Collection · 1898 - [ca. 1938]

              The collection consists of postcards featuring views of Edmonton dating from the early part of the 20th century; a memorial card for the death of Emma Suanders; a photograph featuring the Christies, Brays, and Saunders at Horseshoe Lake, a funeral notice for John Christie from 1913; a memorial card for Captain Bernard Alan Rowe dating from 1919; a teaching souvenir addressed to Margaret J. Christie dating from 1898; greeting cards and Christmas cards dating from the early part of the 20th century; and membership receipts addressed to J.T.A Saunders dating from the early part of the 20th century.

              Fireside Antiques
              PR1760 · Fonds · 1908-[1912]

              The fonds consists of a postcard of the construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton and various photographs and postcards of the construction of the High Level Bridge (Viaduct) in Lethbridge, including some images which show the effects of the 1908 flood in the area.

              Farran, Frederick St. Clair
              G. N. Finn fonds
              PR1539 · Fonds · 1909-1916

              The fonds consists of photographs and photographic and mechanically produced postcards which depict various people and views in Banff, Hardisty, Bow River, Edmonton, and Sylvan Lake, Alberta including rivers, a locomotive, buffalo, agricultural machinery, a First Nations chief, a church and church booth, log cabins, floods, bridges, street views, carriages, and hotels. Fonds also includes an image of Emmanuel College in Saskatchewan, and the R.M. Empress of Ireland.

              Finn, G.N.
              George Prudham fonds
              PR2745 · Fonds · [ca. 1940] - 1964

              The fonds consists of materials acquired by George Prudham including photographs of housing developments in Edmonton built by George Prudham taken by an unidentified photographer dating from the 1940s; blank postcards of the Alaska Highway and region dating from the 1940s; and a published history of Allison Proctor written by Mary Davies, Patti Meekison, and Rose Scott dating from 1964.

              Prudham, George
              George Roy fonds
              PR2416 · Fonds · 1897- [1915 or1916]

              The fonds consists of two postcards, an 1897 one from Louis Dale Hanna of Wetaskiwin and an 1899 one from George Banks also of Wetaskiwin. The fonds also includes an envelope addressed to George Roy dating from sometime during the First World War.

              Roy, George
              Gertrude Ragan fonds
              PR0842 · Fonds · 1921

              Fonds consists of photographic postcards depicting the ski long jump at the Calgary Winter Carnival.

              Ragan, Gertrude
              Glenn Petersen fonds
              PR2726 · Fonds · 1945 - 1946

              The fonds consists of four postcards featuring scenes of Edmonton, Alberta including Jasper Avenue, and the Legislative Buildings, acquired by Glenn Petersen while he attended Concordia College in 1946.

              Petersen, Glenn
              Gordon Scott fonds
              PR2017 · Fonds · 1907-1910

              The fonds consists of postcards, primarily addressed to a Mrs. John Newell of Christy's Lake, Ontario from Thomas Bell Scott; the images on the postcards are of buildings, bridges and streets in Edmonton, the incline railway in Edmonton, street cars, a bridge in Lethbridge, Lethbridge, farming and image of the Fraser Valley. The fonds also includes a souvenir booklet about the 1908 Edmonton Fire Department and two photographs of the laying of the cornerstone of the Alberta Legislative building.

              Scott, Gordon
              Harold Horsley fonds
              PR3939 · Fonds · [ca. 1901]-1939

              The fonds consists of a souvenir program of the Royal Visit to Edmonton, Alberta in 1939, photographs of street scenes in Innisfail, and blank postcards dating from the early decades of the 20th century.

              Horsley, Harold
              Hazel Stewart fonds
              PR1619 · Fonds · [ca. 1915]

              Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards and photographs depicting various mountain views in Alberta, as well as the interior and exterior of Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta, an incline railway and Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) fort in Edmonton, Alberta, and the interior of the New Cecil Grill. Fonds also includes hand coloured photographs and photographic postcards depicting women, children and wilderness scenes.

              Stewart, Hazel
              Helen Manson fonds
              PR1457 · Fonds · 1914-1917

              Fonds consists of three coloured postcards depicting scenes in Edmonton, Alberta including the McKay Avenue Public School, construction of the High Level Bridge, and a woman riding a horse.

              Manson, Helen
              H.M. Seller fonds
              PR2788 · Fonds · 1908

              The fonds consists of 4 picture postcards featuring Edmonton scenes addressed to H.M. Seller and dating from 1908.

              Seller, H.M.
              Ian Paterson collection
              PR3221 · Collection · [ca.1911] - 1938

              The fonds consists of images of scenes in Alberta acquired by Ian Paterson including Big Island on the North Saskatchewan in 1926, Athabasca Landing Ferry in 1926, the Peace River Highway in 1931, a ferry on the North Saskatchewan River at Strawberry Creek in 1931, the Town of Athabasca in 1932, the Ghost River Dam in 1938, and the Calgary-Edmonton Highway near Bowden in 1938.

