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          Adolph Fimrite fonds
          PR3046 · Fonds · 1958

          The fonds consists of material pertaining to Adolf Fimrite's political career and includes a letter in Ukrainian from Adolph Fimrite to residents of the Spirit River Constituency regarding the plans of the Social Credit Government for the next five years and a letter in English to the residents of the Spirit River Constituency addressing the need for the former letter.

          Fimrite, Adolph
          PR3624 · Fonds · 1988-1996

          The fonds consists of correspondence, budgets, plans, and files related to the planning of Festival ’88. There are also similar records created during the course of administration of ACUA that offer evidence of the day-to-day management of the organization, planning and delivery of various events, workshops, projects and promotional materials, as well as long-term planning. The posters are advertisements for a public event celebrating the 10th anniversary of ACUA in 1996.

          Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts
          PR0260 · Fonds · 1979-2001

          Fonds consists mainly of administrative and financial records generated by the Society. The records include audited financial statements, financial reports, correspondence, donor’s lists, programs, administrative records related to individual projects, bylaws, and the certificate of incorporation. The fonds also contains a collection of publicity materials, mostly newspaper clippings, related to the projects organized or supported by the AUCS, most notably the Children of Chornobyl Fund, a humanitarian initiative that provided aid for children in Ukraine. The fonds also includes several publications whose production was supported through the AUCS. The books include research publications and a collection of poetry published in Edmonton.

          Alberta Ukrainian Commemorative Society
          Alex Erichuk fonds
          PR3741 · Fonds · [193-]-2010

          The fonds consists of a copy of a chapter out of the First Person Accounts by Ukrainian Pioneers 1891 – 1914, signed by Mr. Erichuk, school and career records of Alex Erichuk, and research into the family tree of Ignace Wanyante, who Caroline Wayandi and Alice Erichuk are descendant of. It also consists of 1 CD of a recorded interview of Mr. Erichuk, 7 photographs of the Salt Mines at which he worked, and 1 USB of photographs depicting Alice Erichuk and her extended family throughout the years and in different places.

          Erichuk, Alex
          Alexander Royick fonds
          PR2771 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of materials used by Alexander Royick for a publication entitled "Ukrainian Settlements in Alberta" Canadian Slavonic Papers - Revue Canadienne Des Slavistes (10.3) 1968 and includes images of maps created by Orest Phorecky of the Department of Anthropology and Archeology at the University of Saskatchewan illustrating Ukrainian settlements in Alberta in the 1800s. The article discusses an early Ukrainian explorer, Charles George Horetzky's, contribution to the settlement of Alberta.

          Royick, Alexander
          Ambrose Holowach fonds
          PR4172 · Fonds · 1948-1970

          The fonds consists of the records created and received by Ambrose Holowach as Provincial Secretary, including records from his predecessors Alfred Hooke and A. Russell Patrick as Minister of Economic Affairs as well as Clarence Gerhart, Alfred Hooke, and A. Russell Patrick as Provincial Secretary that Holowach received upon taking office.

          The files pertain to the Agent General (London, also referred to as Alberta House), arts and crafts initiatives, cultural development, community recreation, grants, the City Provincial Emergency Housing Project, libraries, and recreational facilities. The fonds also includes files pertaining to Alberta's Canadian centennial projects (1963-1970) minutes of Centennial Committee meetings, Alberta Golden Jubilee calendars, and transcripts of the Hooke-Hinman inquiry.

          Holowach, Ambrose
          Andrij Baziuk collection
          PR3625 · Collection · 1922-1951

          The collection consists of films used in an itinerant picture show that toured through rural Saskatchewan, particularly through Ukrainian communities around Regina, during the 1930s-50s. The films include episodes of popular series such as Tarzan of the Apes, Dick Tracy, Krazy Kat, and Hopalong Cassidy; full-length genre films including Westerns and melodramas; comedy shorts; compilations of trailers for Hollywood features; episodes of Canadian Movietone News for 1950-51; a documentary about Inuit life in the 1940s; and two feature-length Ukrainian films that were made in North America. Both of these films were produced by Ukrainian-Canadian Vasile Avramenko. The first is entitled Cossacks in Exile (Zaporozhets za dunaem) (Edgar L. Ulmer, 1938), while the second is entitled Marusia (Leo Bulgakov, 1938). These films are in the Ukrainian language with English subtitles, were specifically made for the expatriate Ukrainian community in North America, and are rare examples of Ukrainian commercial filmmaking in North America.

          Many of the films are fragments of larger works, but it is unclear if the complete films were ever shown as part of the travelling picture show.

          The collection also contains a poster for Cossacks in Exile and an original cardboard box used to house one of the film reels.

          Baziuk, Andrij
          Anna Pidruchney fonds
          PR1039 · Fonds · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of a photocopied family history of Michael and Eva Raychyba, dated 1975, written by Anna Pidruchney.

          Pidruchney, Anna
          Annie and Peter Esak fonds
          PR2300 · Fonds · 1955

          The fonds consists of a Senior Citizen's award issued to Annie and Peter Esak from the Government of Alberta in 1955.

          Esak, Annie and Peter
          Anthony Hlynka fonds
          PR3363 · Fonds · 1939-2007

          The fonds consists of materials created during and after Hlynka's political career including original memoir manuscripts, typed and handwritten, diary entries, correspondence between Hlynka and various people, typed and handwritten speeches, materials related to his activism for displaced persons during the Second World War and from his post war tour of Europe, materials related to his marriage, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other materials related to his career, marriage, election loss, death, and legacy, official Hansard copies of speeches he gave in the House of Commons, and various photographs (1939-1957). The fonds also includes materials related to the publishing of his memoirs, the Ukrainian edition in 1982 and the English edition in 2005, including correspondence between Stephanie Hlynka and numerous people, published copies of the memoirs, materials related to, and a video recording of, a lecture given at the University of Manitoba Centre for Ukrainian Studies in 2002 on "Ukrainian Immigration to Canada: Anthony Hlynka and the Third Wave, 1940-1949", and materials regarding other members of the Hlynka family including Anthony Hlynka's brother Dr. Isydore Hlynka and Stephanie Hlynka's uncle Volodymyr Klisch, a pioneer in Polish aviation.

