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      World War, 1939-1945

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        World War, 1939-1945

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          World War, 1939-1945

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            19th Alberta Dragoons fonds
            PR0041 · Archief · 1900-1955

            The fonds consists of photographs, correspondence, minutes, regulations, an original oil painting and other material regarding the 19th Alberta Dragoons. Also includes photographs of the men and activities of the 101st Regiment Edmonton Fusiliers. Some circuit photographs and oversize photographs are included in the fonds.

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            Albers family fonds
            PR0359 · Archief · 1982-1996

            The fonds consists of a research paper covering the period 1781-1990, edited by the Albers family, on the history of the Svenskbybo-people. It also includes a detailed genealogy of the Albers family and it holds a few family members’ memoirs on World War II and farming life in Alberta. These memoirs were transcribed from audiotaped interviews not preserved by the family.

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            Maurice Stochinsky fonds
            PR1181 · Archief · [1890] - 1974

            The fonds reflects Stochinsky's participation in the Canadian Jewish community. The fonds consists of correspondence, resolutions, and a financial statement from Congress Union of Western Canada Jews, Edmonton Branch dating from 1916-1919; proposed bylaws and bylaws of the Edmonton Jewish Community Council dating from 1962; Records of the Edmonton Zionist Council and final records, donor lists, and receipts pertaining to the United Israel Appeal dating from 1946-1955; minutes, correspondence, and the opening and closing rituals of the Herzl Lodge dating from 1955; records regarding the hiring of a cantor, correspondence, membership lists, newspaper clippings, and photographs depicting cantors, menorahs, and Yahreit tablets dating from 1952-1971; minutes, membership lists, donor lists, financial records, and correspondence from the Shaarev Tzedeck Building Fund dating from 1920-1921; correspondence, donor lists, telegrams, bank statements, and bonds from the State of Israel Bonds campaign in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1956-1960; minutes, financial records, articles of association, bylaws, and correspondence dating from 1927- 1961; photographs of Maurice Stochinsky in military uniform, on a baseball team, on the Edmonton Talmud Torah Board of Directors, in a synagogue, and participating in various community activities dating from; and an Edmonton Jewish War Efforts Committee donor list.

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            PR1384 · Archief · 1940-1945

            Fonds consists of minutes and a photograph depicting various items of clothing made in the sewing room of the club, located in the home of Ernest E. and Gertrude Poole.

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            D. Herbert fonds
            PR3056 · Archief · [ca. 1940] - 1951

            The fonds consists of material acquired by D. Herbert including eight maps featuring the Railway Station at Dortmund, Germany, dating from 1944 and one map each of Townships 9, 10, 12, 13 of Manitoba produced by the Department of National Defense Army Survey Establishment gathered from aerial views and compiled in 1951; one map of England, one map of Paris, one map of Bremen, one map of Brussels, one map of Leipzig, one map of Midlark and Wales, and one map of England produced by the Royal Air Force during the 1940s.

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            Campbell family fonds
            PR3414 · Archief · 1900-1992

            The fonds consists of material created by John, Ruby, and Donald K. Campbell and includes mathematics manuscripts, poetry, correspondence, memoirs, and photographs related to Edmonton sites and events, the First World War, the University of Alberta, the Alaska Highway, and Northwestern Utilities.

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            Bilodeau family fonds
            PR3330 · Archief · [1900]-2007

            The records consist of family and pen pal correspondence, cards, diaries, scrapbooks, genealogical material on the Gagné, Bilodeau and Hartry families, paper clippings, photographs and local histories relevant to the family's history. Also included is Joseph Bilodeau's correspondence with his family while in the army, covering the last years of the Second World War and his service in the period immediately after the war. The photographs range in date between ca. 1900 to ca.1994 and document family members and friends, and events from their lives.

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            PR2437 · Archief · 1940-1992

            The fonds consists of records maintained, collected, and created by the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club, including by-laws, minutes, financial records, reports, correspondence, membership lists, and a scrapbook.

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            Frank H. Norbury fonds
            PR0183 · Archief · 1838-1979

            Fonds consists of the family records of Frank and Ethel Norbury, and their two children Hubert and Esmé. The records include correspondence, photographs, service records, school records, newspaper clippings, compositions, and artwork. The fonds will be arranged into the following four series: Frank H. Norbury series, Flores “Ethel” Norbury series, Hubert and Marjorie Norbury series, and Helmer and Esme Hanna series.

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            PR0183.0003 · Reeks · 1902-1979
            Part of Frank H. Norbury fonds

            Series material covers part of Hubert and Marjorie Norbury’s family life as well as Hubert’s interest and career in photography and music. Included are correspondence, newspaper clippings, a diary, and a family Bible. Photographs, negatives, and slides are of architectural elements, scenery, family, and friends.

            Stout family fonds
            PR0360 · Archief · 1876-2013

            The fonds is mainly composed of records that document different aspects of Monte Stout’s life, but also includes records of Clarence and Jessie Stout. The fonds consists of the diaries of Clarence Stout and Jessie Stout, cards and postcards, correspondence, newspaper clippings, drafts, wills and probates, genealogical records, citizenship documents, marriage and death certificates, an Alberta Inauguration speech, research, reports, agendas, minutes, properties and assets, leases and agreements, studies, surveys, plans, maps, oral histories, day planners, flight logs, R.C.A.F. workbooks and textbooks, school records, and yearbooks. Photographs, negatives, and slides are of Monte Stout’s R.C.A.F. service and activities, fellow servicemen, shipyards, offices, job sites, coworkers, airplanes, air photos, friends, family, and survey photos. Videocassettes are interviews with pilots and veterans and the cinefilm are home movies by Monte Stout of family, Edmonton, Calgary and Hay River.

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            Private life series
            PR0092.0001 · Reeks · 1924-1998
            Part of Stan Daniels fonds

            Series consists of textual records, photographs, cinefilm and audiotape concerning the family and personal interests of Stan Daniels. Included are family photographs, biographies and personal correspondence. His army years and his hobbies are included here as well as information regarding his death. Some of the activities in which his wife and daughters were involved are represented in this series.

            Kendrew family fonds
            PR0214 · Archief · 1900-1942, predominant 1900-1918

            Fonds consists of correspondence to various members of the Kendrew family from other family members serving overseas during the Boer War, World War I and World War II.