              The fonds also contains copies of photographic postcards acquired by Ian Paterson dating from the early part of the 20th century. The postcards feature images of Alberta including the Red Deer River Crossing of the Canadian National Railways (CNR) at Drumheller, the Hanna CNR station, the Athabasca River Bridge, the Beaver Bridge at Bonnyville, "Big Eddy", "Steveville", the CNR Station at Alliance, the St. Albert Hotel, Saunders Creek, a pack train at Edson, a bridge at Wabamun, the CNR depot at Jasper, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Lethbridge, the Athabasca River bridge, the Brazeau Collieries at Nordegg, and the Town of Wayne.

              Paterson, Ian
              J. Ernest Nix collection
              PR2696 · Collection · 1904-1933

              The collection consists material acquired or purchased by J. Ernest Nix and includes the following C.W. Mathers postcards: “The beginning of Better Things” (sod house with bison bones), “A Typical Indian Camp near Edmonton, Alberta,” “Saskatchewan River at Edmonton,” Queen’s Avenue Public School,” “Early Edmonton Days,” “Old Fort Edmonton” and two different postcards of “Some of Edmonton’s Residences.” The collection also includes a photograph of the Oliphant-Munson Collieries Ltd. in Edson, Alberta taken between 1916 and 1930 by an unidentified photographer.

              Nix, James E.
              J. Lamb fonds
              PR1604 · Fonds · [ca. 1914]

              Fonds consists of photographic postcards depicting a Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) railroad bridge at Carmangay, Alberta and steamboats at Athabasca, Alberta.

              Lamb, J.
              Jacques Baril fonds
              PR1924 · Fonds · 1906-1939

              The fonds consists of photos and post cards of various Edmonton and Alberta based associations as well as correspondence from the Chevaliers de Colombe (Knights of Columbus).

              Baril, Jacques
              PR2979 · Fonds · 1912 - 1943

              The fonds consists of a diary written by Emmeline Watson documenting the family's trip from Selkirk, Manitoba to Spirit River, Alberta in 1912 by train and wagon; postcards, including picture postcards featuring Alberta scenes; correspondence written by Reid Watson to his family while serving in World War I; a photograph of Reid Watson in uniform; and memorial records for John and Emmeline Watson.

              Watson, John and Emmeline
              Jules Bidault fonds
              PR1912 · Fonds · 1906-1925

              The fonds consist of postcards from family and friends in France, received or collected by Jules Bidault.

              Bidault, Jules
              PR2420 · Fonds · [1907 - 1930]

              The fonds consists of postcards Lizzie and George Godkin received and collected from ca. 1907 to 1930.

              Godkin, Lizzie and George
              Lottie Kells fonds
              PR0888 · Fonds · [ca. 1904] - [ca. 1912]

              The fonds consists of 92 postcards either received or collected by Lottie Kells between approximately 1904 and 1912. Thirty-nine of the postcards are of Edmonton views, including buildings, river valley views, and various streets. The remaining 53 postcards are a mix of greeting cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards.

              Kells, Lottie
              Louise Lyons collection
              PR2623 · Collection · 1911-1920

              The collection consists of a photograph of Billy Day of Athabasca Landing driving a team of moose at the Edmonton Exhibition in 1911 and a Christmas card dating from 1912. The collection also includes 12 photographic postcards dating from the 1920s featuring elk in Wainwright Park, men and a dog team, Mt. Robson in Mt. Robson Park, Mt. Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park, buffalo in Wainwright Park, Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park, Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, and Jasper Park Lodge.

              Lyons, Louise
              Manitoba Museum collection
              PR2630 · Collection · 1907 - [ca. 1927]

              The collection consists of postcards featuring views of Alberta locations including Wainwright, Fort McMurray, and Edmonton circa 1907 to 1927.

              Unknown donor
              Margaret E. Mitchell fonds
              PR0820 · Fonds · [ca. 1913], 1916

              The fonds consists of two postcards, one photographic postcard of the High Level Bridge, with text on the reverse, and one mechanically reproduced postcard of the Strathcona Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, in 1916, published by the McDermid Engraving Company.

              Mitchell, Margaret E.
              Margaret Nelsen fonds
              PR2694 · Fonds · [ca. 1921]

              The fonds consists of a postcard featuring the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Station in Calgary circa 1921 and a postcard featuring the Palliser Hotel in Calgary circa 1921.

              Nelsen, Margaret
              Margareta Thomson fonds
              PR1621 · Fonds · [ca. 1920]

              Fonds consists of mechanically produced colour postcards depicting Easter greetings.

              Thomson, Margareta
              Marlene Jerred fonds
              PR1427 · Fonds · 1908-1924

              The fonds consists of photographic postcards, photographs and postcards from Okotoks, Lethbridge, Millarville, Saddle Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Landing, Fort Smith and Fort McMurray of buildings, churches, missions, barn building, residents, dog teams, horses, houses, boats and canoes, rivers, horse races, and some of the Calgary Stampede.