          Hlynka, Anthony
          PR4282 · Fonds · 1913-2016

          The fonds consists of a complete record of the Edmonton branch of the AUUC and the Provincial Committee of the Alberta AUUC, including predecessor bodies, with records in both English and Ukrainian.

          The textual records include meeting minutes, financial ledgers and statements, correspondence, membership information, files on smaller branches across Alberta, budgets, play scripts, newsletters, circulars, event programs and posters, committee files (including committees for youth, women, seniors, and special projects), press releases, information files, provincial and national convention files, performing arts files, and obituaries and personal histories of many past members of the AUUC. There records are from both the Edmonton branch and the Alberta Provincial Committee, with some records from the National Executive Committee. There are also records related to the building and maintenance of the Ukrainian Centre in Edmonton, the seizure and recovery of ULFTA property by the Government of Canada, and other projects of the AUUC.

          The photographs depict ULFTA/AUUC events, members, halls, and Ukrainian heritage sites across the province including cemeteries and churches. The audio reels are recordings of AUUC events such as seminars and lectures.

          Association of United Ukrainian Canadians
          Audrey and John Martyn fonds
          PR3665 · Fonds · 1949-2014

          The fonds consists of the records of John and Audrey Martyn. The records pertaining to Audrey Martyn comprise correspondence, mainly post cards, spanning a few decades; year books and report cards; records related to her advertising company; and presentations related to teaching. The fonds also includes certificates of recognition for both Audrey and John Martyn, family events memorabilia, and records related to John Martyn’s death. The photographs are of either family or related to Audrey and John’s professional work.

          The records related to John Martyn include class notes from his technical training in sheet metal, documents related to his involvement with the XI Commonwealth Games held at Edmonton in 1978, and with the Sourdough Raft Race and the Edmonton City Civic Truck Roadeo. Also included are audio recordings produced in majority in Alberta or with Albertan singers of Ukrainian folk music, recordings of various shows or events where John Martyn’s bands or other Albertan bands played Ukrainian folk, or original studio recordings of Ukrainian music, including a unique audio CD featuring the dulcimer player Nick Mischi and Peter Kassian’s orchestra, and a video recording of Nick Mischi performing live on a TV show.

          Martyn, Audrey and John
          B. Kazymyra fonds
          PR0541 · Fonds · Copied 1982

          The fonds consists of two images, a black and white image circa (ca.) 1912 of the congregation of St. George’s Church, Angle Lake (now Derwent), Alberta and an undated colour image of the interior of a church.

          Kazymyra, B.
          PR3234.0002 · Series · 1976-2008
          Part of Manoly R. Lupul fonds

          The series consists of materials created and collected by Manoly R. Lupul during his time as the director, and afterwards, of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, mainly consisting of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies newsletter (1976-1995).

          PR1062 · Fonds · 1935-1955

          Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association, Lodge 90 and includes minutes, membership lists, financial records, and correspondence.

          Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association. Vegreville Lodge 90
          Carol C. Mock fonds
          PR2670 · Fonds · [ca. 1988]

          The fonds consists of a family history of the Mock family written in ca. 1988.

          Mock, Carol C.
          Chernochan family fonds
          PR3159 · Fonds · 1908-1932

          The fonds consists of materials documenting the life of the Chernochan family in the early part of the 20th century including photographs featuring the Chernochan farm, Kosma Chernochan and friends, the U.F.A. Store, and a coal mine.

          Chernochan family
          Community involvement files
          PR0051.0001 · Series · 1948-1998
          Part of Mary Lobay fonds

          Series consists of records pertaining to Mary Lobay’s participation as an executive member in various community and provincial organizations. Series consists of photographs, awards, studies, speeches, contracts, newsletters, minutes, correspondence, and reports.

          Demchuk family fonds
          PR2120 · Fonds · 1917- [1950]

          The fonds consists of 68 images of the Demchuk family and the town of Myrnam, Alberta.

          Demchuk family
          Demetrius Metro Ponich fonds
          PR1328 · Fonds · 1900-1982

          The fonds consists of photocopies, originally written in the 1970s, of the Ponich’s diary, memoirs of Demetrius Metro Ponich, including immigration to Canada from the Ukraine and life on the family homestead, and an “Autobiographical and Historical Account of Settlement in the Pakan and Smoke Lake Areas” by Ponich, edited and transcribed by Isidore Goresky. The fonds also includes 125 photographs, 97 negatives, and 8 rpm discs, belonging to Ponich, documenting the people and activities of the Pakan, and Smoky Lake, Alberta area dating from 1900 to 1930.

          Ponich, Demetrius Metro
          Edith Fraser fonds
          PR1899 · Fonds · Copied 1978

          The fonds consists of images copied from a photograph album and includes images, originally dating from circa (ca.) 1909 to 1913, of Edmonton scenes including streets, construction of the Legislative buildings, residential streets, houses, bridges, and images of houses in and views of Lamont, a Ukrainian homestead near Innisfree and the Bremner Post Office.

          Fraser, Edith
          PR0069 · Fonds · 1949-1991

          The fonds consists of the records created and received by the Edmonton Branch of the Association in pursuance of their mandate and mission. The fonds is made up of the following series: Minutes; Correspondence; National Executive; Reports; Building Committee; Membership; Educational Material and Programmes; and Miscellaneous.