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            McDonald family fonds
            PR0270 · Archief · 1903-1960, predominant 1903-1930

            Fonds consists of records pertaining to Helen McDonald’s personal life and her career as a teacher. Fonds also consists of records pertaining to Justin McDonald’s career in the military and as a doctor. The records include diplomas, photographs, certificates and a scrapbook of greeting cards, programs, and newspaper clippings.

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            Dale Holtslander fonds
            PR0377 · Archief · 1979

            This fonds consists of unpublished memoirs which were written retrospectively in 1979. Dale Holtslander’s goal was to document his family’s immigration, his early childhood and his personal life up to the time of the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton in 1978. The records also hold information on the early history of Alberta, the Depression (1929-1939), World War II and the discovery of oil in Alberta in the 1940s. The photographs have been glued on to various pages of the memoirs.

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            Walter T. Hillman fonds
            PR2492 · Archief · 1903 - 1955

            The fonds consists of a records created and used by Walter T. Hillman including a photograph of a pioneer cabin and tent; a photograph of the Edmonton Exhibition; military certificates and registrations issued to Walter T. Hillman dating from 1917 - 1918; a photograph of the interior of the D.H. Shaw Cigar Building in Edmonton dating from [1925]; invitations, Canadian National Magazine; World War II memorabilia including a gasoline ration booklet issued to Walter T. Hillman dating from 1945, and a liquor permit issued to Walter T. Hillman issued in 1946.

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            PR2310 · Archief · [ca.1880] -1985

            The fonds consists of the personal records documenting the history of the Hetty and John David Wear Family including photographs of family members dating from ca. 1880 to 1949; films featuring footage of Hetty and John David Wear's marriage in Holland in 1945 as well as numerous family events held in Edmonton dating from the 1930s to the 1980s; aerial footage John David Wear shot while traveling by airplane through Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories during World War II; plans documenting the location of the Hetty and John David Wear Family home in Edmonton, Alberta; and World War II Memorabilia documenting John David Wear's service in World War II including correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a map for Canadian Soldiers Stationed in Holland During World War II. The fonds also includes World War II Memorabilia collected by Mary Parsons including ration tokens, books, and newspaper clippings; material documenting Sidney Parsons career in construction in Edmonton, Alberta including contracts and plans dating from 1953; and a piece of artwork created by John Herbert Wear to commemorate the last broadcast of George V in 1935.

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            PR2657.0001 · Reeks · 1916-1966
            Part of McKinnell family fonds

            The series consists of records directly related to McKinnell’s war-time service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. These records include Ground School Training material including course work, notebooks, and text books on various subjects (e.g. navigation, aerodynamics, mapping); flight navigation charts including training charts for Canada and the United Kingdom and bombing mission charts for France and Germany; completed mission reports for multiple sorties over France and Germany; service records including leave passes, discharge papers, and other personnel records; photographs of McKinnell, fellow servicemen, air bases, Lancasters and other airplanes, and sites around the United Kingdom; war-time correspondence with friends and family in Canada; newspaper clippings related to important events during the war (e.g. D-Day landings, V-E Day, etc.); McKinnell’s dog tag; a silk map of escape routes from France in the event of a crash landing in enemy territory; a charred silk escape map from an actual crash landing; and post-war issues of the RCAF Observer.

            The records not related to the Second World War are few in comparison and consist of family photographs; a First World War tribute to King Albert of Belgium from 1916; and documents related to McKinnell’s pharmacy career, including his pharmacist certificate.

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            PR2697 · Archief · Copied 1994

            The fonds consists of 3 photographs of the No. 3 Platoon and Motorcycle Co. taken by an unidentified photographer dating from 1943.

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            D'Arcy McLeod fonds
            PR1961 · Archief · [1938 - 1946]

            The fonds consists of primarily of aerial images of Edmonton taken by D'Arcy McLeod (with two taken by the United States Air Force), and includes images of the construction of the Hudson's Bay Company building on Jasper Avenue, the Macdonald Hotel, the Legislative buildings, other Edmonton buildings, the river valley, airplanes and a Victory in Europe (V.E.) Day parade.

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            G.W. Ghewy fonds
            PR1992 · Archief · 1943-1944

            The fonds consists of itinerary and photographs of Air Vice-Marshall K.G Nairn's tour of Units Nos. 2 and 4 Training Commands and Western Air Command, Wartime Information Board report on routes which includes information on Alaska Highway, Mackenzie River Valley, Normal Wells and Camp Canol, booklets about Whitehorse and a aneroid profile of the Alaska Highway. The fonds also includes photographs taken by the United States Army Signal Corps in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and northern British Columbia.

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            Jack Shugarman fonds
            PR1387 · Archief · [ca. 1945]

            Fonds consists of photographs depicting Jack Shugarman and various other men from the Edmonton, Alberta Jewish community who served in World War II.

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            Roma Newcombe fonds
            PR3672 · Archief · 1939-2001

            The fonds consists of family histories for the Plante and Labrie families, as well as correspondence, images and research papers related to these histories. The records document the origins of the families from France to Quebec to Alberta, from the 17th century to the end of 20th century. Also included are photographs from locations where Fred Newcombe served during World War II and after, and a 2 year collection of The Gateway, the journal of the students at University of Alberta.

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            H.C. Pegg fonds
            PR1725 · Archief · [between 1943 and 1945]

            The fonds consists of images of H.C. Pegg in his R.C.A.F. uniform.

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            Moir and Yuzwak family fonds
            PR3647 · Archief · 1930-2012, predominantly 1930-2005

            These fonds consists of one journal (2012) detailing major life events of Henriette Moir, and descriptions of her family members; photographs from 1930-2005, depicting Henriette Moir’s (nee Yuzwak) life in Alberta, numerous family members. As well, there is correspondence detailing Moir’s friendship with German soldier Werner Müller. Following the war, her brother Harry stayed in Germany to serve and watch over POW camps. There he befriended Werner Müller, a former German paratrooper. Müller began corresponding with Moir in November of 1945, after he was shown a picture of her by her brother. They continued their correspondence until 1947-1948 once censorship of letters increased in Müller’s home in East Germany. Moir was able to reinstate correspondence with Müller in 1991; some correspondence and a video of Müller’s family made for Henriette Moir dates from after this period.

