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A. Clayton Milroy fonds
PR0536 · Fonds · Copied 1971-1977

Fonds consists of records dating 1912-1973 and includes a report on the Canada Land and Irrigation Company Limited, which contains maps and photographs of areas in Medicine Hat, Alberta, a report entitled The Lost Mine of the Saskatchewan, and a brief history of Medicine Hat. Fonds also includes various photographs relating to engineering, railroads, land and irrigation, and farming.

Milroy, A. Clayton
Albert Donnelly fonds
PR2339 · Fonds · 1993

The fonds consists of 2 audio cassette recordings of an oral history conducted by the Old Strathcona Foundation with Albert Donnelly.

Donnelly, Albert
PR2225 · Collection · 1909-1922

The collection consists of a schedule and map for the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway dating from 1922 as well as photographs of the construction of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway in 1909.

Alberta and Great Waterways Railway
PR3001 · Fonds · 1913 - 1927

The fonds consists of materials acquired from the Alberta Motor Association and includes a roadmap of Alberta produced by the Stovel Company in 1917; A Canadian Northern Railway Timetable for November 15, 1913; a map of Edmonton and Area produced by Crafts, Lee, and Gallingher, Land Agents, Edmonton prior to 1914; and a Canadian Topographical Survey Map of North-Western Canada produced by the Department of the Interior in 1927.

Alberta Motor Association
PR1058 · Fonds · 1959-1996, predominant 1962-1992

Fonds consists of the operational and administrative records of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association Rocky Mountain Branch, the Alberta Pioneer Railway Association, and the Alberta Railway Museum, including records pertaining to its collections and acquisitions, operations, fundraising, employees and volunteers, health and safety procedures, outreach programs, site development, and association with other railroad organizations and includes historical/biographical sketches, inventories, membership lists, reports, presentations, bylaws, resolutions, organizational charts, articles, correspondence, agreements, membership notices, share certificates, operations rule books, minutes, donor lists, convention programmes and newsletters, including The Marker, The Rattler, the Alberta Railway Journal, and Highball, a guest book, press releases, business plans, annual reports, budgets, financial records, grants applications, proposals, and equipment rosters, catalogues, drawings, and specifications. Fonds also includes plans, drawings, photographs and a slide which depict various railway equipment and members of the association. This fonds has been arranged into the following series: Canadian Railroad Historical Association Rocky Mountain Branch (1962-1990) and Alberta Pioneer Railway Association (1959-1996).

Alberta Pioneer Railway Association
PR1059 · Collection · [ca.1909]-1978

Collection consists of various records relating to the City of Edmonton Street Railway Department, Edmonton Street Railroad and Radial Railway, Canadian National Railroad, Canadian Northern Railway Company, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Grand Trunk Pacific Companies, Northern Alberta Railways Company, Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway Company, and Central Canada Railway Company. Collection includes financial records, passenger statistics, correspondence, telegrams, equipment inventories, specifications and advertising catalogues, tenders, equipment and track standards, duplicate certificates of title, newsletters, newspaper clippings, a conductor’s book, public notices and transit system schedules, employee files and seniority lists, radio advertising broadcast transcripts and advertising copy. Collection also includes plans and maps depicting various areas in Edmonton, Alberta that are serviced by transit and railroad companies. Collection also includes photographs that depict the interior and renovations of a street-car, and various railroad construction crews and equipment.

There is also a photograph of the last remaining Northern Alberta Railways engine being removed from the Cromdale Barns to the Alberta Railway Museum site by the Alberta Pioneer Railway Association on 12 October 1975. This was the last APRA engine housed at the Cromdale Barns and it is still part of the APRA holdings on display at the Alberta Railway Museum.

Alberta Pioneer Railway Association
Alf Standell fonds
PR1946 · Fonds · 1912-[192-]

The fonds consists of images of mine rescue workers, the Edmonton Canadian Pacific Railway station, railway workers, miners, trains, haying near Castor, Alberta, men cooking, the Legislature, Pete’s Dollar Taxi’s store front, automobiles (most likely taxis), McCauley School in Edmonton, views of Fort Saskatchewan, Paris Confectionary, automobile races, a funeral service and the badlands.

Standell, Alf
Amelia E. McCrum fonds
PR1915 · Fonds · 1893-1943

The fonds consists of images of early Edmonton and includes photographs of Edmonton and Strathcona, Edmonton hospitals, schools, brewery, train stations, streets (including Whyte Avenue), houses, buildings, ferry, bridges, a train derailment, Heimthal church (east of Ellerslie), the Stettler creamery, the Innisfail Hotel, the dining room of Royal Hotel, children swimming, canoeing, shaving, and a bear, and postcards of the Royal Hotel, Diamond Hall (Ash Brothers (Bros.)), Edmonton bridges, an incline railway, buildings, views, streets, street cars, the Legislature, the University, views along the Athabasca River, hotels, buildings and banks in Wetaskiwin, Sylvan Lake, scouts, buffalo, bridge at Rocky Mountain House, First Nations peoples, North Battleford (Saskatchewan), buildings, trolleys, bridges, and rivers in Calgary, mountains, glaciers, near Banff and Jasper, buildings, bridges in Banff, branding, and harvesting.