          Ukrainian Youth Association. Edmonton Branch
          PR3436 · Fonds · 1912-1925

          The fonds consists of church registers of baptisms (1912-1925). Marriages (1912-1925), and burials (1915-1925).

          Edmonton First Ukrainian Presbyterian Church
          PR3437 · Fonds · 1925-1932

          The fonds consists of church registers of baptisms (1912-1925); marriages (1912-1925); and burials (1915-1925).

          Edmonton First Ukrainian United Church
          PR2794 · Fonds · 1992

          The fonds consists of a copy of Efrem Skuba's article, "Thirty Years in the New Land" published in Ukrainian in Canadian Farmer in 1952, and a translation of the article into English by Dr. Michael Skuba dating from 1992.

          Skuba, Efrem and Michael
          PR0304 · Fonds · 1917-1986

          Fonds consists of the personal records of Dmytro Ferbey and Bohdan Melnychuk, as well as records pertaining to the Ukrainian Book Store and other Ukrainian organizations. These records include correspondence, financial records, photographs, negatives, certificates, and publications. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Dmytro Ferbey records; Bohdan Melnychuk records; Ukrainian Book Store records.

          Ferbey, Melnychuk family
          Festival '88 fonds
          PR3759 · Fonds · 1987-1989

          The fonds includes records detailing the planning and organization of Festival ’88. Documents include board meeting minutes; contracts for services and sponsorships; contracts for performers and artists; detailed financial information including budgets and financial reports; records describing fundraising strategies; formal grant applications; executive correspondence; ballots and correspondence about the First Ukrainian Contemporary Music Awards; and press releases in both English and Ukrainian.

          The fonds also includes promotional materials such as posters, pamphlets, programs, and brochures; news clippings about the festival; and correspondence received in the aftermath of the festival. 30 photographs depict members of the Board of Directors at work as well as events over the course of the festival.

          Festival '88
          Folk, Hodgson family fonds
          PR1254 · Fonds · 1904-1939

          The fonds consists of a Christian Catechism for the Use of School Children and Young People booklet in Ukrainian and English for the Independent Greek Church in Canada, prescription receipts, other receipts, Christmas cards, a road map of Alberta and British Columbia, photographs of a wedding, the Markerville band, the Claresholm School of Agriculture graduating class, the Edmonton Normal school graduating class, members of the Edmonton Saddle Club, the Royal visit in 1939, the Earl of Bessborourgh's (Governor General) visit, and photographic postcards of Westlock including a farmer's field, hospital and Main Street, and postcards of Edmonton buildings and land marks, including the Court House, the train station, the High Level Bridge, McDougall Church, the Post Office, the MacDonald Hotel, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and a view of Jasper Avenue.

          Folk, Hodgson family
          Frank Sklove fonds
          PR1488 · Fonds · 1935-1994

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to life of Frank Sklove including correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, programs, Edmonton Musicians' Association directories, information on the Goldrush Trio, a program from the memorial service of Clarence "Big" Miller, contracts, audio recordings of the Three Jays and Skylarks performances, 2 photographs of the Klimove store on the Gibson Block on Jasper Avenue, and photographs of bands and performances, including the Cecil Cameron Orchestra.

          Sklove, Frank
          Galganetz family fonds
          PR3167 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds includes material documenting the life of the Galganetz family and includes copies of photographs featuring the Galganetz family, homesteading, a wedding, the Lakusta family farm in Hairy Hill, a musical group, children, and groups of individuals dating from the 1880s to the 1940s.

          Galganetz family
          Gargus family fonds
          PR3168 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds relates to the life of the Gargus family and includes copies of photographs featuring men with horses and unidentified individuals with horses dating from the 1920s and 1930s.

          Gargus family
          George Masikewich fonds
          PR2640 · Fonds · [ca. 1904 - 1953]

          The fonds consists of professional records such as correspondence, tax forms, insurance forms, receipts related to George Masikewich's career with CNR and the operation of his farm. The fonds also contains personal records of George and Annie including certificates, correspondence, and postcards. The fonds dates from circa 1904 to 1953.

          Masikewich, George
          Gonsett family fonds
          PR0681 · Fonds · 1939-1976

          Fonds consists of the personal records of Irene Gonsett and includes correspondence, postcards, newspaper clippings, and photographs depicting Gonsett family members and friends, various inventions of Robert R. and Faust R. Gonsett, and Gonsett Company buildings. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings about Robert R. Gonsett and Faust R. Gonsett and their inventions, including copied newspaper clippings from 1939, information about the R.R. Gonsett Memorial Ukrainian Library, various advertising flyers and catalogues for Gonsett Company products, and Ukrainian magazines.

          Gonsett family
          Goryniuk family fonds
          PR1799 · Fonds · 1942-1947

          The fonds consists of the family records of the Goryniuk family, and includes a financial statement for the Municipal District of Smoky Lake, correspondence, including some from the Alberta and Canadian Wheat Boards, an Alberta Farmers’ Union membership card, and two photographs of a wedding.

          Goryniuk family
          Grant Chamara fonds
          PR2303 · Fonds · 1993

          The fonds consists of a booklet entitled, "History of the Ukrainian Catholic Church Parish of the Holy Eucharist in Thorhild, Alberta" (1993) written by Grant Chamara.

          Chamara, Grant
          Halyna Freeland fonds
          PR2400 · Fonds · 1970-1990

          The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

          The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

          The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

          Freeland, Halyna
          Hawreliak family fonds
          PR3170 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds consists of copies of photographs featuring the Hawreliak family and the Hawreliak family home, and a funeral at the Hawreliak farm circa 1930s.

          Hawreliak family
          Isidore Goresky fonds
          PR1217 · Fonds · [197-?]

          The fonds consists of biographical information of Reverend (Rev.) Dmytro M. Ponich edited and transcribed by Isidore Goresky, “Early Life in Canada” and “Our Adventures in Argentina” by Kassian Skakun translated by Isidore Goresky and another work, “The Trek to the Homestead” translated by Isidore Goresky.