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            John A.W. Langstone fonds
            PR2019 · Archief · 1932-1946, 1994

            This material is exclusively related to Langstone’s wartime service as a chaplain in the Canadian Army. The material consists of correspondence, personnel records, records derived from the administration of Langstone’s ministry, diaries, sermon notes, orders of service, Khaki University of Canada records, newspapers, magazines, and ephemera collected by Langstone in liberated zones of Europe.

            The newspapers and magazines include issues from various English parish newsletters (including the Helmsley, Milford, St. Alban’s, and St. Andrew’s parishes), issue No. 9 of The Lowdown (Canadian military paper), a magazine published by candidates and staff at the Officers’ Training Centre in Brockville, and V-E and V-J Day editions of The Maple Leaf (Canadian military paper).

            The records also include material that Langstone used to teach courses at the Khaki University of Canada (an accredited school program provided for Canadian service personnel in Europe) and the Protestant Church School in the Netherlands, as well as detailed records related to the Officers’ Training Centre in Brockville.

            The ephemeral material consists of various maps, guides, and pamphlets collected by Langstone in liberated countries. This material was created by local administrations to be distributed amongst Allied personnel for the purpose of orientation and outreach.

            The photographs depict various locations across Europe that Langstone visited. Several of these images are printed on postcard stock and many of them have notes or messages written on them by Langstone or other correspondents.

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            Pawson family fonds
            PR3745 · Archief · 1921-1981

            The fonds includes sports sections of newspapers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, cards, a journal, a book documenting Edmonton’s successful bid for the 1978 Commonwealth Games dedicated to Hal, certificates, speeches, dance cards, administrative records of Hal Pawson Consulting, and plans for the Commonwealth Games.

            Photographs depict R.C.A.F members, a Navy Officer, a trip Claudia took to Vancouver, leisure activities, and events surrounding the bid for the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. One vinyl record is of Hal Pawson interview after the Grey Cup in 1956, and the other is titled “Newsroom Nocturne,” and features, among others, a colleague of Hal’s from the Edmonton Journal, Art Evans.

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            Reeks · 1918-1941

            The series consists of the administrative and operational records of the Alberta Government Employment Service and its predecessor, the Alberta Government Employment Bureau, pertaining to its work with the federal Employment Service of Canada to manage labour supply and demand in the province.

            The administrative records include personnel files and other staffing records; agreements with the federal government; orders in council; expenditures, budgets, vouchers, placement costs, and other financial management records; office accommodation expenses; transportation; office supplies; mailing lists; and other related records.

            The operational records include liaison files with the federal government, stakeholder organizations and local employment offices in Calgary and Lethbridge; files related to immigration and deportation of workers; applications for work and for workers; and employment program files related to ex-servicemen including those with disabilities, farm labour, youth employment and training, highways, forestry, and skilled workers during World War II. It also includes a variety of program-related reports, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistical reports regarding employment conditions in communities as well as summaries of applicants, vacancies and placements for men and women in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Drumheller.

            The series also includes records related to unemployment relief activities undertaken by the Service, including operations of camps, including bush and railway camps, in Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller and Lethbridge as well as payrolls, grants and other files related to relief initiatives in cities as well as rural communities.

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            Elaine Gleeson fonds
            PR4092 · Archief · 1926-1990

            The fonds consists of photographs of Gleeson in military uniform and with her military company, her temporary commission qualification record, and letters with updates from her time on leave during WWII (some typed, many on carbon paper).

            The fonds also includes the Molson Hole-in-One certificate received by Gleeson, several photographs from golf games and tournaments, a photograph of Gleeson with the Edmonton Monarchs hockey team, photographs of a hockey game between the Fernie Swastikas and the Vancouver Amazons, and a memorial booklet from Gleeson’s funeral.

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            Albert LeRoy Kvarnberg fonds
            PR4025 · Archief · 1936-1943, 2006

            The fonds consists of a photo album created by Kvarnberg that documents his time working on the Canol Project. The photos depict transportation of supplies via portage, riverboat, and Caterpillar trains through the bush of northern Alberta and the North West Territories. There are also photos of camps and towns along the supply route, including Fort McMurray, Waterways, Norman Wells, Fitzgerald, Fort Smith and others. There are also images of pipeline and supply depots as well as U.S. soldiers and Indigenous people supporting the Canol Project.

            There is also one photograph of the 1935-1936 Luscar Hockey Club. Kvarnberg’s connection to this team is unclear, as he was not listed on the photograph as a team member.

            The textual records consist of a brief, hand-written explanation of the photos written by Kvarnberg and three articles about the history of the Canol Project from Arctic Journal, Alberta Oil magazine, and the Hougen family history website.

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            Darlene Skaer collection
            PR1885 · Collectie · 1943

            The collection consists of 18 prints of Second World War cartoons by Stew Cameron, two of which have been signed by Cameron. The cartoon appeared in Cameron's book Basic Training Daze.

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            Nino Frank Chiovelli fonds
            PR0044 · Archief · 1953-2015

            The fonds consists of correspondence relating to ballooning activities, magazines on airships, geographical maps of Alberta, photos of balloons, publications on military air history, balloon bombs, war technology, flight regulations and weather conditions.

            The records contain photographs depicting Chiovelli and his company while in the military, model and full-size balloons, and Chiovelli as a child with a bear cub. They are labeled with events, many of the people present, and some dates. Included with these photos is a typed summary and context for the photographs with military subjects.

            Also included are editions of the journals and newsletters of the Edmonton Stamp Club, the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, and the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. Chiovelli collected all of these while a member of the clubs and societies.

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            Ruth and Leo Hamson fonds
            PR0082 · Archief · 1940-2008

            The fonds consists of material related to Ruth Hamson's book, Staying Alive: Tracing the Adventures of George Cornell and W. Scott Pitzer, images of Little Smoky Farm Industries, material related to Leo's Second World War service (including records related to the German POW camp at Wetaskawin), and audiovisual/photographic material related to travel, hobbies, and family life.

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            Kitty Elliott fonds
            PR2053 · Archief · 1965-2013

            The fonds consists of material created and collected by Kitty Elliott related to her work with veteran's associations – such as the Royal Canadian Legion and the Silver Cross Women – her creative writing, fundraising efforts and charitable contributions, and her family life. The fonds includes publications, clippings, newsletters, poems, correspondence, programs, photographs and two plaques.

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            Malcolm Clarke fonds
            PR2383 · Archief · 1945 - 1946

            The fonds consists of meat ration tokens, and a gasoline coupon book dating from 1945 to 1946.