The fonds also includes an Edmonton Orpheus Society banquet program, toast lists and menus for the Old Timers’ Association of Edmonton, a business card for the Royal Hotel, a Salvation Army Diamond Jubilee dinner ticket, a Christmas card, a Jasper House Christmas Day menu, Royal Hotel Christmas menus, and sheet music for song “The Emblem of Alberta” (words by Jeannette Forsyth and music by Gilbert Stirling).

McCrum, Amelia E.
Anthony Salga fonds
PR1339 · Fonds · 1924-1942

Fonds consists of the personal records of Anthony Salga and includes federal and provincial income tax statements and time sheets from his time working at Mountain Park Coals Ltd. Fonds also includes Canadian National Railways (CNR) and Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) train timetables.

Salga, Anthony
Arne J. Johannessen fonds
PR2027 · Fonds · 1916

The fonds consists of photographic postcards of the Peace River area, including views of Main Street, various buildings, a train, and views of the town; the images are by J. Martinos.

Johannessen, Arne J.

The series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Transportation Safety Services (later renamed Traffic Safety Services). The records include background and reference information about specific incidents as well as information and discussion papers relating to issues and legislation.

Alberta. Transportation (2008-2022). Traffic Safety Services. Assistant Deputy Minister
Austin Sawdon fonds
PR1274 · Fonds · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1910-1967 that depict the Sawdon family and residents of Three Hills, Alberta, and various other images of Three Hills including Sawdon Drug Store and other businesses in Three Hills, railroad stations and construction, churches, building interiors, fires, carriages and carts, barns, Sarcee Camp, soldiers, automobiles, grain elevators, picnics, houses, women, ferries, bands, fairs, children, and street and aerial views of Three Hills, Alberta.

Sawdon, Austin
PR2304 · Collection · Copied 1976-1977

The collection consists of images of dating from about 1903 to about 1930 from the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan area relating to Barr colonists, and includes images of a variety of buildings including the school, train station, bank, post office, and hospital, automobiles, houses, log cabins, tents, ploughing, haying, horse and cart, a musical band and a soccer team. The fonds includes a number of images relating to the Tebbs, Booth, Topott, Hall, Wright, Grey, Fisher, Jones, Sutton, and Cripps families and to Rev. Trench.

Barr Colony Museum
PR1964 · Collection · Copied 1977

The collection consists of copied photographs dating 1927-1955 that depict various people, buildings and views in Barrhead, Alberta including Carl Johnson’s Central Meat Market, Hooper’s Garage, the Bank of Toronto, nuns, the United church and St. John’s Lutheran church, an Alberta Jubilee parade, street views, cars, the first train in Barrhead, and a hospital built by Doctor (Dr.) E.J. Varreau.

Barrhead Centennial Museum
PR2646 · Fonds · [ca. 1950 - 1969]

The fonds consists of images of the CN railway through areas of Alberta including Miette, Medicine Lodge Station, and Edson Hotel taken by an unidentified photographer and dating from the 1950s and the 1960s.

McCarthy, Bernard Gerald
Blank family fonds
PR0275 · Fonds · 1913-1948

Fonds consists of records belonging to the Blank family including correspondence, account books, and photographs.

Blank family
Cam Smith fonds
PR1484 · Fonds · Copied 1984 and 1986

The fonds consists of images of the Edmonton and Camrose hockey teams, Renfrew baseball park and a train engine.

Smith, Cam
PR0101 · Fonds · 1897-1999

This fonds consists of two sous-fonds: the Canadian National Railway Company, Western Canada sous-fonds from 1897-1999; the Northern Alberta Railways Company sous-fonds from 1907-1983.

Canadian National Railway Company
PR3919 · Collection · [19--]

The fonds consists of nine lantern slides that were potentially created as promotional images for Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 20th century. The images depict CPR employees, trains, interiors of train cars, and a biplane.

Unknown donor
Carol Boychuk fonds
PR2372 · Fonds · [1930]

The fonds consists of a photograph of the Edmonton Canadian National Railways (CN) Station dating from ca. 1930 and a photograph of the Alberta Legislative Building in Edmonton, Alberta dating from ca. 1930.

Boychuk, Carol
Cecil J. Swanson fonds
PR0045 · Fonds · 1930 - 1998

The fonds consists of photographs, negatives, and slides featuring locations, facilities, and equipment of Northern Alberta Railways that were created by Cecil Swanson during the course of his work and were subsequently used to create the publication The Northern Alberta Railways Vol. 3 (1998). The fonds also includes a copy of The Northern Alberta Railways Vol. 3.

Swanson, Cecil J.
PR1405 · Collection · Copied 1974-1987

The collection consists of images, originally dating ca. 1914 to ca. 1983 from Cereal, Alberta, including images of views of Cereal, streets, hotels, train station, schools, hospitals, a restaurant interior, houses and log houses, children, residents, hospital matrons, a hospital doctor, the director of nurses, geese hunters, a fiddler, horse and carts, horse and sleigh, horses, cattle, oxen, barns, farming, harvesting, plowing, harrows, water well, baseball spectators, cars, picnics, skiing, trains, and a steam engine.