          Goresky, Isidore
          PR0042 · Fonds · 1957-1995

          The fonds consists of the records of Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies and includes student records, correspondence, teachers' minutes, school chronicles, anniversary booklets, photographs of various graduating classes, two printing plates with class images and one plaque. The fonds includes one sous-fonds: the Society of Ukrainian Studies of Alberta sous-fonds.

          Ivan Franko School for Ukrainian Studies
          J. Demchuk, Blacksmith fonds
          PR2119 · Fonds · [1928 – 1951]

          The fonds consists of records used, maintained, and created during the operation of John Demchuk’s blacksmith shop including shipping lists, order forms, price lists, pamphlets, receipts, subscriptions, notices, bills, correspondence, brochures, and bills dating from 1928 to 1951.

          J. Demchuk Blacksmith Shop
          Jack Curiatz fonds
          PR2328 · Fonds · [1910]

          The fonds consists of a hand-tinted photograph of the Jack Curiatz family dating from ca. 1910.

          Curiatz, Jack
          Jampolsky family fonds
          PR1775 · Fonds · 1900-1972

          The fonds consists of the Jampolsky family records and includes Moses’ report cards, certificates, correspondence, diaries, stories and essays, a draft of Lyman’s Masters Thesis, a Stern family genealogy, stamps, a Sonya Henie program, a Glendon School newspaper and images of family and friends.

          There is also a file (accession PR2016.0376) related to Murray Jampolsky’s career in the Alberta Teacher’s Association. Specifically, this file relates to a legal challenge Jampolsky mounted against the ATA regarding the 1971 vice-presidential election, which Jampolsky contended was improperly counted. Jampolsky lost his court challenge but the ATA subsequently ordered a new election, which Jampolsky won and was elected as vice-president of the ATA.

          Jampolsky family
          Jessie Kisilevich fonds
          PR3173 · Fonds · Copied 1981, Copied 1982

          The fonds pertains to Jessie Kisilevich's life and consists of photographs featuring a group of individuals at New Kiev circa 1930s, a wedding of a Bukonvinian couple near Hairy Hill in 1915, and Mrs. Kisilevich in costume for a play in 1926.

          Kisilevich, Jessie
          PR1591 · Fonds · 1939-1995

          The fonds consists of the records of Jim and Constance Panchuck and includes one series, Panchuk/Panchuck Get-Together records, as well as the following: correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, pamphlets and photographs related to Constance's employment with the Southern California Gas Company, copies of Constance's magazine articles and newspaper columns (in Medicine Hat News and Lloydminster Times), records relating to Jim's employment, passports, and an audio recording of "Get Smart" TV show on which Constance a guest.

          Panchuk, James
          John Savich family fonds
          PR3714 · Fonds · 1929-1976

          The fonds consists of ledgers and other documents associated with the Hardware Store in St. Michaels, that John Savich ran, family documents and photographs of the John and Peter Savich families and short historical chronologies for both Peter Savich and his son John Savich and their families.

          Savich, John
          John Sollanych fonds
          PR0197 · Fonds · 1934-1964

          Fonds consists of material pertaining to the activities of Ukrainians in Western Canada between 1930 and 1960.

          Sollanych, John
          Josaphat Skwarok fonds
          PR1246 · Fonds · Copied 1982

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1917 of students at the Ukrainian Institute of Peter Mohyla, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, students at the St. Boniface Seminary (likely Manitoba), a cultural group and a funeral at St. Josaphat Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Ukrainian priests and bishops and a confirmation class

          Skwarok, Josaphat
          Julie Hrapko collection
          PR3171 · Collection · Copied 1973, Copied 1974, Copied 1976

          The collection pertains to Julie Hrapko's career in the heritage industry, and consists of copies of photographs featuring the Miette Hot Springs circa 1930, Mr. and Mrs. Lakusta's wedding circa 1919, and a civil protest by farmers in Two Hills in 1931.

          Hrapko, Julie
          Kathryn Kozak fonds
          PR3063 · Fonds · [ca. 1914]

          The fonds consists of two photographs featuring Ukrainians in traditional dress circa 1914. The photographer and location of the photographs is unknown.

          Kozak, Kathryn
          Kitt family fonds
          PR3215 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds consists of materials documenting the life of the Kitt family including copies of photographs featuring the separate occasions of a funeral and a wedding at Buczacz Church in 1953, the Kitt family, and agricultural equipment.

          Kitt family
          Knysh family fonds
          PR3174 · Fonds · [Copied 1981, Copied 1987 (originally created 1920 - 1968)]

          The fonds consists of copied photographs featuring the Knysh family including photographs featuring George Knysh with a guitar in 1968, Eugene Knysh's car in 1968, the Wostok Hardware store circa 1955, Walter Knysh on the farm circa 1920, the Knysh family in front of the Wostok hardware store circa 1943, and the Knysh family at the family home and farm from the 1920s to the 1960s.

          Knysh family
          Kreklywich family fonds
          PR3216 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds pertains to the Kreklywich family's life and consists of copies of photographs featuring the blacksmith shop owned by the Kreklywichs in Vilna circa 1940s.

          Kreklywich family
          Lakusta family fonds
          PR3175 · Fonds · [Copied 1981 (originally created between 1920 - 1930)]

          The fonds pertains to the Lukusta family and consists of copies of photographs featuring a sawmill on the Lakusta farm during the 1920s and 1930s.

          Lakusta family
          Larry Warawa fonds
          PR3660 · Fonds · 2002-2005

          The fonds consists of five binders, each with a different theme such as Warawa’s family, sites around Alberta, and the 2005 Alberta centennial. Starting in 2003, Warawa travelled around Alberta and Saskatchewan extensively to photo-document the two provinces on the verge of their respective centennials. Much of this project is captured in the selected binders.