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            Mykhailo Chomiak fonds
            PR3260 · Archief · 1881-1983

            The fonds consists of the personal and business records of Mykhailo Chomiak from Europe and Canada. The European records include vital statistics records including marriage documents and residency and movement documents issued during the German occupation; correspondence; and photographs of friends, family, religious artifacts, and sites around Ukraine.

            These records also consist of professional documents including work permits issued during the German occupation; general business files, daily information bulletins, correspondence, and editorial records related to the editorial management of Krakivs’ki visti; records from the Blonhofen Displaced Persons Camp; photographs of Dilo staff, the executive of the Ukrainian temperance organization Vidrodzhennia, Ukrainian religious and cultural events, Ukrainian forced labour camps in Germany, sites around Galicia during the Second World War, and German-sponsored events during the occupation.

            The Canadian records include Chomiak autobiographies and publishing bibliographies; employment documents; correspondence; records from Ukrainian community organizations such as the Ukrainian Youth Association, Kursy ukrainoznavstva, the Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Ukrainian National Hall and Ukrainian Catholic Unity, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Ukrainian credit unions, Ukrainian National Council in Canada among others; records related to the Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies; records related to the Ukrainian Catholic Church; and writings for Ukrainian-language newspapers.

            The fonds also contains the records of Lev Hankevych and Ivan Nimchuk.

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            Gus Blochlinger fonds
            PR3012 · Archief · 1944

            The fonds consists of a copy of the publication Navy Notes Vol. 2, No. 10, 1944, published in Edmonton, Alberta. The publication discusses soldiers from Edmonton in service during World War II and includes stories on survivors, injuries, and missing soldiers.

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            PR2918 · Archief · 1940

            The fonds consists of a pamphlet entitled, "The Preparation of War Diaries" published by Canadian Military Headquarters. The pamphlet instructs soldiers on the preparation of a wartime diary.

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            Geoffrey C. Marston fonds
            PR3073 · Archief · Copied 1971

            The fonds consists of a poem written by Geoffrey C. Marston in 1970 entitled "A Hong Kong Diary". The poem reflects upon Marston's experiences as a prisoner-of-war in Hong Kong.

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            John Davids fonds
            PR1808 · Archief · 1940-[198-]

            The fonds consists of the records of John Davids, pilot and amateur photographer, and primarily includes images reflecting his flying experiences in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories; the images record the life and activities of a bush pilot for three decades, with an emphasis on aerial photography of geographical features, communities (where very few photographs were ever taken) and the oil industry in the field, which is well documented because of John's involvement with Canadian Gulf Oil flight crews. The fonds also includes John Davids' pilot's log books, pilot's licenses, a souvenir edition program commemorating the official opening of a new terminal at the Edmonton Municipal Airport, a certificate for his lifetime membership in the Edmonton Quarter Century in Aviation Club, correspondence, a copy of "Dominion Explorers Limited" (recollections of Stanley R. McMillan written by John Davids), a copy of John's article "A Bit About the Bush Era" and a biography of John Davids. The fonds also includes photographs and records created during Davids' time in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

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            Herb Snyder fonds
            PR2045 · Archief · 1878-2006

            The fonds consists of negatives, photographs, maps, audiocassettes and textual records regarding Wainwright and area, collected by Herb Snyder and used for the Wainwright local history book Buffalo Trails and Tails. The fonds also consists of photographs, negatives, and textual records of the Snyder family who were one of the pioneer and founding families of Wainwright. This material represents a time span of three generations of the family.

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            James Harkness fonds
            PR1796 · Archief · 1916 – 1990

            The fonds consists of two photograph albums annotated with the reminiscent of James Harkness along with other photographs documenting the travels, occupations, family and friends of James Harkness. The fonds also consist of official records documenting Harkness’ work life, his role as an RCMP officer and participation in World War I and World War II. Also included among Harkness’ documents is Doris Harkness’ written account of her trip to Canada on the Queen Mary in 1946.

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            Edward Brown fonds
            PR1097 · Archief · Copied 1975

            Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1925-1945 which depict various soldiers, including Lt. Col. Edward Brown and members of the 1st Battalion Edmonton Fusiliers, as well as automobiles, women, buildings, a band, rugby teams, war memorials and military ceremonies, and aerial views of barracks. Fonds also includes a microfilm copy of a scrapbook containing records regarding the military career of Lt. Col. Edward Brown which includes correspondence, certificates, newspaper clippings, caricatures, and photographs depicting Lt. Col. Brown and various other soldiers, ceremonies, military buildings.

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            PR1787 · Collectie · Copied 1988-1989

            The collection consists of images, originally dating 1914 to 1945, of military personnel who had lived in the Ashmont School District of Alberta.

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            Agnes Chidgey fonds
            PR2088 · Archief · 1942-1943

            The fonds consists of 34 transcription discs played on the Armed Forces Station in the Yukon during the construction of the Alaskan Highway dating from 1942-1943.

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            Anne Lothian fonds
            PR2002 · Archief · 1905-[ca. 1944]

            The fonds consists of a photograph by G.D. Clark of the 1905 ceremony when Alberta became a province and the Honourable George H.V. Bulyea became the first Lieutenant Governor, and Anne’s mother’s ration book in a Woodward ration book envelop.

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            Edward S. Bryant fonds
            PR1049 · Archief · 1906-1983

            The fonds consists of Bryant’s daytimers and business cards, essays and correspondence about Bryant’s return to school after retirement, and the following series: Military records, which were created and accumulated during the Second World War and during Bryant’s time with the 19th Alberta Dragoons, many of which are photographic records; Clubs and association records, which include records relating to Bryant’s involvement in the Salisbury Saddle Club (an affiliate of the Edmonton Gymkhana Association) and the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association; Radio records, which relate to Bryant’s interest in amateur radio and his work in the radio industry; Travel records, which relate to Bryant’s involvement in the travel industry, in particular with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA); and William Wilder McKinney Parker publications.

            Zonder titel
            Stanley Brooker fonds
            PR1955 · Archief · 1977-1978

            The fonds consists of images, likely from the 1920s, from the Wayne, Alberta area and includes images of an unidentified family, rivers, ferries, the Rosedeer Coal Mine, Wayne, a washed out bridge, interior of a cheese factory and a kitchen oven. The fonds also includes the memoirs of Stanley Brooker.