Cereal Prairie Pioneer Museum
PR1841 · Fonds · 1912-1927

The fonds consists of photographs from their time in Edmonton and includes images of construction workers, buildings under construction, the construction of the 109th street subway (later known as the “Rat Hole”), Grand Trunk Pacific workers and excavation machinery, a trestle bridge and workers, construction of a railway station in Fabyan, Alberta and construction of a building, the Donald Fraser Memorial building, which was possibly located in New Brunswick.

Bishop, Charles and Myrtle
Charles Anderson fonds
PR1976 · Fonds · [Copied 1996]

The fonds consists of copies of records relating to the life of Charles Anderson and includes correspondence relating to his appointment to the Order of Canada, newspaper clippings, and other records that provide biographical information about Charles Anderson and historical information about the Northern Alberta Railways and the Alberta Resources Railway Corporation. The fonds also include a 1973 image of Charles Anderson.

Anderson, Charles
Charles J. Anderson fonds
PR3915 · Fonds · 1885 - 1935

The photographs include a portrait of scouts from the 1885 Northwest Resistance, images of railway construction, sites in Tofield and Edmonton, and images of the Anderson family.

Anderson, Charles James
Clarence Comrie fonds
PR1447 · Fonds · 1912-1995

Fonds consists of photographs depicting mainly railroad locomotives, cars, stations, employees and derailments in Lac La Biche, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Waterways and Hythe, Alberta, but also includes a ceremony for returning First World War soldiers, buildings, sled-dogs, a hotel, floods, buffalo, tar sands, a Hudson’s Bay Company steamer on the Athabasca River, bridges, and construction of a water tower. Fonds also includes a newspaper clipping entitled The Muskeg Special, correspondence, information and photographs used for publishing the book Ribbons of Steel.

Comrie, C.
Clayton Willson fonds
PR2888 · Fonds · [ca. 1900] - 1929

The fonds documents Clayton Willson's career with CPR and consists of images of a CPR train and CPR boats at Arrow Lake, BC (1900), Clayton Willson on a CPR steamer (1908); Clayton Willson and other men in a CPR engine yard in Canmore, Alberta (1912); Clayton Willson inside the cab of the North Passenger Train #2532 behind the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) building in Calgary (1912), Alberta; Clayton Wilson in the cab of the North Passenger Train #2532 in front of the Palliser Hotel in Calgary (1929), and a map illustrating the stops and side trails along the track from Calgary to Field, BC [1910].

Willson, Clayton
PR2990 · Fonds · 1912 -1916, 2004

The fonds includes a photo album documenting Colin Hardwicke's experience working for the Canadian National Railway (CNR) from 1912 to 1916. The album includes images of people, places, and events around the building and development of railways in Northern Alberta taken by Colin Hardwicke while he worked for CPR. The fonds also a biography written by Norman Hardwicke in 2004, the Colin and Beatrice Hardwicke Story.

Hardwicke, Colin and Norman
David Clark collection
PR1302 · Collection · [ca. 1905]

The fonds consists of a photograph album with twenty-four photographs of the North West Territories (Alberta and Saskatchewan) and Manitoba, featuring trains, riverboats, picnics, parades, a fire brigade, [Indigenous people and First Nation camps] natives and native encampments, Doukabors, mining, a hotel, the St. Andrew's Lockport bridge, Countess Grey, and a toboggan slide.

Clark, David
David M. Wolochow fonds
PR1124 · Fonds · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1919-1935 which depict various images in the Mayerthorpe, Alberta area including Dr. Paul Wolochow and other Wolochow family members, horses, sledges, ferries, automobiles, railroad cars and engines, agricultural machinery and scenes, women, log cabins and other buildings, and a drugstore.

Wolochow, David M.
Della Reidel fonds
PR0078 · Fonds · [192-]-1973

The fonds consists of number of greeting cards collected by Mrs. Reidel between the years of 1920 and 1970. The fonds also includes mementos from Mrs. Reidel's life in Edmonton including Johnstone Walker ads; a local insurance company premium book, a bank book from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,a photo of the Edmonton Radial Railway observation car, a photo of the interior of Ghormley's Store, and other souvenir publications.

Reidel, Della
Dennis Lane fonds
PR1709 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1910

The fonds consists of images of a team of moose at the Edmonton Exhibition, the first train to come to Edmonton, the provincial inauguration ceremonies where Edmonton was designated the capital and reputedly the first frame house in Edmonton.

Lane, Dennis
Dent family fonds
PR3361 · Fonds · 1915-1994

The fonds consists of records created and acquired by Leslie, Kathleen, and Ralph Dent in the course of their work and private lives. Leslie's records include photographs, training notes, and correspondence from his service during the First World War, correspondence and records related to his union activities and work for CNR, and a significant amount of material from his amateur performance career. This latter material includes annotated and non-annotated song sheets, programs, and song lyrics.

Kathleen's records include a self-created cookbook, certificates received on significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, and photographs related to her personal life and performances with Leslie.

Ralph's records consist of photographs from his service in the Second World War, training notebooks and other military-related textual material, scrapbooks, personal correspondence, and war-time publications related to flight education and training.

Dent family
Desmond H. Brown fonds
PR0869 · Fonds · [ca. 1874]-1975

The fonds consists of a paper, entitled “Rail Track Mileage in Alberta, 1883-1915,” by D.H. Brown, along with copies of records used in his research, a railway map of Alberta, 1915, and a photograph of early settlers, possibly American, from circa (ca.) 1874.