          Warawa, Larry
          PR2533 · Fonds · 1923 - 1979

          The fonds consists of materials created, used, and maintained by Leona and Michael Kully throughout their teaching career in Alberta including curriculums, workbooks, tests, marks, planning kits, teacher agreements, correspondence, timetables, clippings, brochures, poems related to the teaching or language arts, science, arithmetic, health, social studies, test keys, and children's art work including drawings and sketches dating, Alberta Teacher's Association magazines, and Canadian Teacher's Federation newsletters. The fonds dates from 1923 to 1979.

          Kully, Leona and Michael
          Louisa Cereske fonds
          PR2318 · Fonds · 1926 - 1933

          The fonds consists of letters to Louisa and Robert Cerezke from Luisa Wensel (Louisa's mother) and Ewa [Wencel] (Louisa's sister) of Volenia, Ukraine, from 1926 to 1933. The letters pertain to a famine in Ukraine and Joseph Stalin's rule, and include pleas for financial assistance.

          Cerezke, Louisa
          Lovie Romach fonds
          PR0903 · Fonds · 1957-1973

          The fonds consists of two phonograph recordings. The first recording is of a Ukranian Divine Liturgy conducted by the brother of the donor, Rev. Stephen Chmilar, in 1973. The second recording is of the CFRM program "Smilin' Charlie and Jerry" from November 1, 1957, on which the donor's family sang as part of a Ukrainian choir.

          Romach, Lovie
          Manoly R. Lupul fonds
          PR3234 · Fonds · 1932-2014

          The fonds consists of the personal and professional correspondence of Dr. Manoly R. Lupul (1950-2013) including materials relating to his teaching career at the University of Alberta, numerous published and unpublished materials related to his activities, his memoirs, his doctoral thesis, and photographs and slides (1932-2013). There are also two smaller series within the fonds. The first series consists of materials created and collected by Lupul during his time on the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism, including various newsletters and other publications produced by the council relating to the official policy of Multiculturalism and its inclusion in the Canadian Constitution (1972-1997). The seconds series consists of materials created and collected by Lupul during his time as the director, and afterwards, of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, mainly consisting of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies newsletter (1976-2008).

          Lupul, Manoly R.
          Margaret Belle Duggan fonds
          PR3037 · Fonds · [ca. 1899]

          The fonds consists of a photograph featuring Ukrainian immigrants disembarking from a train in Edmonton at the Canadian Pacific Railway Station circa 1899 taken and developed by Margaret Belle Duggan.

          Duggan, Margaret Belle
          Martyniuk family fonds
          PR3179 · Fonds · Copied 1980 (originally created ca. 1930)

          The fonds consists of material documenting the life of the Martyniuk family and consists of copies of photographs featuring the family dating from the 1930s.

          Martyniuk family
          Mary Lobay fonds
          PR0051 · Fonds · 1911-1998

          Fonds consists of records accumulated by Dr. Mary Lobay during her career as a teacher including curriculum materials, yearbooks, school histories, and reports. Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Hawrelak family and includes materials pertaining to Mary’s university education, finances, as well as newspaper clippings, correspondence, and published materials. Fonds also consists of records pertaining to Mary’s participation in various community or provincial organizations and includes photographs, awards, studies, speeches, contracts, and newsletters.

          Lobay, Mary
          Mary Mansfield fonds
          PR1417 · Fonds · 1927-1964

          The fonds consists of a photograph album containing 232 photographs from Kolocreeka, Washtao, and Smoky Lake, including homes, residences, hospitals, churches, schools, local residents, weddings, funerals, bread baking, horses and carts, school children, cars, Canadian Girls in Training (C.G.I.T.) groups, wells, and picnics; and photographs of the Kolokreeka mission, a thatched-roofed house, and a girl as the May Queen, and photographs from the Vilna camp including a pulpit, a cabin, a picnic shelter, the lake side, and staff

          Mansfield, Mary
          Maurice Stochinsky fonds
          PR1181 · Fonds · [1890] - 1974

          The fonds reflects Stochinsky's participation in the Canadian Jewish community. The fonds consists of correspondence, resolutions, and a financial statement from Congress Union of Western Canada Jews, Edmonton Branch dating from 1916-1919; proposed bylaws and bylaws of the Edmonton Jewish Community Council dating from 1962; Records of the Edmonton Zionist Council and final records, donor lists, and receipts pertaining to the United Israel Appeal dating from 1946-1955; minutes, correspondence, and the opening and closing rituals of the Herzl Lodge dating from 1955; records regarding the hiring of a cantor, correspondence, membership lists, newspaper clippings, and photographs depicting cantors, menorahs, and Yahreit tablets dating from 1952-1971; minutes, membership lists, donor lists, financial records, and correspondence from the Shaarev Tzedeck Building Fund dating from 1920-1921; correspondence, donor lists, telegrams, bank statements, and bonds from the State of Israel Bonds campaign in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1956-1960; minutes, financial records, articles of association, bylaws, and correspondence dating from 1927- 1961; photographs of Maurice Stochinsky in military uniform, on a baseball team, on the Edmonton Talmud Torah Board of Directors, in a synagogue, and participating in various community activities dating from; and an Edmonton Jewish War Efforts Committee donor list.

          Stochinsky, Maurice
          McPherson family fonds
          PR3180 · Fonds · Copied 1981 (originally created circa 1920 - 1930)

          The fonds consists of materials related to the McPherson family and includes of copies of photographs featuring the McPherson family in Andrew; photographs featuring Samuel McPherson serving in his capacity as an Alberta Provincial Police Officer; and photographs featuring families, funerals, and weddings. The images date from the early part of the 20th century.