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            PR3586 · Archief · 1939-2016

            The fonds consists mainly of administrative records created by the Ganton-Watson Red Cross Auxiliary and by its successor, Ganton-Watson Willing Workers. The fonds includes minutes of meetings, reports, roll calls, financial records, correspondence with partners (health care and charity organizations) and sponsored children, as well as a collection of post cards, press clippings related to the group’s interests, and other material covering mainly the period from 1939 to 1990.

            The fonds also includes notebooks kept by the club, photographic records of the club's activities and members, charitable giving correspondence, and several hand-written copies of “A Prayer for Red Cross Workers.”

            Zonder titel
            PR3649 · Archief · 1940-1952

            These records, exclusively related to McNamara’s war-time service, capture the cycle of McNamara’s service, from his first enlistment to his demobilization and post-war affiliations with reserve forces. The fonds includes a Canadian Legion War Services song sheet for VE Day celebrations, one issue of the Royal Canadian Army Services Corps newspaper from 1945, daily orders, correspondence, personnel files for McNamara, demobilization papers, ration files, and images from Newfoundland.

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            Donald Carson fonds
            PR3552 · Archief · 1915, 1939-1945

            The fonds consists of photographs taken by a friend of Carson's and some textual material related to Carson's military service. The photographs depict Carson and men he served with from 1939 to 1945. The scrapbook contains a near-complete visual record of activities undertaken by Carson's unit from the summer of 1944 to winter of 1945, including images of the invasion of Walcheren Island; the Alligator tank that hit a mine and caused Carson's injuries; various sites visited by Carson during the war, including England, Normandy, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, and Walcheren Island; identified images of various servicemen; images of civilians in liberated areas; social activities; Christmas celebrations in 1944; German prisoners of war; and Allied service members, including women.

            The scrapbook also contains some textual material including obituaries of Carson's father and brother; currency notes from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany; the telegram sent to Thelma Carson informing her of Donald's injury; Carson's discharge paper; a leaflet given to Donald's father, James, during the First World War that specifies behaviour expected of British personnel in France; and letters drafted by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Canadian commander, Lt. Gen. H.D.G. Crerar, that were distributed to Allied personnel on the eve of the D-Day invasion.

            The remaining textual material consists of Carson's military paybooks.

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            T. Randall fonds
            PR2748 · Archief · 1858, 1910-1945

            The fonds consists of Morehead's Family Almanac dating from 1858 and a variety of materials dating from the 1910s to 1940s including a pamphlet from the Western Canada Exhibition Tour, The Zenith, a leaflet for the Calgary Exhibition, Helpful Hints for Housekeepers, a Lethbridge telephone directory, World War II ration books, a gasoline license, a leaflet for Coca Cola, a leaflet for the Home Decorator, a coupon for Comfort Soap, a Canadian Pacific Railway blotter, and a pamphlet for the Calgary Stampede.

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            Oliver Travers fonds
            PR0648 · Archief · 1943

            Fonds consists of two letters written by Charlie Travers to his brother Oliver Travers.

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            Dorothy Tetley fonds
            PR1801 · Archief · Copied 1988

            The fonds consists of images, originally dating circa (ca.) 1940 to 1943, of a rifle practice at a local range for members of the Veterans Guard of Canada for Red Deer and District; identifiable members in the images include Rex Tetley and Jack Drever.

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            Dan Danilowich fonds
            PR3784 · Archief · 1923-2006

            The fonds consists of correspondence, recognition certificates, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other records covering Dan Danilowich’s personal life, his military service, and his career.

            Zonder titel
            Harold Taylor Howard fonds
            PR3797 · Archief · 1918-1993

            The fonds consists of a eulogy, birth registration, newspaper clippings, correspondence, diplomas, and memorial records of Harold Taylor Howard. The artwork is of buildings, scenery, designs, posters, book covers, flowers, and portraits. Photographs and negatives are of Harold in military uniform, flowers and gardens, singing groups, friends, and his 60th wedding anniversary. The handkerchief is hand-painted by Harold.

            Zonder titel
            Postans family fonds
            PR3755 · Archief · 1882-2015

            The fonds consists of Postans family material on the UFA, UFWA, and RCAF and includes correspondence, diaries, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, notebooks, meeting minutes, reports, conventions, studies, programs, a speech, a recipe book, service records, ledgers, cards, comics and propaganda, a ration book, newsletters, handbooks, personal recollections, membership cards, German, Dutch, and Canadian currency, address books, postcards, and homestead entry papers.

            Photographs and negatives are of UFA and UFWA members, convention attendees, airplanes, war, servicemen, travel, and friends. The audio tape is an interview Stanley Postans did with the Wainwright Star Chronicle and maps are of electoral districts and one municipal map for Wainwright.

            Records will be arranged into the following three series, according to their creator: Alexander Postans series, Agnes Postans series, and Stan Postans series. Some family records haven’t been arranged into one of the series.

            Zonder titel
            T.E Brown fonds
            PR3807 · Archief · [189-?] - 1972

            The fonds consists of military service and personal records of Dr Thomas Erwin (T.E) Brown, a veteran of both World Wars and a doctor in Taber and Lethbridge. Records include Brown’s military notebooks, ration books, field notes and correspondence; an account book from Brown’s medical practice in Taber in the 1930s and pamphlets relating to pediatric medicines; photographs of Brown’s family; and a sketchbook with Brown’s drawings of his home and family.

            Zonder titel
            Jack Armstrong fonds
            PR2367 · Archief · 1997

            The fonds consists of a bound copy of Jack F. Armstrong's memoirs detailing his life growing up in Alberta and fighting in World War II. The memoirs also include copies of telegrams Jack sent to his family while serving in the war.

            Zonder titel
            G.O. Flaws fonds
            PR1823 · Archief · Copied 1989

            The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1923 to 1930, of the Edmonton Fusilier soldiers and bugle band, images of the South Alberta Regiment, originally dating 1940 to 1945, tracing the soldiers from training camp to service overseas, and includes soldiers, camps, parades, trucks, tanks and the overseas locations (France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands), images, originally dating from the early 1950s, of the 19th Alberta Dragoons and an image of the Veterans Land Act Conference in 1962.