Brown, Desmond H.
Doreen Olecko fonds
PR1017 · Fonds · Copied 1974-1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs that date from 1910-1945, predominantly 1910-1922, that depict various people, buildings, and views in the Whitecourt, Alberta area and includes barns, log buildings, carriages and carts, a hockey team, Beaver Bridge, a survey party, school children, street views, churches, tractors, ferries, railroad construction, various public events and picnics, Harrop’s Hotel, Torgerson’s Store, H. Steward Pool Room, and the Whitecourt Hotel.

Olecko, Doreen
Douglas Gaudette fonds
PR0954 · Fonds · Copied 1980

The fonds consists of five images dating from 1913 to 1914, one of Frank Gaudette’s Drugstore in Mirror Landing (renamed Smith), Alberta and four of Granum, Alberta, including the train station and grain elevators, a school, a church, and Main Street.

Gaudette, Douglas
Douglas Vernon Parker fonds
PR2720 · Fonds · 1912

The fonds consists of a line map of the Edmonton Interurbun Railway Northern Section dating from 1912.

Parker, Douglas Vernon
Ed Dempster fonds
PR1570 · Fonds · Copied 1985

The fonds consists of images, originally dating ca. 1930 to ca. 1940, of road construction and camps near Irma, Mercoal and Coalspur Alberta, bridge construction over the McLeod River, horses pulling logs at Whitecourt and Fort McMurray, Alberta, strip mining near Edson, Alberta, the Edson train station, a moose calf at Coalspur, students of Clyde school (1933) and tractors, combines and harvesting.

Dempster, Ed
Edna Kidd fonds
PR2527 · Fonds · [ca. 1910]

The fonds consists of photograph album circa (ca.) 1910 featuring views of Edmonton and surrounding area including Jasper Avenue, a First Nations parade, individuals, farms, school buildings such as Norwood School, and railroad tracks. The fonds also includes a photograph of a lightning storm on the prairies and a view of a grain field ca. 1910.

Kidd, Edna
PR1820 · Fonds · [191-]

The fonds consists of photographs relating to the construction of the Central Canada Railway Company, particularly near Reno, Alberta and includes images of tracks, workers, restaurants, wagons, and tents.

Hutchinson, Elizabeth N.
Ena Schneider fonds
PR2186 · Fonds · 1916-1992

The fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, interview transcripts, and research materials Ena Schneider collected and created to write Ribbons of Steel: The Story of the Northern Alberta Railways dating from 1916-1992. The fonds also includes records of an unrealized traveling exhibition compiled by Schneider entitled, “Women Teachers in Alberta – A Century of Service.”

Schneider, Ena
Forin family fonds
PR0273 · Fonds · [ca. 1888]-1958, predominant 1901-1958

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Alexander Forin family and the Jack Forin family including photographs, newspaper clippings, programs and a radio show manuscript. The fonds has been divided into two series: Alexander Forin family records; and John W. Forin family records.

Forin family
PR3229 · Fonds · 1911-1990

The fonds consists of three photographs regarding CN and the Keefes, numerous Rail Operating Instruction and rule books and other trade manuals, ledgers detailing day to day train operations, newspaper articles related to railway history, two union constitution manuals and a labour relations manual, Instructions and Schedule for the CNR Royal Tour in 1939, a folio of folded circuit designs, and numerous CN time tables.

Keefe, Frank H. and George W.
Frederick George Topp fonds
PR3132 · Fonds · Copied 1970

The fonds consists of a copy of Frederick George Topp's autobiography, "An Immigrant of '82". The autobiography recounts Topp's life in Calgary as well as politics, business, the North West Mounted Police, and railroad construction.

Topp, Frederick George
Series · 1971-1996

The series consists of policy records that relate to freight transportation. The records address policy development, railways, branch line abandonments, long range transportation plans, the coal car project, Alberta Intermodal Services, Alberta Resources Railway, crow cost updates, grain dependent lines, VIA rates, Shortline Rail, petrochemicals and rail lines, forest products and freight rates, Rail Rationalization, various rail car types, trucking, ports, and international distribution. The records include copies of legislation, correspondence, studies, reports, plans, charts, graphs, regulations, Memos of Understanding, meeting materials, agreements, requisitions, and proposals.

Alberta. Transportation and Utilities. Policy Development Branch
F.R.F. McKitrick fonds
PR0628 · Fonds · 1882-1935

Fonds consists of records associated with F.R.R. McKitrick’s time as a teacher, farmer, and newspaper correspondent and includes correspondence, homestead records, curriculum material for geography and history, school exams, financial records, brand records, promissory notes, bank books, resort brochures, newspaper clippings, notes, written and typed manuscripts, railroad timetables, poems, income tax forms, receipts, pamphlets, hand-drawn maps, and bankruptcy records. Fonds also includes photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting various people, buildings, and scenes in Alberta and Ontario including the McKitrick family, the Edmonton Commercial Grads, the logging industry, churches, parades, steamers and ferries, First Nations, railroad and road construction, bridge construction, farming, train wrecks, horses and other animals, exhibitions and fairs, and an oil field.