          McPherson family
          Michael Gowda fonds
          PR2427 · Fonds · 1901 - [1993]

          The fonds consists of the records used, created, and maintained by Michael Gowda including correspondence, literary manuscripts, financial records, diaries, news paper clippings, and notebooks. Michael Gowda's records date from 1901- 1946. The fonds also contains research notes on Michael Gowda and photocopies of Michael Gowda's correspondence compiled by Jars Balan.

          Gowda, Michael
          Mike Stelmach fonds
          PR3207 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of material belonging to Mike Stelmach and includes copies of photographs featuring a wedding, cars, a family, horses, a band, and individuals dating from the early to mid 20th century.

          Stelmach, Mike
          Milner family fonds
          PR1876 · Fonds · [ca. 1933]-1977

          The fonds consists of a photograph of the Milner family and information about the Milner family.

          Milner family
          Miriam Elston fonds
          PR0132 · Fonds · 1910-1920

          Fonds consists of three scrapbooks containing articles and short stories by Miriam Elston, and editorial appreciation of her work. Also consists of photographs and postcards depicting life in Alberta.

          Elston, Miriam
          Molly Melech fonds
          PR1606 · Fonds · Copied 1977

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1912-1928 depicting members of the Edmonton, Alberta Jewish community including members of the Galper, Hendler, Pollack, Schragge, and Bugis families. Also includes photocopied records dating ca. 1920-1925 which include a biographical sketch of the Galper family, passports and immigration documents of the Galper family, and an advertisement for Galper’s Family Store.

          Melech, Molly
          Mykhailo Chomiak fonds
          PR3260 · Fonds · 1881-1983

          The fonds consists of the personal and business records of Mykhailo Chomiak from Europe and Canada. The European records include vital statistics records including marriage documents and residency and movement documents issued during the German occupation; correspondence; and photographs of friends, family, religious artifacts, and sites around Ukraine.

          These records also consist of professional documents including work permits issued during the German occupation; general business files, daily information bulletins, correspondence, and editorial records related to the editorial management of Krakivs’ki visti; records from the Blonhofen Displaced Persons Camp; photographs of Dilo staff, the executive of the Ukrainian temperance organization Vidrodzhennia, Ukrainian religious and cultural events, Ukrainian forced labour camps in Germany, sites around Galicia during the Second World War, and German-sponsored events during the occupation.

          The Canadian records include Chomiak autobiographies and publishing bibliographies; employment documents; correspondence; records from Ukrainian community organizations such as the Ukrainian Youth Association, Kursy ukrainoznavstva, the Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Ukrainian National Hall and Ukrainian Catholic Unity, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Ukrainian credit unions, Ukrainian National Council in Canada among others; records related to the Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies; records related to the Ukrainian Catholic Church; and writings for Ukrainian-language newspapers.

          The fonds also contains the records of Lev Hankevych and Ivan Nimchuk.

          Chomiak, Mykhailo
          Myrna Kostash fonds
          PR1867 · Fonds · 1975

          The fonds consists of Myrna Kostash’s research for All of Baba’s Children, and includes oral history interviews with Ukrainian-Canadians, primarily from the Vegreville and Two Hills areas; she interviewed the children of immigrants, who had to find their identity, their purpose, their community and their pride between Galicia and Canada. The fonds also includes other research materials, such as articles, newspaper clippings, publications, papers and notes, used in the publication.

          Kostash, Myrna
          Nancy Semaniuk fonds
          PR3203 · Fonds · Copied 1987

          The fonds consists of material documenting Nancy Semaniuk's life including copied images dating from the 1930s featuring a parade on the occasion of a visit of the Greek Catholic Bishop to Wostok; a procession of St. Mary's Russo Greek Orthodox Church in Shandro, Alberta; Nancy and an unidentified friend; Nancy; Nancy's family, and the Wostok Hardware Store.

          Semaniuk, Nancy
          Nemirsky family fonds
          PR1426 · Fonds · 1737-2001, predominant 1896-2001

          Fonds consists of the personal records of various members of the Nemirsky family and includes estate records, genealogical records, records pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church, historical/biographical sketches and obituaries of various Ukrainian Canadians, homesteading and property records, brand, stock and crop records, records pertaining to school reunions and centenary celebrations, tourism records, and election materials. Fonds also contains a number of photocopied photographs and original photographs that depict family members, churches and various views in the Wostok, Alberta area. Fonds also includes a drawing by Michael Nemirsky, district and township maps, and blueprints of a gothic barn, a one room school house, a granary and John Bruchal’s house.

          Nemirsky family
          Nicholas W. Gavinchuk fonds
          PR0621 · Fonds · 1917-1994, predominant 1940-1967

          Fonds consists of textual records, photographs, negatives, glass plate negatives, transparencies, and cinefilms created by Nicholas W. Gavinchuk in the course of his personal and professional life.

          Fonds includes portraits and photographs depicting various people, buildings, and views in the Smoky Lake, Alberta area and in various Ukrainian communities, as well as some photographs depicting various people, buildings, and views of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Vancouver, British Columbia.

          The cinefilms depict various people, views, buildings, and celebrations in the Smoky Lake, Calgary, and Edmonton areas including schools, parades, Ukrainian celebrations, sports, the railway, farming, various industries, and religious ceremonies.

          The textual records include correspondence, notes, notices, letterhead, postcards, receipts, lists of high school students, projection licenses, a receipt book, biographical sketches, appointments, advertising material, returned cheques, and agreements, insurance policies, certificates, legal records, a receipt book, issues of Ukrainian Voice, annuals from St. John’s Institution and the Ukrainian Mutual Aid Society, and various photographs and cinefilms depicting the Gavinchuk family.

          Gavinchuk, Nicholas W.
          Nick Nowytzkyj fonds
          PR2706 · Fonds · 1959

          The fonds consists of 18 blank postcards featuring Ukrainian dancers dating from 1959, and 1 negative of a postcard.