            Zonder titel
            Joachim O.R. Nuthack fonds
            PR3645 · Archief · 1975-2011

            The fonds includes diaries written by Joachim O.R. Nuthack in both English and German between 1975 and 2011, memoirs of his time as a child in Germany in the 1940s, travelogues of his visits there in 1985 and 2005, as well as an article written by Nuthack in Relatively Speaking specifically on keeping a diary. Records also include Christmas letters and cards sent and received by Joachim and Judy Nuthack.

            Zonder titel
            John Johnston fonds
            PR3808 · Archief · [1900]-1964

            The fonds consists of the photo albums John Johnston kept between 1941 and 1964 featuring photographs of his life, work and travels. Subjects include John’s training for military service between 1941 and 1949 in Montreal and Ottawa; John and his wife Hazel’s early years dating in Edmonton; Hazel’s work at the Charles Camsell Hospital and Central Alberta Sanatorium as a nurse in the early 1950s; John and Hazel’s travels across Canada and the United States after their marriage in 1951; John’s work with the Canadian military in Whitehorse and Ontario; and Hazel’s family in Hythe and Grand Prairie between 1900 and 1940.

            Zonder titel
            Beverly Alcock collection
            PR3923 · Collectie · [194-]

            The collection consists of photographs of Banff National Park, Royal Canadian Air Force #2 Wireless School, and Royal Canadian Air Force Service Flying Training School #3 in Calgary.

            Zonder titel
            PR4146 · Archief · 1914-1994, predominant 1914-1922

            The fonds consists of the Association's constitution and by-laws; National and Edmonton Unit executive minutes; financial reports; correspondence; directories and pamphlets; tributes and medals; scrapbooks and news clippings; records and memorabilia of the Biennial Conference of the Nursing Sisters Association of Canada held in Edmonton (1994); Commemorative Issue National Directory of members produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Second World War.

            Zonder titel
            Roy Farran fonds
            PR3045 · Archief · [194?]-1979

            The fonds pertains to Roy Farran's term as Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for the Conservative Party of Alberta from 1971 to 1978 as Minister of Telephones and Utilities and Solicitor General. The fonds consists of alphabetical office files consisting of correspondence, briefings, articles, surveys, questionnaires, reports, agendas, transcripts, circulars, letters of congratulation, speeches, notes, and bills. The fonds also includes material relating to the personal life of Roy Farran dating from the 1940s to the 1970s including correspondence, scrapbooks, farm accounts, financial correspondence, photographs, a draft of an autobiography, drafts of non-fiction stories and articles related to his military service, and clippings documenting his political and military career.

            Zonder titel
            Chuck Ross fonds
            PR2767 · Archief · 1944-1945

            The fonds consists of four 16 mm newsreels produced from 1944 to 1945 by the cameramen of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, one of whom was Chuck Ross.; one video cassette copy containing the four newsreels; several publications related to the development of film in Canada and Alberta; photographs documenting his service with the Canadian Army; and an Canadian Film Award, Best Film and Travel Adventure for his film "Under the Sun" in 1971.

            Zonder titel
            Charles Eymundson fonds
            PR3659 · Archief · 1911-1963

            The fonds consists of photographs taken by either Charles Eymundson or his son, Romeo, between 1911 and 1963, digitized copies of these photos on four DVD-Rs, and a newsletter from St. John the Baptist’s Church in Fort McMurray.

            The photos depict subjects, events, and locations from across northern Alberta and some locations in Saskatchewan. Locations include Fort Chipewyan, Lesser Slave Lake, Cascade Rapids, McKenzie River, Lake Athabasca, White Mud Canyon, Waterways, Fort McMurray, Athabasca River, Goldfields (Saskatchewan), Edmonton, Brownvale, Slave River, and Embarras.

            Events and subjects depicted in the photos include the Dr. Karl Clark oil sands expedition of 1929, Waterways floods of 1936 and 1963, the Dr. August Sandberg expedition of 1911, the poet Robert Service, the Athabasca Fire Brigade, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, water transportation, hunting and trapping, the crash site of CF-ARI (January, 1940), airplanes and airfields, dog sleds, work crews, American military forces in Waterways during the Second World War, forest fires, and other facets of daily life in northern Alberta. There are also several images of Eymundson family members and friends or associates of the family.

            Zonder titel
            Helen Hunley fonds
            PR3636 · Archief · 1941-2005

            The fonds consists of records related to Helen Hunley's personal, professional and political activities. The fonds is comprised of the following series:

            • Personal, professional and political records
            • Minister without Portfolio records
            Zonder titel
            Frank Haley fonds
            PR3753 · Archief · 1946

            The fonds consists of 10 Dufaycolor slides shot in Singapore in 1946. The images depict Frank Haley and his colleague, Sgt. Roy Ito, as well as sites around Singapore.

            Zonder titel
            Shortreed family fonds
            PR3700 · Archief · 1885-1995

            The fonds consists of photographs depicting identified members of various branches of the Shortreed family dating back to the late 19th century. The majority of the photos focus on the above-named members of the family and include images from the First and Second World Wars, the 1918-19 Canadian expedition in Siberia, family gatherings, holidays, and family snapshots.

            The textual material consists of correspondence between John Shortreed and several other members of the family as well as ballet programs collected by Margaret Shortreed in Paris during the 1920s including one from the renowned ballet troupe Ballet Russes. There are also business records, family trees, and records related to important life events such as births and deaths.

            Zonder titel
            Henny Greenwood fonds
            PR4131 · Archief

            The fonds consists of a scrapbook of memorabilia of the Nursing Sisters Association of Canada, Second World War period; Royal Army Medical Corps manuals: Training Manual (1935), Notes for Troops Proceeding to North Africa (1943), Health Memoranda for British Soldiers in the Tropics (n.d.), instructions for handling penicillin (n.d.); and two copies of the military magazine, Canada's Weekly (December 1942, May 1944).

            Zonder titel
            Maria Bojarczuk fonds
            PR4039 · Archief · [1942?]

            The fonds consists of photographs and negatives that depict subjects at No. 32 Elementary Flying Training School in Bowden, Alberta during the Second World War. Many of the subjects are identified and include images of Maria Bojarczuk, her friends, and students from the flight school as well as some local residents. There are extensive images of students, events, buildings, and equipment at the flight school.

            Zonder titel
            PR2394 · Archief · 1943

            The fonds consists of a circuit photograph featuring the soldiers of the # 11 Equipment Depot, Royal Canadian Air Force in Calgary, Alberta, reflecting Alan Stewart's Fitzsimmons' military career.

