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      Siksika Nation

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      Siksika Nation

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      PR3250 · Fonds · 1957-1985

      The fonds consists of photographs of Scotty Murray, dignitaries from various bands, scenes in Gleichen and other locations, and various members of the bands that Scotty worked with. Textual records include reports, minutes, and regulations drafted or used by Scotty in his work with the [Maskwacis] Four Bands and other administrative areas of responsibility.

      Murray, Alexander (Scotty) Hamilton
      Arthur Scrutton fonds
      PR3901 · Fonds · [1902?]

      The fonds consists of seven photographs of members of Siksika/Blackfoot Nation in the Fort MacLeod area, ca. 1902. Also included are four pages of recipes for horse medicine created by Katy May Scrutton (Fuller), wife of Arthur.

      Scrutton, Arthur
      PR0398 · Fonds · 1963-1966

      Fonds consists of an appeal judgment by the Alberta Assessment Appeal Board for an appeal in the matter of a decision of the 1963 Court of Revision of the County of Wheatland No. 16 and the members of the Blackfoot Farm Lessee’s Association, as well as a statement of operations, and a schedule of assessments for the Blackfoot Farm Lessee’s Association in 1966.

      Blackfoot Farm Lessee's Association
      Blackhorse fonds
      PR2450 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]

      The fonds consists of a photograph of Blackhorse and his wife in traditional Blackfoot dress circa 1900.

      Blood Indian Agency fonds
      PR0402 · Fonds · 1906-1934

      Fonds consists of records produced by the [Kainai First Nation] Blood Indian Agencies at Fort MacLeod and Cardston, and include correspondence to and from the Department of Indian Affairs (Canada), supply lists, goods tenders, vouchers, a list of destitute Indigenous persons, and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) report concerning a destitute Indigenous person. There are also records of employee returns, services records and charges, and other assorted financial records created by and for the Standoff Hospital.

      Canada. Dept of Indian Affairs. Blood Indian Agency
      F. Morris Flewwelling fonds
      PR1008 · Fonds · 1917-1972, predominant 1960-1972

      Fonds consists of the personal records of F. Morris Flewwelling and includes programmes from various orchestral and theatrical productions performed in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, and includes the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's newsletter, Encore, and the Calgary Philharmonic Society's newsletter, Bravura. Fonds also includes souvenir pamphlets from Alix and Banff, Alberta, a copied newspaper clipping about singer Elena Nikolaidi, various Alberta Department of Education departmental examinations, Province of Alberta Centennial Bulletins, negatives depicting an orchestra, children, musicians and musical instruments, and copied photographs dating 1916 that depict the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, including a parade, various events, and First Nations people, including Blackfoot Chief Yellow Horse.

      Flewwelling, F. Morris
      Fern Gully fonds
      PR2487 · Fonds · 1944-1965

      The fonds consists of nine photographs capturing the Siksika Tabbaco Society ceremony in Gleichen, Alberta in 1944 taken by Fern Gully.

      Gully, Fern
      Folkways Records fonds
      PR2563 · Fonds · 1960 - 1968

      The fonds consists of records from the Folkways catalog including Canada's Story in Song (Folkways Records FW 3000, 1960), Folksongs of Saskatchewan (Folkways Ethnic Library FE 4312, 1968), Songs and Ballads of Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Manitoba (Folkways Records FW 8764, 1960), and Peter LaFarge Sings of the Cowboys(Folkways Records FA 2533).

      The fonds also includes Indian Music of the Plains (1961, Ethnic Folkways). The recording captures the music of the Cree, Assiniboine, Kainai and Siksika First Nations.

      Folkways Records
      PR2404 · Collection · copied 1993

      The collection consists of photographs of First Nations Peoples of the Fort Macleod region including images of individuals, dwellings, rites and ceremonies, modes of transportation, and farming. The photographs date from ca. 1910 - 1920.

