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              PR3250 · Fonds · 1957-1985

              The fonds consists of photographs of Scotty Murray, dignitaries from various bands, scenes in Gleichen and other locations, and various members of the bands that Scotty worked with. Textual records include reports, minutes, and regulations drafted or used by Scotty in his work with the [Maskwacis] Four Bands and other administrative areas of responsibility.

              Murray, Alexander (Scotty) Hamilton
              Charles Eymundson fonds
              PR3659 · Fonds · 1911-1963

              The fonds consists of photographs taken by either Charles Eymundson or his son, Romeo, between 1911 and 1963, digitized copies of these photos on four DVD-Rs, and a newsletter from St. John the Baptist’s Church in Fort McMurray.

              The photos depict subjects, events, and locations from across northern Alberta and some locations in Saskatchewan. Locations include Fort Chipewyan, Lesser Slave Lake, Cascade Rapids, McKenzie River, Lake Athabasca, White Mud Canyon, Waterways, Fort McMurray, Athabasca River, Goldfields (Saskatchewan), Edmonton, Brownvale, Slave River, and Embarras.

              Events and subjects depicted in the photos include the Dr. Karl Clark oil sands expedition of 1929, Waterways floods of 1936 and 1963, the Dr. August Sandberg expedition of 1911, the poet Robert Service, the Athabasca Fire Brigade, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, water transportation, hunting and trapping, the crash site of CF-ARI (January, 1940), airplanes and airfields, dog sleds, work crews, American military forces in Waterways during the Second World War, forest fires, and other facets of daily life in northern Alberta. There are also several images of Eymundson family members and friends or associates of the family.

              Eymundson, Charles
              David T. Williamson fonds
              PR2030 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of images, originally dating from 1953 and 1954, of a displayed bear skin along with a rifle and Bella Twin. In the spring of 1953, while she was collecting berries near Slave Lake, sixty-three year old Bella Twin encountered a grizzly bear which she was able to kill. As of 2007, this bear was still the largest grizzly bear shot in Alberta according to the Alberta Outdoorsman.

              Williamson, David T.
              Doug Babcock fonds
              PR0943 · Fonds · Copied 1974

              Fonds consists of copied photographs that date from circa (ca.) 1848-1922, predominantly 1901-1922, that depict various people, buildings, and views in Chipewyn, Sawridge, Slave Lake, Fort Vermilion, Athabasca Landing, and Fort McMurray, Alberta including a Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) officer, paddle steamers, Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) boats, a government telegraph office, log cabins, street views, a sawmill, a cemetery, school teachers, and missionaries.

              Babcock, Doug
              Harold Seppola collection
              PR0555 · Collection · 1944-1945

              Collection consists of a Province of Alberta Fur Farm Pelts Tax Exempted receipt book.

              Seppola, Harold
              Henry Eben fonds
              PR0818 · Fonds · 1931-1954

              The fonds consists of four photographs and one photographic postcard. The photographs are of the Slave Lake Telegraph Office after being struck by lightening in 1931, two of Slave Lake during the 1934-1936 flood, one of the moving of the General Store from Slave River to Slave Lake; the photographic postcard is of Slave Lake in 1954.

              Eben, Henry
              Jessie Holmes fonds
              PR1652 · Fonds · Copied 1977

              Fonds consists of copied records dating 1906-1971, predominant 1906-1948, and includes a personal reminiscence by Jessie Holmes, a transcript of the reminiscence, biographical notes, obituaries for Rev. Robert Holmes, and two copied photographs depicting the steamboat Northland Call on Peace River in Alberta, and Jessie Holmes and her children.

              Holmes, Jessie
              John Callaghan fonds
              PR1977 · Fonds · 1909-1937

              The fonds consists of records related to John Callaghan's involvement in Alberta railways and includes minimal correspondence, a biographical pamphlet, and images of John Callaghan, trains (including Northern Alberta Railways and others), employees, horse and wagons, bridges, washed out tracks at Slave Lake, flooding at Waterways, Grande Prairie main street (1914), Premier Greenfield, Minister V.W. Smith and others examining oil sands along the Athabasca River, and postcards with images of last spike, the Lethbridge viaduct and a Fort McMurray souvenir.

