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Academic Involvement Records
PR0671.0003 · Series · 1956-2011
Part of Peter and Olga Savaryn family fonds

The series consists of records pertaining to Peter Savaryn’s tenure as Chancellor of the University of Alberta, and when he was a member of the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors and Senate. Series includes speeches, newsletters, minutes, correspondence, reports, photographs, and convocation programs.

PR0252 · Fonds · 1864-1955, predominant 1900-1935

Fonds consists of Rutherford’s personal and business records, particularly records created in his capacity as a lawyer and as a politician. These records include political papers, financial records, ordinances, proceedings, policies, reports, publications, personal records, photographs, diplomas, newspapers and newspaper clippings. Also included in this fonds are a newspaper clipping and photograph dated after Rutherford’s death. These two items were interfiled with Rutherford’s papers when they were deposited in the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1975. They probably belonged to a member of Rutherford’s family and so were maintained within accession PR1975.0518.

Rutherford, Alexander Cameron
PR3234.0002 · Series · 1976-2008
Part of Manoly R. Lupul fonds

The series consists of materials created and collected by Manoly R. Lupul during his time as the director, and afterwards, of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, mainly consisting of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies newsletter (1976-1995).

C.J. McAndrews fonds
PR3077 · Fonds · 1928

The fonds consists of transcripts of addresses presented at the convention of the Alberta Institute of Cooperation, University of Alberta, June 25 to June 29, 1928.

McAndrews, C.J.
PR3809.0003 · Series · 2008-2012
Part of Kevin Taft fonds

This series consists of the records created and maintained by Kevin Taft as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the electoral division of Edmonton-Riverview between 2001 and 2012.

The series contains issues of Taft’s newsletter issued to constituents, communications with ministers and city councilors on behalf of his constituency, and documents from his involvement in the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition’s efforts to gain consultation in the proposed developments on the south campus lands of the University of Alberta.

Fires of Spring film reel
PR3761 · Item · 1978, 2008
Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

These records consist of a copy of Fires of Spring on 16mm film and a DVD copy of the same title. Fires of Spring is a 1978 documentary produced by the University of Alberta about the use of controlled fires for agricultural management. The film specifically focuses on the use of controlled fires by First Nations people in northern Alberta and features interviews with members of the Cree, Beaver, Dene, and Chipewyan nations regarding the traditional use of fire in land management. The film also features several University of Alberta faculty members discussing the importance of the practice.

Guy Pariseau fonds
PR2719 · Fonds · 1980-1984

The fonds consists of seven audiocassettes including two series of Radio-Canada: "Père de radio français dans l'ouest" and "Matin de la fête", and one audiocassette recording commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Faculte Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, in March 1983, featuring a song created by Guy Pariseau.

Pariseau, Guy
Joseph Moreau fonds
PR0967 · Fonds · 1961-1970

The fonds consists of correspondence, briefs, reports, copies of acts and photocopied newspaper clippings regarding French language instruction in Alberta and the affiliation of the Collège Saint-Jean with the University of Alberta.

Moreau, Joseph
PR0864 · Collection · 1912-1914

The collection is made up of five photographs donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta from the collection of the Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery. The photographs include one photo of soldiers and nurses in front of St. Stephen’s College, University of Alberta, one of Cadomin Mines, one of construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge in Edmonton, one of construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, and one of the horse “Edgewood Boy” owned by Alex Galbraith and Sons, Edmonton.

Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery
Norman C. Wilson fonds
PR0798 · Fonds · 1909-[ca. 1918]

Fonds consists of photographs depicting the building housing Norman C. Wilson’s law practice, a group of mountain climbers, and residences at the University of Alberta.

Wilson, Norman C.
PR4155 · Fonds · 1963-1992

The fonds consists of the Nursing Reserve's constitution and by-laws; executive committee minutes; annual reports; financial records; membership lists; and correspondence between members. Additionally, there is a collection of the organization's newsletter. "Wallace's Warriors," as well as several scrapbooks and photographs depicting members and events.