          Nowytzkyj, Nick
          PR0262 · Fonds · 1970-1999

          Fonds consists of administrative and operational records as well as conference materials. Fonds includes published materials as well as reports, newsletters, minutes, legislation, correspondence.

          Northern Alberta Heritage Language Association
          PR0459 · Fonds · 1906-1980

          The fonds consists of citizen and marriage certificates for Ksenia and John Kalmuk and Ewa and Sam Nowakowsky, travel documents, other certificates, a copy of the Kalmuks tax forms, Ewa’s passage form, and photographs of Ewa, Sam, Ksenia and John, most in traditional ethnic dress, various photos of Ewa and Sam farming, photographs of embroidered ceremonial towels and embroidery patterns, correspondence, immigration documents, photographs of family in Ukraine taken on a trip in 1971 and a map of Ukraine published in 1976. Some of the photographs have handwritten explanations accompanying them.

          Nowakowsky, Ewa
          Olga Savaryn Records
          PR0671.0006 · Series · 1959 - 1998
          Part of Peter and Olga Savaryn family fonds

          The series consists of records belonging to Olga Savaryn documenting her personal involvement in the Ukrainian Canadian community. These records were collected or created by Olga Savaryn in her role as liaison to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Edmonton Branch, various roles in the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, and other organizations. These records contain reports, administrative records including minutes of meetings, studies, speeches, and newsletters from those organizations she was a part of. There are also records pertaining to provincial election campaigns for various candidates, which include newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, and cards

          Savaryn, Olga
          Orest Semchishen fonds
          PR2187 · Fonds · 1973-1981

          The fonds consists of views of towns, individuals, buildings, churches of rural communities in Alberta dating from 1973 to 1981, and images of Chinese Canadians dating from 1984. The fonds also includes a self-portrait of Semchishen dating from 1980.

          Semchishen, Orest
          Pauline Maruschak fonds
          PR2639 · Fonds · 1990

          The fonds reflects Pauline Maruschak's activities with Holy Cross Church in Hay Lakes, Alberta and consists of a booklet written by Pauline Maruschak entitled, "Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church of Hay Lakes" (1990). The booklet documents the history of the Holy Cross Church in Hay Lakes, Alberta.

          Maruschak, Pauline
          PR0671 · Fonds · 1919-2013

          The fonds consists of records pertaining to both Peter and Olga Savaryn’s participation in various community organizations including reports, administrative records, photographs, awards, studies, speeches, contracts, and newsletters. The records depict the history of the Ukrainian communities in Alberta, Peter Savaryn’s part in that history, and Savaryn’s own history and experiences.

          Peter Savaryn’s university education and law practice are captured by finances, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, and cards. Records of his tenure at the University of Alberta as Chancellor and member of the Board of Governors and Senate includes administrative materials, convocation information, and programs. Also included are records of Peter and Olga Savaryn’s participation in the political community, containing campaign material, conference notes, newspaper articles, and audio-visual material. There are also collected publications from various Canadian Ukrainian communities and the University of Alberta Law School and Alumni and Ukrainian music publications.

          In addition to professional and community records, the fonds includes family archives such as photographs, negatives, and Christmas cards and letters from family members in Ukraine dating from the 1940s. Also included in the fonds is other correspondence, research notes, financial accounts, notebooks, scrapbooks, and photograph albums.

          There are also collected publications from various Canadian Ukrainian communities and the University of Alberta Law School and Alumni, hand-written cards, a membership notebook, and Ukrainian music publications. Several of these have been annotated by Savaryn.

          The fonds is divided into six series:

          • Community Involvement Records ([193-?]-2013)
          • Professional and Career Records (1951-2011)
          • Academic Involvement Records (1956-2011)
          • Political Activity Records (1958-2012)
          • Family Records (1919-2013)
          • Olga Savaryn Records (1959 – 1998)
          Savaryn, Peter and Olga
          Peter Svarich fonds
          PR3403 · Fonds · 1894-1967

          This fonds consists of material relating to the activities and interests of Peter Svarich. The papers include autobiography, diaries, articles, correspondence, certificates, mementos, financial records, photographs, artwork, printed material, maps, blueprints and more.

          Svarich, Peter
          Petruk family fonds
          PR3716 · Fonds · 1950-2000

          The fonds consists of films and VHS of home movies, family events, and activities ca. 1950s – 2000.

          Petruk, Alice and Len
          Powley family fonds
          PR3738 · Fonds · 1918-1947

          The fonds consists of photographs of members of the Ukrainian community in Smoky Lake, Alberta and depict clubs, classes, holidays, and families.

          Powley, William
          Pylypow family fonds
          PR3198 · Fonds · 1936-1945, Copied 1980

          The fonds consists of material acquired from the Pylypow family and includes copies of photographs from the 1930s and 1940s featuring buildings, a school, a graveyard, men with a car, family photographs, a church, agricultural equipment, and a funeral.

          Pylypow family
          Raczuk family fonds
          PR3657 · Fonds · 1926-2010

          The fonds consists of records pertaining to Nick and Doris Raczuk’s lives as small business managers and Nick’s work as a civil servant in Breton. It includes records used to manage the various businesses and rental properties they ran, such as year end audits, contracts, insurance documents and scrapbooks. It also includes records used to develop municipal and medical services in Breton, such as annotated reference materials, correspondence and minutes of committee meetings.

          Material also includes records documenting the lives of members of the Raczuk and Hryhoruk extended family including photographs, recordings of their children’s music concerts, immigration documentation and correspondence between family and friends.

          The records document the activities of life in small town Alberta and the processes citizens go through to develop access to municipal services. These add to the Provincial Archives records on local communities in the province. The records also provide documentation into the life of the Ukrainian community and new immigrants in Alberta.