              Callaghan, John
              John Gilpin fonds
              PR1104 · Fonds · 1914-1956

              Fonds consists of records mainly pertaining to the Northern Alberta Railways Company (NAR), Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR), and Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway (ED&BC), and other railway companies and includes copied menus dating 1920, operation manuals, blank report forms, trainmen’s wages and merit tickets, a conductor’s ticket report book, and photographs, copied photographs and negatives depicting various railroad cars, locomotives, employees, trackage, accidents and stations in various parts of Alberta, including Peace River, Dunvegan Yards, Edmonton, Waterways, Grouard, Sexsmith, Watino, Grand Prairie, Sawridge, Smoky River, Nordegg, McLennan, Slave lake, Lesser Slave Lake, Widewater, Dog Island, and Salteaux Landing. Fonds also includes images of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) boats and trading posts, tennis players, coal mine employees, buildings, equipment and machinery at Nordegg, Alberta, hotels, street views, sawmills, missions, houses, and a Dominion Land Office.

              Gilpin, John
              Lakeside Leader fonds
              PR1866 · Fonds · [197-]-[198-]

              The fonds consists of images, including approximately 6000 negatives, approximately 250 contact sheets and approximately 1200 photographs, of image that were taken for the Lakeside Leader newspaper.

              Lakeside Leader
              Laura Attrux fonds
              PR4140 · Fonds · 1953-1987

              Two of Laura Attrux’s best friends in Slave Lake, Alberta, Helen Getzinger and Stella Boisvert, were interviewed on November 6, 1993, by Moira Bazin. The interview was part of an assignment for the University of Alberta course Nursing 550, Dr. Shirley Stinson, instructor. The fonds consists of one audiotape cassette and 0.05 m of textual material, which includes Ms. Basin’s essay based on the interview, biographical material, tributes and eulogies for Laura Attrux, photocopies of photographs illustrating her work as a public health nurse, and a photocopy of the Minute book, 1950-1971, of the Slave Lake District Nursing Association. The Association was responsible for providing a building to serve as home, office, and clinic for the district nurse. When the nursing service was disbanded the residual funds were used to establish the Laura Attrux Scholarship for local students. The audiotaped interview records the memories of two women who assisted Miss Attrux in her nursing duties and became her closest friends during her years in northern Alberta. Their recollections cover the activities of the community and their families, in both of which Miss Attrux was closely involved.

              Attrux, Laura
              Leonard C.S. Howard fonds
              PR2512 · Fonds · 1905-1930

              The fonds consists of images most likely taken by Leonard C. S. Howard featuring scenes, individuals, dwellings, and activities in Edmonton, Gull Lake, Lacombe, Peace River, Slave Lake, Swan River, Winnipeg, and the Athabasca River dating from 1905. The fonds also contains correspondence, including letters to Florence Wilson from Leonard Howard from before their marriage.

              Howard, Leonard C.S.
              Malcolm Ross Bow fonds
              PR1647 · Fonds · 1912-1965, predominant 1940-1965

              Fonds consists of records pertaining to Malcolm Ross Bow’s personal and professional activities and includes correspondence, reports, speeches, articles, agendas/itineraries, financial records, newspaper clippings, a pictorial review of Charles Camsell Hospital, and certificates. Fonds also includes photographs that depict various images in Donnelley, Berwyn, Slave Lake, and Wildwood, Alberta and includes doctors, vehicles stuck in mud, a boat, women, a flood, camps, houses, and a dog sled. This fonds has been divided into the following series: Personal (1912-1963); Deputy Minister of Health (1933-1952); World Health Organization (1947-1951); Chief Medical Health Officer for Yukon Territories (1952-1954); University of Alberta (1950-1954); Canadian Cancer Society (1951-1965)

              Bow, Malcolm Ross
              Rita Stevens fonds
              PR2008 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of copies of a brief biography of Robert Watt Lendrum, and an autobiography entitled "Biography of Pioneer Days" by Mrs. A.L. Brick (Sarah Brock Lendrum), and images, originally dating from the 1890s to 1954 from the Old Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River areas, primarily from the Brick family's early days in the area, including images of log buildings, horses, carts, trails, dog sleds, mission, Métis, camps, police barracks, threshing machines, students, farms and members of the Brick family.

              Stevens, Rita