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            Albert LeRoy Kvarnberg fonds
            PR4025 · Fonds · 1936-1943, 2006

            The fonds consists of a photo album created by Kvarnberg that documents his time working on the Canol Project. The photos depict transportation of supplies via portage, riverboat, and Caterpillar trains through the bush of northern Alberta and the North West Territories. There are also photos of camps and towns along the supply route, including Fort McMurray, Waterways, Norman Wells, Fitzgerald, Fort Smith and others. There are also images of pipeline and supply depots as well as U.S. soldiers and Indigenous people supporting the Canol Project.

            There is also one photograph of the 1935-1936 Luscar Hockey Club. Kvarnberg’s connection to this team is unclear, as he was not listed on the photograph as a team member.

            The textual records consist of a brief, hand-written explanation of the photos written by Kvarnberg and three articles about the history of the Canol Project from Arctic Journal, Alberta Oil magazine, and the Hougen family history website.

            Kvarnberg, Albert LeRoy
            Alberta Paterson fonds
            PR1903 · Fonds · 1926-1929

            The fonds consists of a photograph album entitled “Life in Northern Canada” with sections “From Edmonton, Alta. to Fort Smith, N.W.T.,” “From Wainwright to LaBute, Alta.,” and “The Flood of 1928,” and includes images dating from 1926 to 1928 of trains, cars, boats, barges, the Northland Echo, the Athabasca River, Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Smith, camps, airplanes, and buffalo. The fonds also includes an image of Don Paterson.

            Paterson, Alberta
            Alfred A. Deacon fonds
            PR0860 · Fonds · 1904-1935, 1962

            The fonds is made up of photographs, a brief history of the Deacon and McBeth families written by Alfred A. Deacon, his Second Class Engineer's Certificate, two maps of sections of Great Slave Lake, and a number of pamphlets and booklets relating to steam engineering and river traffic. Subjects of the photographs include Deacon, the construction of the S.S. Athabasca River, river traffic at The Pas, Manitoba, the S.S. Nipawin, and views of unidentified Hudson's Bay Company posts and the Saskatchewan and North Saskatchewan rivers.

            Deacon, Alfred A.
            Arthur George fonds
            PR3382 · Fonds · 1915

            The fonds consists of photographs depicting Arthur George in uniform during the First World War, the 1915 Edmonton flood, and the City of Edmonton riverboat.

            George, Arthur
            Clarence Comrie fonds
            PR1447 · Fonds · 1912-1995

            Fonds consists of photographs depicting mainly railroad locomotives, cars, stations, employees and derailments in Lac La Biche, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Waterways and Hythe, Alberta, but also includes a ceremony for returning First World War soldiers, buildings, sled-dogs, a hotel, floods, buffalo, tar sands, a Hudson’s Bay Company steamer on the Athabasca River, bridges, and construction of a water tower. Fonds also includes a newspaper clipping entitled The Muskeg Special, correspondence, information and photographs used for publishing the book Ribbons of Steel.

            Comrie, C.
            Clayton Willson fonds
            PR2888 · Fonds · [ca. 1900] - 1929

            The fonds documents Clayton Willson's career with CPR and consists of images of a CPR train and CPR boats at Arrow Lake, BC (1900), Clayton Willson on a CPR steamer (1908); Clayton Willson and other men in a CPR engine yard in Canmore, Alberta (1912); Clayton Willson inside the cab of the North Passenger Train #2532 behind the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) building in Calgary (1912), Alberta; Clayton Wilson in the cab of the North Passenger Train #2532 in front of the Palliser Hotel in Calgary (1929), and a map illustrating the stops and side trails along the track from Calgary to Field, BC [1910].

            Willson, Clayton
            Daisy Keen fonds
            PR0650 · Fonds · [after 1907]

            The fonds consists of blank photographic postcards featuring views of Edmonton including the All Saint's Cathedral, General Hospital, the Edmonton Club building, various homes, and a steamer on the Saskatchewan River dating from the early part of the 20th century.

            Keen, Daisy
            Doris Hireskorn fonds
            PR2130 · Fonds · 1916

            The fonds consists of one photograph of individuals moving boilers for the D.A. Thomas steamboat dating from 1916.

            Hireskorn, Doris
            PR3977 · Collection · 1910-[ca. 1925]

            The collection consists of 12 photographs of sites in Edmonton in the early decades of the 20th century. Sites include the High Level Bridge, the Legislature, Fort Edmonton, the City of Edmonton steamer, the Low Level Bridge, 1st Presbyterian Church, and the Edmonton Saddlery.

            Unknown donor
            Edward Carrothers fonds
            PR0117 · Fonds · 1963

            This fonds consists of an diary describing roads and localities between Edmonton and the Peace River area from 1910 to 1914. The diary was written retrospectively in 1963. Edward Carrothers’ goal was to document the history of transportation and communications in Northern Alberta by describing his trips: the first one from Edmonton to Peace River in a wagon in July 1910; the second trip by boat in 1911 down the Athabasca River to Mirror Landing; another trip up the Lesser Slave River and Lesser Slave Lake to Grouard; and the last trips to Northern Alberta in 1913 and 1914 on a wagon.