      Fort Macleod Historical Association
      PR4302 · Fonds · 1985-2012

      The fonds consists of project files and master versions of productions created by The Image Works for multiple clients. The productions include A Taste For Trade (concerning alternative trade organizations in East Africa), Scraping the Surface (concerning Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park), Native Art: Woodland Cree, Keep It Moving (concerning waste management), River of Joy (a celebration of 1,000 years of Ukrainian Christianity), Our Own Voice (concerning development in Nepal), multiple projects concerning crime and corrections made for the John Howard Society, multiple projects concerning the boreal forest region of Alberta, Hockey Night in Harlem (a documentary about hockey in Black communities in Harlem, New York City), promotional projects on behalf of the Government of Alberta, and interviews with Métis elders conducted at Fort Calgary among other projects.

      Image Works Video Productions
      James Apikoke fonds
      PR2914 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1967]

      The fonds consists of copied images featuring a portrait of James Apikoke circa 1915. The photographer remains unidentified.

      Apikoke, James
      Jerry Puckett fonds
      PR3968 · Fonds · 1973

      The fonds contains ten sets of tapes of oral history interviews conducted by Jerry Puckett. Interviewees include Mr. G.R. Davis, Allan Gibson, Hope Johnson, Gladys Reeves, Hugh Dempsey, Howard Kelly, Bill Wuttunee, Andy Russell, and Frank Anderson. The interview with David Melting Tallow and George Crowchief includes the nature of Blackfoot artifacts, relationships and rivalries with the Cree, dances, ceremonies and protocols of religious significance, and attempts to preserve culture. This interview was not aired during the original series.

      These interviews were originally recorded for use in the program “Puckett’s General Store” from 1972-1973 on CFAC-TV Calgary (now known as Global Calgary). This show had 26 total episodes. The video versions of these interviews were deposited with the TV station while the audio tapes were copied for use at the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1973.

      Puckett, Jerry
      John Hellson fonds
      PR3242 · Fonds · 1973-2008

      This material consist of research manuscripts and notes pertaining to songs, rituals, artifacts, and the ethno-botany of the Kainai, Piikani, and Siksika nations of Alberta. Specific topics include the use of wild plants by the Siksika, Siksika women, the Pigeon Society of the Niitsitapi, sweat lodges, the Siksika Sun Dance, the Siksika medicine pipe bundle, and the ritualistic use of eagle feathers by the Siksika.

      Hellson, John
      John J. Martin fonds
      PR0425 · Fonds · Copied 1970

      Fonds consists records dating 1888-1968 and includes a reminiscence by John J. Martin about pioneering in the Rosebud-Gleichen area of Alberta, a history of the Severn Creek School District No. 852 in Rosebud, and photographs depicting various people and views of the Rosebud-Gleichen area.

      Martin, John J.
      Lucien Mason Hanks fonds
      PR2935 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1965]

      The fonds consists of images featuring residents of the Siksika Reserve in Gleichen, Alberta taken by Lucien Mason Hanks in 1922.

      Hanks, Lucien Mason
      PR2715 · Fonds · 1907 - 1992

      The fonds consists of assessment and tax rolls, minutes, cashbooks, from the following school districts:

      • Albion No. 1553: NW 35-11-22-W4, 1906- 1939
      • Allenby No. 3773: 6-8-19-W4, 1919 - ?
      • Amiens No. 3773: SW-2-8-19-W4, 1918 - 1941
      • Barhill No. 1879 (Iron Springs Valley): 20-12-31-W4, 1908 - ?
      • Battersea No. 2431: 32-10-2-W4, 1911- 1964
      • Beaver Pioneer No. 2295: 12-10-19-W4, 1910- 1930
      • Bowville No. 1528: SE 13-13-22-W4, 1906 - ?
      • Bulmer No. 2721: 3-12-21-W4, 1912 - ?
      • Calgary No. 19: 15-24-1-W4, 1885 - ?
      • Cameron No. 2299: 17-10-19-W4, 1910 - ?
      • Centre Ridge No. 3856: SE 27-12-22- W4, 1919 - 1941
      • Chin Lakes No. 4637: SE 25-9-19-W4, 1911- 1944
      • Circle No. 2399: 25 – 12-21-W4, 1911 - ?
      • Coaldale No. 9:
      • Coaldale No. 1805: 15-9-20-W4, 1908- ?
      • Coalgate No. 2894: 12-10-22-W4, 1913 -?
      • Coalhurst No. 2894 (Bridgend): 21-9-22-W4, 1911 - ?
      • Crystal Lake No. 2394: NW12-9- 21-W4, 1911 - ?
      • Diamond City No. 1861: NW-9-38-3-W5, 1910 - 1954
      • Felger No. 4691: 9-7-21-W4, 1935 - ?
      • Finley No. 1464: 26-10-24-W4, 1906 - 1940
      • Fort Kipp No. 2000: 2-10-23-W4, 1909 - 1935
      • Gold Ridge No. 3267: 8-12-19-W4, 1912 - ?
      • Granite Falls No. 4301: 14-11-21-W4, 1927 - ?
      • Hardieville No. 4069: 18-9-21-W4, 1921- ?
      • Hofmann No. 4204: 28-7-18-W4, 1924- ?
      • Huntsville No. 1574: 16-11-20-W4, 1906- ?
      • Hyssop No. 2447: SE-2-10-21-W4, 1911- 1946
      • Lethbridge No. 7:
      • McLean No. 2900: 36-8-21-W4, 1913- ?
      • McMahon No. 4295: 15-7-20-W4, 1927 - ?
      • Newlands No. 1145: 29-10-22-W4, 1904 - ?
      • Noble No. 2243 (Nobleford): 3-11-24-W4, 1910- 1946
      • Owaking No. 2760: NW-7-8-18-W4, 1912- 1942
      • Picture Butte No. 4236: 3-11-21-W4, 1925 - ?
      • Plain Butte No. 3362: 10-22-W4, 1916 - ?
      • Ready Meade No. 46
      • Rock Lake No. 4672: 8-17-W4, 1935 - ?
      • Rolling Hill No. 1794: NW-33-9-22-W4, 1908 - 1951
      • Shaughnessy No. 4433 (Wallace): 30-10-21-W4, 1912 - ?
      • Sunnyside No. 305: SE-13-55-24-W4, 1894 - 1947
      • Turin No. 1972: 24-11-19-W4, 1909 - ?
      • Twelve Mile Coulee No. 1830: 12-11-21-W4, 1908 - ?
      • Wallace No. 4433: 30-10-21-W4, 1929 - ?
      • White No. 678: 4-8-21-W4, 1902 - ?, and
      • White Lake No. 1420: NW 14-11-24-W4, 1905 - 1929.
      Palliser Regional Schools
      Paul Coze fonds
      PR1905 · Fonds · 1928-1931

      The fonds consists of fifty black and white nitrate negatives taken by Paul Coze during his visits to Western Canada during 1928, 1930 and 1931. The photographs were a part of his ethnographic interests as an artist and document Métis, Cree and Nakoda Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. About a quarter of the negatives document Alberta, while the majority was taken in Saskatchewan.

      Coze, Paul
      Samuel Henry Middleton fonds
      PR2667 · Fonds · 1890

      The fonds consists of a booklet belonging to Samuel Henry Middleton entitled, "The Gospel According to St. Mathew", translated into Siksika by John William Time and published by the British Foreign Bible Society in 1890.

      Middleton, Samuel Henry
      Samuel Trivett fonds
      PR3145 · Fonds · [Copied 1970 (originally created 190?)]

      The fonds consists of images dating from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th related to Samuel Trivett's work for the Anglican Church and features First Nations Burials, Samuel Trivett, St. Paul's Mission School and Residences, Crowfoot, Sitting on an Eagles Tail, Three Bulls, Jean L'Heureux, Red Crow, Sergeant W. Piercy, a tepee, the Sun Dance, and members of the Northwest Mounted Police.