McKitrick, F.R.F.
G. N. Finn fonds
PR1539 · Fonds · 1909-1916

The fonds consists of photographs and photographic and mechanically produced postcards which depict various people and views in Banff, Hardisty, Bow River, Edmonton, and Sylvan Lake, Alberta including rivers, a locomotive, buffalo, agricultural machinery, a First Nations chief, a church and church booth, log cabins, floods, bridges, street views, carriages, and hotels. Fonds also includes an image of Emmanuel College in Saskatchewan, and the R.M. Empress of Ireland.

Finn, G.N.
Geddes family fonds
PR1260 · Fonds · 1805 - 1991

The fonds documents the life and activities of the Geddes family and consists of photographs, publications, clippings, certificates, sound recordings, maps, plans, correspondence, and cards. In particular, the fonds documents Malcolm Geddes activities with the Alpine Club of Canada from 1917 to 1927; Tony Oke's career with CN during the early part of the 20th century; and Alvin Geddes engineering career and his business venture, Geddes Engineering Ltd, during the 1960s to the 1980s.

The fonds also includes poetry and writings by Malcolm Geddes, vital statistic records, family histories and genealogical information written and collected by members of the Geddes Family dating from the 1910s to the 1990s, and an audiocassette capturing an oral history interview with Alvin Geddes completed for the Petroleum Industry Oral History Project at the Glenbow Archives.

Geddes family
PR3924 · Fonds · 1904-1919

The fonds consists of photographs, maps, plans, and documents created or collected by George Henry Richardson during the course of his work as a civil and railway engineer.

Richardson, George Henry
George Masikewich fonds
PR2640 · Fonds · [ca. 1904 - 1953]

The fonds consists of professional records such as correspondence, tax forms, insurance forms, receipts related to George Masikewich's career with CNR and the operation of his farm. The fonds also contains personal records of George and Annie including certificates, correspondence, and postcards. The fonds dates from circa 1904 to 1953.

Masikewich, George
Georgeen Barrass fonds
PR3007 · Fonds · 1912, Copied 1969

The fonds consists of materials acquired by Georgeen Barrass including copied images featuring former Lieutenant Governors of Alberta Dr. R.G. Brett and George W. Egbert during the 1910s to 1930s, and two blueprints featuring plans for a Canadian Pacific Railways Station in Edmonton in 1912.

Barrass, Georgeen
Gerald S. Bradshaw fonds
PR1752 · Fonds · Copied 1988

The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1957, from the Crowsnest Pass area and east of the area, of CPR track work and construction. The fonds also include 1957 newspaper clippings relating to Gerald S. Bradshaw, as well as his obituary

Bradshaw, Gerald S.
Gilbert Sorenson fonds
PR1468 · Fonds · Copied 1976

Fonds consists of a photocopied newspaper clipping from the Edmonton Journal dated August 9, 1976 and copied photographs dating ca. 1911-ca. 1919 that depict the construction of the Edmonton Radial Railway, Edmonton Ski Club members, and the Camrose Lutheran College Band.

Sorenson, Gilbert
G.J. McKenzie collection
PR0537 · Collection · 1913-1930

Collection includes a cheque, an account book of the Drumheller Women’s Club, drivers’ and vehicle licenses for Drumheller, Alberta, an Alberta Citizens’ Registration Covenant, and various photographs of railroads in the Drumheller and Banff, Alberta regions.

McKenzie, G.J.
Glad Bury fonds
PR0485 · Fonds · 1927

The fonds consists of photographs from November 17, 1927 of mountains and the Lake Louise and Banff train stations.

Bury, Glad
Glen Barker collection
PR3917 · Collection · 1921 - 1958

The collection consists of photographs of sites in and around Fort McMurray and Waterways, Alberta. Images include trains and railways as well as floods in Waterways and street scenes in Fort McMurray.

Barker, Glen
Gordon Waite fonds
PR2860 · Fonds · 1974-2000

The fonds consists of audio cassettes written and narrated by Gordon Waite circa 1993. The tapes illustrate the duties of railroad employees, standard railway rules, examinations and rules for operators, the history of the Central Canada Railway, the history of Edmonton Railways, the history of the Dunvegan Railway, and the history of the British Columbia Railway. The fonds also includes a photocopy of the rules and regulations for railroad employees in 1921 and other textual material related to the railroad industry.

Waite, Gordon
PR2468 · Fonds · 1997

The fonds consists of 1 VHS copy of a documentary program created by Greystone Communications entitled, "Trains Unlimited: Trans Canadian Railway" (1997). The program features images sourced from the photographic holdings of the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Greystone Communications Inc.
Groat family fonds
PR1851 · Fonds · [189-]-[192-]

The fonds consists of photographs, postcards and 4 tintypes relating to the Groat family and includes images of Edmonton streets, streetcars, riverboats, houses, wagon racing, train station, streets, soldiers from the “E” company, 31st Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, horses, trains, unidentified people, a grain elevator (Brackman-Ker Milling Company Limited), children, log cabins, surveying parties, canoes, rivers, landscapes, tents, packhorses, surveyors, mountains, lakes, a surveying party for the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, a train crash, and members of the Groat family.