            Carrothers, Edward
            Evelyn Hansen fonds
            PR1106 · Fonds · 1975

            Fonds consists of correspondence, a history of the D.A. Thomas steamboat, biographical information about William Meikle, and a list of captions for photographs taken by William Meikle.

            Hansen, Evelyn
            PR2124 · Collection · 1905-[ca. 1950]

            The collection consists of photographs of the Fort McMurray area. The 32 photographs in PR1982.0084 depict scenes from the Fort McMurray area from 1905-1915 with emphasis on shipping and riverboats. The 80 photographs in PR1992.0134 depict the inhabitants, settlements, and lands of the Fort McMurray region from the 1930s to the 1950s.

            Unknown donor
            F.R.F. McKitrick fonds
            PR0628 · Fonds · 1882-1935

            Fonds consists of records associated with F.R.R. McKitrick’s time as a teacher, farmer, and newspaper correspondent and includes correspondence, homestead records, curriculum material for geography and history, school exams, financial records, brand records, promissory notes, bank books, resort brochures, newspaper clippings, notes, written and typed manuscripts, railroad timetables, poems, income tax forms, receipts, pamphlets, hand-drawn maps, and bankruptcy records. Fonds also includes photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting various people, buildings, and scenes in Alberta and Ontario including the McKitrick family, the Edmonton Commercial Grads, the logging industry, churches, parades, steamers and ferries, First Nations, railroad and road construction, bridge construction, farming, train wrecks, horses and other animals, exhibitions and fairs, and an oil field.

            McKitrick, F.R.F.
            G. C. Mathews fonds
            PR1685 · Fonds · 1903-1933

            Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

            Mathews, G. C.
            Harold Medjuck collection
            PR2011 · Collection · [ca. 1896 – 1955]

            The three lantern slides and four stereoviews are as follows: “A Treacherous Crevasse in Victoria Glacier;” Centre Street Bridge – Calgary (colour); “Midnight Sun [river boat] – G. Rubie – 1896;” “Mt. Edith Cavell from Jasper Park Lodge…;”Beautiful Crystal Garden and Cascade Mountain Range, Banff, Alberta, Canada;” “One of the Three Sisters Overlooking the Snow River Valley, Banff, Alberta, Canada; ”Ancient Monarch of the Herd, Buffalo at Banff, Alberta, Canada.”

            Medjuck, Harold L.
            Hugh E. Pearson fonds
            PR1971 · Fonds · Copied 1979

            The fonds consists of selected images copied from photographs albums and includes images from a surveying trip around Great Slave Lake in 1922 with images of Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, the boat Northland Echo, canoes, Fort Smith Landing, a First Nations village, tents, Fort Resolution, Souci King Beaulieu, gold mining equipment, the drying of fish, a sawmill, Hudson's Bay Company posts, the Waterways train station; images from a surveying trip in 1923 with images of Largent's Post, Peace River, survey crew, canoes, Fort Fitzgerald, tractors, dogs, Hay River, Fort Simpson, the Stick River, First Nations members, Fort Franklin, camps and an First Nations grave; and miscellaneous images, originally dating from 1912 to about 1919, of a ferry at Athabasca Landing, the J.L. Côté and Alberta Land Survey's building at Grouard, and a First nations woman and her baby, surveyors at Wabasca Lake, Jack Hornby and his log house.

            Pearson, Hugh E.
            J. Lamb fonds
            PR1604 · Fonds · [ca. 1914]

            Fonds consists of photographic postcards depicting a Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) railroad bridge at Carmangay, Alberta and steamboats at Athabasca, Alberta.

            Lamb, J.
            Jerry Mancini fonds
            PR2629 · Fonds · [between 1902 - 1909]

            The fonds consists of a photographs capturing the construction of the High Level Bridge, a riverboat, a sawmill on James Dolwing's farm, and a photographic postcard of the first post office at Woodbend, Alberta.

            Mancini, Jerry
            Jessie Holmes fonds
            PR1652 · Fonds · Copied 1977

            Fonds consists of copied records dating 1906-1971, predominant 1906-1948, and includes a personal reminiscence by Jessie Holmes, a transcript of the reminiscence, biographical notes, obituaries for Rev. Robert Holmes, and two copied photographs depicting the steamboat Northland Call on Peace River in Alberta, and Jessie Holmes and her children.

            Holmes, Jessie
            Marvin C. Combs fonds
            PR0170 · Fonds · 1929-1962, predominant 1940-1950

            Fonds consists of records pertaining to Combs life and interests, as well as some of his uncle’s records including photographs of family, paddle steamers and aspects of World War II. Fonds also includes a taped interview with Walter Leslie, captain of the Second Strathcona and first mate of the City of Edmonton paddle steamers.

            Combs, Marvin C.
            Mrs. R. Benton fonds
            PR1423 · Fonds · [ca. 1918]-1969

            The fonds consists of programs for a Cooking and Homemaker’s School demonstration and Edmonton’s 50th anniversary; an income tax guide; newspaper sections and clippings about the Hole family, Edmonton buildings and Edmonton history; postcards of Edmonton including a steam ship, western part of the city and an Incline Railway; a Christmas card; and a photograph of the Alberta Laundry Limited building and staff.