      Trivett, Samuel
      Sheila Hall collection
      PR1700 · Collection · [Copied between 1933 and 1970]

      The collection consists of reproduction photographs of images originally dating circa (ca.) 1895 from the Siksika First Nation Reserve at Gleichen, North-West Territories, by photographers R.H. Trueman & Co. and N. Caple & Co., both of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a photograph dating ca. 1950 of Siksika people at Gleichen, Alberta by Vern Kent of the Visual Education Branch of the Saskatchewan Department of Education.

      Hall, Sheila
      PR3959 · Collection · [19--?]

      The collection consists of 7 black and white photographs of unidentified members of the Siksika Nation and 1 colour photograph of blankets.

      Unknown donor
      PR3947 · Collection · 1967

      The collection consists of photographs of a Siksika Sun Dance ceremony held near Cardston, AB in 1967.

      Unknown donor
      Tom Many Guns family fonds
      PR0185 · Fonds · 1831-1955

      Fonds consists of the Blackfoot winter counts compiled by Lone Chief, White-Haired Chief, Many Guns Sr. and Mathew Many Guns, and translations of some sections of the winter count. The translation work was done in 1965 by Dave Melting Tallow of the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

      Tom Many Guns family
      PR4005 · Collection · 1977

      This collection includes 53 colour transparencies and 5 colour prints depicting the arrival of Prince Charles and the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7. This ceremony took place from July 7-9, 1977 on the Blackfoot Reserve at Cluny, Alberta. The transparencies depict various dignitaries, politicians, and First Nation Chiefs.

      The images depict then Prince Charles’ arrival at the Calgary, Alberta Airport, other dignitaries and the ceremonies themselves, as well as the crowd and the re-enactments. These slides photos are largely labeled with the names of those present and the dates of the events.

      This collection also includes an invitation to the Treaty 7 Commemoration Ceremony printed by the Government of Alberta (titled “A Century of Trust”) and two copies of a folding invitation to the ceremony printed by the Blackfoot Confederacy. In addition, there is an envelope with a ticket to the ceremony and two different commemoration programmes.

      Halligan-Baker, Patricia
      PR3938 · Collection · [ca. 1910]

      The collection consists of photographs of a Siksika medicine lodge, ranching, the laying of the cornerstone of the Alberta Legislature, the hospital of Grande Prairie, bison in Banff National Park, Vegreville school, and other sites in Alberta.

      Unknown donor
      William Marsden fonds
      PR2637 · Fonds · 1904-2006

      The fonds consists of records that document multiple facets of Marsden’s life and work, including freelance photography, film production, his work as Alberta Film Commissioner, and several hobbies such as woodworking, sailing, and aviation.

      The freelance photography records include prints and negatives of Marsden’s work, including commissions and landscape stills. These records also include clippings of Marsden’s published work, correspondence related to his photography business, and awards.

      The film production records include scripts, production stills, and masters from several productions such as The Naked Flame, Okan (a Glenbow Foundation documentary on the Siksika Sun Dance), and Wings of Chance.

      The Film Industry Development records include correspondence with film producers across Canada and the United States, information files, reports on the Alberta film industry, and production stills and/or video copies of films shot in Alberta (including Unforgiven and Heaven and Earth).

      Marsden’s personal records include flight logs, photographs of woodworking projects (including sailboats and planes), plane-building project diaries, scrapbooks (including family histories and photographs dating from 1904), a high school yearbook, and files related to the writing and publication of Big Screen Country: Making Movies in Alberta.

      Marsden, William
      Winifred Day fonds
      PR2554 · Fonds · Copied 1969

      The fonds consists of copies of photographs of Chief Crow Foot and Chief Dick Bad Boy taken at the Calgary Stampede by Winifred Day during her honeymoon in 1923.

      Day, Winifred