Groat family
G.W.E. (Bill) Smith fonds
PR0711 · Fonds · Copied 1971-1997

Fonds consists of a scrapbooks containing correspondence, poems, inquest transcripts, invitations, photographs, funeral announcements, and newspaper clippings of obituaries, retirements and appointments of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) employees. One scrapbook also includes newspaper clippings regarding railroad safety, accidents, expansions, schedules and steam engines. Fonds also includes a postcard of the early dormitories of the University of Alberta, and photographs of the steamship D.A.Thomas circa (ca.) 1920, and the Northern Alberta Railway dating 1928-1935.

Smith, G.W.E. (Bill)
Harold A. Stepney fonds
PR0094 · Fonds · 1910-1998

The fonds consists of correspondence, journals and reports created during the course of Harold Stepney's employment with the Northern Alberta Railways Company. The fonds also includes records of his involvement with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. The records pertain to his career as an engineer, as a Rules and Safety Inspector, as well as his education to become an engineer, or engineman. The fonds also contains newsclippings and articles highlighting some of Harold Stepney's own personal interests, including elections, the 11th Commonwealth Games and Centennial celebrations.

Stepney, Harold A.
Harold McIntosh Kidd fonds
PR1528 · Fonds · 1913-1937, predominantly 1918

The fonds consists of a postcard of Nakoda people with a tipi and views of the mountains near Banff, Alberta, and photographs from Nordegg, Alberta of trains, the train station, buildings, stores, street scenes, a dogsled, religious services, Indigenous peoples and ceremonies, Harold Kidd and Harold’s brother, Stuart Kidd.

Kidd, Harold McIntosh
Harry Pearce fonds
PR0633 · Fonds · Copied 1972

Fonds consist of a photograph depicting the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks in Calgary, Alberta dated 1910, and an undated article entitled History of the Establishment of the Chief Parks along the Main Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Waterton Lakes Park in Southern Alberta and Jasper Park along the Canadian National Railway in the neighbourhood of Yellowhead Pass in the Rocky Mountains, written by William Pearce.

Pearce, Harry
Heritage Books collection
PR1433 · Collection · 1877-1954

The collection consists of a map of part of Keewatin showing Dominion Land Surveys, a map of Railroads and Counties for the Dominion of Canada, and issues of Social Credit periodicals including Today and Tomorrow, “Mr. Speaker” (published by New Democracy members of Parliament), “The Prophetic Voice” (Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute) and the Canadian Social Creditor.

Heritage Books
H.J. Hogarth fonds
PR1451 · Fonds · [1900]-1913

Fonds consists of copied and original photographs depicting Delia, Alberta, including street views, businesses, buildings, a Sunday school picnic, agricultural machinery, horses, a railroad station, and grain elevators.

Hogarth, H.J.
Holden Swift fonds
PR1342 · Fonds · 1931-1988

The fonds consists of correspondence, reports, newsletters, directories, meeting material, and meeting minutes relating to the Retired Railway Veterans Organization and pension programs. Also included are some personal correspondence, an NAR employee pass, an issue of The Railroad Telegrapher, and the first timetable issued to cover the Hythe Dawson Creek extension between Alberta and British Columbia

Swift, Holden
Hugh Macintyre fonds
PR1186 · Fonds · 1912

The fonds consists of a diary tracing Hugh Macintyre’s journey from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Edson, Alberta and primarily from Edson to the Spirit River Settlement, Alberta, near Dunvegan, Alberta.

Macintyre, Hugh
Ian Paterson collection
PR1798 · Collection · 1911-1945

The collection consists of a share certificate receipt book for Refineries Distributors Limited for 1926, various advertisements, a music program for the Westminster Glee Club, a Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regimental Song Book, an "Everybody Sing" songbook, commencement programs for Holy Cross Hospital's School of Nursing (1945), a prize list and entry form for the Edmonton Poultry Show (1943), a Diamond Jubilee of Confederation program and song sheet, prize lists for the Annual Caroline Fair (1929, 1935), Canadian Pacific Railway Company operating rules and schedule of rates and rules, a booklet "Ritual for the use of Subordinate Divisions of the Order of Railway Conductors," images of an unidentified man with a water tower in background and men on a caboose.

Paterson, Ian
Ian Paterson collection
PR3221 · Collection · [ca.1911] - 1938

The fonds consists of images of scenes in Alberta acquired by Ian Paterson including Big Island on the North Saskatchewan in 1926, Athabasca Landing Ferry in 1926, the Peace River Highway in 1931, a ferry on the North Saskatchewan River at Strawberry Creek in 1931, the Town of Athabasca in 1932, the Ghost River Dam in 1938, and the Calgary-Edmonton Highway near Bowden in 1938.

The fonds also contains copies of photographic postcards acquired by Ian Paterson dating from the early part of the 20th century. The postcards feature images of Alberta including the Red Deer River Crossing of the Canadian National Railways (CNR) at Drumheller, the Hanna CNR station, the Athabasca River Bridge, the Beaver Bridge at Bonnyville, "Big Eddy", "Steveville", the CNR Station at Alliance, the St. Albert Hotel, Saunders Creek, a pack train at Edson, a bridge at Wabamun, the CNR depot at Jasper, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Lethbridge, the Athabasca River bridge, the Brazeau Collieries at Nordegg, and the Town of Wayne.