              Jerred, Marlene
              Miriam Elston fonds
              PR0132 · Fonds · 1910-1920

              Fonds consists of three scrapbooks containing articles and short stories by Miriam Elston, and editorial appreciation of her work. Also consists of photographs and postcards depicting life in Alberta.

              Elston, Miriam
              PR3910 · Collection · [19--]

              The collection consists of 12 prints of paintings by Charles Russell and 121 postcards of sites around Alberta with a focus on the Banff area.

              Unknown donor
              Murray family fonds
              PR3413 · Fonds · 1892-[197?]

              The fonds consists of black and white photographs of members of the Murray family, their farm, the Leduc area, a logging camp in Entwistle, and a camp in Wildwood; photo postcards, mostly of the Edmonton area, some colour, some black and white, dating c. 1910-1930 some of which contain correspondence sent to Ellen Murray from her daughter Mary in Edmonton, and what may be a promotional postcard booklet; correspondence relating to John Murray's involvement in the creation of the West Union Public School District, No. 753, in 1902; and materials relating to John and Ellen Murray including their marriage certificate, 1889, letters from John to Ellen when he was in Vancouver, 1892-1893, a Dominion Lands Tax Receipt for their homestead in the Leduc area, 1899, a letter to John and Ellen from her [sister] S. Tripp in 1912, a receipt for John's tombstone, 1920, a tax notice for the Leduc property from 1938, and other ephemera.

              Murray family
              Nick Nowytzkyj fonds
              PR2706 · Fonds · 1959

              The fonds consists of 18 blank postcards featuring Ukrainian dancers dating from 1959, and 1 negative of a postcard.

              Nowytzkyj, Nick
              Pat Peterson fonds
              PR1963 · Fonds · [1954]

              The fonds consists of postcards of aerial views of Edmonton including the Legislative buildings, the North Saskatchewan River, the Hotel Macdonald, the Municipal Airport, Jasper Avenue, the University of Alberta, various hospitals and buildings, sports fields, an oil refinery, and Leduc.

              Peterson, Pat
              Rector family fonds
              PR2172 · Fonds · 1912, 1955

              The fonds consists of a photographic postcard of the construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton with the reverse mostly likely written by Walter Rector to family in the United States dating from about 1912 and a copy of the publication The Edmonton Exhibition, Calendar of Events from 1955. The postcard references the 1912 election of American President Woodrow Wilson.

              Rector family
              Ronald E. Buckell fonds
              PR2259 · Fonds · [1895-1915]

              The fonds consists of 386 nautically themed, and British and Canadian scene picture postcards dating from ca. 1895 - 1915.

              Buckell, Ronald E.
              Sadie Samis fonds
              PR2776 · Fonds · Copied 1968

              The fonds consists of copies of photographic postcards featuring Alberta scenes circa 1910 - 1911 taken by J.R.F. McKitric. The postcards feature the Catholic Separate School in Edmonton, a River steamer on the North Saskatchewan River, Lacombe, the Low Level Bridge, line ups during the Lethbridge land rush, the Incline Railway in Edmonton, and boatman on the Athabasca River.

              Samis, Sarah
              PR3958 · Collection · 1906, 1909, 1924

              The collection consists of photographic postcards of Lake Louise, Calgary, Edmonton, and Alby, Alberta.

              Unknown donor
              Vincent Jaselun fonds
              PR2516 · Fonds · [ca. 1920] - 1947

              The fonds consists material acquired by Vincent Jaselun including forty blank picture postcards of Alberta landscapes dating from the 1920s, and a grain receipt dating from 1947 issued to Parrish Heimbecker.

              Jaselun, Vincent
              W. C. Bryan fonds
              PR2016 · Fonds · [192-]

              The fonds consists of photographs and postcards of various aspects of the Alberta Provincial Police and includes images of police dogs, officers, liquor blockades near Coleman, British Columbia, Provincial Police officers, horses, detachment buildings throughout the province, motorcycle squads, automobiles, boats, inspections, funerals (including that of S.O. Lawson), and Brownlee's tour of the Peace River area.

              Bryan, W.C.
              Walter Hill fonds
              PR0382 · Fonds · Copied 1970

              Fonds consists of photographs and postcards, with commentary, depicting various views of Fort McMurray, Alberta dating ca.1900-1967.

              Hill, Walter
              Wendy Davey fonds
              PR0892 · Fonds · [1904 -1911]

              The fonds consists of 17 mechanically reproduced souvenir postcards of views of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Buffalo Park (Wainwright), Alberta.

              Davey, Wendy
              William A. Cannon fonds
              PR2457 · Fonds · [ca. 1913 - 1939]

              The fonds consists of 18 postcards dating from the 1910s to the 1930s featuring Edmonton scenes including the University of Alberta, Strathcona Park, the legislature building, Alberta College, Jasper Avenue, and Whyte Avenue.

              Cannon, William A.
              Young family fonds
              PR2897 · Fonds · [ca. 1906 - 1930]

              The fonds consists of 96 postcards sent to the Young family from relatives and friends of the family circa 1906 - 1930.

              Young family