          Raczuk family
          Radymno School Photo

          The one black and white photograph depicts students at Radymno School in 1941. Also included is a piece of paper with handwritten names of the students, in their standing order, and the date. The names are as follows:

          Back Row (L-R): Robert Moshansky, John Kutney, Evelyn Skitsko, Adeline Zabielski, Annie Wolansky, Caroline Plachner, Nick Kulchitski, Virgil Moshansky, Donald Kulchitski

          Third Row (L-R): Jennie Kobasiuk, Verna Pasay, Zane Zabielski, Jimmy Moshansky, Junie Moshansky, Larry Zokiak, Donald Pasay, John Kodnowitsky

          Second Row (L-R): Jim Kutney, Florence Koziak, Iris Kulcitski, RoseMarie Swanson, Virginia Kulchitski, Eleanor Plachner, Peter Sywolos

          Front: Gladys Letawsky

          Radymno School
          PR0928 · Collection · Copied 1980 and 1985

          The collection consists of 71 images, originally dating from 1914 to 1958, of schools, churches, sports teams, stores, bands, automobiles, ferries, coal mines, bicycles, horses and carriages, weddings, and Ukrainian Associations, all primarily in the Redwater, Alberta area and includes Redwater, Radway, Egremont, Eldorena, Waskatenau, Vinca, Opal and Fedorah, as well as Skaro, Brule, and Drumheller.

          Redwater and District Museum
          Regula Qureshi fonds
          PR3691 · Fonds · 1902 – 1972, predominant 1970-1972

          The fonds consists of a series of audio records created by Regula Qureshi in her capacity as a research associate with the Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta in the early 1970s. She collected and recorded examples of the province’s ethnic folk music and was a post graduate at the University of Alberta. The audio recordings are of folk and religious music from various ethnic communities in Alberta, including Mennonite, Ukrainian, Dutch, Arabic, Indo-Pakistani, Egyptian, and Sikh. In addition there are notes and explanations about the music, the ethnic group, translations, and commentary pertaining to the recordings. Some photos and publications regarding the recordings (wedding traditions, prayers for example) are also included.

          Qureshi, Regula
          Reynard Petryk fonds
          PR2727 · Fonds · 1900 - 1905

          The fonds consists of records of Reynard Petryk's family including certificates of baptism issued by the Austro-Hungarian Province of Galicia for Julianna Kuczyr, Bartholomew Zagrobelny, and Anna Zagrobelny dating from 1900, and a certificate of naturalization issued to Filip Majewski dating from 1905.

          Petryk, Reynard
          Robert Paul Beitush fonds
          PR1643 · Fonds · Copied [19-]

          Fonds consists of copied and mounted photographs dating 1915 that depict a barn, threshing machines, and people thought to be relatives of Beitush in Alberta.

          Beitush, Robert Paul
          PR0680 · Fonds · 1918-1965

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to various Gonsett companies and to various inventions created by R.R. Gonsett and F.R. Gonsett and includes letters patent, specifications, diagrams, and descriptions of inventions, correspondence, advertising flyers and catalogues depicting various Gonset Company products and depicting various Gonsett inventions, and technical and instruction manuals for radio sets. Also included are Ukrainian magazines, information about the R.R. Gonsett Memorial Ukrainian library, and a flyer for Cal Farley’s Boys’ Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. The fonds has been arranged into the following series: Inventions of R.R. Gonsett; Inventions of F.R. Gonsett; Inventions of R.R. and F.R. Gonsett; Gonsett Companies; Miscellaneous.

          Gonsett, Faust R.
          Roman Ostashewsky fonds
          PR3405 · Fonds · 1959-1983

          The fonds consists of personal papers of Roman Ostashewsky. The majority of the records reflect Mr. Ostashewsky’s participation in various community organizations such as Ukrainian National Federation, Committee for the Establishment of the Ukrainian Catholic Patriarchate, Ukrainian Professional and Business Club (Edmonton), The Ukrainian Canadian Committee (Edmonton) and Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (Winnipeg). These records include personal correspondence, drafts, financial records, newsletters, promotional materials, minutes, agendas, and reports. Another group of records reflects Mr. Ostashewsky’s activities as an organizer, artistic director and master of ceremonies of various community cultural projects such as Heritage Series of Concerts, Vegreville Ukrainian Festival, Shevchenko Concerts, Ukrainian Day and numerous commemorative events. These records include hand written notes, correspondence, speeches, programs, promotional materials and photographs of the featured artists. The files related to the Kontakt TV program include brief profiles of the guests and interview questions.

          Ostashewsky, Roman
          Romaniuk family fonds
          PR3200 · Fonds · [Copied 1981 (originally created 1930 - 1944)]

          The fonds consists of a copy of a photograph taken by Jane Omaniuk circa 1944 featuring the Romaniuk family on a verandah of the Pickell House in Andrew, Alberta and a photograph of members of the Romaniuk family circa 1930.

          Romaniuk family
          Ron La Rose collection
          PR3768 · Collection · 1915-1928

          The collection consists of photographs that depict subjects in and around Shandro, Alberta. Images include the loading of a riverboat on the North Saskatchewan River, threshing machines and crews, Ukrainian folk dancers, and St. Jordan’s Day ceremonies. Members of the Shandro and Boychuk families are also identified.

          Unknown donor
          PR1551 · Fonds · 1919-1978

          Fonds consists of photocopied and original business records of the Russo Greek Catholic Orthodox Congregation of Holy Trinity and cemetery and includes certificate of incorporation and bylaws, membership accounts, telegrams, receipts, insurance policies, financial reports, minutes, agreements, bequest records, notices, affidavits and court transcripts, tax rolls, correspondence, plot registers, licenses, burial permits and various information regarding regulations and legislation of cemeteries. Fonds also includes a site plan of the cemetery.

          Russo Greek Catholic Orthodox Congregation of Holy Trinity