Paterson, Ian
J. Lamb fonds
PR1604 · Fonds · [ca. 1914]

Fonds consists of photographic postcards depicting a Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) railroad bridge at Carmangay, Alberta and steamboats at Athabasca, Alberta.

Lamb, J.
J. Shearer fonds
PR0601 · Fonds · 1908-1920

Fonds consists of photographs depicting various Strathcona and Edmonton people, buildings and views, including Edmonton police officers and buildings, the High Level and Low Level bridges, paddle steamers, trains, buildings, and airplanes. Fonds also includes photographs of Officer W.A. Crawford.

Shearer, J.
James and Amos Mann fonds
PR0110 · Fonds · 1941 - 1997

The fonds consists of records related to Amos Mann's work with the Woodland Dairy Ltd. including a price list for Woodland Dairy dating circa 1941. The fonds also includes photographs owned by Amos Mann featuring Edmonton in the 1940s. The fonds also reflects James Mann's career with the Canadian National Railways and includes certificates, manuals, forms, photographs, a history of Northern Alberta Railways line, instruction manuals, wage tables, gazetteer and shippers directory, freight car types, a telephone directory, equipment registers, and a system map dating from 1951 to 1990. In addition the fonds includes James Mann's high school yearbooks from Strathcona Composite High School dating from 1945/46 and 1948/49, a price list from California Confection Store located on Whyte Ave, Edmonton in the 1940s, and booklet from the opening celebrations of the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1997.

Mann, James and Amos
James Bismark Holden fonds
PR3981 · Fonds · 1899-[1950?]

The fonds consists of photographs created by or belonging to James Bismark Holden and include images of a train wreck near Leduc, Leduc scenes, the opening of Alberta's first Legislature, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Elk Island Park, Vegreville scenes, Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier speaking in Vegreville, and a Shriners' convention in the United States.

Holden, James Bismark
James H. Harrison collection
PR0482 · Collection · [ca. 1950]

The collection consists of images of Northern Alberta Railway cars and engines, including the business car “Dunvegan” and the sleeping car “Grande Prairie;” photographs are stamped on the reverse with “Collection of W.C. Whittaker.”

Harrison, James H.
Jan Kinders fonds
PR2528 · Fonds · [ca. 1908 - 1920]

The fonds consists of 60 glass plate negatives taken by Jan Kinders featuring images of the Kinders family and train stations of the Canadian Northern Railways line circa 1908 - 1920.

Kinders, Jan
J.D. McLean fonds
PR1255 · Fonds · 1920-1982

The fonds consists of promotional brochures from Canadian National Railways for their tours through Canada and in particular through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a Canadian National Railways Tourist’s Map of Canada, advertisements for the Canadian Pacific Railway Tour, a promotional brochure from Canadian Pacific Railway for their tour from Australia and New Zealand through Canada and onto England, a brochure from the Union Pacific Railway for their Pacific Northwest and Alaska tour and two hand-drawn maps by J.D. McLean of the railway lines in Alberta.

McLean, J.D.
Jerry Whiteman fonds
PR1277 · Fonds · [ca. 1928]

Fonds consists of hand-coloured photographs depicting Northern Alberta Railways (NAR) locomotive number 56 and various NAR employees, including Burt Carrish, Tom Liking, Louis Peltier, and Bert Bennett.

Whiteman, Jerry
J.J. Ruste fonds
PR0544 · Fonds · Copied 1973

Fonds consists of photographs of Mr. J.J. Ruste and other pioneers of Wainwright, Alberta dating ca. 1910. Included are photographs of farming, railroad construction, and the first fire in Wainwright.

Ruste, J.J.
John and Dick Hamlyn fonds
PR3219 · Fonds · 1963-1974

The fonds consists of films containing footage of wheat farming and farmers, parades and festivals in Vermilion, train and car accidents and efforts to clean the crash sites, curling and hockey games in Vermilion, weddings, Vermilion Provincial Park, and Dartmoor, England.

Hamlyn, John and Dick
John Callaghan fonds
PR1977 · Fonds · 1909-1937

The fonds consists of records related to John Callaghan's involvement in Alberta railways and includes minimal correspondence, a biographical pamphlet, and images of John Callaghan, trains (including Northern Alberta Railways and others), employees, horse and wagons, bridges, washed out tracks at Slave Lake, flooding at Waterways, Grande Prairie main street (1914), Premier Greenfield, Minister V.W. Smith and others examining oil sands along the Athabasca River, and postcards with images of last spike, the Lethbridge viaduct and a Fort McMurray souvenir.

Callaghan, John
John Gilpin fonds
PR1104 · Fonds · 1914-1956

Fonds consists of records mainly pertaining to the Northern Alberta Railways Company (NAR), Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR), and Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway (ED&BC), and other railway companies and includes copied menus dating 1920, operation manuals, blank report forms, trainmen’s wages and merit tickets, a conductor’s ticket report book, and photographs, copied photographs and negatives depicting various railroad cars, locomotives, employees, trackage, accidents and stations in various parts of Alberta, including Peace River, Dunvegan Yards, Edmonton, Waterways, Grouard, Sexsmith, Watino, Grand Prairie, Sawridge, Smoky River, Nordegg, McLennan, Slave lake, Lesser Slave Lake, Widewater, Dog Island, and Salteaux Landing. Fonds also includes images of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) boats and trading posts, tennis players, coal mine employees, buildings, equipment and machinery at Nordegg, Alberta, hotels, street views, sawmills, missions, houses, and a Dominion Land Office.