            Zonder titel
            Elizabeth J. Graham fonds
            PR2429 · Archief · [1930 - 1950]

            The fonds consists of 21 negatives featuring social gatherings in Edmonton dating from the 1930's to 1950's taken by an unknown photographer. The negatives include images of World War II soldiers.

            Zonder titel
            CFRN Radio fonds
            PR1503 · Archief · 1943-1982

            The fonds consists of broadcasts from the following CFRN programs: Alberta Traveller (1974), Sunday Morning Magazine (1979-1980), Summer in the City (1980), Sunday in the City (1980-1981), Alberta Report (1980-1982), and Jubilee (1980); Second World War broadcasts (including an interview with a leader of the Dutch resistance movement, updates on Allied POWs, VE and VJ Day celebrations, women in the workforce, and the death of Franklin Roosevelt) and other broadcasts on a variety of subjects which include music, opening ceremonies and sportscasts.

            Zonder titel
            Gerald S. Anderson fonds
            PR3841 · Archief · 1893-1999

            The fonds consists of records that were created and maintained by Gerald S. Anderson which document his careers, interests and hobbies, covering the period of the late 1890’s to 1999. The photographs and negatives cover his travels through Canada, the United States and Europe as well as the Anderson family and Gerald's army training unit.

            Zonder titel
            James Jensen fonds
            PR4091 · Archief · 1925-1958, [copied after 1970].

            The fonds is comprised of photographs and textual records.

            The photographs depict James Jensen and his family in his early years on the farm in southern Alberta, Jensen and his company and friends during their military careers, and several photos of Jensen and his family in the 1950s on the family farm.

            The fonds also contain textual records which are copies and originals of documents from James Jensen’s and his family’s history. These include the homesteading papers, border crossing record, and probated will of his father. There are also records of James’ service records which were obtained from the Canadian Armed Forces.

            Zonder titel
            PR0883 · Archief · [ca. 1915] - 2001

            The fonds consists of photographs, slides, and scrapbooks that document the work of the Sign Section. There are also personal photographic images and auto-biographical narratives that document McPhee's experiences in the Great Depression, World War Two, and his activity as a sky-diving enthusiast. There are also photographs of Alberta locations such as Wayne, Drumheller, Carbon, and Lethbridge in addition to the the Wayne, Rosedale, and Drumheller floods in 1948.

            The fonds also contains three video recordings: a video made by Mel McPhee of the 49th Loyal Edmonton Regiment's visit to Ortona, Italy in 1994 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Ortona, "Where the Hell is Wayne, Alberta?" a video made by Mel McPhee of the Wayne Reunion held in 1982, and "Thunder in the Valley," a commercially-made film made for the Atlas Coal Mine Historical Society.

            Zonder titel
            Stew Cameron fonds
            PR1884 · Archief · 1926-1972

            The fonds consists of the cartooning records of Stew Cameron, and includes rough sketches, ink drawings, and copies of press prints of cartoons created from his time as a student, as an employee of the Calgary Herald, the military and the Vancouver Province, and as a freelance cartoonist. The fonds also includes correspondence with parents, his wife, friends and business associates, other records relating to Stew’s life and work as well as a number of published volumes of other editorial cartoonists, some of whom influenced Stew’s work.

            Zonder titel
            Albert Williams fonds
            PR2209 · Archief · 1924-1968

            The fonds consists of 4 ration books belonging to Albert Williams, and 16 photographs of saw mills, farms, and fires dating from 1924-1968.

            Zonder titel
            Wood family fonds
            PR1939 · Archief · 1868-1947

            The fonds consists of death notices for family members in England including members from the Holland, Lomas, Wild, Goodwin, Barker and Wood families, and correspondence, including a letter written during the Second World War.

            Zonder titel
            Bowen family fonds
            PR1240 · Archief · 1899-1981

            The fonds primarily consists of the records of John Campbell Bowen, but also of his wife, Edith Bowen and daughter, Ruth Bowen, and includes correspondence, sermons, notes, speeches and broadcasts, reports, memoranda of information, pamphlets, programs, certificates, diplomas and scrolls, newspaper clippings, diaries, daily journals while John Campbell Bowen was Lieutenant Governor including a number of materials from the 1939 royal visit, Government House visitors book, visitor calling cards, appointment cards, photographs including John C. Bowen and his family as well as the interior of Government House and a First World War propaganda poster. There is also a transcription disk of John C. Bowen receiving the Legion of Merit for encouraging the cooperation of American and Canadian Forces during the Second World War recorded by CKUA in 1948.

            Zonder titel
            Hughes family fonds
            PR0249 · Archief · [195-?] - 2000

            Fonds consists of a handwritten manuscript written by John McKendrick Hughes and a typed transcription. Fonds also consists of a desktop published manuscript of John Paul Hughes as well as additional materials supplied by family members.

            Zonder titel
            Marvin C. Combs fonds
            PR0170 · Archief · 1929-1962, predominant 1940-1950

            Fonds consists of records pertaining to Combs life and interests, as well as some of his uncle’s records including photographs of family, paddle steamers and aspects of World War II. Fonds also includes a taped interview with Walter Leslie, captain of the Second Strathcona and first mate of the City of Edmonton paddle steamers.

            Zonder titel
            Ernst Hellqvist fonds
            PR1489 · Archief · 1940-1943

            This fonds consists of forty-one letters, three postcards and a money transfer receipt. The letters and postcards were written by Ernst Hellqvist during his time looking for work in British Columbia in 1940, his military training in Calgary, Alberta in 1942 and his experiences in England, North Africa, Sicily and Italy from 1942 to 1943.

            Zonder titel
            Arch MacKinnon fonds
            PR1690 · Archief · 1915-1988

            The fonds consists of images predominantly from the Cadomin area of hockey players, bands, horses, rivers, the Matheson and Clyburn families, bridges, parades, waterfalls, a mine shaft, trains, blacksmiths, tractors, farm machinery, students, and World War Two soldiers and marching band and Navy Trainees at the Galt Aircraft School.