Nursing Reserve of the University of Alberta Hospital
Patricia Valentine fonds
PR4148 · Fonds · 1991

The fonds consists of one booklet, prepared by Dr. Patricia Valentine, "History of Undergraduate Awards in the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing," which lists the awards, including title, value, number awarded, start date, conditions, donor(s), and history.

Valentine, Patricia
PR0360.0003 · Series · 1930-2008
Part of Stout family fonds

Records cover Monte’s education at Crescent Heights School and the University of Alberta, his work with the City of Edmonton’s Department of Public Works, and his time with Northern Transportation Company Ltd. Series includes permafrost and pipeline research, reports and studies, properties, asset analysis, leases and agreements, land exchanges, site records, land value appraisals, camp records, surveys, development plans, newspaper clippings, correspondence, agendas, business cards, day planners, cards, school records, yearbooks. Photographs and negatives are of shipyards, offices, job sites, coworkers, surveys air photos, and work being done.

PR4243 · Fonds · 1905-2014

The fonds consists of the following records: Senate Minutes (1927-1994), Senate Admin. (1968-1995), Council Minutes and Budget (1987-2000), Board of Management (1978-1998), Robertson/St. Stephen’s College Guild (1926-1933), Board/Senate (1927, 1968-1999), Diaconal Ministry Administration (1989-1996), Program Advisory Committee (1970-1993), Kananaskis (Stewardship) 1992 (1991-1994), Historical (1926-1982), Residence Committee (1953-1984), Student Council (1940-1971), Faculty Council (1910-1979), Theolog Club (1942-1965), Calendars (1910-2014), Convocation Admin. (1989-1999), SSC Convocation Programs (1914-1989), Honorary Degrees (1987-2000), Financial Statements (1917-1998), Financial Information (1920-1972), Schedule of Securities (1963-1986), [College] Accounts (1918-1941), Education: Initiatives (1976-2001), Theological Education (Principal’s Office) (1969-2001), Files Concerning Theology (1923-1951), Correspondence re Theological Students (1939-1957, 1965-1967), School of Religion (1928, 1948-1976), Study Tours (1986-1995), Continuing Education – Courses (Principal’s Office) (1972-1996), Continuing Education – General – Initiatives (Principal’s Office) (1975-1994), Alumni (1911-1989), Student Registries (1911-1976), Theological Student Registration Files (1927-1949), Principal’s Office – Various (1927-1928, 1958-2001), Reports to Board of Colleges and Secondary Schools (1929-1974), Tuttle Papers (1905-1941), Ed Thompson Papers (1926-1975), Dr. E. J. Thompson (Principal) – Correspondence (1948-1950), N. Urbanovich [Dispute With Manitoba Conference] (1929-1949), O. A. Puffer Estate (1920-1921), Bridge Structure (1969-1977), New Church Development Research Project (1988-1995), Capital Campaigns (1987-2001), Lilly Endowment Inc. Project Files General (1982-1994), Lilly Project (Re-Futuring) (1973-1994), Vision and Partnerships (1962, 1986, 1991-1999), Long Range Planning Committee (Principal’s Office) (1972-1996), New Theological Building (1950-1955), [Church Organization and Career Centre of Alberta] (1973-1978), General Correspondence (1934-1994), [General Administrative Correspondence] (1941-1951), Statistics Canada (1967-1973), and Slides (1975, 1979).

St. Stephen’s College
PR4157 · Fonds · 1987-1991

The fonds consists of minutes and agendas; notes and reports, including lobbying strategies; financial records; Audiovisual records document moments from NUR550 Course. There is also a book celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the PhD Program in Nursing in September 2016.

The Nursing PhD Program: A Reality
PR4156 · Fonds · 1923-1990

The fonds consists of two event guest books, an Alumnae Association directory, and a photograph of the 1927 graduating class. Additionally, there is an incomplete collection of yearbooks ranging from 1956 to 1990.

University of Alberta Hospital School of Nursing