Gilpin, John
John S. Winchar fonds
PR1688 · Fonds · [192-?]

Fonds consists of photographs depicting the interior of a harness shop, the interior and exterior of the Forsta Swenska Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta, and the railroad station at Donald, Alberta. Fonds also includes a mechanically produced postcard depicting the Collegiate Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.

Winchar, John S.
K.W. Lofts fonds
PR1288 · Fonds · Copied 1976

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1922 depicting Grand Trunk Pacific Railway trains.

Lofts, K.W.
Laurence M. Unwin fonds
PR0807 · Fonds · 1905-1928

Fonds consists of maps of Canadian National Railway trackage in Red Deer, Alberta, photographs of Canadian National Railway tracks and rail cars, a cemetery plan for Red Deer Cemetery, specifications of a Lacombe and North Western Railway power unit, and a newspaper clipping.

Unwin, Laurence M.
Leroy Roach fonds
PR0594 · Fonds · Copied 1972

Fonds consists of two photographs depicting views in Trochu, Alberta, dating from about 1910 to 1911.

Roach, Leroy
Lily G. Kluck fonds
PR1603 · Fonds · [ca. 1910]-1927

Fonds consists of photographs that depict scenes on the Kluck family homestead in Provost, Alberta including agricultural machinery, building construction, and members of the Kluck family. Also includes images of a band at the agricultural fair in Macklin, Saskatchewan and various buildings and views in Provost, Alberta including St. Mary’s and Rosenheim churches, Franz Joseph school, and Provost railroad station.

Kluck, Lily G.
L.M. Bourne fonds
PR0158 · Fonds · 1910-1965, predominant 1963-1965

Fonds consists of instructions for building model trains and photographs of completed models.

Bourne, L.M.
Louis Broten fonds
PR2271 · Fonds · 1886-1979

The fonds consists of records used, created, and maintained by Louis Broten while serving on the International Board of Directors of BLF and E, North Star Lodge 810, Local 1771, as General Chairman of the Board of Appeals of the BLF and E and its successor body, the UTU, (E) Division, and as an Engineer for CNR including reports, correspondence, memoranda, information files, audits, photographs, constitutions, publications such as the Locomotive Firemen's and Enginemen's Magazine (1891 - 1960), Enginemen's Press (1959 - 1968), circulars, lodge directories, newsletters, reports, bulletins, pamphlets, agreements, contracts, appeals cases of the BLF and E dating from 1886 - 1969. The fonds also includes copies Hansards dating from 1960 to 1967 collected by Louis Broten.

Broten, Louis
Margaret D. Tettelaar fonds
PR1620 · Fonds · Copied 1977

Fonds consists of oral history given by Emma Gertrude Mayer dating 1977, and copied photographs and postcards dating 1908-1914 depicting members of the Mayer family, a sod house, buildings, railroad survey crew, the first opera at Wainwirght, Alberta, and views, buildings, hotels, and hospitals in Wainwirght, Strathmore, Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Jasper and Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

Tettelaar, Margaret D.
Margaret Gower fonds
PR1396 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-1994

The fonds consists of images, originally dating circa (ca.) 1890 to ca. 1919, from Edmonton, Battenburg, Vermilion, and Mirror, Alberta of a ferry, a covered wagon, a church, a power generating station, tennis, stores, parades, train stations, cars, homes, hair cutting, farming, a horse and sleigh, Kathleen Graydon, Rosetta Graydon, George H. Graydon, Graydon family members, and Susannah Gibbons; photographs of George H. Graydon, the interior of George H. Graydon’s second drug store, the Graydon home in Edmonton, the Woodward family, the Gibbons home in Gibbons, William Reynolds and Susannah Gibbons and family, and a tractor and rider; a photocopy of a history about Rosetta Graydon and husbands William Charles Asprey and George Hughes Graydon, and copied newspaper clippings and information about George H. Graydon.

Gower, Margaret
Margaret Nelsen fonds
PR2694 · Fonds · [ca. 1921]

The fonds consists of a postcard featuring the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Station in Calgary circa 1921 and a postcard featuring the Palliser Hotel in Calgary circa 1921.

Nelsen, Margaret
Margaret Stephenson fonds
PR2005 · Fonds · [ca. 1907]

The fonds consists of an image of the crew of Bassell’s Extra Gang #20028 for whom Inga Stephenson was the cook (photograph by C.E. Tighe), an image of the Stephenson’s home, likely in Strathcona (photograph by H.H. Huntting), and an image of horses and carts in front of the Edmonton Ice House (photograph by H.H. Huntting).

Stephenson, Margaret
Marjorie Alexander fonds
PR0620 · Fonds · [ca. 1909]

The fonds consists of photographs depicting a Canadian Pacific Railway labour gang and a lodge parade in Tofield, Alberta, which includes an image of Earle Ferguson.

Alexander, Marjorie