            Zonder titel
            Martha Lena Adams fonds
            PR1249 · Archief · 1880-1975

            The fonds consists of two ration books and a temporary war ration card belonging to Martha Lena Zielinski; nine postcards, with writing on the reverse, featuring images of the National Parks hotels, mountains and wildlife, Didsbury, Alberta, and the Parliament buildings in Victoria, British Columbia; a copy of The Bulletin from December 6, 1880; and a “Great Canadian Oil Sands – Pioneering Energy Together, 1975” medallion commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the first oil sands mine.

            Zonder titel
            PR3128 · Collectie · Copied 1970 (originally created 1970)

            The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted in 1970 by Dr. Mieczyslaw Szymczak with Polish immigrants in Alberta. The tapes discuss the immigrant experience in Alberta, homesteading, education systems, religions, war service, and concentration camps.

            The fonds includes interviews with:

            • Jan Liss of Sangudo, Alberta, born in 1892 in Rodoszkowice, near Minsk;
            • Jan Kwasniewski of Radium, British Columbia, born in 1912 in the district of Brodnica;
            • Stanislaw Kazuro of Edmonton, Alberta born in 1921 in Swieciany near Wilno, Poland;
            • Mr. and Mrs. Urban of Edmonton born in 1907 in Mokra in the district of Krakow;
            • Waclaw Tylicki of Peace River, Alberta born in 1914 near Niburg in East Prussia;
            • Antoni Turbiasz of Redwater, Alberta born circa 1920 in Sutowa near Lwow, Poland;
            • Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Struzynski of Redwater born in Przemyslany, near Lwow;
            • Apolinary Wojciechowicz of Redwater born in 1904 in White Russia;
            • Jozef Gordon of Redwater born in 1921 in Nowy Targ;
            • Michal Grunert of Edmonton born 1900 in Krzywe in the district of Tarnopol;
            • Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw Czesiak born in 1952;
            • Dr. Sefan Rusak born in 1932 in Toronto, Ontario;
            • Andrej Prozniak of Raymond, Alberta born in 1914 near Lesko in the district of Lwow;
            • Jan Wailewski of Lethbridge, Alberta born in 1905 near Bialystok;
            • Mr. Marcinkowski of Barons born in 1931;
            • Mr. and Mrs. Michal Sowinski of Taber, Alberta born in 1895 in Galicia;
            • Feliks Sudol of Taber born Nowe Miasto;
            • Stefan Piontek of Taber born 1903 in the district of Sandomierz;
            • Stanislaw Marcinkowski of Taber born 1909 in Volhynia near Rowne;
            • Stansislaw Forczak of Lethbridge born 1892 near Mielec;
            • Josef Lukasievicz of Lethbridge born in 1896 in Janow Lubelski in the district of Lublin;
            • Mrs. Janina Burecka of Taber born in 1927 in Bagaj in the district of Wielun;
            • Krystyna Burecka born in 1952 in Lethbridge; and
            • Adam Szulczewski of Lethbridge born in 1913 in Duszniki, near Szamotuly.
            Zonder titel
            PR0496 · Collectie · [ca. 1881]-1956

            The collection consists of records that did not fit the mandate of the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives and includes photographs of the Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories, Edgar Dewdney, homesteads and farmhouses, aboriginal families and women trainees at the Air Observer School; a Drumheller District Tourist Guide; an issue of “The Roteller,” the official bulletin of the Drumheller Rotary Club and mechanically produced photographic reproductions of various mountain scenes including Banff Springs Hotel.

            Zonder titel
            Matt Berry fonds
            PR0672 · Archief · 1904-1969

            The fonds consists of the records used, created, and maintained by Matt Berry pertaining to his personal and business life, and his career as a pilot including agendas/itineraries, agreements, annual reports, articles, articles of association, bills of sale, boring, drilling, and trenching records, budgets, business cards, correspondence, crew lists, diaries and daily journals, employment contracts, equipment inventories, expense accounts, financial records, flight logs, geological surveys, reports, and assessments, greeting cards, hand-drawn maps, historical/biographical sketches, income tax returns, insurance policies, invitations, iron prospecting permits, leases, mining equipment catalogues, an issue of Canadian Aviation magazine, maps depicting various areas in Alberta and British Columbia and Canada, including some mining areas, Masonic pamphlets, membership lists, memorandum, mineral claims, miner's licenses, minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, option agreements, ore analysis reports, organization charts, a pictorial book of the Inuit entitled The Far North, pamphlets, partnership agreements, permits, pilot's licenses, postcards, powers of attorney, press releases, programmes, progress reports, receipts, share certificates, site plans, syndicate agreements, telegrams, trust declarations, and wedding announcements. Fonds also includes 40 negatives, 30 copy negatives, 240 photographs, and 285 copy photographs depicting various people, views, buildings, mining areas, mining equipment, airplane accidents, airplane equipment, aerial views, rescue operations, boats, camps, Inuit camps, and Berry friends and family members. The fonds divides into three series: Personal records; Pilot records; Business records.

            Zonder titel
            Frank H. Norbury series
            PR0183.0001 · Reeks · 1838-1965
            Part of Frank H. Norbury fonds

            Series covers Frank Norbury’s education, military service, professional career, artwork, and family life. It includes newspaper clippings, sketches, artworks, invitations, correspondence, report cards, school records, wills and estate documents, wedding cards, Artists Annuity Fund records, funeral arrangements, diaries, a marriage assurance, marriage records, overseas settlement records, Norbury Family crests, World War I diaries and field notebooks, military maps, awards, programs, Alberta road maps, and military designations. Photographs and negatives are of family, friends, army service, sculptures, and works of art.

            Rathgeber family fonds
            PR2992 · Archief · 1929 - 1992

            The fonds consists of material documenting the life of the Rathgeber family. The fonds includes diaries written by Margaret Rathgeber documenting her experiences at school and as a domestic worker in Alberta between Jan 1, 1931 to June 21, 1938; letters written by Jake Rathgeber to Margaret Rathgeber while he served in World War II, 1944 to 1945; photographs featuring oil wells and the oil industry around Turner Valley, Alberta; biographical and family history information; a book written and published by the donor, Elaine Long, regarding her Uncle Ralph, To Capture A Cowboy: The Story of Ralph Rathgeber; and photographs. The photographs include one photograph of the 1912 dam built by the Calgary Power Company; and one cirkuit print featuring Jake Rathgeber's platoon, "Platoon No. 2 "A" Company G. A(B)TG No. 131 Camrose November 1942" [The "G"s may be "C"s]. The creator/owner of the five small photographs is not identified.

            Zonder titel