            Benton, Mrs. R.
            Olive Osborne fonds
            PR1657 · Fonds · 1913-1914

            Fonds consists of photographs depicting images of various people, buildings and views in the Great Slave Lake and Peace River, Alberta areas including a paddle steamer, canoes, fish drying, livestock, and a log house.

            Osborne, Olive
            Oscar Green fonds
            PR2467 · Fonds · 1988

            The fonds consists of a transcript copy of an interview created and conducted by Mildred Phillips in 1988 with Oscar Green. The transcript documents Oscar Green's life as a boat hand, and trapper in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories in the 1920's and 1930's. The transcript details lakes, rivers, and modes of travel throughout the region.

            Green, Oscar
            Robert F. Legget fonds
            PR1954 · Fonds · 1940

            The fonds consists of images taken by Robert F. Legget during his travels in Western Canada in 1940, likely while researching the Mackenzie River System, and includes images along the Athabasca and Slave Rivers, images in and around Waterways as well as Fort Smith, images of rivers, bridges, barges, boats, the Northland Echo, freight, Hudson’s Bay Company stores and images from Banff including buildings, the hot springs, and train tracks.

            Legget, Robert F.
            Ron La Rose collection
            PR3768 · Collection · 1915-1928

            The collection consists of photographs that depict subjects in and around Shandro, Alberta. Images include the loading of a riverboat on the North Saskatchewan River, threshing machines and crews, Ukrainian folk dancers, and St. Jordan’s Day ceremonies. Members of the Shandro and Boychuk families are also identified.

            Unknown donor
            Roy S. Nurse fonds
            PR0859 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1989

            The fonds consists of clippings and photographs. The clippings are mostly regarding Roy Nurse’s retirement and copied excerpts from the book A Record of Service: The History of Western Canada’s Pioneer Gas and Electric Utilities by Ken Stahl. The subjects of the photographs include steam ships operating on the McKenzie River, Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Fort Norman, Lesser Slave Lake, Arctic Red River, Fort Providence, Fort Resolution, Fort Wrigley, Fort Smith, Great Slave Lake, Fort Simpson, Fort Good Hope, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Chipewyan, and Hay River Post.

            Nurse, Roy S.
            Sadie Samis fonds
            PR2776 · Fonds · Copied 1968

            The fonds consists of copies of photographic postcards featuring Alberta scenes circa 1910 - 1911 taken by J.R.F. McKitric. The postcards feature the Catholic Separate School in Edmonton, a River steamer on the North Saskatchewan River, Lacombe, the Low Level Bridge, line ups during the Lethbridge land rush, the Incline Railway in Edmonton, and boatman on the Athabasca River.

            Samis, Sarah
            T. Bryan Campbell-Hope fonds
            PR0080 · Fonds · [1900] - 2000

            The fonds documents T. Bryan Campbell-Hope's architectural career and contains materials collected and created by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope. The fonds includes images of railroad locomotives and cars, and buildings in small towns in Alberta taken by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope dating from the 1950s to 1993; photographs of the S.S. Athabasca dating from ca. 1900; nine line negatives, five b&w photographic prints and seven mylar copies of architectural drawings of the Legislature Building by Alberta Department of Public Works dating from 1907; photos of architectural drawings of SAIT and the proposed University of Alberta Faculty of Physical Education building by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope dating from the 1970s; two original architectural ink and watercolor drawings of the Legislative Building and grounds by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope for the Alberta Department of Public Works dating from the 1970s; nine photographs and nine negatives featuring buildings T. Bryan Campbell-Hope designed in Edmonton Alberta taken in 2000; and architectural ink drawings of the Masonic Temple, Acme Bridge Company and the Legislative Building by L. Patrick Campbell-Hope dating from 1932-1933.

            Campbell-Hope, T. Bryan
            W.A. Kelly fonds
            PR0504 · Fonds · Copied 1970

            Fonds consists of a three volume journal entitled 1923 Journal of Some Travels in the North, and captioned survey photographs depicting various people and views in northern Alberta, including rock formations, First Nations camps, Hudson’s Bay forts, and various modes of water transportation.

            Kelly, W.A.
            Wilbur W. Powe fonds
            PR0074 · Fonds · 1921-1946

            The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta towns (1920s), Buffalo National Park at Wainwright and Banff National Park (1920s) and Edmonton photos (1921-1946) taken by Wilbur W. Powe. Also included are photographs of Athabasca River Boat scenes (1924-1925) taken by Russ Denholm (cousin of Lillian). Also included are a photograph and booklet of the Edmonton Commercial Grads Basketball team (1940).

            Powe, Wilbur W.
            William Meikle fonds
            PR1116 · Fonds · Copied 1975-1977

            Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1912-1917 of the construction of the D.A. Thomas which depict equipment and machinery, a shipyard, railroad cars, teams of horses, engine parts, and various stages of construction of the D.A. Thomas. Photographs also depict a group of priests at the east end of Vermilion Chutes, the Peace River Tramway and Navigation Company office and officers, and a long distance view of Peace River.

            Meikle, William